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Bourbon, Jagermeister, and Scotch entered a dimly-lighted room. Vermouth was waiting for them. Beside her, a man with long black hair and emerald eyes stood beside her, “Gentlemen, meet Rye. He’s the new member Gin talked about.” Vermouth smiled sweetly. Jagermeister shook Rye’s hand firmly and with a stoic face. Typical British guy manner.


Two months ago

“A new mission?” asked Rei as he entered the office, “Yes, you have to infiltrate a certain organization. It’s an international syndicate,” said Kakashi as he turned on his tablet. Hiro and Rei studied the data carefully and nodded. This is going to be a difficult one.

Rei and Hiro bade farewell to their friends. Before they went, Hiro entrusted Kaneki into Hagi and Jinpei’s care, “Please take care of Ken, okay?” said Hiro. Hagi and Jinpei nodded in sync. Kaneki was sad when he heard that Hiro was going to do an undercover mission, “Please come home soon,” “I will,”


Time had passed and the Whiskey Trio had become the most exemplary group in the organization. Jagermeister sometimes watched over them. As the senior member, he sometimes kept Bourbon from acting recklessly during missions. People in the organization feared him. He was a very skilled assassin and had become a member of the organization for twelve years long. He was also skilled in intel gathering and torturing. That’s why Anokata entrusted him with the trio.

It was a long mission. Bourbon groaned as he laid on the bed. He nearly got caught by the target. It was supposed to be an easy mission. But the target was a watchful one and saw through his façade. Luckily, Scotch and Rye saved him once again, “Don’t rush into action without thinking twice, Zero. Didn’t Hatake-keibu already told you?” Hiro had just exited the bathroom. Rei groaned in exasperation and closed his eyes. That Rye guy was an odd one. He was mostly stoic and scary. But he didn’t expect that Rye actually was a very caring person. He treated his injuries after the mission was over while Jagermeister nagged him. He winced at Jagermeister’s terrifying expression and scolding, I’ve told ye already! Don’ jump into action without thinkin’ twice! Ye really cheesed me off! He could only hope that he will find out who Rye really was…


Jagermeister’s safe house

Jagermeister took a deep breath and sighed. His underling was really reckless. That was a close one for sure. Suddenly, Rye opened his bedroom door, “Hatake-keibu, who are those two actually?” Kakashi took a deep breath and stood up, “Please sit down first,” Rye sat on a nearby chair, “Those are Hiromitsu Morofushi and Rei Furuya of PSB. Scotch is Hiromitsu while Bourbon is Furuya.” “I see. Well, it seems like the amount of NOC has increased, isn’t it?” “Why are you suddenly asking about that?” Shuichi took a glass of water and drank a bit, “No, it’s just… I think I begin to like them. A little bit,” Kakashi nearly choked on his drink when he heard it, “Are ya serious?! That’s too dangerous! Ya cover could’ve been blown!” Rye shook his head stubbornly, “We will find the way out for this situation, I promise,” Kakashi shook his head in disagreement, “Absolutely not! I’m not gonna let ye doin’ somethin’ reckless! I already promised to yer parents that I won’ let ye do anythin’ reckless!” said the triple agent firmly with his thick West Country accent. Shuichi just huffed. His parents were the overprotective ones, especially his father. He remembered how his father cried like a child when he was about to go to America for his FBI training, Mary had to pry Tsutomu and Shukichi off of him because they didn’t want to let him go. He smiled wryly and left Jagermeister alone. After Rye left, Jagermeister lit up his cigarette and inhale it.


The Whiskey Trio was having their usual routine. This time, they were assigned to do an intel-gathering mission. Bourbon played as the bait while Scotch and Rye listened to the conversation through their earpieces. Jagermeister was ready at his nest with his rifle. After talking with the target, Bourbon led the target away and Jagermeister shot the target. With a distance of 1000 yards away, the target didn’t realize that he was targeted until it’s too late. The mission didn’t gain a lot of intel, but it’s still the important one.

Bourbon became more and more apprehensive as days passed. He had a huge crush on Rye, but he still hadn’t figured out how he would confess! When he asked Scotch for some advice, it turned out that he had the same crush and same problem! This was getting more complicated!

