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pink nose

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She was staring into Mary Eunice's face, it was the other way around, it was snowing outside, and she was drinking hot chocolate.

I kept staring at her, for a very stupid reason, but it was so cozy.

"Lana, why are you looking at me so much, am I dirty?" she asks worriedly, I just nod my head, I sit beside her.

And I kiss your nose

"Sometimes you're a little weird Lana," her comment made me laugh out loud, and she cracked a smile for making me laugh.

"It's not that dear, I love your nose in winter," she looked at me with a questioning face. "What changes in it?" she asks "it's pink and that's cute"

She opens a shy smile, and beyond her nose are now her pink cheeks, and as an obligation I have to kiss them.