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One Shots- Multifandom

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Gwendolyn x Mildred// Ratched

“What are you writing over there, Missy?” Mildred peered over her girlfriend’s shoulder.

Gwendolyn leaned her head back and smiled. The brunette knelt down, capturing her lips in a kiss. “I-Well, I’m writing something for you.” This procured the nurse’s interest and she grabbed a chair, setting it beside her and sitting down.

“Oh, yeah,” Mildred quirked a brow. “About?” She watched her girlfriend’s face closely as it changed to a somber one. “What is it, honey?”

“If-If I don’t beat this…” The silence that followed nearly suffocated the nurse. “If I don’t make it, I want- I want you to have something physical… To well remind you how much I love you, how beautiful you are, and how you’ve made me the happiest woman alive.” Mildred did her best to hold back tears, trying to remain strong for her love.

“Gwen, baby,” She began. “You will beat this…” Gently she grabs the pen from her hand, placing it on the desk. “You hear me?” Gwendolyn’s icy hues filled with tears and she allowed them to silently fall.

“Yes,” She nodded, attempting a smile. “I love you so much, Mil.”