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suicide if you can't swim

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Arataki Itto was good with children.

That was his reputation, at least, and he was happy with it. He loved playing with the kids of Inazuma, spending much of his free time entertaining them and getting to know their families. The people who met him called him a good guy, if not a bit empty-headed. He was just like a big, goofy puppy dog, maybe a bit much to handle at times, but ultimately harmless. That’s just how he was.

They didn’t know the thoughts he had about the children while they were sitting in his lap, the shivers he got as their soft bodies brushed against his hard angles, the things he would do to the ones who somehow ended up playing with him alone. None of them ever caused him any trouble. They loved him. They loved playing with him. He was Itto, after all. He was good with children.

There was one boy in particular that Itto had yet to get his hands on, slowly working him up to the prospect. He was smaller than the other boys around his age, which set Itto’s heart racing on principle, and his soft little ears and rust-colored fluffy tail that would sway with joy whenever Itto would humor him with a game had him physically having to hold his cock down lest the whole of Inazuma see his lust for the child. Itto wasn’t sure what type of hybrid the boy was, and he didn’t particularly care so long as he could keep seeing that sweet little tail whenever he wished. 

The boy was rather touchy with him, too. Always making it a point to crawl into his lap whenever he got the chance, hanging off of Itto’s large arms while explaining something to him, touching and stroking his horns whenever he felt like it. Itto was sure the kid had recently added an extra swing into his hips whenever walking away from him, as well, his tail making tantalizing swishes against the air. 

Itto hadn’t ever actually fucked any of the children like he would have liked, always a bit too hesitant to take that last leap into depravity, convincing himself he was content with the fondling and touching he usually did in darkened corners and alleyways around town. This boy was making it harder and harder for him to keep his composure each and every time he saw him, though, and Itto was sure he was closer to snapping sooner rather than later.

So he decided. He’d let Gorou have the honor of being the first of the neighborhood kids he took to bed, since the little hybrid was practically begging him for it already. Itto just had to figure out how to best go about getting the little one back to his home. Gorou’s parents weren’t too overbearing, from what he’d seen of them, but he was sure they’d grow worried if their child were to be away from home for too long. It would have to be during the day, he decided. If it were at night there would surely be a search, but Gorou was outside playing nearly always during the light hours. Itto’s absence would go unnoticed, of course, since he did do other things aside from goofing around with the other citizens. He was going to get that kid to his house one way or another, whether Gorou wanted to go or not.

The day he decided he was going to enact his plan came bright and warm, the Inazuman autumn breeze rustling through the trees, as if the archons themselves were spurring him on. It was as good an omen as any.

He walked the streets of the city, greeting acquaintances and friends alike with his charming smile and small talk, keeping one eye out for any flash of the chestnut-colored kid he was looking for. He knew Gorou would be out today, since he was always out playing around during this time, it was just a matter of finding him without drawing suspicion to himself.

It turned out that Itto didn’t need to do any searching at all, actually, as the boy himself was the one to approach him with his light, bouncing steps while Itto was exchanging pleasantries with someone whose name he didn’t even recall. Itto felt little hands wrapping around his forearm, and looked down to see that sweet smiling face, wide innocent eyes blinking up at him.

“Good morning, Itto! Will you be playing with us today?” Gorou asked, still bouncing on the tips of his toes.

Itto reached with his opposite hand to ruffle his hair, returning the kid’s smile. “Of course I will, buddy. Let’s go.” He said, waving a goodbye to the man Gorou had interrupted. 

Gorou made an excited noise and his fluffy ears twitched in glee, dragging the man more than half his size down the street by his arm. Itto was already running lines through his head, trying to work out the best way to convince the boy to go off with him instead of playing with the other kids as Gorou was obviously intending.

“Hey, buddy, hold on a minute,” Itto stopped in his tracks along the side of a building, kneeling down so he was face-to-face with Gorou, who had stopped and turned to look at him questioningly.