Bourbon and Scotch gulped silently as they approached Rye. They were alone in Rye’s safe house. They were nervous as hell. Bourbon was the first one who talked, “Uh, Rye?” “Yes?” Rye turned his head to look at them. Those emerald orbs stared at them elegantly. Not to mention his long hair was absolutely gorgeous and his sharp face… Oh, it made Rei and Hiro skipped a heartbeat. They couldn’t contain it any longer, “WE REALLY LIKE YOU, RYE!” Rye was shocked by their confession. This was unexpected for sure. Rye grinned and pulled Scotch and Bourbon into a bear hug, “I like you two too,” he said.

The trio had a lengthy and pleasant conversation. It turned out that they have the same preferences as well. Shuichi liked to dress up as a woman and so were Hiro and Rei. They enjoyed honeypot missions where they can disguise themselves as ladies by using morphing magic and luring their targets to gather intel. Rei shared the story where he and Hiro disguised as young ladies to lure out illegal weapon traders. Date, Hagi, and Jinpei were laughing like hyenas at the result while Kazami and Megure were mortified. How could they didn’t laugh? All men in the bar immediately asked the duo to be their girlfriends, much to Hiro and Rei’s chagrin. Hiro had to slap one of the men with his high-heeled shoe. To make matters worse, Kaneki accidentally saw Hiro and Rei in disguise and it scarred him for life. Jinpei enjoyed it the most out of the trio. They also talked about their respective families. And that’s when the topic of Elena Miyano came up.

“Wait, Elena-sensei was your aunt?” asked Rei incredulously. Shuichi nodded, “Yeah, not long after she gave birth to Shiho, aunt Elena died in a car accident. Akemi told me that before she died, she asked her to take Shiho away and jumped out of the car before it crashed. Mum was devastated by her death. She went into catatonic grief for three days,” Rei and Hiro were shocked by the revelation, “After aunt Elena and uncle Atsushi’s death, my parents raised five of us together. I became the role model for my siblings and cousins at the age of 15. It seems like you are very familiar with aunt Elena, Rei-kun. Did you ever meet her?" Rei’s eyes filled with tears as he reminisced his childhood, “Yes, I often visited her clinic. She’s the first one who showed kindness to me. When everyone mocked me for my mixed heritage, she would heal my injuries and give me sweets to brighten my mood. She’s my first friend and role model…” Rei sobbed into Shuichi’s embrace. Shuichi patted Rei gently and kissed his head, “Don’t worry, we will take them down no matter what,” Shuichi wiped Rei’s tears and smiled. The trio shared a warm hug together. Hiro then changed the subject, “Anyway, how many siblings do you have, Shu?” “I have two younger siblings, Shukichi and Masumi. How about you?” “I have an older brother and a younger brother. My older brother, Taka’aki-niisan has two mates by the way. A werewolf and a ghoul. My younger brother is a little bit shy, but you will like him once you know him well enough,” Shuichi became intrigued, “What’s his name?” “Ken Morofushi, although his real name is Ken Kaneki. He’s adopted,” “I really want to meet him,” “Sure, after we complete this mission, I’ll introduce you to him,” said Hiro. Then the conversation continued with Jagermeister as the topic. Rei complained about how Jagermeister’s irascible temper bothered him. Surprisingly, Shuichi only laughed lightly at Rei’s complaint, “Hatake-keibu is actually an MI6 agent, just like my parents. He’s infiltrating PSB in order to investigate Hyoue Kuroda and acting as a medium between PSB and MI6. He originally came from London and has a thick British accent. He sometimes talks with West Country accent and usually, it becomes prominent whenever he gets angry,” Hiro and Rei stared at him dumbfoundedly, “West Country, huh? No wonder he sounds like a pirate sometimes.” said Rei.


