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An Ending, A Beginning

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I stepped out of the Elias Clark building, my Christian Louboutins clicking as I made my way to the car. Roy waited patiently for me and opened the door, before I got in I saw her across the street- We exchanged looks and I gave no indication of a greeting. The younger woman smiled and began to walk over to me. “Miranda!” Her voice rang out.
I ignored the attempt and got inside the car. Roy shut the door behind me, taking his own position in the driver’s seat.

I looked outside the opposite window to see if she was still there just as I had done that I heard a knocking on the window nearest to me. There she was, leaning down to be face to face with the window, her mouth curved in a smile, showing off her perfect teeth. Reluctantly, I rolled the window down. "Andreá," I say her name with feigned disinterest

"Miranda," My name rolled off her tongue so easily... Beautifully even. “I was hoping to catch you before you left. I’ve been walking by here-” She cut herself off, realizing what she had just revealed to me. I cock my brow. ‘Oh, so she’s been by the building a few times, huh?’

“I-I want to apologize, Miranda, I should’ve never left like I did.” I stared at the young woman before me, not quite believing what was happening. “I was wrong.” The words make the corner of my mouth twitch up a bit. Andrea noticed this and I saw her eyes lit up as she continued. “I wanted to thank you for that fax you sent over to paper, you landed me the job and for that, I will be forever grateful. Although, I’m sorry I was a disappointment.”

I finally speak up at this, “You were hardly a disappointment.”

“But-But you said in the fa-”

“I know what I sent over,” I took a deep breath choosing my words carefully. “You were a more than adequate assistant, Andrea, you met my every need and oftentimes before I even asked.” Her eyes glazed over and I could see she was about to cry. I sighed.

“That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me.” The tears flowed from her big doe eyes freely now.

“I must be goi-”

She cuts me off then, something she would’ve never dared to do before “I miss you, Miranda, I know it sounds silly; You were just a huge part of my life and I- Oh, never mind. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“Do you still have my cell?” I ask. The question falls out of my mouth without even contemplating and I mentally curse myself.

Andrea wipes at her now wide eyes, “I do.” She answers unsurely.

“Text me and perhaps we could go for lunch sometime.” Again, I speak without thinking and before she can reply, I roll my window up. “Go,” I say sternly to Roy, and we drive away from what I can tell a very confused Andrea. I find a smile forming on my face.

“No, Angela, the lemon yellow does not go with the royal blue,” I rolled my eyes. “Have you fallen and bumped your head?” I throw the sample pictures across the room. “Fix this… Now.” I walked out of the designing department. “Emily!” The redhead was right beside me in an instant.

“Yes Miranda,” She had her pen and notepad ready.

“I need my schedule cleared apparently everyone has become incompetent, I have a lot of fixing to do.” She nodded and scurried away. I finished my walk to my office and sat down at my desk. I looked at my cell for the umpteenth time today and was oddly disappointed when I had no notification. It has been four days and she still hasn’t texted me. Why did I care anyway? She was just some young, silly, naive … My thoughts trailed off. Beautiful…
Woah, where in the world did that come from? I brushed away the intrusive thoughts and sat my phone down to begin fixing the monstrosity of a layout that was in front of me.

I lied in bed wide awake at midnight yet again, this has become my new ‘norm’ for the past few weeks ever since the girls went to visit their father. I grabbed a fresh red pen from my bedside table and put a red ‘X’ through an atrocious remake of a bohemian-themed outfit.

*ding* I heard my phone and found the device amidst my thick duvet. Picking it up, I didn’t recognize the number. I continued and read the message.

12:02 a.m - Hi Miranda, It’s Andy- I’m sorry I’m just now getting to text you and so late for that matter. Work has been crazy, to say the least... How are you?

I reread the text several times, contemplating not replying at all. That will show her not to make me wait. I sighed at my inner monologue. Come on, you know you want to text her.. Don’t be cruel...everyss her.

My fingers hesitated over the keys pondering on what to say for a few minutes.

12:05 a.m Hello Andrea, It’s alright. I seem to have a bout of insomnia myself. I understand being busy quite well as of late.

