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for the sake of science

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it was cold inside the room they’ve shoved zhongli into. the walls are stark white, along with the floors; they’re padded, soft to the touch. across the room is another man, a redhead who wore the same simple gray outfit as zhongli, a simple shirt with a pair of spacious sweatpants, but what was bizarre was he also dressed in a… muzzle. it’s heavy leather with straps that reach around his head, looping across his neck and held in place with a series of small padlocks, and a metal cage is fitted around his mouth.

it looks like something a dog would be forced to wear.

zhongli himself is wearing a collar as well; it covers the expanse of his neck, the material digging into the bottom of his jaw and a heavy padlock hangs onto the straps in the back. he didn’t understand the reason for it, although he supposes he would soon enough. him and this other… patient, although perhaps victim would be a more suitable word, were undoubtedly going to be involved in some new experiment.

after archons know how long he’s spent in a solitary cell, he would take any sort of human interaction. the… scientists, he supposes, wore clothing that resembled hazmat suits; they could hardly be considered human, especially with the cold efficiency they use as they would conduct their checkups and invasive procedures.

there’s a dull pain where he had been injected before being forced to enter this room. he looks down at it and briefly slides a hand across the entry point, right between where his upper arm met his forearm. the liquid had felt boiling when it initially entered his veins, but had cooled considerably.

he looks up. the other patient seems uninterested in zhongli, instead preoccupied with pacing on his side of the room. he cracks his neck, cracks his knuckles, rolls his shoulders; it almost looks as though he’s readying for a fight. while zhongli was experienced in sparring, he had his doubts he would be able to properly defend himself. there has been… changes in his body as of late.

they were rather humiliating. his skin has become smoother, soft to the touch, his muscle mass decreasing and at first he had assumed it was due to his inability to properly resume his exercise regime, but the redistribution of his fat at his hips and thighs made him think otherwise. he didn’t quite understand the changes, especially the tenderness of his… newly formed small breasts.

the scientists seemed pleased with the changes. they never explained anything to him, but their own exchanges seemed positive as they spoke of his… development as if he wasn’t in the room.

the redhead stills. zhongli watches as he takes a deep breath, his head tilted up towards the ceiling. it almost looks as if he’s smelling the air, but that would be strange, wouldn’t it? he turns to look at zhongli, his blue eyes wide and wild, like waves knocking against a rocky cliff. there’s a vague edge of confusion to his expression, as though he wasn’t quite sure of what he was feeling.

zhongli doesn’t allow himself to feel scared. he’s been in this facility for quite awhile now, been through all sorts of inhumane treatments; some crazed redhead would not force him to break down. he returns the man’s gaze, eyes hard and expression stoic.

the man says something in a language zhongli can’t quite understand, but easily recognizes as russian.

he trails off, curling and uncurling his fists. it seems as though he was arguing with himself, unsure of what to do. he begins his pacing again, back and forth across the floor, but his eyes remain locked on zhongli. he watches him in return, maintaining their mutual eye contact. the man is starting to sweat, despite the coolness of the room; dark stains collecting under his armpits and liquid dripping down his face, catching on the metal cage.

zhongli finds himself distracted as he catches the scent of… musk with a peculiar undercurrent of what smelled almost nautical; there were hints of sea salt, with an ozonic note balanced out with dashes of fresh sage and masculine, earthy woods. for some reason, it made zhongli’s head spin. he could feel his own body temperature rising, a thin layer of sweat clinging to his skin beneath his clothes immediately. all his thoughts seem to slow, his mind unfocussed as he took in the scent.

it almost becomes overwhelming as the redhead begins his approach, his hands fisted at his sides. zhongli finds himself unable to step away as he pauses in front of zhongli, their chests almost flush. with the muzzle, he can’t quite press against the space between zhongli’s neck and shoulder, his own collar aiding in the difficulty. the redhead tries away, inhaling deeply, the intake breathy and desperate.

zhongli can’t help but breathe in the redhead’s own scent, a weak moan tugged from his throat as he finds himself overwhelmed with the heady, masculine smell. he wants to bury himself in his chest, bathing in that attractive aroma; it was simply addicting. he felt overwhelmed, his legs shaking as an unknown desire unfurled inside of him.

a sudden contraction overtakes his pelvic muscles, his core tightening almost painfully, muscles spasming; his whole lower body feels as though it was throbbing with pleasure, white-hot pleasure making his legs tremble. he gasps, the sensation causing him to fall forward; he awkwardly crumples into the man before him, who steps back in shock but doesn’t pull away. zhongli rubs his thighs together, hands fisted in the man’s gray shirt.

