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The Werewolf Job

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Dean grabbed his bag and keys, “you can find a way back to the bunker?”

Sam sat up from the bed, “what? I mean, yeah I guess. Cas will be back soon so he can take me. Where are you goin’?”

“Gotta go meet a friend that needs my help.”

“Do you need me?”

“Nope. I’ll check in with ya in a few hours.”

“Uh okay then.”

Dean was out of the motel room and to the impala in a flash. He entered the address into the maps and put the phone in the cradle. The only addition Dean accepted to the impala over the years from Sam.


Dean pulled up to the bar and roadhouse. Swayze’s in neon lights stood atop the main building. He grinned when he saw the sign. Eliot had been right, he couldn’t miss it. He parked around back next to Eliot’s Charger. He secured baby and headed back around front.

It was just busy enough that no one noticed when he entered. There was a cute blonde behind the bar that looked out of place. Dean looked around and didn’t see Eliot. He headed to the bar. A brunette popped up from the other end of the bar and she looked more in place. She smiled as she refilled drinks then headed his way. The blonde quickly left from behind the bar.

The brunette smiled as she approached him. She put down a coaster and smiled at him.

“What’s your poison gorgeous?”

“Whisky neat.”

“Anything else?”

“Lookin’ for a friend. Guess he ain’t here yet.”

“A close friend?” she flipped a glass onto the coaster and pour him two fingers of whisky.

Dean knew what she meant and he chuckled, “not anymore he’s not.”

“I’ll leave ya to your waiting. If he doesn’t show I can be a good conversationalist,” she winked and headed back to the other end of the bar where she was being waved down.


Dean turned to the loud voice from the back near the kitchen’s entrance. It was the blonde.

“Come on girl. Let’s take this to the office where it’s private,” a tall black man walked out of the kitchen.

“I don’t wanna.”

The man grabbed her arm.

Dean was on his feet and around the end of the bar quickly. He’d deal with the consequences later.

“The lady said she wasn’t interested. Maybe you don’t touch her.”

Dean was stunned when the man looked up. He was very handsome. Dean made sure he didn’t back down.

“Excuse you?” the man’s brow creased as he sized up Dean.

“Oh hey,” the blonde turned around and smiled, “you’re very pretty.”

“Uh sorry I thought--”

“You’d play the hero like always?”

Dean turned.


“I learned from the best,” he smiled.



They hugged. Dean had missed him. He hadn’t realized it until they were embraced.

“Come on. We need to be private.”

Dean hadn’t expected the woman and other guy to follow but they did.

“Dean. Like the Dean?” she asked excitedly.

“Uh should I be worried about that?” Dean looked at Eliot with a raised eyebrow.

“Naw. This, uh, this is like we’re…”

Dean had never seen Eliot speechless.

“I’m Parker,” she thrust her hand out, “this is Hardison my boyfriend and you know Eliot who is Hardison’s boyfriend. But I guess also sorta my boyfriend when I feel like it.”

Dean shook her hand and exchanged looks with the other two men.

“So when we split ways and I got out of the military I was a merc as you know. After that I became a jack of all trades. Got called in on a job. It kinda turned into a family after that. So now I have a crew and we pull off jobs. Kinda revenge jobs.”

“Okay I’m gonna need a drink,” Dean dropped down in the chair closest to him.

Eliot laughed and went to the mini fridge. He pulled the Whisky from the fridge and pour him a glass.

Eliot explained in detail what Team Leverage did. It made Swayze’s make a lot of sense.

“Okay. So on one of these jobs you’ve come across a monster?”

“Yeah. We couldn’t figure out how the mark was able to get these things done,” Eliot pulled open a safe and grabbed a file.

“This guy does insane things,” Hardison added and grabbed the tablet from the corner of the desk.

“Question, why did you grab her earlier?” Dean asked before he opened the file

“Oh. You don’t know Parker yet but she wanted to fly to France and jump off of the Eifel Tower. We have this conversation every year,” Hardison typed away on the tablet.