I keep a hold of my phone finding myself… excited? For her response.

My cell dinged again and I found my heart skipped a beat. I've never been one for small talk, so I was surprised by this.

12:07 a.m- Can I call you?

My eyes widened at the request, it wasn’t expected and I could feel my stomach begin to churn. Was I seriously nervous? What was this juvenile feeling? She’s twenty-five years my junior for chrissake. I shook my head in disbelief; Against my better judgment, I typed back ‘yes’ and hit send.

*Ring, Ring* I hit accept, “Andrea,” I found myself smiling, waiting for her reply.

“Miranda,” She sighed, with what seemed like a relief. “I honestly hate texting so thank you for taking my call so late.” The younger woman paused. “Besides... I-Well...I like to hear your voice.”

I laughed, genuinely making the other woman on the line silent; I assumed she thought she had pressed a boundary. I assured her, “I don’t get that often. Someone wanting to hear my voice. I don’t care much for instant messaging, either.”

This seemed to make whatever tension that was between us disappear and we bantered back and forth for what seemed like only minutes, but when I finally checked the clock across my bedroom I was astonished at the time.

“Oh, Andrea, it’s 3:15.”

I heard her trying to hold back a yawn. “I’m sorry, I hadn’t been keeping track of the time. I have enjoyed getting to talk to you.”

‘I haven’t laughed and smiled this much in ages, other than with my girls of course’ I thought. “Likewise.” I chose to say.

I could practically see her beaming. “Well,” I could tell she was choosing her words carefully as she spoke. “I was wondering if you’d like to possibly go have lunch sometime? I understand if y-”

I quickly cut off her rambling that I felt coming on, “Yes, we could arrange that.”

Andrea’s voice became bubblier than normal. “Okay, great!” The line went quiet for only a moment. “Thank you, again... For everything.”

“Goodnight, Andrea.”

“Goodnight, sweet dreams.” And with that, I heard a click from the other end.
I lied there awake for a moment, ruminating on the phone call, and all the laughs the young writer and I shared. I can’t remember a time I had stayed on the phone that long and genuinely enjoyed the conversation. I fell asleep that morning with, surprisingly a smile on my face I couldn’t get rid of even if I tried.

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That next morning I woke twenty minutes before my alarm went off per usual. I sat up in bed and allowed my eyes to adjust to the light of dawn seeping through my room. I looked over to see the mockup of the book I had tossed aside when Andrea and I started talking. I catch myself reminiscing on the late-night, smiling yet again. What is happening? Am I going soft? I scoffed at the thought and dragged myself out of bed to get ready for the long day ahead of me.


“Hello Bobbsey,” I greeted Caroline over the phone. “Are you two enjoying yourselves?”

“Oh yeah,” I can hear the sarcasm dripping from my daughter’s voice. “Having a blast, Dad has taken us to the golf range ten million times since we got he- Hey!”

“Hey, Momma,” Cassidy interjected, I assume she grabbed the phone from her sister’s hand. “I miss you.”

“I miss you both so much, darling. How is everything going?”

“Other than going to the golf range and watching Dad miss the ball nearly everyti-” I listened to shuffling and my girls arguing over the phone for a moment before I hear Caroline chime in again.

“Mom I want to come home. Shh, Cass, I can’t hear, Mom.” She spoke away from the phone to her sister then again to me. “Please, can we just come home?”

“I want that very much, Bobbsey; I’m sorry...You know your father and I agreed on certain dates you’d go to visit. It’s just another couple weeks, my darling.”

I hear the collective sighs of both my daughters and then both of their voices in unison, “Alright, Mom,” There was a pause and I hear their father on the other end.

“We have to go now. Dad wants to take us out for ice cream.” The excitement is returned to my daughter’s voice. We love you.” Caroline said.

“Enjoy your ice cream girls. I love you both so much.” Then I hear the click of the phone.
Oh, how I missed my darling girls… I shook away the thought and reminded myself, only a few more weeks. Bringing my attention back to the layout in front of me.


I hear my cell and grab the device once more expecting to see a text from one of the girls but instead, I see Andrea’s name and read the message.

