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First Date

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The skeleton in front of Mare was flushed a pretty purple, rubbing at the back of their neck nervously. They stood in front of them dressed in nice clothes that fit them well. Nothing too fancy, but simply well put together. 

“A—are you ready for our first date?” they asked nervously, a stutter sneaking its way into their otherwise cool composure, or at least their attempt to keep it that way. Mare let out a soft laugh, reaching forward to nuzzle their skull.

“My love, you have nothing to worry about,” they murmured, attempting to help to soothe their anxiety.

Night seemed to take a moment  to find a response, trying to find some way to point out everything that could go wrong, but it was at that moment Mare took the opportunity to lace their fingers together.

“Tonight is going to be perfect, no matter what happens. Alright?”

Night froze, that deep royal purple only darkening a shade further as they nodded, letting a shaky breath out. Judging by auras alone, they seemed a lot calmer now.

“A..alright,” they agreed, finally allowing Mare to give them a soft peck on the cheek.

“Alright,” Mare parroted back, beginning to lead them both towards the already summoned portal ready to take them to their destination.

“Shall we, then?”