Dean looked at her.

Parker grinned from her spot posted up on the desk.

“I feel like she’s a lot of trouble.”

“Who you tellin’?” Hardison sighed and handed Dean the tablet as well.

Dean laughed, sat the tablet in his lap, and opened the folder. His laughter stopped. He looked over the file and the images on the tablet.

“People are dyin’ and he’s stealing incredible amounts of money from folks. We thought he was blackmailing people or a terrorist. We tried to figure out a con to run on him. Then I smelled the magic. I almost shifted.”

“I’m glad you called. He’s got a wish maker. They’re the cousins of djinn. A lot tricker. A lot meaner. A helluva lot harder to kill. You see how his buddy’s eyes reflect and he has no iris. He’s using his powers. That’s why this guy’s able to do impossible things. But you see that band on his arm,” he pointed to it in a few photos, “he’s got the wish maker trapped somehow.”

“Like a genie?” Parker’s eyes went wide.

“More or less. But if you think djinn are masters at manipulating words and meanings, the wish makers are worse. Sometimes they will be extremely literal. It would take a lawyer and linguist to write the perfect wish so that it didn’t backfire. Your mark has somehow figured out how to keep it trapped and is granting the wishes as he’d like without the trick. We have to find his transport then we can control him.”

“Are you literally saying we have to get the genies’ bottle?” Eliot crossed his arms.

Dean smiled, “kinda. It’s usually an item of writing. The only time I ever worked with one it was a book. Her sister’s was a pair of shoes. It can be almost anything so it’s gonna be tough. Wherever your mark goes though, he’ll have it with him. He doesn’t want to be fair from it because it could land in someone else’s hands.”

“I knew you were the person to call. Thanks man.”


“So you were Eliot’s first boyfriend. What was that like?”

Dean looked at Eliot. His old friend shrugged. Dean shuffled everything together and put it back in the folder and handed the tablet back to Hardison.

“He was my first real boyfriend too. It was new to both of us. It worked out for a while. Then uh,” he looked away, “my dad kinda figured things out and I wasn’t allowed to see him anymore. We moved away a few days later.”

“Well fuck,” Hardison gave Parker a look.

“I didn’t know,” Parker shrugged and whispered.

“It’s okay. It was a long time ago. We found each other a few years later at random. He was in the military at that point and home on leave. It was a good two weeks then we parted ways again. Nothin’ to write home about. He’s a good man. When he got changed it was tough. At the time I didn’t know that there were good monsters. So we didn’t talk for years. Then I met this werewolf Garth. I learned a lot over the years. I don’t shoot first and ask questions later anymore.”

“There are plenty of human monsters.”

“That too,” he finished his drink, “so when are we goin’ after this guy?”

“Well I sent our other two members on another recon mission. They’ll be back here in a few days.”

“They best not get my sister involved in anything.”

“We’re training his sister. You know a thing or two about being an overprotective big brother,” Eliot smiled.

“Oh shit. I told Sammy I’d check in when I got here,” Dean pulled out his phone and shot off a quick text.

“This is kinda our home base so the rooms off back are available so you don’t have to stay at a motel. I know you drove straight through even thought I told you it wasn’t an emergency.”

“You always had a thing for Dirty Dancing and Ghost. Shoulda known you owned it.”

“Actually I own it but he does all the work. He doesn’t like my ideas,” Hardison said and gave Eliot a look.

“The Brewpub woulda failed without me. Then the restaurant. The catering business. They were all successful because of me. We wouldn’t have international food trucks if it wasn’t for me.”

“Hey, I created Leverage International. That is successful.”

“Because it doesn’t involve entertaining or feeding people. It’s all tech and nerd speak.”

“Are they always like this?” Dean looked back and forth.

“Always,” Parker hopped up off the desk, “I’ve got chocolate. Want some?”