11:06 a.m - Would you be available this Thursday? I have a short day and I could come bring you lunch?

Before I could reply another message came through.

11:07 a.m - If not I understand. I guess it’d be a little inappropriate for me to show up there. If you wanted to still catch a bite to eat after work though, I’m available as well.

I laugh at the woman’s long-windedness even through a text. It was endearing...cute even. I type out a reply. 11:09 a.m- No one would question me directly if you brought lunch, but if you’d rather we could go to Smith & Wollensky’s after work on Thursday.

I surprise even myself with this reply and chalk it up to the lack of sleep. What are you doing, Priestly?

11:10 a.m- Thursday after work sounds great. I’ll see you then.

I set my phone down and continue with my work for the day

Thursday came fast and I found myself antsy to see the woman. Not sure where this sudden bout of nervousness and excitement had come from. Maybe I have gone soft…
I have found myself mulling over the last week, the sporadic texts, and the younger woman more and more. At first, I tried to ignore these thoughts, attempting to push them to the back of my mind long enough to finish a photoshoot, edit the book, or even get through a budget review with Irv; They were intrusive finding their way to the forefront of my mind every time. I simply could not get this beautiful creature or her silly ramblings out of my mind.

Beautiful… Stop that, Priestly, what are you a lesbian now?

My inner monologue stalled at this. Lesbian? No, No, No- I am missing my girls and Andrea is just a distraction from my loneliness- Nothing more. I nodded my head in finality.

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I stared blankly into my wardrobe, the clothes seemingly mocking me, I could feel my anxiety welling up in me once more. I have never had trouble picking out an outfit in my life. I am a fashion editor-in-chief for chrissake. Where is this all coming from? I shake my head, trying to rid myself of the sudden nerves. I grab my favorite creme-colored Chanel blouse, my black blazer, and slacks to match. I look above my clothes rack to see my collection of different designer shoes. I grab my red sole Christian Louboutin heels and go to the bathroom to slip into the outfit. I look into my full-length body mirror, inspecting my choice.

Acceptable, I think as I move on to fixing my hair and makeup.



I got to Smith & Wollensky twenty minutes early to ensure the private table I had reserved was all in order. I valued my privacy and wanted the evening to go smoothly. I follow the waiter to the table at the edge of the restaurant and satisfied with the arrangement, I sat down and ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Then waited for Andrea to arrive, ten minutes later I looked up to see the young brunette; Impressively well dress from head-to-toe, she wore a deep red sleeveless blouse, and by the stitching, I could tell it was Prada. Along with a black Saint Laurent high-rise skirt, that accentuated her curves beautifully…

Beautifully? Here we go again…
My entire career I have had to keep a critical eye on women going down the runway, in photoshoots, and in my magazine; I have never described a single one as beautiful.

I stand and greet the woman, ignoring my nagging thoughts once more. “Hello, Andrea,” I cooly say. “Please.” I lead her to the seat directly in front of me.

“Hi, Miranda,” She gives me that cheeky grin she does and I feel myself easing up a bit. “Thank you.” She sits and I grab the wine and pour her a glass. “How has your day been?”

I’m reminded of how much I hate small talk; Yet when it is coming from this peculiar woman, I don’t mind it all that much.


“It was a busy day,” I reply. “And yours?”

“Work was work and I came home to find out the pipes at my apartment complex had busted.” She shakes her head, grabbing the wine glass and taking a sip. “Sorry, I hate to complain.” She laughed nervously.

“I asked you how your day has gone,” I offer a smile. “So you aren’t complaining just sharing. You don’t have to be so apologetic or nervous for that matter.”

That seemed to break the ice, so to speak, and we were talking like we had that night over the phone. We ordered our meals and ate while speaking on everything from our work, her goals to move into a different apartment to some of my new ideas for the next photoshoot, we spoke about my girls, her family, and everything in between. When we finished our meals and I knew the night was coming to an end, I didn’t want it to.

God, Priestly, get it together.

“I had such an amazing time, Miranda.” Andrea stood from her chair.

“As did I,” I say, standing as well.

“I hope we can do it again sometime.”