“Do you wanna play a secret game with me today?” Itto asked him, looking intently into the kid’s sky blue eyes.

Gorou cocked his head, his adorable ears twitching, tail making a slight swish. “Secret game?” He questioned, expression all innocent and trusting.

Itto smiled warmly. “Yeah, it’s a special game I play with my best friends. I think you’re one of my best friends, don’t you?”

The little boy blushed, nodding his head furiously. 

Itto could tell the kid was curious what kind of game they were going to play that was so secret, so keeping the bright smile on his face, Itto explained, “The game is at my house. Will you come with me?” 

Gorou nodded in excitement, his little hand slipping into Itto’s, the large man’s dwarfing his as Itto led the way to his home. He tried to keep out of the main streets, weaving his way back through the city with the kid at his side. Itto could feel the younger one nearly vibrating with excitement at his side, his ears near-constantly twitching. Gorou being so eager to play with him, even without knowing what they were about to do, was enough to count as foreplay for Itto as far as he was concerned. 

The pair arrived at Itto’s residence, and Itto stealthily looked around, checking to see if anyone was watching them. He saw no one around, and he thanked whoever was looking over him that his place was in a less-crowded area. He opened his door and ushered Gorou inside, shutting and locking the door behind him.

Gorou had walked further into the room, looking around with curious eyes. Itto’s eyes never left the boy, though, as he said, “The game is in my bedroom, let’s go.”

Gorou obediently followed, trusting and innocent. Itto was having trouble controlling his breathing. Here Gorou was, in his house, and it was all Itto could do to not grasp the boy by the neck and fling him against the wall, crushing Gorou’s small body against his. He took a shuddering breath and turned around, smiling down at Gorou. There was a glint to Itto’s eyes now, a flash that made Gorou’s stomach drop a bit, but the younger one shook it off.

“Here it is,” Itto announced, opening the door to the bedroom, waiting for Gorou to step inside before he closed the door behind them both and locked it, as well.

Gorou stood in the middle of the room, looking around, trying to find any hint as to what game they would be playing, before looking to Itto in confusion.

Itto exhaled, “This game,” he started, digging into the waistband of his pants and pulling out his half-hard cock, “is a secret. You understand, right?” He said, moving closer to the young boy, whose eyes were glued to the already huge member hanging in between Itto’s legs.

Gorou blinked, and looked up at Itto with wide eyes. “Y-your penis is out.” He declared, his voice shaking the slightest bit.

Itto continued moving closer until he was standing in front of the boy, cock twitching as it hit the boy’s chest. Gorou recoiled, a look of confusion crossing his face. His eyes were darting around the room, this time not taking anything in but trying to avoid looking at the drooping dick in front of him.

“M-my mother said that I shouldn’t show that to anyone.” Gorou said weakly, his face flaming, chest rising and falling rapidly.

Itto moved his hand to rest on the kid’s head, fondling his ears. “Hmm, but I thought we were best friends? Didn’t you want to play a secret game with me?” Itto crooned, and couldn’t help tweaking the young boy’s ear so hard he yelped and jerked backwards, hands raising up to cover the injured flesh. Itto’s smile was still on his face, but it looked cruel now, unlike any smile Gorou had ever seen from him before.

Poor thing, Itto thought. He was getting a bit frightened. There was no way he was letting him go at this point, though, so Itto darted out his hand and grabbed Gorou by his arm, Gorou letting out a shocked shriek as Itto tossed him to the bed, the boy hitting the mattress with a huff and wide eyes.

Itto stroked his cock while he gazed down at him, Gorou’s pulse fluttering like a butterfly at his throat. Itto couldn’t help but lean down and lick a stripe up the soft column of skin, Gorou squeaking in protest, weak little arms pushing against the grown man’s chest. Itto took the boy’s hands easily in his left one, forcing them up above Gorou’s head, stroking his cock with his right.