Dean followed Parker out of the office and to the back. He wasn’t shocked that there was hidden room and tunnel.

Dean gasped when Parker opened a door to a vault that was chilled. It was filled with chocolate.

“Hershey’s is evil. We steal from evil people. So I stole their chocolate,” she grinned and placed her hands on her hips.

“I have so many questions but I don’t even care. I am hella impressed. I saw that story in the news and was like whoever did that I will marry them,” he grabbed a small chunk of chocolate and took a bite.

“Sorry. I’m not the marrying type.”


Eliot cleared the path to the hidden room. Parker made quick work of the alarm and safe. Dean grabbed the totem. He would never live it down. It was an actual bottle. A decanter that was beautifully blown.

Eliot smiled at the last two guards standing then shifted. He growled and moved slowly toward them. They took off running.

Dean jumped when a voice sounded in his ear. He was still not used to it.

“Alright,” Sophie said, “we’ve got Mr. Gerald cornered. Anytime now guys.”

“On the way,” Parker said as they rushed back to the conference room.

When they turned the corner the room was empty but for Mr. Gerald and the wish maker. Hardison had released a digital spell that held the wish maker temporarily. It wouldn’t take long for it to break through.

“Here,” Dean panted as they entered the room, “hey there fellas,” he held up the decanter, “lookie what I have here.”


“Eliot if you please,” Dean nodded to the businessman.

The spell broke just as Eliot rushed Mr. Gerald and ripped his hand off along with the band.

The wish maker fell forward and gasped. The glamour wore off and he stood slowly in his natural form. Tentacles, violet skin, and horns.

“I wish that you never had to grant wishes without your consent ever again.”

His eyes went wide and he stared at Dean, “are you serious?”

“I hold your transport,” Dean grinned, “you hafta grant my wish.”

He smiled with his too sharp teeth, “I grant your wish as it has been spoken.”

There was a puff of smoke and the decanter was in the wish makers hands.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I hope that buys you some freedom.”

He nodded then turned on Mr. Gerald.

Mr. Gerald’s screams filled the room as the wish maker's tentacles wrapped around him. Then they vanished.

Eliot shifted back, “I don’t even care what happens to him.”


“Y’all okay? What was with the screams?” Hardison asked over the coms.

“Oh nothing. Just the universe righting itself,” Parker grinned.


They were back at the bar settled in the back mission prep room around the table in front of the monitors.

“Thanks for helpin’ out,” Eliot said to Dean and placed a drink in front of him.

“No problem. You’re family. Anytime.”

The door to the room burst open and blond man all but fell through.

Dean was on his feet gun drawn.

“Quinn?” Eliot rushed to his side.

“Is this gonna be the week of Eliot’s exes?” Parker asked as she went and grabbed the first aid kit.

Hardison laughed as he turned to pull up the security cameras to check the property.

“Uh who’s this?” Breanna asked as she stared at the battered man.

Dean put his gun away.

“Eliot’s ex-rival, ex-boyfriend, and current packmate,” Sophie jumped up from her spot in the oversized chair in the sitting area to help.

“We’ve got company,” Hardison put the image on the monitors, “he was not alone. Looks like only three. Easily taken care of.”

Eliot got Quinn settled on the couch. He laid him out then sniffed him, “wolfsbane. I need something to flush the wounds.”

Parker shuffled through the contents of the bag and grabbed a bottle. She quickly unscrewed the cap and added a spout then handed it to Eliot.

Sophie grabbed a basin and put it under the wounds.

Eliot flushed the wounds as best he could.

Quinn screamed then passed out. Once cleaned out the wounds started to heal.

Dean turned back to the monitors once he realized his assistance wasn’t needed with caring for the wounds.

“I left everything in the car. What do we have here as far as weapons?” Dean asked.

“Not gonna need them,” Hardison grinned and pointed as the three men paced the perimeter of the property but couldn’t get close to the buildings.