Ever since the confession, Shuichi’s alpha instincts constantly screamed ‘Mine!’ and ‘Mates! Claim now!’. In order to make Shuichi calm down, Rei and Hiro paid him regular visits at first, but soon enough, they moved in together. Jagermeister already smelled something fishy about them since then, but the trio cleverly made their way out of his suspicions. Shuichi’s alpha instincts grew even stronger than before. They began to go dating in secret. Kir once caught them kissing at the park and told Jagermeister and Cider about it. As the result, Kakashi and Dak tore the trio a new one and told them to be more careful lest they wanted to die early next time. Rye also growled sometimes whenever his lovers were approached by other members of the organization (sans Kir, Jagermeister, Absinthe, and Cider). It became worse whenever Gin or Vermouth approached Scotch and/or Bourbon. Cider and Absinthe once had to pin Shuichi down because Vermouth tried to flirt with Bourbon and Scotch and it wasn’t easy. Cider nearly blew his own cover by demorphing in order to pin Shuichi down. Luckily, Vermouth quickly left Scotch and Bourbon after Vodka came and told her that Anokata was waiting for her and at that time, the place was dark with only dimly lighted by a small lamp. After Vermouth left, Shuichi dashed and hugged his lovers, “Mine,” he purred. Ethan and Dak sighed in exasperation, “Kakashi’s gonna tear you a new one for this,” Dak warned as he morphed back, but Rye merely shrugged it off. Bourbon silently swore he could feel his cock hardened at Shuichi’s gesture of affection. Scotch was no better.

The Whiskey Trio was given a mission by Gin. The mission was simple. They needed to get rid of a drug dealer. The mission was a success. Alas, when they were about to head home, a snow avalanche blocked their path. To make things worse, a great blizzard soon came. Shuichi, Hiro, and Rei had to take refugees to the nearest inn.

In the inn, they took off their heavy jackets and boots. That’s when Shuichi lost control. When he saw Hiro and Rei in singlet shirts and shorts, he pinned them on the bed. His breath was heavy, thick, and full of lust. Hiro and Rei were terrified for a moment, but they didn’t have any time to react because Shuichi quickly tied their hands on the headboard and licked his lips, “Mine, claim now,” he rasped. He tore Hiro and Rei’s undergarments, leaving them fully naked. He played their nipples gleefully, nipping and pinching them without hesitation, “Hold on a second, Shuichi. We’re not officially married yet,” Hiro panted heavily while his erection grew harder every second passed. Shuichi just smiled at Hiro’s protest, “Once we’re bonded, we are married spiritually. We can take care of the ceremonies later,” Shuichi then released the ropes and scoot Hiro closer into his embrace. Then he bit Hiro on his shoulder, punching a scream out of Hiro’s throat. Hiro’s mind became foggy and disoriented as Shuichi sucked his blood slowly. Shuichi then slowly brought Hiro’s head to his left shoulder. Overwhelmed by his lust, Hiro bit back and slowly sucked Shuichi’s blood in return. A bond then snapped into life. After the duo finished, Shuichi brought Rei into his embrace. Rei himself was already full of lust. He really wanted to be bonded with both Hiro and Shu, “Hurry up…” Rei whispered. Shuichi obliged and bit down Rei’s left shoulder. In return, Rei bit down Shuichi’s right shoulder, the second bond snapped into life. After Shuichi finished sucking Rei’s blood, Hiro brought his childhood friend into an embrace, “I love you, Zero…” he whispered before biting down Rei’s right shoulder. Rei then proceeded to bite down Hiro’s right shoulder and the third and final bond snapped into life. The ritual was completed.