Without skipping a bit I say, “Would you like to come to the townhouse? I don’t want you to have to go back to no water at your place.” I am mortified by my own words. Did you just ask her to come to your house??

“Oh, Miranda,” Andrea shakes her head. “I couldn’t ask that of y-”

“I offered.” I mentally swear at myself. Just shut up!

“Are-Are you sure?” The brunette nervously asks.

“Yes, I have a spare bedroom. You said they’d have your water back on my Saturday evening, correct?” She nodded. “Well, come along then. Roy is outside waiting.” Andrea follows me out of the restaurant and to the car.

Priestly… What in the world are you doing?

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The drive to the townhouse was spent in comfortable silence. Roy parked in front of my home, stepped out, and opened the door for Andrea and I. “Goodnight, Miranda” He smiled. “Goodnight, Andy.” The brunette waves to the man and we head to the front door.

“Miranda, I don’t have to stay-”

“You don’t have to but if you’d like to…” I unlock the door and step into my home. “You are welcome to.” Andrea beamed up at me; answering by walking in and shutting the door behind her.

“Thank you.” I nod, directing her upstairs.

“I’ll show you to the spare bedroom.”


After I got Andrea settled in, I went to my own bedroom and slipped into my silk pajama set. Finishing my routine for the night by removing my makeup, washing my face, and brushing my teeth. I step out of my bathroom and back into my bedroom.

“Miranda,” Startled, I jump at the sight of the younger woman. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you I just-Well, oh nevermind.” I watch her turn to leave but stop her by placing my hand on her shoulder. This time she jumped a bit.

“What’s the matter, Andrea?” I inquire, she turns to me now. I can tell she’s worried about something. “What is it?” And before I knew it the brunette’s lips were on mine. Soft, sincere but full of haste. My lips move on their own accord and Andrea sighs with what seems like relief.
I become lost in the moment and my arms wrap themselves around the women’s neck. I feel her tongue swipe across my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I grant it willingly.
She kisses me like no other man has ever kissed me before. Soft and hot, not trying to rush anything, but simply seeking closeness. The heat rose in my cheeks as her tongue touched my own- quick, electric, then firmer more determined, yet curious. I tilt my head to give her more access.

My eyes shot open, suddenly alarmed by the encounter. I break away and I feel my bare heels hit the wall behind me. For the first time, I am truly speechless. I place my hand on my chest, feeling my heart beating erratically. Andrea just stares at me, I can see the shock written all over her face.

“Miranda, I-I am so sor-sorry.” I hear the fear in her voice and I knew she was about to bolt…

Just like she did in Paris.

A sense of panic washes over me. Please don’t leave… Don’t leave me again.
“It’s fine.” I grab my necklace and rub the pendant between my fingers to calm me. “Andrea, it’s fine. We can let this go and-” I stop myself, my thoughts overtaking me again. You don’t want to let that go… Lesbian or not, you care deeply for this woman. Don’t push her away, Priestly, you’ll regret it. I’m pulled out of my thoughts when I see the tears streaming down Andrea’s face. I walk till I’m directly in front of the woman and bring my hands to her face, wiping the water away. My hands linger there caressing her. “That was like nothing I have ever experienced in my entire life, Andrea. I-I’m just having a hard time wrapping my mind around all this.” I sigh. “I’ve been thinking about you a great deal… More than I’d like to admit. It isn’t normal for me.” I see her eyes light up a bit.

“So, you’ve been thinking about me,too? I’m not the only one who has been feeling crazy this past week?” I laugh, which brings a smile to my face, and to my delight hers as well.

“What a beautiful soul,” I am truly entranced. I slip my hands into her long, soft hair. Looking directly into her brown eyes, reminding me of mahogany wood- Comforting... strong. I nearly melt into the floor. “Your eyes are gorgeous,” I say mindlessly, losing myself in them. “You never cease to amaze me,” I admit. Her arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer to her. Her touch setting my skin ablaze, sending warmth through my entire form. “I don’t understa-”

“We don’t have to,” Andrea says confidently, kissing me once more. This time I had no intentions of stopping it.

She was right, I don’t have to understand. All I can comprehend right now is how nicely she feels pressed against me.