“What’s goin’ on?” he moved closer.

“They can’t come in because their intent is bad. If they were neutral, like you were, they’d be able to come in. A spell I learned from a vampire friend in LA,” Eliot said as he cleaned up Quinn and bandaged the slow healing wounds.

“I’m tracking his moves before he got here,” Breanna was at the other end of the long table, “looks like he was on a job and got attacked,” she swiped her finger on the computer screen and everything flew to the monitor, “recognize any of these faces?”

“Yo that’s that wolf from the McTeague family’s pack. We haven’t been in Boston in like a decade. What the hell?” Hardison pointed.

“Hold on back up a frame,” Dean walked closer.

Breanna backed it up and froze the frame.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean grabbed his phone and dialed Sam.

“Uh should we be worried?”

“Yeah. You’re not just dealing with werewolves. You’ve got a demon problem. That,” he pointed at the screen, “is a demon. Not just any demon, a prince. One that I thought we’d dealt with,” dialed Cas’ cell no answer either, “shit. I’m gonna need a bowl and access to your pantry for magic. I’m gonna have to make a call to someone else since no one is answering their damn phones.”

“What type of call can be made from a bowl?” Breanna frowned and looked at Dean.

He took off his jacket, “one that I’m gonna have to bleed for. Gotta make a call to Hell.”

“Did,” Hardison spun around, “did he just say he is making a call to Hell?”

“Yeah. He’s got connections,” Eliot sighed as he finished with Quinn, “Quinn’s gonna be good. He’ll just need to rest so his healing can do its job. I got all the wolfsbane out and applied the salve. We need to get him to a room in a bit.”

He pulled off his gloves and gathered the trash, “they aren’t gonna give up,” he nodded to the screen, “maybe before you bleed for the call you can call someone else. Ya know,” he gave him a pointed look, “upstairs before downstairs.”

“I tried. He didn’t answer.”

Eliot rolled his eyes, “not on the phone.”

“Oh right,” Dean nodded, “Castiel angel of the lord I hope you have your ears on. I need your help. There’s a prince that we thought we’d killed roaming around.”

There was a loud flutter of wings, “Dean.”

Everyone but Eliot jumped.

“What the sam hell?” Hardison fell out of his chair.

“My word,” Sophie clutched her chest.

“Ooh pretty,” Parker stared.

Cas turned from Dean and snarled at Eliot. His angel blade dropped into his hand and he advanced on the werewolf. Dean jumped in front of him.

“Babe! Hold up. He’s friendly. Not the problem,” Dean held his hands up to stop Cas.

“What?” Cas put his blade away and looked around, “where are we? Who are these people?”

“What the heck are you?” Breanna stared open-mouthed.

“Cas these are friends. Remember I went out to help on a case? It was with them. Look at the screen.”

Cas looked at everyone with narrowed eyes. His gaze lingered on Eliot longer, then he turned to the screen.

“Ramiel! How is this?”

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out. And he’s working with werewolves.”

“I will see what I can find out.”

Cas yanked Dean to him and planted a deep searing kiss then poofed away.

Dean stood dazed and blinking wildly.

Eliot laughed, “someone wanted to mark their territory.”

“Uh sorry about that. He’s uh never been like that before.”

Dean jumped when his phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket. It read 666. He rolled his eyes and answered.

“What have you done boyo?”

“Hey Rowena. I was just about to call you. What do you mean what have I done?”

“The…entity is here spitting mad about being woken up because others have been woken up.”

“Oh well, that explains Ramiel. Hold on, why is it my fault?”

“Because the last time it was here was because you went after yer angel.”

“Oh yeah. I guess you’re right there. But no, it wasn’t me this time.”

“Well figure it out and fix it!”

Dena stared down at his phone then shoved it back in his pocket, “okay well don’t need that bowl. That was the Queen of Hell and she isn’t sure what’s goin’ on either.”