Shuichi rummaged his bag and took out the sex toys he bought during the journey and took off his clothes. Rei and Hiro experienced a little nosebleed when saw Shuichi’s naked body. A well-built body with scars decorated it, “Like what you see?” Shuichi teased. Rei and Hiro were snapped out of their stupor and shook their heads quickly. Shuichi then put on cock rings and belts on his mates and tied their hands on the back, “What are those for?” Rei was perplexed. “You are not getting used to my cock yet, so I think there’s nothing wrong with some preparation, hm?” Shuichi smirked and began to put in the anal beads. The first three beads were not hurt, but after the fourth bead, Hiro and Rei gasped silently as the smallest hit their prostates. Shuichi then continued until all beads were inside. Rei was the first one who had a dry orgasm, followed by Hiro, “How sensitive… How about the next level?” said Shuichi as he pulled out the beads. He took lubes and dildos. The dildos’ size was the same as Shuichi’s own cock without knot. Shuichi set the dildo’s vibration into the highest one. Hiro and Rei gasped for breath as the dildos began to vibrate. They wanted Shuichi inside them now. Shuichi had a mischievous glint in his eyes. He took out nipple clamps and clipped them on Hiro and Rei. His submissives screamed in pain and pleasure as their nipples were pulled roughly. Shuichi soon turned off the dildos and took them out. He slid into Hiro with ease. Without giving Hiro time to adjust, he pounded into his sub with an extremely brutal pace. Hiro screamed in ecstasy and pain as Shuichi hit his sweet spot brutally. Rei could only watch as he was tied to the bed. It only took ten minutes before Shuichi reached his peak and filled Hiro with warmth. Poor Hiro only got a dry orgasm and whimpered, begging Shuichi to get cum, “Shuichi-san… not… fair…” he said slowly, Shuichi only chuckled, “Later, Hiro-kun. You will get yours after this.”

After Shuichi’s knot went down, he took off the belt and the cock ring. Hiro was about to beg for more when Shuichi took his cock by mouth. Shuichi then playfully licked and nipped Hiro’s cock. Hiro was overwhelmed by lust to the point where he didn’t even realize that Shuichi launched a small stream of electricity into his balls. Hiro screamed in pleasure once again and pushed further, nearly choking Shuichi, <I’m sorry,> he whispered. Shuichi however, looked content and continued. Five minutes later, Hiro spilled his seed in thick streams into Shuichi’s throat. Shuichi swallowed everything without leaving a single drop behind. Hiro panted heavily for breath. It was amazing and out of this world. He didn’t even care if Jagermeister and Cider would tear him a new one again. Shuichi smirked and crawled towards Rei.

Rei at first was scared when his alpha approached him, but the fear was soon replaced by comfort when Shuichi shushed and nuzzled him. Shuichi then made Rei stand on all four and began to pound hard into him. Rei moaned as Shuichi thrust brutally into him, “It’s good… please…more… Alpha…” Shuichi smirked and pounded even harder and faster than before and scratched Rei’s back. Five minutes later, Shuichi got his release and knotted Rei.

Rei moaned in ecstasy as his alpha deepthroated him. Despite the pain from the knotting earlier, the pain quickly subsided and was replaced with unending ecstasy. Seeing his mate’s reaction made Shuichi hard once more. He nipped and licked until Rei came hard and spilled his seed. After swallowing the load, Shuichi got down from the bed and brought water and wet warm towels for his subs. He nuzzled them affectionately like a puppy. Hiro and Rei appreciated the gesture, but something nagged them, what if the organization finds out about their relationship? But Shuichi shushed them and gave them a warm embrace, “Are you ready for the next round? I’m not satisfied yet,” Shuichi smirked, an evil glint appearing in his eyes. Hiro and Rei turned pale, ‘A-again?’ Before they could protest, Shuichi already towered over them, “Let’s begin. I hope you won’t mind if you find yourselves unable to walk for the next few days,” Hiro and Rei panicked instantly, <SAVE US!!!!>


Fangor Residence, Beika

Kakashi felt dread crawled in his spine, “What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” asked Ax. Alan also noticed Kakashi’s discomfort, “Is it about those three?” “How did you know?” Alan laughed a little at the question, “Well, I’m your shorm, of course I know, judging from your very expression.” Kakashi groaned as he took another swig of coffee, “Those three are trapped in a blizzard. I hope they won’t do something stupid,” Ax and Alan flinched at the reminder. They already heard the story where Hidemi caught the Whiskey Trio kissing at the park. “Well, one can only hope,” said Loren as she served the lamb stew.


Hiro and Rei found themselves sore and unable to walk in the next morning. Hickeys and scratches covered their bodies and cum leaked out from below. They also felt sticky. Overall, they were in one big mess. Shuichi took good care of them for a few days until they recovered. They were having fun together while waiting for the blizzard to stop for a few days. They soon returned from the mission and continued their life while avoiding Jagermeister’s suspicions and staying low profile. After they returned, Kakashi smelled something fishy. Gin had been restless for the last few weeks. He kept ranting about rats again and again. He kept ranting on how he was sure about traitors who infiltrated the organization The other NOCs soon noticed this as well. They silently hoped that their cover wouldn’t get blown.

