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    Kara was frustrated, that much was clear. She had been sitting on her couch staring sadly at her phone stuffing potsticker after potsticker into her mouth. It was useless. No one wanted to date Kara Danvers. It never went well, Alex used to set her up on blind dates but they would just end in chaos. She tried dating apps but most because just wanted sex. 

   And that just wasn’t Kara. Anyone who swiped and matched with her didn’t want to actually date her. It was crushing. If she didn’t have the confidence of supergirl she’s pretty sure by now she’d be crying on her couch, not that…eating doesn’t simulate that as well. 

   Her thumb was hovering a new app made specifically for people who were, let’s just say lucky. There were so many reasons why she shouldn’t. Kara just wanted a relationship, she wnated someone to understand her busy schedule and she just wanted love. Was that so much to ask for? 

   Apparently it was. Kara Danvers wasn’t lucky enough for this app, she wasn’t famous enough. Fame is what this app wanted, fame and money that Kara Danvers didn’t have. But supergirl did. The knowledge and the thought of doing this was so outright wrong. 

   She can hear Alex scolding her even hear J’onn scolding her. But they want her to date! She’s in her mid 20s and the closest she got to a date was the night she became supergirl. Dates all went out the window when she put on the cape and went to save National City every day. 

   She needed a life, Alex had bluntly told her that. Had shoved her into the open water to find someone and instead of someone saving her, instead of a pretty girl swimming to her she was drowning. Drowning in the waters she sadly couldn’t fly out of. 

   Or maybe she could, that’s what the thought was. Sign up as Supergirl. Maybe if she was Supergirl she could get someone! If she couldn’t get someone as supergirl then well she was done for. Kara would just have to sadly accept she would be lonely and miserable her whole life. 

   “Alex is gonna kill me,” she mumbled and pressed the download button. She watched as it loaded and then there it was the app that she hoped would solve all her problems. 

   The process to enter the app was…definitely something else then other dating apps. It asked about your job, flowers on social media, the amount of money you made, the kind of public figure you were. She entered in everything as she could. She was thankful Winn before he left had set Supergirl up with a Twitter. 

   She uploaded pictures of her as Supergirl. Funny selfies she took floating in the sky when she was bored. Pictures of her mid-scaring Brainy. Pictures of her taken by the media. Then she had to prove it was her. 

   She thought for a moment. Really thought about what she was doing. There was no doubt this would get out. She could see the headlines now at Catco, Supergirl joins celebrity dating app?

   Kara however was willing to risk it if it meant she could at least get one date. Just one, that’s all she asked. So with a quick authorization of her camera and taking a picture holding her hand up in the supergirl suit it was set. 

   Kara Danvers- no scratch that. Supergirl was on a dating app. 





I didn’t expect to see the Lena Luthor on here of all places


Same could be said about you Supergirl. 

I mean National City’s hero on a dating app? Cant you see the headlines now “Supergirl, the red caped hero is looking for love!” 


I can

I’ve only been on here for a few hours waiting for the dread of CatCo to wake up and post something 


I would say you don’t have to fret too much, however I think you're the most famous person on here. Sadly with your high status some people will be very thin lipped. 


secrecy goes out the window when your a hero flying around the sky


Speaking of secrecy, don’t you have a secret identity? 


Always so smart Ms.Luthor as always you are correct

Let’s just say my secret identities life is a little to sad


Too sad for someone to date you? I find that hard to believe. 

However something I do find hard to believe is you swiping right on me, Supergirl. 


Well you did also swipe right Ms.Luthor


Well I think if we’re being honest everyone on this app would swipe right on you. 


And everyone doesn’t do the same with you?


Darling I’d think you have a crush on me if I didn’t know any better. 


Well I did swipe right didn’t I?




   “Are you insane!” Alex yelled, slamming down a magazine in front of her face. Kara stared down at it, taking a gulp. There she was, front cover of Catcos newest magazine that had been pushed for publication with Supergirl on the cover with the news. 

    “Hero looking for love? Supergirl is here to catch your heart!” 