“Excuse me?” Sophie gawked at him.

“Demons, Queen of Hell, angels,” Breanna shook her head, “what is going on?”

“Oh I thought y’all knew. Like Eliot is a werewolf. Is this all surprising?” Dean looked around.

“So does everything in fantasy exist?”

“Yeah we didn’t really go over everything,” Eliot shrugged as he moved to the couch and lifted Quinn.


Dean took the time the night before and broke it all down for them. As much as he hated it, he referred them to the Supernatural books. Sophie agreed that it made so much make sense. Parker was excited. Hardison did not like it. Breanna was still in shock. They mentioned a Mr. Wilson and were glad that he wasn’t around.

Cas returned the next afternoon. He’d taken care of the werewolves that had been outside on his way out the night before. He’d taken time to visit Quinn before he sat them down and explained it all. There were werewolves that had decided that it was time for them to move against the man that had put a dent in their lives as part of a larger plan to take down the Leverage team.

Werewolves from all over Eliot’s past started to surface and they found each other online. Quinn had been easier to track and they knew he held a special place in Eliot’s pack. Mikel had also been attacked but had gotten away and gone underground. They were the two closest to Eliot.

“So should we warn the Marshal?” Parker asked.

“What? Why?”

“She’s also an ex. You’ve got Dean and Quinn here. Mikel is safe. That leaves the Marshal.”

Eliot ran his hand over his face and sighed, “the Marshal is human. She’ll be safe. They’re only targeting people…people that I care about that aren’t human.”

Cas growled. Dean put his hand on his shoulder.

Eliot looked up at the angel, “he’s all yours buddy. I ain’t after him. What we had was a long time ago. I’ve got my own now,” he looked at Parker and Hardison.

“I have claimed his soul. You cannot have him even if you wanted.”

“Okay!” Dean stood, “Cas this ain’t about us okay? We need you to go get Michael and possibly Jack. We need to end Ramiel once and for all. Y’all need to patch up the Empty before any more spill out. We can handle the wolves once their power source is cut.”

“I don’t like leaving you here alone.”

“Sam will be here soon. I’ve got this entire team plus I’m behind magic warding. I’ll be okay.”

Cas kissed him then cut his eyes to Eliot, “mine,” then flew off.

“Fuck. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into him.”

“It’s cute,” Eliot smiled, “Mikel is also headed this way. She sent a message through our secure server.”

“Good. The more hands on deck the better. It took four of us to take down the prince last time and we had his weapon then. Luckily we’ll have an archangel on our side this time and Cas is fully powered up.”

“Hold up, the Michael that you were talking about is the Michael?”

“Yeah. He’s kinda my brother-in-law.”

Hardison just shook his head, “Nana is gonna flip.”

“Pfft. You cannot tell Nana about this,” Breanna shook her head.

“She’s right. You can’t tell Nana about this. I’ll never get another pecan pie,” Eliot pointed at him.


Eliot grinned, “man when I tell you I ain’t had nothing better.”

“What about mine?” Dean crossed his arms.

“Even the demon version of you with their heavy hand adding bourbon ain’t better.”

“Demon?” Hardison blinked and sat forward.

“Oh yeah. I did a stint as a demon. It was over pretty fast.”

“So that’s a time that you left out meeting with Eliot?” Parker pointed out.

“Yeah I forgot about it. That was a good time,” he looked at Eliot.

“I’ve never seen Eliot blush,” Parker grinned, “I like it.”

“Okay anyway,” Eliot quickly moved away, “what do we need to do to prep for whatever the hell we’re about to get into?”

“No,” Hardison got up and headed towards Eliot, “what happened when this man was a demon?” he stood in front of Eliot.

Dean chuckled, “we had a memorable week. Didn’t leave the loft.”

“Dean,” Eliot gave him a look as he sat down next to him, “it was when you and Parker were a thing in the beginning. My little, uh, vacation.”