Gin approached and sneered at Scotch, “Tell me the truth, Scotch. You’re a spy, right?” Scotch was panicked on the inside, but he managed to put a scowl on his face, “You’re delusional,” “That man wanted you to die, prepare yourself for the execution,” Gin then left Scotch with a cold smirk. Hiro fell onto his knees after Gin left him. His cover was blown, his mission ended up in failure. He silently went to an abandoned building and texted his lovers, ‘I’m sorry, my cover was blown. It seems like, the only way to escape is to the afterlife. I love you.’ After finished texting his lovers, Scotch took out his revolver when Jagermeister and Cider arrived just before he killed himself, “Hiromitsu Morofushi! Don’t you dare!” Jagermeister took the revolver away from Scotch’s hands and threw it away. Scotch shivered as he looked at Jagermeister and Cider with teary eyes, “What are you doing, sir?! I have no choice!” “Don’t be ridiculous! We can escape together! Remember, you still have family and friends who are waiting for you! You still have a younger brother! If you commit suicide, you will break not only his heart, but everyone else’s too!” Hiro silently gasped and took out his silver sakura pendant. He remembered how Kaneki smiled after he accepted the gift. He remembered his promise to come home soon. He also remembered his first night with his lovers and his childhood memories with Zero. His friends’ faces appeared in his mind. Hiro fell onto his knees and cried. Jagermeister patted his shoulder gently just as Rye and Bourbon arrived, “Hiro!/Hiro-kun!”

Jagermeister sighed as he stood up, “We need a plan. Hiromitsu can’t escape on his own. Someone must stay in the organization to cover his track,” “I can help you,” A voice answered. It was Curacao from the intel gathering unit. Rye prepared his gun while Bourbon shielded Scotch from Curacao’s view. Curacao raised her hands, “I have no intention to attack or hand you into the organization. I overheard your conversation, Scotch. When I heard that you have a younger brother, I felt a sense of envy. You are surrounded by your loved ones. I also want to be like that. I already grew sick with the ruthlessness of the organization. I want to become my own person, not some brainwashed robot. I can lend you a hand, but with one condition. You must help me to escape too,” Having no choice, the Whiskey Trio, Jagermeister, and Cider agreed. Cider took a closer look at Curacao, “Do you really want to keep your words?” “I do,” Cider only found honesty in her words and nodded, “We have gained an ally, this is good news,” “Well, if you say so, then we will escape with her, Dak-san,” said Rye.

Curacao really kept her words. She helped Rye and Scotch escape while Jagermeister, Bourbon, and Cider remained in the organization. It was their own decision to remain in the organization. They need to gather intel after all. Curacao then was brought to the PSB office. There, she met various agents from worldwide and Interpol agents. They offered her a new life and a new name. Curacao accepted the offer and thus, Anya was born that day “From now on, your name will be Anya. Don’t worry, we will protect you no matter what,” Jodie smiled gently. Curacao cried in happiness. For the first time in her life, she was free.


It had been four months since the incident. Hiro and Shuichi went into disguise as Daisuke Kanagawa and Subaru Okiya. One day, they went to Anteiku to have some coffee. Unexpectedly, they spotted a familiar tanned man with blonde hair, <Zero? Is that you?> Rei was equally shocked as well to see his mates at his workplace. Yoshimura soon spotted them, “Oh my. It seems like you three know each other. Do you have a special bond with them, Amuro-kun?” he smiled. Amuro stuttered at Yoshimura’s comment. Subaru smiled and nodded, “Yes, sir. We are a triad actually,” Hiro and Rei gaped at Shuichi. Shuichi looked at his mates with one eye open, “Don’t worry, he can keep our secret. Isn’t that right? Interpol agent, Kuzen Yoshimura,” Yoshimura smiled, “That’s right, FBI agent, Shuichi Akai.” Rei and Hiro sighed in relief at the revelation.

