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I'm not dancing with her!

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A completely normal day for the ghosts, they decided to have a dancing tournament, where they'd have a dancing partner and they'd have to have the best dance.. They were just being given their dancing partners and had just received news that they'd only have 24 hours to complete and train for a new dance. They were allowed to choose what song they danced to however, so there is some fun in it. Julian Fawcett, known for having multiple affairs had been partnered up with Robin, he was an extremely kind fellow. The Captain was partnered up with Francisca Button, they all shortened her name to Fanny however, it was much easier, and funnier to watch her squirm. Pat Butcher was partnered with Katherine, known as Kitty, they were great friends but Kitty could get easily over-exited. Alison was supposed to be dancing with Mike, but Thomas Thorne used amazing poetry and money to bribe the person with the name lots to swap his and Mikes positions, so now Mike was a judge. Humphrey had managed to pass as having his body as his dancing partner, this was definitely going to be top class, and with all the partners sorted, the dance training begun.
Julian and Robin chose their song as 'Babooshka' by Kate Bush to dance to, good choice if I do say so myself. They decided on a basic style dance, starting with a twirl and slow movements, it carried on like this. Some parts were more dramatic than others, for how they both looked they were certainly a lot smarter than what you'd think at first glance.
Pat and Kitty managed to sweep by, under estimating Mike's music knowledge and chose the 'Cha Cha Slide' by DJ Casper. If you thought this couldn't get any more stupid, Pat decided to teach Kitty the dance aswell so they basically had to learn a dance that had been done millions of times before. Good on them for trying but I doubt this'll get them very far.
The Captain and Fanny, well mainly The Captain chose the song 'I Love You So' by The Walters (I think I used both the Cha Cha Slide and I Love You So in the disco-fic, they're good songs though.) Fanny didn't get much say in this, The Captain had a very stern word and he was dead serious when he said he wanted to do this song. He made sure to stay well away from Fanny when dancing, he wanted nothing to do with her and she wanted nothing to do with him, you wouldn't guess they were good friends. Turns out this was all about foot-work and intricate and small movements of the hands.
Humphrey took a ton of time listening through Alison's playlist and finally chose the song 'The Second Law' by Max Mathews, a completely word-less song and not very good either, mainly just high-pitches squeals and small noises. He managed to make it work though, his body spinning his head, doing tricks with it also, throwing it over his neck continuously aswell. For the first time, his body was working with him, mainly because of the competition involved, the dance turned out rather well to say the least.
Finally, Alison and Thomas just chose 'Soldier, Poet, King' by The Oh Hellos, Thomas tried to make it a romance dance but Alison tamed him and tried to teach him a calm dance involving bodily movements instead of contact, not that they could make contact anyway, one was alive the other was dead.
When it came to doing the dances the chosen Judges would give their thoughts, there were three of them, Mike was the first, Mike is alive and married to Alison, he was a great person but very oblivious. He was very kind and caring and could barely even hurt a fly, he only just gained the ability to see the ghosts having been hit by a car, he was all plastered up but if he could see he could judge. The second judge was Mary, a burnt looking ghost who used a load of plurals even when not needed. She is a lovely woman and an excellent friend to all. Then, drum-roll please, the third judge was the wandering ghost Lieutenant Havers, you guessed it, he travelled across the world to find this house and got there in time to judge their dancing, and I can tell you now there was definitely secret planning between him and The Captain, only a few ghosts knew what was happening the others had not a clue. There was no doubt about it, him and The Captain were plotting something in this tournament.
It finally begun, the dancing. Julian and Robin went first, it was a great performance, a good score of 6, 7, 9 with a total of 22. Pat and Kitty went next, Mike was the only one who could notice it was the Cha Cha Slide and called them out on it, but they got a 1, 5 and a 8 anyway, a total of 14. It truly seemed the Lieutenant was just giving high scores, it may have been coincidence but it didn't seem like it. Next was Humphrey and his body, they preformed with elegance and no slip ups, receiving a total of 23 (7, 6, 10). At last, The Captain and Lady Fanny Button preformed, it was an odd dance but they pulled off and who would have believed it, Fanny was tap dancing and for some reason, both her and The Captain were weirdly good at it. It was given a 6, 4, 10, that got them a total of 20. Not a winning score but it'll do.
Later on that day, the winning partners, or in this case, the winning person of two parts, was given their prize. It was a book to read, very exciting. Humphrey also demanded that he gets picked up when someone sees him on the ground, as he should, as he was tired of being left on the stairs. It was a win-win for everyone in the end, except for Thomas who had finally come to realise 'What? Mike and Alison are married?' and started to die off of Alison. But we all know that wont last for long, but its the thought that counts after all.

Blah blah blah, happy ending, not for The Captain though, as always. Havers has just been sucked off into the light goodbye.