“Ooh. I thought you were in a foreign prison somewhere.”

There was a flutter of wings. Cas started to say something then saw how close Eliot and Dean were seated. He narrowed his eyes then snapped and Dean was seated at the tall table.

“Michael is making preparations for dealing with Ramiel. He had said to leave it to him and Jack,” Cas stated as he stood close to Dean, “Amara and Naomi are handling the empty situation. They have reached out to Rowena.”

“So we just sit back and do nothin’?”

“I wouldn’t say nothing,” Breanna tapped away on the tablet then sent it to the wall of monitors, “we’ve got company.”

“And they’ve got a witch,” Sam entered the back room, “I swung around back to avoid them.”

“How do you know they have a witch?”

“An old friend from Rowena’s mega coven.”

“This keeps getting better and better.”

“She’s gonna break the warding. Cas you gotta do something.”

Before Cas could reply he vanished.

“What the hell?” Dean was on his feet.

“Looks like they also have an angel.”

“Is that Zachariah?”


Dean looked around. Werewolves. Angels. Demons. It wasn’t how he expected any of it to go. If he hadn’t killed Chuck himself he’d think the slain god was behind it. Amara, Naomi, and Rowena got the Empty closed and most of those that belonged there whisked away. They found out that one of the Leverage’s nemesis had dove into the dark side of the occult and had come across a forum for former jobs the team had done. He had been able to reach out to just the right people to make things fall in place. Clea had been brought in from Rowena’s coven with vengeance in her heart and figured out how to crack the Empty. Rowena had personally taken care of her. Dean was glad that Zachariah was the first to vanish when the fighting had ensued. The angel turned Dean’s stomach even years later.

Michael and Jack had found Ramiel and made quick work of him. As soon as the heavy hitters were out of the way it was easier and safer for them. Quinn had healed up and was in action at Dean’s side. Eliot definitely had a type. Mikel had already been state-side and not far out. She had shown in the middle of the fight and had saved Dean’s ass as a werewolf hard started for him.

It had been a long time since Dean had been in a knockdown drag-out fight with multiple assailants. He got kicked back and slammed into a car. He was on his feet and pulled his back-up gun. He’d been prepared.

“Look I dunno what they did to manipulate you but come on. Don’t make me do this,” he aimed at the middle of the large man’s chest.

“You think you can just shoot me?” he laughed, “you saw what it did to the last one of us you shot. Nothing but make us rage out.”

Dean cocked the gun, “this one is set up special.”

He flashed fanged and charged at Dean.

Dean fired twice.

The man went to laugh it off then fell dead to the ground.

“Silver bullets.”

“You good?” Quinn shifted back human.


“Alright then.”

It didn’t take long for the rest of the werewolves in both forms to realize the tides had turned and they needed to get out. They hadn’t wanted to kill anyone so they tried to work with nonlethal ammo to give them a chance. But they proved to want to fight instead of walking away.

Dean took a punch to the jaw and was about to swing back when Cas was there by his side and took care of the werewolf just a touch.

“Zachariah,” Cas snarled.

“Yeah. Amara and Ro fixed the leak of the Empty. Everyone and everything is back to sleep.”

Cas tapped Dean’s forehead and healed him.

“Well ain’t that nifty. Where can I get me one of these?” Quinn sauntered up.

“This is my angel so keep your hands off,” Dean said and put his arm around Cas’ shoulders.

Cas smiled and stood tall.

“Ah I hear you’re the one to thank for taking care of the bastards that jumped me. Thanks for that.”

“You’re welcome. I also cleared the rest of the wolfsbane out of your bloodstream so that your healing factor would take care of the rest of your wounds.”

“How can I repay you?” Quinn wiggled his eyebrows, “I’m all about sharing.”

“No thank you. I’ve got my hands full with this human.”

Quinn laughed and turned to head back into the bar.