Rei chided Shuichi after he finished his work shift, “Are you crazy? It’s too dangerous! Those people could find us if they know about our relationship!” Shuichi took off his disguise while Hiro demorphed, “It’s okay, Rei-kun. We can trust Yoshimura-san,” said Shuichi, “Yeah, but still…” Rei protested, only to be stopped by Shuichi with a kiss, “Shh… It’s okay. We need to pick up Kaneki-kun at the bookstore, right? Let’s go,” “Don’t change the subject of our conversation!” Rei squawked in annoyance.

The trio stopped to have some lunch first. After they finished their lunch, they returned to Shuichi’s car. Hiro sighed as he sat down, “I don’t think this is going to work,” “What are you talking about?” asked Shuichi, “Look, Shuichi-san. I know that we are married spiritually, but I don’t think that I’m a worthy mate for you. I mean… I screwed everything up and left Zero alone. I’m such a terrible mate,” “It’s not true at all!” Rei exclaimed, “How you can be so sure, Zero? I mean, look at me. I nearly killed myself when my cover was blown. If it wasn’t for Hatake-keibu and Dak-san, I would have killed myself for sure. What a fool I was. I nearly broke my promise to Ken,” Shuichi and Rei grabbed Hiro’s hands, “Don’t worry, we will get through this together. You don’t have to worry. Also, I owe you something, I didn’t court you two properly. I will court you two soon,” said Shuichi. Rei nodded his agreement. Hiro felt touched by his mates’ gesture, “You guys…” before he could finish, however, his phone rang. It was Kaneki, he was waiting for them at the bookstore with Anya. The trio then drove away to the bookstore, unaware that Hanji and Moblit had overheard their entire conversation. Moblit was shocked and worried while Hanji was amused, “They got married during an undercover mission?” said Moblit in disbelief, “We need to tell everyone!” Hanji squealed in excitement and ran away, much to Moblit’s horror, “Hanji-senpai, wait! Don’t do that!”

“Hey, everyone! I’ve got great news!” Hanji banged the door open, attracting attention from her fellow alphabet agents, “What is it, Hanji-san?” asked Jodie. Hanji smirked evilly, “Agent Akai is married!” “Really? Who’s the lucky girl?” asked Jodie, “Oh, it’s not girl, it’s a guy. Two guys in fact.” Kazami and Camel felt dread instantly, “Really? Who?” asked Nanaba curiously. “Agent Furuya and Agent Morofushi!” Hanji laughed. Crickets met her answer before the office erupted into chaos. Jodie sighed in relief. Now she wouldn’t have to worry about gold digger girls eyeing her best friend anymore. Hidemi sighed mentally, ‘I knew it,’ she thought. Kazami and Camel turned pale. This wasn’t going to be good… Moblit entered the room with panted breath only to find out that Hanji had already done the deed. This could only end ugly…

The trio returned to their office after taking Kaneki and Anya to Anteiku. There. they saw everyone glared at them, Shuichi was confused while Hiro and Rei were uncomfortable, “Why do I feel like everyone…” “…is glaring at us,” said Hiro, finishing Shuichi’s question. They saw Jodie, Moblit, Kazami, Camel, Nanaba, Mike, and Hidemi. Surprisingly, Date, Hagi, and Jinpei were there too. They were grinning, while Kazami, Camel, and Moblit were pale. “Jodie, why is everyone glaring at us?” Shuichi whispered, “Oh, look at here. You’re such a sly dog, Zero. You didn’t even tell us that you were married,” laughed Date. Hiro and Rei turned pale at Date’s words, “D-don’t tell us… How did you find out?!” Rei blurted, “Hanji-san told us.” said Mike. Hanji grinned and waved her hand in their direction. All of sudden, the duo was interrogated by the angry gold diggers who had been eyeing Shuichi for a long time, “How did you seduce Shu?! Are you with him for money?!” On the other hand, Shuichi was bombarded with numerous questions by the PSB agents. It was huge chaos and only stopped when Aldrea lost her patience, <BE QUIET ALREADY!!!!!!> she shrieked loudly. The office fell into silence, some of the male agents wet their pants. Aldrea just stood there with Kakashi, glaring daggers at the trio, <My office, now,> she said.