   It was cheesy. More than cheesy and a part of Kara couldn’t help but smile at the title trying to hold back her laugh. 

   “This isn’t funny!” Alex yelled, obviously pissed. “I told you to get out there but I meant as yourself not as,” Alex stumbled motioning up and down at Kara in her suit. 

   “Alex,” Kara sighed. She leaned against the table. “It was the only way! I’m sorry, don't you think I’d want to be myself?” She asks. Kara did want to be herself, but she was right. Being on that app as Supergirl got her so many people but it was still the same. Expect one. One that made her blush and her heart flutter. 

   “Delete it. I don’t care we can’t have you- Supergirl, on a dating app. It’s insane and-and wrong! The public will morph its image of you and this could endanger-“

   “Alex, it's ok. I promise please, look,” Kara paused, sighing, “just give me a week? Please.” She pouted. Using all her might looking up at her sister. Alex tried to keep her tough exterior and confidence up. 

   “Fine,” she deflated. Kara jumped wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug giggling. 

   “Thank you!”

   “Just please don’t increment yourself! We already have that dumb Catco article talking about whether your a top or bottom and honestly it’s disgusting.”

   “What!” Kara yells in horror. Her face beams red and she looks at the magazine on the table. She quickly grabs it, opening it to scan over it as fast as she can. 

   Mortified. Mortified to her core. 





seems my cover is blown CatCo has published a new magazine 


I saw, I have it sitting next to me on my desk. 

I really loved the part where they broke down your pictures and decided what were “top” and “bottom” traits. 


I am mortified please don’t

I can’t believe they did that! Out of everything they could have covered! 


Well the people are waiting for your very first date. Any lucky woman that have caught your eye?




I was told to delete the app and stop but…

There’s this one person I kind of think I might like…


Oh do tell Supergirl, I’m all ears. 


Would you maybe like to go get lunch?

If your busy up at L-Corp I can drop by


Yes, will 12 work for you?


yes just let me move the stop an armed robbery from 12 to 11 and I should be good!


Only an hour? That’s cutting it close are you sure that’s enough time for you to stop them?


don’t worry Ms.Luthor I have some tricks up my sleeve!


Well then I’ll see you at 12, I can’t wait. 




   Kara was vibrating. She couldn’t focus all day at CatCo and it wasn’t just because of the dumb magazine. She was meeting Lena Luthor. Sure she’s met her before, worked with her, but this was different. She was having lunch with her! It was like a date! Was it a date?

   Kara liked her. It was hard not to. Lena was brilliant and beautiful and knew what she wanted. She was confident and had the biggest heart. She used her money for good, helping everyone she possibly could. Kara wanted to know more, Kara wanted to know everything. 

   So when the clock struck 11:30 she basically jumped out of her seat at CatCo. She received a weird look from Nia but ignored it. She went straight to big belly burger and picked out only the best for Lena. 

   11:50 she was in front of L-Corp. She started to fly up the side of the building and her heart pounded. She was nervous, god she was nervous. What if Lena didn’t like her like that? I mean if she didn’t obviously that was ok and whatever Lena felt was valid, completely valid and Kara would respect it. 

   She came up and descended on Lenas balcony. The doors were opened and she walked in. “Ms.Luthor?” She says softly. 

   The woman at the desk looked up. Her face lit up and she basically jumped from the chair. “Supergirl! I’ll be honest I was a little doubtful you would come.”

   “What? Why?” Kara asked, confused. She walked over to the couch Lena was walking to. When the ceo sat down Kara followed and set the bags she was holding on the coffee table in front of them. 

   “Well you are Supergirl.” Kara frowned. She didn’t know what Lena meant by that. Of course she would come if she had told Lena she would.   

   “Lena,” Kara spoke softly, it was the first time she had uttered the woman’s first name out loud. The ceo looked at her, a part of the confidence Lena always had looked like it was cracked. Like a sliver of nerves were shining through. “I said I would be here and I was excited, I am excited.”

   “You are?” Lena asks, surprised. She looked away from the hero. Kara watched as she took a deep breath. Watched her back and shoulders straighten and her crack her fingers before speaking again. “It’s just hard to believe Supergirl would want to have lunch with a Luthor.”