Everyone got cleaned up and Eliot shut the bar to other patrons.

“This turned out to be a long-ass day. Sorry ‘bout that,” Eliot poured himself a drink.

“Not your fault.”

“Yeah. We didn’t know that there had been an opening in the place where supernatural big bads go when they die and there was a vendetta against you.”

“I can’t believe that the Boston packs showed up,” Hardison shook his head, “also can’t believe they are werewolves. Being mafia was bad enough.”

“A pack works just like a family.”

“They still had grudges from dealing with the Fords. Finding out that that bloodline was gone they moved on and found us,” Sophie sighed, “the first thing you do when seeking revenge is get rid of the muscle. It makes sense.”

“And the easiest way to get to Eliot is through his heart.”

Quinn, Mikel, Parker, and Hardison exchanged looks.

“You were at the top of the list too pretty boy,” Breanna said, “but Dean Winchester was dead four times over so they assumed you weren’t around.”

“On record,” Sam and Dean said at the same time.


“I’m dead four times on record. It’s closer to three hundred. There was this groundhogs day thing that happened. Then universe traveling. Yeah.”

“Where do you find these people?” Hardison shook his head.

“You’re also one of those people now,” Eliot leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“But I thought you said they were only after nonhuman exes of Eliot’s.”

“According to what I saw they knew that you’d been a vampire, a ghost, and a demon. You live one helluva lift,” Breanna scrolled through the tablet.

“Yeah. You could say that.”

“Also who’s this hot redhead with the lesbian flag on her lapel?”

“She is in a serious relationship with a woman named Stevie. Though she’s also a hacker. If things don’t work out y’all can be lesbian hacker girlfriends.”

“Y’all even have your own hacker? Maybe I need to switch teams.”

“Hey. No. You have to cover when I’m doin’ the international thing.”

“Runnin’ jobs with y’all would be way more interesting.”

“And not as safe. Stick with this crew. They’re gonna keep you safe. You’re always more than welcome to hang out whenever you’d like though.”

The bad guys beat and tension gone, everything started to wind down. Dean had gone to the kitchen to grab a snack and headed back to the room he’d taken for the night when he saw and heard Cas and Eliot in the hall. He stopped around the corner. He knew they both knew he was there but they didn’t stop.

“He loved me?” Eliot asked.

“Yes. That is why I acted the way that I did and I wanted to apologize. Not many captured his heart. You had. The first man that he ever loved and you will always have a place in his heart and I,” Cas paused and sighed, “was insecure momentarily. But I can see your connection with the two people in your life. You are not interested in Dean. Not romantically. You would have both left the lives that you led for one another but it was the right time or place. I am thankful for that. I love Dean.”

“Yeah. You love him a lot. He loves you a lot too. Y’all are good together.”

“Thank you.”

“Alright, Dean stop pretending you’re not there.”

Dean walked around the corner with his juice and sandwich.

Eliot frowned and stared at the sandwich. His nose flared and he narrowed his eyes. Then he relaxed.

“I know better than to eat an already made sandwich. It’s still in there.”

Eliot nodded and went on his way.

Dean walked into the room and Cas closed the door behind them.

“You done posturing?”

“I have come to realize that there are others in your life that had a part of you before me. I have to deal with that. I am working on that. I love you and need to share you.”

“Okay. Don’t say it like that.”

Cas smiled and sat on the loveseat next to Dean as they watched whatever was on.

“I’m glad that you are safe. I worried when you went off on a case without Sam and without me.”

“I should’ve checked in more. I’m sorry. I’m glad that you came out here and helped up. I missed you. We hadn’t gone that long in a while not seeing each other.”

“I will go with you next time.”


Dean finished eating and changed for bed. Cas undressed and joined Dean in bed.

“Does it smell like a werewolf to you?”


“Friggin dogs.”

Cas used his grace to make it fresh so Dean could fall asleep.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”