“This is a secret game, Gorou. It’s gonna be fun.” Itto’s voice was lust filled, and he could see actual, undisguised fear in Gorou’s eyes at this point. 

His grin grew, and he moved his hand off his cock in order to yank down the kid’s shorts, Gorou shouting in protest. Itto quickly pressed a wet, sloppy kiss to his mouth, swallowing the scream, forcing his tongue through the kid’s unresponsive lips while working his shirt up his body and off of him.

“Shhh, calm down baby, this is a fun game.” Itto repeated, and he could see Gorou’s eyes grow glassy with unshed tears.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” he said, stroking Gorou’s cheek before his gaze trailed downward, landing on his small, soft cock. “It seems you aren’t having fun yet,” Itto mused, hands suddenly grasping around Gorou’s trim waist and hoisting him up, legs flying back, ass on full display, fluffy tail puffed out. 

Gorou choked on a sob as Itto’s tongue pressed against his virgin hole, his tiny hands fisting in Itto’s hair, pulling and hitting, trying to get the man off of him. Itto ignored him, lapping at the sweet pink bud. Itto was going crazy over the smell of the child’s musk, his tongue probing at the opening, finally wiggling it’s way inside. Gorou let out a gargling gasp as he felt the muscle slip inside him, his ass clenching up around it. Itto moaned into his ass, readjusting himself so he was kneeling on the floor to the side of the bed, his elbows resting on the sheets as his strong arms held up the young boy by his waist. He was feasting, eyes closed and in heaven while Gorou simultaneously moaned and sobbed due to his ministrations. When Itto opened his eyes, he saw the boy’s cock was half-hard, and he smiled against Gorou’s ass.

“There we go, you’re getting it!” Itto exclaimed, dropping his hands from his waist and crawling up his body to force a kiss on the young one’s mouth. Itto licked into the kiss, Gorou doing his best to keep his mouth closed but unable to fight against the might of the man over twice his size and triple his weight.

“Are you having fun?” Itto asked into Gorou’s mouth, and the boy sobbed.

“Please stop,” He cried, fists pushing against Itto’s chest as tears finally started rolling down his flaming cheeks.

Itto’s pupils blew. “Aww, baby, are you crying? For me?” He darted out his tongue and lapped up the tears while Gorou finally let the waterworks loose. “It’s okay, sweetie, see?” Itto wrapped his fingers around Gorou’s small cock, giving it a few experimental strokes.

Gorou writhed underneath him, his cock hardening further as Itto continued to jerk him off, and Itto smiled.

“This is fun, right?” Itto asked again, dipping his head down to lick at the tip of Gorou’s dick. Gorou sobbed as his cock twitched, the tiny member betraying the young boy as it oozed precum.

Itto lapped it up, “You taste so sweet,” he said, looking up at Gorou’s blotchy, tear-stained face as he took his entire cock into his mouth, working it with his tongue. Gorou was so small he could take it all with absolutely no trouble, and as the boy writhed below him he thought he might be able to make him cum with his mouth alone.

Itto set to work, Gorou sobbing as Itto could tell he got closer and closer to his traitorous body betraying him. Itto stroked Gorou’s tail underneath him while he made out with the little cock in his mouth, and with a cry Itto felt and tasted Gorou spill his sweetness, the sobs getting louder. The older man gulped it all down, releasing the softening cock from his mouth with a final lick.

He looked up at the boy. “Was that good?” He asked, and Gorou just whimpered, an arm slung over his eyes and a fist clenched in the sheets.

Itto clicked his tongue in annoyance at the lack of response. He had known that Gorou would probably struggle, but he could at least respond to him when he asked a question.

“Hey,” Itto yanked the arm covering Gorou’s eyes off of his face, towering over the boy. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t like that.” Itto warned, again shoving his tongue into the kid’s mouth, making sure he stroked his tongue with the other’s.

