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An Ending, A Beginning

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Before I knew it, Andrea had me on top of my bathroom vanity. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the younger woman, who was now on her knees, in between my legs. I revel in the feeling of her lips placing gentle kisses on the inside of my thighs. She hums, getting closer to my center. Her eyes meet my own, silently asking for permission to continue. “Yes, please,” I approve in a whisper. The smirk she gave me sent shivers down my spine which only intensifies as the dark-haired woman teasingly swipes her slick tongue over my folds-briefly flicking her talented tongue over where I needed it the most. My hands clench the edge of the vanity as I try and hold my composure, it would not do for Andrea to see how little it took for her to affect me in such a way. This all was for not when she entered me with two adept fingers. One of my hands lunge to grab a handful of chocolate locks, pushing her closer to my core- desperate for the release, I knew was already near.

“Oh, Andrea,” I moan, throwing my head back. Feeling the cold mirror press against the back of my head. “Fuck,” She pulls back then looking up at me, grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Did I just make… The Miranda Priestly curse?” I bit my lip at her seductive tone, simply nodding. “Mmm.” With that, she was back at it with even more vigor than before. Her fingers quickly curled into me, making my back involuntarily arch. A few more obscenities fell from my lips as her tongue skillfully circled around my bundle of nerves. This was all it took and I was brought to the edge, my orgasm arriving fast and fierce. My entire body shook as it rode out the waves of ecstasy.

Andrea stands once my body calms, wrapping her arms around my neck, she kisses me tenderly on the tip of my nose. “You are perfect.” She states, the smile never leaving her face.

“Far from it but thank you, darling.” I say, capturing her lips with my own in a soft embrace.


“Miranda?” Andrea’s voice breaks my attention from the email I was writing. I look up to see a nervous expression on her delicate face.


The brunette shakes her head, “Oh, nothing..”

I place my laptop on the coffee table and move closer to the latter. “What’s wrong?”

“I-Well,” She pauses, looking at her hands which sat in her lap. “Is this a… Are we..” I wait patiently for her to finish. “Are we dating?” She looks up at me with those big doe eyes and I try my best not to show my anxiety at this inquiry.

I take a deep breath, contemplating my answer. “Well we both can’t deny what we have is special,” I start. “That being said, I still want to take things slow- I have my girls to worry about an-”

“I get it.” Andrea quickly says, putting her hand over my own. “We can just see where things go.” I nod, approving of the statement.


Andrea and I spent the rest of the day enjoying one another’s company; When the time came for her to return to her own home I walked her to the front door and she wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug. “Thank you, Miranda.” Andrea whispered into my neck.

“Whatever for?”

“For having me over and giving me a chance.” She said, unwrapping herself from me and opening the door and I see Roy outside waiting for the younger woman.

“Goodnight, Andrea.”

“Goodnight,” Andrea gives me a small wave before making her way to the car.
I don’t go back in until I see her safely get into the vehicle. Once inside, I feel the emptiness return to me. The departure of the younger woman affected me far more than I ever thought it would. I looked around my home, suddenly realizing how big it actually was. It was quiet and empty without her… or my girls.

I sighed, dragging myself up the stairs and into my bedroom. “I’m in trouble.” I said aloud.