   “Lena, you're not your family,” Kara immediately said. “You’re a good- extraordinarily good person. Your so far from what they are.”

   “You really think so?” Lena asked. Kara nodded. People weren’t there families. Just because Lena shared the same name didn’t mean anything. 

   “Come on, let's eat some greasy food, it'll make you feel better!” She turned, opening bags and setting down burgers on the table. “Sorry I eat a lot, I need a lot of calories.”

   “I bet you do,” Lena chuckled. She picked up a fry eating it. Kara waited a few seconds watching her before she started eating a burger quickly moving to the second one. “So,” Lena clears her throat, “what is it about this girl who has your heart?”

   Kara flushed. She looked away not being able to look Lena in the eyes because it was her. It was her and Lena was smart enough to figure it out. 

   “Oh look at you blushing already,” Lena laughed. Kara just blushed more taking another big bite of her burger. “She must be pretty impressive.”

   “Ya,” Kara let out. She couldn’t help but lock eyes with Lena at that moment. Lena was more then impressive. She was smart, probably the smartest woman on the planet. She took her family’s company and made it her own. Everything shes done, all the good shes tried to do and has succeeded at it was amazing. “More than,” Kara mumbled. 

   Lena looked away. Her fingers played with the wrapper that her burger was laid. Kara could see her clench her jaw. Such a simple and unnoticable action but Kara caught it. She listened, listened and heard the thudding of Lenas heart. 

   “Well,” she cleared her throat. “I’m sure whoever it is is incredible. Anyone you pick has to be, I mean being the girl of steal and all.” 

   Kara wanted to laugh. She did a little, not being able to hold the chuckle that fell from her. She turned looking around Lenas office. She could see the CatCo article now. The one out was already incredibly embarrassing but this, who she liked. It was funny, to her it was in some twisted dark humor way. A luthor and a super who would have thought. 

   But was she good enough? Kara knows it sounds dumb but this was Lena. Who cares who Kara is shes Kara under it all. And was Kara enough? What if she wasn’t? What if Kara couldn’t give her what she needed or what if she just wasn’t Lenas standards? What were her standards? What did the CEO of L-Corp want? 

   “What if…I’m not enough or what she expected. This might come as a shock to you Lena but I’m not just…Supergirl,” Kara mumbled. 

   “Well Not Just Supergirl you are more than perfect enough for anyone and if someone doesn’t see that then that’s on them. Anyone would be lucky to have you and to know you. Know what’s beneath the super suit and no I don’t mean that in a sexual way.” 

   “You think so?” Kara asks and god the way Lena was looking at her. The way it felt like a string was wrapped around her heart pulling her closer. Tugging her to Lena. 

   “Of course, now eat your food. We can’t have the world's greatest hero fainting because she didn’t eat enough.” Kara blushed, she really blushed her whole body becoming hot. World's greatest hero. It made the goofiest smile appear on her face and she couldn’t help but comply. 

   She listened to Lenas heart and the face paced beeping just made her smile even more. Kara was nervous, had more questions then anything but something told her this might work. 





*insert phone number*


What's this?


my phone number I have to delete this app remember governments orders 


ah the old government cockblock. 

have you given all the pretty girls your number?


only the genius ones 😉


Now I wonder, you’ve been spotted flying around CatCo an awful lot, does Andrea Rojas have anything to do with that?


maybe I’m just making sure there’s no more “is supergirl a power bottom read on for more information!” 


Oh darling you're definitely not a power bottom. 


Oh Ms.Luthor please stop 🤭😳


So is it Andrea?


why are you planning to sell this information to the media?


Just curiosity. 

If I sold anything it would obviously be how much food you can eat. The ladies should know how much of there money will be spent on food before getting with you. I’m sure that costs a fortune the government must pay you well. 


Oh I don’t get paid for that

I’d never take money for helping people it’s what I’m meant to do I could never accept something like that it would just feel wrong and like I was doing it for the wrong reasons 


I’d assume you’d have a job. Your whole secret identity thing. Or maybe your just crashing on someone’s couch. 


