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I Just Wanted You To Know

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Miranda went through the halls with her usual regal stride. Andrea quickly in tow reciting down the list of meetings and tasks for the day. "Donatella will be calling you at 10:30, you have two more appointments directly after. Then the walkthrough for the photoshoot at 3."

The brunette drew a breath as they neared the infamous glass desk, "Is there anything else I can do for you, Miranda?" She finished with a smile.

"My coffee?" Miranda inquired.

"On your desk."

The silver haired woman dismissed her assistant with a wave of her hand, "That's all." And with that Andrea turned and left the older woman's office.

Miranda sat down, grabbed her coffee and took a sip, closed her eyes and revelled in its bitter taste and warmth. When she opened them again she looked at her desk to see a small red envelope. Intrigued- the woman grabbed her letter opener and sliced the envelope open, revealing a typed note inside.
Her icy eyes widened and she couldn't help the smile that crept onto her face.

"Nigel I can not believe I did that... She's going to know it was me!" Andrea slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Am I trying to get fired?"

"Six listen," The bald man rubbed the brunette's back. "It's going to be alright, I'm telling you, your feelings aren't unrequited. I see the way she looks at you... I haven't seen Miranda look at anyone like that- Well.. ever."

Andy sighed, "Why did I have to write all that though." She recounted the lines aloud, "If I could give you anything, I'd give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes... Only then you'd understand how special you are. You are beautiful, darling. Never forget it." She rolled her eyes, "What is wrong wi-?"

Nigel raised his hand, cutting off the woman effectively. "I promise you if she didn't feel the same she would have fired and blacklisted you after Paris, not promote you to the first assistant. Trust me, I've known our dear ice queen for over a decade.."

"I hope you are right, Nigel, I do."

The first assistant sat at her desk nervously for the remainder of the day, her brown eyes darting to the clock every ten minutes in hopes it would be time for Miranda to leave.

The newest second assistant noticed this, "What's got you so antsy, Andrea?"

Startling the brunette, she jumped a little in her seat. "Uh- Oh, nothing, I just had plans after work!"

Before the second assistant could say another thing. The editor strode out of her office with her hand out. Andy quickly stood, handing her newest Gucci bag to the woman and her coat along with it.

'Oh thank you, God,' Andrea thought. She breathed a sigh of relief. 'she didn't know it was me or maybe she didn't even read the stupid note.'

Without a word, Miranda stepped into the elevator leaving for the day.

Andrea stood outside Miranda’s townhouse; her anxiety had calmed down quite a bit since the older woman left the office. She chalked the letter up to being one silly mistake and thanked God that she hadn’t read it. The brunette unlocked and opened the door, stepping into the home and shutting the door behind her. She could see Miranda’s study light was on and followed her normal path to deliver the book. To her surprise, when she entered the study the older woman was dressed much like she had been on that night in Paris- No makeup and her thin frame wrapped in a fluffy grey robe. Wine glass, in one hand and the other holding something Andy couldn’t quite make out, but once she got closer she recognized the red envelope. The book in the younger woman’s hands began to tremble, her hands shook as the anxiety welled up in her again. “Mi-Miranda,” Andrea chastised herself for sounding so weak.
The editor looked up, a smirk forming on her face. She put the wine glass down and grabbed the book from her assistant, without saying a word.

“I-I’ll jus-just be going then.” Andrea turned to leave.

“No,” Miranda said, not leaving any room for objections. “Please, sit.”

The brunette was flabbergasted by her choice of words- Miranda never said please. So, absentmindedly she sat down at the spot the older woman was pointing at directly in front of her. “Would you like a glass?” Miranda sat the book on the ottoman, grabbed the wine, and poured Andrea a glass before she could even reply. The editor handed the glass over and she took a sip.

“So how long have you had feelings for me, Andrea?” The younger woman nearly spits out her wine at such a blunt question.

“Mir-Miranda I have n-no clue what you are talking about.” She tried playing it cool, although she felt like prey waiting to be devoured by her predator.

Miranda raised a brow, holding up the letter. “Hmm...What is this then?”

“I-I don’t know wh-”

The editor’s demanding tone cut her off. “Andrea, I know you wrote this.” She laid the envelope on the table and the younger woman felt defeated.

‘It’s now or never, Andy.’ She thought.



Andrea took a deep breath, bracing herself for what was to come. “I think very highly of you, Miranda. You are be-beautiful, determined,” She paused. “I admire your strength and resilience. No matter what is thrown your way or what others may say about you- You walk through it all with such dignity and grace. The way you light up when you are thinking of new ideas for a photo shoot or the book. You never settle.” Brown eyes met with Miranda’s icy hues as she spoke now. “Most of all you’re an incredible mother to Caroline and Cassidy, you love them more than anything on this earth and it shows. And … Well, I love you; I know I shouldn't but I do."

Miranda wordlessly stood from her spot on the couch, glided over to the younger woman, and placed a hand on the woman's cheek. Andrea stood there in awe, she couldn't believe her boss was touching her… She expected to be berated or slapped- Not embraced. "Andrea, I- " The older woman cut herself off and just leaned in to capture the latter's lips with her own.

It was as if time stopped in a collision of senses, their lips perfectly melded together moving in perfect unison. Andrea wrapped her arms around the older woman standing as she did. Miranda’s arms rested around Andy's neck and now their bodies were flush against one another. They stayed this way for what seemed like a beautiful eternity. Miranda was the first to pull away, removing her arms gently from the other woman. “Andrea,” she spoke the woman’s name so uniquely like she always had. “It was in Paris,” She paused, sitting down and motioning Andy to do the same right beside her. Once she did, she grabbed her hand. “When I thought I was going to lose you..” Tears welled up in her eyes. “It was then I started to grasp my true feelings. I have never met another soul like you. In the world, I have surrounded myself with… I am aware it is very superficial and cut-throat; Daily I watch people change who they are- They lose their morals… values, their ethics..” She shook her head. “You…You never did. Yes, you changed your appearance and things of that nature; Yet you never lost who you were. You even tried warning me in Paris, you could’ve easily done the quite opposite… Falling for Thompson’s antics, but you were loyal to the bitter end.” The editor allowed her tears to flow freely now, not holding anything back from Andrea any longer. The brunette wiped them away tenderly. “I love you, Andrea, very much.” She enveloped the latter in her arms in a tight embrace, allowing all the walls she had built for years to fall. Andrea pulled away and looked in the crystal blue hues before her.

“I would like to kiss you again if that’s alright?” Miranda bit her bottom lip in anticipation, nodding her approval. Andrea leaned in and captured the latter’s lips with her own once more. It was better than the last and like nothing the pair had ever experienced before. It was as if they were out of their own bodies, they were now in another universe altogether.
So many thoughts rushed through Miranda’s head- The one that stuck out the most was how tender and soft the encounter felt. Sure she had kissed plenty of men, but this was something she had never experienced before; kissing Andrea was like pure magic. Miranda pulled Andrea into her lap and the brunette straddled her. They pulled away for a moment and Andy laid her forehead gently on the editor’s, smiling as she looked into her eyes seeing they were dilated and bright as ever.

“I think I could get used to this,” The brunette whispered, pecking the bridge of the editor’s iconic nose.


“I could as well,” Miranda smiled. “Please,” There was that word again. “Will you stay the night?”