“Do you taste that?” Itto asked, drawing back. “That’s the taste of your cum.” He explained. Still, Gorou just cried beneath him.

Itto screwed up his face in a frown. What was this kid’s problem? Suddenly gripped by a wave of anger, he manhandled Gorou onto his stomach, the kid yelping and struggling against it. Itto ignored that, yanking on his tail to get the boy’s ass in the air.

Itto exhaled, “Now that’s a pretty sight,” he murmured, moving his hands to cup the two globes of Gorou’s ass. 

Gorou buried his face in his arms, sobs becoming muffled. Itto clicked his tongue, licking two of his fingers before he grabbed Gorou’s tail and pulled it to the side, shoving the two digits deep into the boy in one swift motion.

Gorou arched his back with a cry, tears streaking down his face, eyes wide and frightened.

“W-what are you doing!” The boy cried, and Itto smiled at the fact that he finally got a response from him. He ignored the question though, scissoring his fingers in the young boy’s hole. 

Gorou moaned, and Itto began to jackhammer his two fingers into the tight little hole, enjoying the involuntary groans coming from the kid. He wrapped his hand lightly around the bushy tail, pulling slightly, Gorou mewling under him. He enjoyed the sight of the unconsenting child falling apart around his fingers, and decided this was enough foreplay. Itto took his fingers out from the young boy’s ass, reaching toward his bedside table to pull out a bottle of oil.

Gorou was panting under him, pert ass in the air, tail twitching wildly from the treatment. The sight was divine, and Itto’s straining cock was close to bursting already. He tipped the bottle of oil over his cock, slicking it up in preparation for slipping inside that sweet little body. Itto hissed as he positioned the tip of his throbbing member at the hole of the child under him, massive cock nearly as long as the little one’s torso.

“Baby, I’m going in,” Itto whispered, and grabbed Gorou’s tail, the smaller one wailing as Itto snapped his hips while pulling, sinking his thick cock into the tiny hole with a rumbling groan.

Under him, Gorou trembled like a leaf in the autumn breeze, a low keening noise coming from his throat as if he lost his breath from the thrust. Itto just stood there for a moment, allowing Gorou (and himself) to adjust to the feeling, when a pungent smell hit him.

Itto blinked in shock and bent around to look at the sheets underneath Gorou. Sure enough, a dark stain was spreading, Gorou’s little cock spraying piss all over Itto’s bed.

Itto was in shock. “Did you just piss yourself?” He asked the boy, whose only response was a low sob. 

“Nope, none of that,” Itto reached forward and forcefully turned Gorou’s face to his, looking into his fear-filled eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, neither saying anything, before Itto let out a laugh. “Fuck, baby.” He said, and snapped his hips forward suddenly, his cock twitching.

Gorou whimpered, but Itto was beyond paying attention, pulling out of the boy’s small hole and thrusting his hips back in as far as he could push inside the boy. “How did you know what I liked, baby?” He asked, punctuating the question with another thrust, Gorou’s tail still gripped tight in Itto’s hand. “I thought you weren’t having fun,” he continued, drilling into the warmth, “yet here you are, pissing all over yourself for me.” 

Gorou let out a choked, “Please, stop,” and Itto laughed again, drilling into him harder, his heavy balls slapping against the kid’s thighs.

“Stop, baby? After you’ve gotten me this worked up?” Itto said, yanking at the tail in his hand. Gorou yelped, his back arching, head flung back.

“P-please,” Gorou said, drool sliding out of his half-open mouth, his eyes unfocused and glassy. His little ass jiggled with every thrust Itto made. “I w-won’t tell anyone,” he moaned out.

Itto gave the little boy’s sweet ass a slap while yanking on his tail yet again in order to get Gorou to make more of those sweet little yelps. 

“I don’t think so, sweet boy.” Itto said regretfully. “Your ass is perfect for my cock, don’t you think?” He mused, watching the lewd sight of his dick sinking into the underage ass, over and over again.