I slept on my sisters couch for a good month in college

I mean

What sister

I don’t know anyone

What’s a sister

I don’t know what that is

Do you? I sure don’t



Do you like Chinese food?


I do


Great! I have this perfect spot we can eat if you want to tonight?


Sure pick me up at L-Corp at 8?


Would 6 work it’s kind of time sensitive 


I guess I could leave work early if it’s for the girl of steel. Sure pick me up at 6


Great! I hope your not afraid of heights


Wait what does that mean?





   Kara flew through the sky at record speed. I mean maybe not record speed J’onn did yell at her that one time she broke the sound barrier to pick up food. Apparently breaking the sound barrier to get food was not something you should do. It made Kararoll her eyes but she understood and made sure not to get to excited when flying to get food. 

   It was nearing six and she set everything up. She laid out a blanket on top of a skyscraper, the perfect place to watch the sunset. There food was already waiting there and it was perfect. 

   She descended down on Lena balcony at 5:59. The doors were opened so she walked in slowly smiling at Lena. 

   “Hey,” Kara smiles goofily. She couldn’t help her expression especially when Lena looked up at her and gave her that smile that sped her own heart up. 

   “Look at you being on time. You must be hungry, just give me a minute to finish this email.” Kara hummed and started to look around Lenas office. 

   The last time she was here she didn’t really look around. I mean she did, she glanced around but most of her attention was on Lena. She only took her eyes off Lena if it was too much, if she was too embarrassed or too flustered. 

   Lenas office seemed quite plain. The only jump out Jara noticed was some picture frames off to the side. “Who’s this?” Kara asks, walking over to it. There was a woman and a young girl. The girl was obviously the woman’s daughter there was no doubt. 

   “Oh uh Sam, she's my best friend. That’s her daughter Ruby.” Kara hummed. “She’s my CFO. We met in college.”

   “Really? That’s cool, I never was good at making friends in college.”

   “You weren’t?” Lena sounded surprised as she asked. “I would have assumed you had everyone falling for you.” There it was again. Words like that that made Kara flushed and keep her back turned because god how could she look into Lena's eyes after how that made her feel? 

   “I think you're forgetting I’m not always Supergirl.” Kara paused. She paused and gulped. She knew what she wanted to say next. It felt right. She trusted Lena, god she did and she liked her. Kara really liked her. So forgoing all the advice Alex has told her and trying not to think about how reprimanded she would be she continued. “Kara Danvers isn’t the symbol of confidence and bravery that Supergirl is.”

   “Kara Danvers,” Lena repeated with recognition. Karas heart thudded, it thudded so loud in her ears. She breathed in deeply, grabbing onto the sound of a soft heartbeat in the room trying to calm herself to it. “Are you telling me everyone wouldn’t fall for a dorky reporter?”

   “Dorky?” Kara exasperated, finally turning around. 

   “That is what I said,” Lena smirked. “You said this was time sensitive so are we leaving?” She asks raising an eyebrow. Roa, Kara nodded and stumbled toward. She actually stumbled as Supergirl and a part of her was mortified by it but shook it off. 

   “Do you mind if I carry you? It’ll just be a lot easier believe me.” Kara could hear the uptick in the woman’s heart. She was ready to figure out a backup plan to get Lena to the rooftop. She could swipe keys, or maybe just ask. Ya Kara could as as Supergirl and how could they say no to her? I mean they could- but she hoped they wouldn’t. 

   “Ok,” Lena let out. She walked towards the balcony and through the doors. 

   “Great, ok I can do this.” Kara followed her out. The sun was already going to set soon so Kara had to be quick. “I’m just- I’m gonna lift your bridal style ok?”

   “Yes alright.” Kara nodded. She was slow as she did it incase Lena told her to stop. Her heart spiked and sped up so much in Karas ears. The woman quickly wrapped her arms around Karas neck holding onto her tight. 

   “Your not…afraid of heights are you?” She asks in a low voice. She slowly floated. Her feet lifted off the ground and Lena held tighter. 