I led us to my bed, without breaking the embrace, and lay the woman down straddling her- I deepen the kiss now a low moan escapes my throat and she captured the sound. Taking advantage of the sound her tongue rolls against mine. I feel a trembling hand unbuttoning my top feverishly. I sit up all the while still straddling the woman and playfully slap her hand away. I look into her eyes and see a pure desire there. She bites her plump bottom lip in anticipation. I smirk down at her slowly unbuttoning the pajama top.


“Mirandaaaa,” She groans. “Please.” I quicken my fingers at her request and take the top off completely. Her eyes lowered themselves to my brassiere-covered breast.

“My eyes are up here, Andrea.” I tease and unbutton the pajama top I had lent her just an hour before, revealing more and more flawless porcelain skin. I peel the top off her, throwing it behind me.“We won’t need that.” I trace a pointer finger down the length of her throat to her heaving chest. My attention is brought to her own brassiere. It’s maroon and a gorgeous contrast to her skin tone. I take mental note of this-You will have a maroon dress soon…
I lean down to gently kiss the trail I just made with my finger.

“Oh-OH, Miranda,” She gasps. My tongue flicks out to lick along the top of her breast.


I’m not satisfied. So I guide the latter to set up and I make quick work of removing the garment, tossing it as well. I nearly gawk at the sight before me. How I ever called this woman fat was beyond me, she is perfect… “Perfection…” I tell her before kissing and licking the newly exposed skin.

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I make quick work of removing the rest of her clothing and then my own. Suddenly, I feel my own insecurities nag me; You’re 25 years her junior and your body isn’t what it used to be. Andrea notices the doubts and self-consciousness, grabbing my hand and guiding me to lay down. She straddles me then and I shudder at the feel of our naked forms finally meeting. “God,” I breathe and Andrea grins down at me.

“Miranda, you are so beautiful, mhm.. You feel so good.” She slowly grinds down and the pressure hits me straight to my core. Any negative thoughts went out the window when I catch Andrea’s gaze, her eyes full with nothing but desire and wanting. I decide to take charge once again, I switch our positions to where I am once again straddling the younger woman.
“I want you,” The brunette moans, bucking her hips seeking relief.

“You have me,” I reply as I inch my way down and spread her toned legs, positioning myself in between them. I spread soft kisses at the apex of her thighs, getting close to her core then moving back again.

“Mir,” She purs. “Please.” With that, I kissed my way to her core once more and I am pleased when I see the evidence of her arousal. I place my hand gently on her stomach and the other I use to grip her thigh before I delve in. Using my tongue I made a long stroke across her center. “Oh, fuck!” Her hip bucks. I lower my hand to hold her lower half still.

“Mmm, you taste divine, darling,” I repeat this a few times before I delve my tongue into her. I move it to her throbbing clit and circle the bundle of nerves before sucking it into my mouth. Causing the woman above me to throw her head back and release a low groan. I took the hand that laid on her thigh to her core and entered a single digit in, curling it as I did. “Oh, please more-” Andrea pleaded, and I granted her another finger. I could feel her muscles contracting around them and I knew she was already close. I removed my mouth from her and doubled my efforts with my fingers. Egging her closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh, Mi-Miranda, I-I’m close!” She screamed. I move up her body to capture her mewling with a deep kiss. My fingers find a different angle like this and with that I feel the woman come undone underneath me. I remove my hand from between her thighs and disentangle myself from the woman and lay next to her, turning to admire her. She was still recovering from her climax, she turned to me and looked at me with awe. “That was…” Andrea trailed off, a smile playing on her lips. “Incredible.”

“Mmm, indeed it was.”

“I want to take care of you now, Miranda,” The brunette stated.

I shake my head, “Next time, darling, I’m spent. Just lay here with me?” I ask. Andrea’s face lights up at the words.

“Next time?”

“Yes, if you’d like there to be a next time.” Andrea quickly nods, reassuring me things went as well as I thought they had. “Mmm, good.” I turn the bedside lamp off, making the room go dark. I get under the duvet and motion for her to do the same. She moves close to me under the covers, I wrap an arm around her and our legs intertwine. I hum in approval and find myself falling asleep almost immediately.