something bursts from beneath his shriveled balls, his skin splitting as though it were ripened fruit, his whole body shudders as a wet moan is torn from his throat; his hold on the man’s shirt tightens, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he’s lost in the sensations of the formation of his newly developed cunt.

if he were in a more sound state of mind, the horror of the transformation would have caused repulsion. but zhongli’s nerves are alight with arousal, his pussy sopping wet; slick drips between his thick thighs, drenching his sweatpants. his shrunken cock twitches with interest, unable to fully harden.

an intense, sweet smell invades the air. it’s scent is thick, intoxicating; zhongli vaguely registers it as his own, his mind empty as he’s overtaken by the need to be filled. the redhead growls, almost animalistic, inhaling the scent through desperate gulps through his mouth. there are painful looking fangs poking out from his gums, large and intimidating; his other teeth pale in comparison, the two canines looked sharp and dangerous.

he pushes zhongli onto the floor easily, the cushioning ensuring his fall was painless. zhongli open-mouthed moaning with pleasure at the rough treatment. he’s upon him immediately, ripping off his shirt and violently tugging his pants down his legs, tossing them to the side. zhongli pries apart his own thighs, showcasing his virgin cunt that’s nestled beneath his balls, pink and hairless, glistening with sweet smelling slick.

the redhead groans, gnashing his teeth together and lashing his elongated tongue against the cage of his muzzle at the sight. he tears his own pants off, crawling forward in between zhongli’s legs to press the tip of his hardened cock between his soaked folds, letting out a deep, guttural groan at the sensation.

there’s a burst of fluid, soaking the head of his dick. zhongli wraps his legs around the man’s waist, urging him forward. his mind is too far gone for words, but if he was able, zhongli would be begging to be fucked, bred, filled with cum. his entire body demands it, the heat between his legs intense as his cunt throbs with desire.

there’s a strange knot forming at the base of the redhead’s cock, thick and hard as it expands as though it were a balloon. neither of them notice, too lost in the sensations as he snaps his hips forward, his thick cock spreading zhongli’s pussy just right, sliding in entirely with one go; his whole body spasms, sticky fluid gushing around the redhead’s dick and clear fluid drips from his own pathetic cock as an orgasm overtakes him.


the redhead’s cock is massive. he wears he can feel it deep within his guts, his mind swimming as he imagines the skin of his stomach pulled taught about the man’s dick. it fills him to the brim, stretching his walls so good.

he fucks zhongli like an animal, his pace fast and primal as he pistons his dick in and out of that tight heat. there’s a wet splash with each violent ram of the redhead’s dick into zhongli’s welcoming cunt, slick dripping out around the redhead’s shaft and dripping onto the floor. he rolls his hips with each thrust, his small tits bouncing and he moans like a mindless whore as he’s thoroughly defiled.

his cock slips from zhongli’s cunt, a broken whine torn from zhongli’s throat at the loss of simulation. he sobs, the emptiness felt so entirely wrong; he needed a cock inside of him, he needed his-

the redhead grabs him by the waist, easily flipping him over. forced onto his hands and knees, zhongli feels… correct; he was… being bred. being mounted from behind was right, it was how he could be properly fucked and filled with… with a baby. oh gods, he was going to be pregnant.

the engorged cock snaps back into his open, welcoming cunt; heavy, tight, reddened balls smack against his meaty ass. he’s hit with another orgasm, his body slightly curling into himself as his eyes roll back into his head, his cunt tightening around the redhead’s monstrous dick. there’s a press against something strange inside of him, something painful and yet overwhelmingly pleasurable, the head of the large dick within him teasing some sort of entrance.

zhongli’s mind is blank, but if he had even a single thought in his head, surely he’d be able to figure out that the man was about to penetrate his newly formed womb.

the enlarged flesh that gathered at the base of the redhead’s cock presses uncomfortably against zhongli’s pussy lips, far wider than the shaft itself. zhongli feels a rush of excitement in his hazy mind for something he didn’t quite understand.

the redhead slams into zhongli’s cunt, that wide ring of flesh splitting his walls open. the head of his cock pops into his womb, forcing its way in.

“AAH-!” zhongli screams, his voice cracking.

he fucks into the wet heat of zhongli’s pussy the best he can, his dick forcibly held into place around his engorged flesh. he ruts into his womb, pushing as far as he can before releasing his load with an intense loud growl. warm cum paints the inside of zhongli’s womb, the organ milking the redhead for all his fertile sperm. zhongli comes for a third time, his voice broken as his pussy spasms around the shaft penetrating his womb.

his stomach feels warm and full, a lazy smile stretched across his face. this was right. this was right. thiswasright thiswasrightthiswasrightthiswasright.