   “No, this is just different.” Kara hummed. Alex had been afraid at first when they were younger. Of course that was when Kara couldn’t fully control herself so Alex had more of a right to be afraid but she understood. 

   She flew a couple feet above the balcony and waited. Lenas head was buried in her neck but at the stillness she pulled away. Kara watched in delight as Lena looked around. Her mouth opened in awe as Kara slowly started to move. Gentle, she reminded herself that. 

   She didn’t care if they missed the sunset on the rooftop because this was enough. This was so good and rao maybe holding her in the sky was even better. Lena was clinging onto her and it felt so good. 

   “This- it’s beautiful,” Lena finally let out. 

   “Sometimes I fly above the city and just look at it. All the buildings and there lights are beautiful. The people inside of them make it all the better. I can just imagine them living, having game nights or movie nights with there family. Eating dinner, having sleepovers.”

   “Only you would say that,” Lena laughed. “It is the people though that make National City National City isn’t it?”

   “The people shine the brightest,” Kara hummed. 

   Not to long later she flew down gently landing on the blanket she laid out. She set Lena down on her feet and the smile on her face was all Kara needed. If tonight wasn’t good enough already (which it was, it was more then enough) this would make it. 

   “You did all this? For me?” Lena asks. She looked up at her like Kara was the world. Her eyes sparkled and it pulled at Kara. 

   “Of course,” she said. She sat down and patted the spot down next to her. A part of her worried the CEO wouldn’t want to sit on a blanket on top of a dirty building in her expensive outfit but she happily sat down. 

   Kara started pulling containers towards them and handed Lena some of them. “I didn’t know what you liked and I normally order a lot so I figured getting some of almost everything was good.”

   “God you're so prefect,” Lena said. Kara froze. Her hand was in the air holding a container of orange chicken. Lena didn’t even notice what she had said. Or maybe she did and Kara was the one who latched onto it. 

   “So- the sun is setting,” Kara cringed. She set down the container and grabbed the one of potstickers, opening it and using her fingers to bite into one. 

   “You know you didn’t have to do all this Kara.”

   “I wanted to,” she said immediately. “I really, really wanted to.”

   “Well thank you. I’m sure you have a busy schedule.” Kara scoffed, shaking her head. 

   “Not as busy as you must be. Inventing and running a company.”

   “You save the city, I'm hardly anything compared to that.” Kara set down her container and fully turned herself to Lena. The action was enough to make Lena stop and look at her. 

   “I may go out and fly to save lives but you save them to. Maybe not in the same way I do but you are just as important as me. What you do is important and you’ve saved thousands maybe even millions at this point.”

   “You, you're too kind,” Lena cleared her throat as she said it. Her eyes flickered away and Kara saw the glisten of a tear but decided to ignore it and let Lena have that. “So you have a sister?”

   “Ya,” Kara laughs nervously. “She’s gonna kill me about that. You’ve met her.”

   “Yes, I remember. I never forget a face.” Kara didn’t comment on how glasses fooled her but hey, glasses really changed someone’s whole appearance. “She didn’t seem to like me very much.”

   “Oh Alex is just protective,” Kara huffs. “She always has been. She was told to protect me and that never stopped. I swear she did background checks on anyone I talked to even when we were in high school. We had a rocky relationship then but,” Kara ended it with a laugh. 

   “She seems like the type,” Lena laughed. “But I'm glad you both have a good relationship now but I do have to ask why did you have to crash on her couch in college?” Kara groaned. She hunched over hiding herself with her container of pot sticks. 

   “I kept breaking the handle at the dorm rooms! I swear it wasn’t even my strength, it was just bad! They kicked me out of the dorms which is incredibly mean. Alex let me crash with her but it was mostly to keep an eye on me.”

   “Oh god!” Lena laughed. “I can just imagine the look on your face. I’m so sorry.” Kara started to laugh hearing Lena laugh. The sound warmed her heart and she leaned into the woman’s side. 