I wake up to the feeling of Andrea’s soft breathing on the nape of the neck, I tilt my head down and see the woman’s arms wrapped tightly around me- A smile plays on my lips, reminiscing on the night before. I hum, snuggling closer to the younger woman. For the first time in a long time, I was content where I was. I feel Andrea stir behind me. “Mmm, Mir,” She kissed my bare shoulder. “I almost thought that all was a dream.” The brunette giggled. “I’m glad it wasn’t.”

“Likewise,” I freed myself from her grip and I heard a whimper escape from her lips. “I’ll be back, darling." I sit up in bed. Slip on my warm house shoes and silk robe.
I make my way to the bathroom and go through my morning routine. I hear footsteps and turn to see Andrea, stark naked eyeing me with a predatory glare.

"Ms.Priestly," I quivered at her tone. "I think it's time for me to take care of you…" She hummed, taking a step closer to me with every word.

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Before I knew it, Andrea had me on top of my bathroom vanity. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the younger woman, who was now on her knees, in between my legs. I revel in the feeling of her lips placing gentle kisses on the inside of my thighs. She hums, getting closer to my center. Her eyes meet my own, silently asking for permission to continue. “Yes, please,” I approve in a whisper. The smirk she gave me sent shivers down my spine which only intensifies as the dark-haired woman teasingly swipes her slick tongue over my folds-briefly flicking her talented tongue over where I needed it the most. My hands clench the edge of the vanity as I try and hold my composure, it would not do for Andrea to see how little it took for her to affect me in such a way. This all was for not when she entered me with two adept fingers. One of my hands lunge to grab a handful of chocolate locks, pushing her closer to my core- desperate for the release, I knew was already near.

“Oh, Andrea,” I moan, throwing my head back. Feeling the cold mirror press against the back of my head. “Fuck,” She pulls back then looking up at me, grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Did I just make… The Miranda Priestly curse?” I bit my lip at her seductive tone, simply nodding. “Mmm.” With that, she was back at it with even more vigor than before. Her fingers quickly curled into me, making my back involuntarily arch. A few more obscenities fell from my lips as her tongue skillfully circled around my bundle of nerves. This was all it took and I was brought to the edge, my orgasm arriving fast and fierce. My entire body shook as it rode out the waves of ecstasy.

Andrea stands once my body calms, wrapping her arms around my neck, she kisses me tenderly on the tip of my nose. “You are perfect.” She states, the smile never leaving her face.

“Far from it but thank you, darling.” I say, capturing her lips with my own in a soft embrace.


“Miranda?” Andrea’s voice breaks my attention from the email I was writing. I look up to see a nervous expression on her delicate face.


The brunette shakes her head, “Oh, nothing..”

I place my laptop on the coffee table and move closer to the latter. “What’s wrong?”

“I-Well,” She pauses, looking at her hands which sat in her lap. “Is this a… Are we..” I wait patiently for her to finish. “Are we dating?” She looks up at me with those big doe eyes and I try my best not to show my anxiety at this inquiry.

I take a deep breath, contemplating my answer. “Well we both can’t deny what we have is special,” I start. “That being said, I still want to take things slow- I have my girls to worry about an-”

“I get it.” Andrea quickly says, putting her hand over my own. “We can just see where things go.” I nod, approving of the statement.


Andrea and I spent the rest of the day enjoying one another’s company; When the time came for her to return to her own home I walked her to the front door and she wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug. “Thank you, Miranda.” Andrea whispered into my neck.

“Whatever for?”

“For having me over and giving me a chance.” She said, unwrapping herself from me and opening the door and I see Roy outside waiting for the younger woman.

“Goodnight, Andrea.”

“Goodnight,” Andrea gives me a small wave before making her way to the car.
I don’t go back in until I see her safely get into the vehicle. Once inside, I feel the emptiness return to me. The departure of the younger woman affected me far more than I ever thought it would. I looked around my home, suddenly realizing how big it actually was. It was quiet and empty without her… or my girls.

I sighed, dragging myself up the stairs and into my bedroom. “I’m in trouble.” I said aloud.