“N-no,” Gorou protested weakly, but moaned when Itto reached around to touch his front.

Itto towered over the boy’s back, his mouth next to Gorou’s ear. “Are you sure about that?” He asked as he began stroking the kid’s cock.

Gorou keened, the noise mixing beautifully with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the pants and moans of the both of them. Itto removed his hand from the boy's cock and moved it to his little belly, feeling his cock each time it entered and exited him, the bulge making the little boy almost feel pregnant under him. He was so deep inside Gorou, and his cock hadn’t even been sheathed entirely inside him.

“Your virgin ass feels so good around my cock, baby,” Itto murmured against Gorou’s ear, taking it in his mouth and biting down on the fuzzy cartilage. Gorou made more noises underneath him at that, his little arms trembling. “Do you want my babies? Do you want me to put a baby in you, baby?” 

Gorou’s tongue was lolling out of his mouth at this point, mumbling incoherent things as with each thrust Itto went deeper and deeper into the boy. He could easily destroy him, Itto thought, leave him ruined forever. It made him excited, and his already fervent thrusts became more fierce, Gorou’s fucked-out noises below him spurring him on.

Itto smacked at the kid’s ass again, and his hole clenched tighter around his throbbing cock. “Fuck, you’re so good to daddy.” Itto gritted out, hand coming to rest around Gorou’s slender neck while he fucked into his hole. “Do you like daddy’s dick?” He asked.

Gorou didn’t respond, and Itto drove his dick deep into him, causing Gorou to let out a scream as he hit a spot yet untouched. “I asked you a question. Do you like daddy’s dick?”

Gorou’s eyes rolled around, “Yes,” he moaned, “I like daddy’s dick.”

Itto grinned, squeezing his hand around Gorou’s throat, causing the kid to gag and sputter, his little hands coming up to claw at the fingers cutting off his air. Gorou was completely speared on his cock at this point, the only thing holding him up his slender knees digging into the soiled mattress as he arched his back up, clawing at the vice around his throat.

Itto clenched his teeth, “That’s a good boy,” he ground out, the hand pulling his tail finally giving it some relief as it came around to rest on the boy’s belly, Itto nearly cradling the child in his arms while he fucked into him mercilessly, Gorou unable to make any sounds at this point, his face turning redder and redder with each passing moment.

The sight of Gorou’s eyes fluttering closed was enough to get him to release his grip on the boy’s neck, the single sane part of Itto’s mind noting that it would definitely leave marks, but Itto’s fucked up brain didn’t care in that moment, moving his hand from the throat to grasp him around the chest. At this point Itto was standing up completely, fucking into the unconscious body of the boy as if it were a doll, letting gravity work in his favor with each thrust spearing deep into the kid’s guts, his cock bulging the child’s belly out so much Itto was sure his tip would bust through.

With the thought of his thick cock messing up the kid’s insides forever, Itto came with a sick groan, his hot seed spilling deep into the lithe body of the child, his balls pumping their sperm into the spent, near-gaping hole. Itto held him in place, buried hilt-deep inside him as he let it all out, savoring the feeling of the once-virgin hole becoming soiled thanks to his own work.

He lightly fucked into the broken body a few more times for good measure, milking his dick, then Itto took a deep breath and pulled the limp body off of his cock, laying him down gently on the bed. Blood and semen gushed from Gorou’s asshole, the sight nearly making him perk up for a round two.

Instead, Itto shook the boy. “Gorou,” he said, flicking at his ear. “Gorou, wake up.”

Gorou was unresponsive. Itto bent down and put his ear to the boy’s chest. He heard the faint thumping of a heartbeat, and drew back, tapping his chin with a finger. He decided the most reasonable course of action would be to let him rest in his bed until he awoke. He knew he’d made Gorou mad, but he was sure when he awoke he would be forgiven. And maybe able to go again. After all, Arataki Itto was good with children.