   “Whatever,” she grumbled. She kept her eyes on the sky watching the sunset creating oranges and pinks through the skyline. Lena leaned more into her resting her head on her shoulder. “When I was younger and first came to earth I would um…sneak on the Danvers roof to watch the sunset. Something about the colors just made me think of krypton. The way the yellow descending turned the sky into so many different things. They both had sunsets and they were both so beautiful.” 

   “It must have been hard coming here after that.” 

   “It was but I’m thankful for everything I have here. The family I made.” 

      They watched as the sun slowly settled through the skyscrapers and the colors thats beamed through the buildings disappeared. 

   The sky became dark but the city was still alive. The lights of the city lit them up just as they needed. The buildings being a replacement for the sun that set beyond them. It was still so beautiful and Kara listened like she always did. It was loud and moving and love flowed through it like a river breaking off into a million directions. 

   “We should eat before the food gets cold,” Lena said. Kara knew she was right so she forced herself away. “So how much calories do you need?”

   “Way to many,” Kara mumbled, grabbing the container of potstickers that had been forgotten. “When I first got to earth it was a learning process. Eventually Eliza would just order food for us.”

   “Home cooked meals weren’t really a thing of my family either,” Lena mumbled. “The Luthors had chefs who did everything for them but I don’t think it’s the same.”

   “Well you should come to our thanksgiving! It’s one of the only times we cook! Me and Alex go back to midvale and help Eliza.”

   “You-Your inviting me to thanksgiving?” Lena asks. 

   “Yes? Why?” Kara asks confused. Lena looked at her with this look Kara couldn’t place. “Is something wrong?”

   “No it’s just- Kara you barely know me.”

   “I do know you and I want to know more,” Kara said honestly. She gave Lena a smile before looking down into her lap. “If…you want me to know more? To know you? If not that’s ok I-I get it I just-“

   “I’m the girl,” Lena stated. The statement made her feel like the world froze. She knew it didn’t. She could still hear the city but it felt like a freeze had blasted over them. “Kara…is this a date?” Amusement was in Lenas voice. 

   “Do you…want it to be?”

   “Yes,” Lena said quickly. “God yes why wouldn’t I? I thought this whole time you were trying to get in Andrea Rojas pants! I mean with Supergirl spotted at CatCo so often I should have known! Andrea would have told me I’m such an idiot when it comes to these things.”

   “You thought I was trying- How would I fit in Andreas pants? That doesn’t make sense.” 

   “Oh darling,” Lena laughed so hard she had to set down the container she was holding. Her head fell back and she smiled so big and bright. “That doesn’t matter-that’s not the important part. You really took me on a date without telling me it was one?”

   “Well I didn’t know how you felt!” Kara squeaked out flushing. 

   “Well now you do and…I would like that, to spend thanksgiving with you and your family. It’s better then me in an empty penthouse with a bottle of scotch.”

   “You’ll have the best time! I mean there’s some family drama but I promise it’s not bad.”

   “I’m sure whatever it is, it'll be fine. So any other secrets you're keeping from me, Supergirl?”

   “I’m technically 52.”

   “What!” Lena yelled. 

   “Well- I was trapped in the phantom zone before coming to earth. You don’t really age there so I am still in my 20s yes because I was frozen but you know,” Kara waved it off. “That’s it? Oh! I hate kale, I know how you feel about kale but there is absolutely no way I’m eating that. I can’t gain weight on this planet so there is no need.”

   “You-your,” Lena sputtered. Kara let her have her moment and continued to eat. After a minute Lena picked up her container and a fork slowly eating. 

   “Does that bother you?”

   “Your age?” Lena asks. “I mean you haven’t lived that long so no. Your body might technically be 50 in some weird way  but you aren’t.”

   “No I mean the kale,” Kara joked. Lena bumped her shoulder with Karas. 

   “How disgusting of you,” she let out. “You may not be human but being healthy couldn’t hurt.”

   “I don’t need to be,” Kara sing songs. “I can eat as many donuts and potstickers as I want. Pizza every meal? Totally acceptable. I can’t get sick, I can’t gain weight and even if I could I work out! I can lift-“

   “Believe me I know,” Lena said with a blush rising across her cheeks. “You're forgetting how much people take pictures of you. That one picture of Supergirl holding a car effortlessly above her head like a stick was the cover of so many magazines.”

   “See I don’t need to eat kale!” Kara yells. She didn’t need to have that disgusting thing anywhere near her. 

   “One day,” Lena hummed. “I don’t mind this, taking a junk food day is good but eating healthy makes me feel good.”

   “Greens are important for humans,” Kara hums. 

   “What are you the spokesperson for vegetables?”

   “When I need to be,” Kara laughs. “You know speaking of food there’s this really good taco truck we should go to sometimes. I go there between missions a lot, especially at night.”

   “Sure, it’s a date.” Kara beamed. A date. She had a date set with Lena. She was on a date with Lena. This was going so perfect. She didn’t want to ruin it and was afraid that would happen but it was just so good. 

   Kara had imagined this a lot. Especially when she was trying to sleep. It was hard not to wander to date ideas and what her and Lena could do together. 

   They ate and talked some more. Joking about there college days. Kara learned how Sam and Lena met in a robotics course Lena was taking for fun and Sam took because she took to long to pick her classes. 

   It was funny hearing the stories of what the two got up to. It was even more heartwarming hearing how Lena helped Sam with her daughter. The two of them were roommates the rest of there years through college and separated on different paths for a while but kept in contact. 

   Lena said that she had always known Sam was amazing. That she could do anything she put her mind to. That’s why when Sam had asked her for help, something she knew was hard for the woman to do she gave her the job she very rightfully deserved. 

   Lena helped people. That’s all she did. Behind closed doors lending a hand and giving people what they needed. Kara was in awe because she was looking at a hero, that’s what Lena was. Maybe the city didn’t see her like that but Kara saw it glowing. She saw the spark and the light in Lena's eyes. 

   When a silence settled over them Kara looked up tilting her head up towards the dark sky trying to make out whatever she could. She could imagine all the planets, see all the galaxies in her head. She wished Lena could see it 

   “I understand why you watch the city so much. I have my balcony but normally I stay in my office over my computer.”

   “Sometimes feeling weightless is the only way to feel,” Kara mumbled. With that in mind she pulled away from Lena standing and extending her hand. 

   “What?” Lena asked, looking at her with bewilderment. 

   “Come on please,” Kara grinned. “Take my hand.” Peter Pan rang in Kara's head and she wondered if Lena thought the same. Wondered if that sparkle in Lenas green eyes was recognition of a classic. 

   Lena took it and Kara pulled her up on her feet. “Heels off.” It was an odd request but Lena listened, kicking her shoes off. 

   “Where are you going with this Kara?”

   “Stand on my feet.” Lena looked at her like she was crazy but obeyed. She gently stepped on Kara's feet. It was so slow, like Lena was afraid of hurting her. “You can’t hurt me, it's ok,” she reassured. She could feel the pressure of Lena stepping onto her all the way after that. Kara wrapped her arms around her waist. “Arms around my neck.”

   “What are we doing?” Lena asks confused but still doing what Kara said. Kara just smiled at her and slowly, very slowly lifted from the ground. As soon as they started moving up Lena clung to her tighter. She pressed herself flush was Kara molding there bodies together. “Kara!”

   “Relax, I’ll keep you safe,” she whispered. They floated up in the sky and Kara spun them lightly. “Look up.”

   Lena looked up and she gasped. The higher they got the more her eyes flickered to stars in the sky. “This is incredible.”

   “Yes it is.” Kara never took her eyes off Lena. Lena looked down at her and seemed to notice her face turning a deep shade of red. “Is this…ok? Tonight?” Kara was scared. Even though it had gone so well, so perfectly she was scared. Scared Lena would reject her, scared that maybe she had done something wrong. 

   “Kara,” Lena started. “I really want you to look at me when I say this.” Kara looked at her, forced her eyes to not waver from the green eyes piercing her soul. “I don’t know who or what made you think you aren’t enough, but Kara Danvers Is enough and this was perfect. You’re incredible, this whole night that’s all I keep thinking and-” 

   “And?” Kara asked softly. She couldn’t speak any louder, afraid that if she did it would somehow ruin the moment. That it would all shatter into pieces but it didn’t. Her voice was the pull for Lena because the woman leaned in. 

   If Kara wasn’t already floating she would have floated right off the ground. The feeling made her feel weightless and she held tighter, kissing Lena back. It sent waves throughout her beautiful waves that deepened the kiss. They spun in the night sky rising like there own shining star. 

   “That,” Lena said breathlessly once she pulled away. “I kept wanting to do that.” Kara panted leaning her head against Lenas. 

   “That was amazing, you should have done that sooner.” Lena began laughing, leaning up to quickly and softly kiss Kara. 

   “Hm I’ll keep that in mind. Next time I’ll do it when I think about it then?”

   “Mhm yes please,” Kara mumbled. 




A Luthor and a Super? The power couple the world needs!

Breaking News folks! Supergirl was spotted not long ago on a date with Lena Luthor. We all have been dying to know who the Super would end up with after her appearance on a celebrity dating app!

It was a shock for some seeing pictures of the Super holding Lena on her balcony slowly flying up in the air. The pictures seem to have been taken from a nearby building, although blurry you can very clearly make out the two. 

The two of them were then spotted on a building. Supergirl held Lena tight, floating and spinning in the sky like out of the movies! The two shared a kiss that took our breaths away! 

Lena Luthor moved to National City shortly after Supergirl appeared. The world was nervous as to what would happen. Was Lena like her brother? Did she strive to kill the Supers?

No, it turns out she is the complete opposite. From making technology for hospitals and saving millions of lives to charity events and donating money to those in need she is perfect. The date with Supergirl just proves that. 

The city is lucky to have two powerful women looking after them. We are safe in there hands! They are the duo Lex Luthor and Superman could never, ever be. They are our OTP that’s for sure!




   Kara jumped awake as a magazine hit her face. She groaned in her bed slowly blinking. Alex stood over her with her arms crossed. “What?” Kara asks confused. 

   She looked down at the magazine already knowing what it would be. She sat up picking it up and smiling at the cover. It was her and Lena kissing above the building they had there first date on. It had been awhile since then, not long two weeks at most and they’ve already gone on countless others. 

   “You didn’t tell me!” Alex finally yelled, smacking the back of her head. 

   “Ow Alex!” Kara yelled, dropping the magazine to rub the back of her head. Her sister rolled her eyes sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I didn’t incriminate myself!”

   “No you idiot! You have a girlfriend! This is what I’ve wanted!” Alex groans. “I’m not mad Kara. Sure you shouldn’t have used Supergirl but…I want you happy.”

   “I am happy,” she smiled. “We’ve gone on a few dates and god Alex.” 

   “Well I’ll need to give her the talk. I’ve already ran quit an extensive background check making sure she has no ill intentions and-“

   “I need pancakes before this.” Kara pushed her blanket off and stood walking to her kitchen with a still blabbering Alex behind her. Kara was happy. Lena made her so incredibly happy and this had felt so far out of her reach. 

   At the beginning of this she thought no one would care for her like that. No one wanted to date Kara Danvers but Lena did. Lena wanted to know everything. The woman read everyone of her articles after learning Kara's identity. She had received the longest text of praise that made Kara blush from head to toe. 

   Lena cared so much and she asked questions and it was just about supergirl. She didn’t care that Kara was supergirl. In Lenas presence she didn’t have to be the hero, she could slip into herself. Her true self that was both dorky and confident with some stumbling as Lena had told her. 

   “Kara!” Alex yelled. Kara looked at her smiling sheepishly. “Stop daydreaming I’m giving you the rundown.”

   “Alex this isn’t a mission,” Kara sighed. She started pulling out bowls and a pan. 

   “Well, as your sister,” Alex spoke leaning against the counter with her arms. “I want to know everything. Please? You went on a date!”

   “Multiple actually.”

   “Kara! And you didn’t tell me! I am the one who got you dating in the first place!”

   “I’m sorry! Calm down, I’ll happily tell you everything if you just help me make pancakes.”

   “On it!” Alex saluted her, opening the fridge and grabbing supplies.