Aldrea slammed her hands on the table, <Are you crazy?! Getting married during an undercover mission?! What the hell were you thinking?!> Rei and Hiro gulped at Aldrea’s question while Shuichi was unfazed. Instead of apologizing, he retorted, “It’s not your concern at all, they’re my mates now.” He wrapped his arms around Hiro and Rei from behind, “Get out of my sight already, shoo, shoo.” Aldrea grew even more irritated, <Don’t test my patience, Shuichi Akai!> Hanji, Camel, Jodie, Kazami, Date, Jinpei, Hagi, Hidemi, Ethan, and Moblit were eavesdropping on the conversation. They gulped silently as Aldrea’s temper grew even worse, “I said it’s none of your business, old hag.” Shuichi replied to Aldrea. The eavesdropping agents and policemen froze in fear, ‘What have you done?!’ they screamed in horror. Shuichi had crossed the most important rule ever: never call Aldrea an old hag. <WHAT DID JUST SAY, SHITTY BRAT?!>

The Whiskey Trio ended up sitting on their knees with three-story bumps on their heads, “We’re really sorry, ma’am,” they said (for Shuichi’s case, he did it half-heartedly). “Repeat it again, brats!” Kakashi snapped, “Yes, we’re really sorry for our insubordination, ma’am,” Hagi tried to defuse the situation, “Ma’am, I think that’s way too much,” “I did what has to be done, Officer Hagiwara. Otherwise, the same mistake would be repeated again,” “But ma’am, actually Shuichi-san had a point, they already get married, you don’t need to meddle in it. I don’t think that it will be a problem,” Jinpei commented. As the result, he and Hagi received the exact same punishment from Aldrea. “You have to tell your family about the truth, got it? Or shall we make it clear for you once again?” asked Kakashi. The Whiskey Trio nodded slowly, better to obey rather than getting hit again.

Kaneki experienced a blue screen of death when he heard about the news. Komei and his mates were surprised and congratulated the trio, but not before Komei tore his brother and brothers-in-law a new one for their harebrained decision. Shiho, Akemi, Masumi, Shukichi, and Tsutomu were surprised when they learned that Shuichi came home married, Mary was not pleased at all with her eldest child’s reckless decision. Jinpei and Hagi relentlessly teased Rei and Hiro the whole day about their relationship with Shuichi. The Fangor family shook their heads after they found out about the incident


Pub bar

“Can you believe it, Dak?! Those brats got married during their undercover mission!” Aldrea took another swig of her beer after finishing her grilled chili ribs. Dak sighed as he patted his wife’s back, “Well, I can’t believe they would do such a thing,” Aldrea groaned as she chugged down her twentieth mug of beer. Dak only able to wince uncomfortably. His wife indeed had an unusually high level of tolerance when it came to alcohol, even she always won drinking competitions be it with her coworkers or with other competitors from pubs, but still, he was worried about her. Dak gently patted Aldrea’s back with his human hand, “Aldrea, let’s go home, everyone is waiting for us,” Aldrea sighed and paid the stunned bar waiter then got out of the bar. Dak drove the car while Aldrea sat in the backseat, fell asleep soundly, exhausted from the stress.


In the next day, the MPD office was buzzing with the news. Thanks to Hagi and Jinpei, the news of the wedding spread like a wildfire. Yumi also shared the juicy story about two PSB agents who fell in love with an FBI agent to her coworkers. Takagi was dumbfounded while Sato was exasperated with Yumi and Jinpei’s behavior. It’s not a new thing that Yumi was the gossip mill of the MPD and Matsuda-senpai had a big mouth, but this, this was beyond her comprehension. Date was mortified when he heard that Jinpei had spread the news to everyone in the MPD office. This was really dangerous! The BO could find out about it if it got out of control! Shiratori and Megure were exasperated too, but Megure was more irritated than Shiratori. Those people wouldn’t shut up for sure.

At the end of the day, all of the police officers (sans Sato, Takagi, and Date) got scolded by Megure, Shiratori, Seerow, and Kakashi, thanks to Takagi who told Kakashi about the current buzzing gossip in the office. The newbie detective was so worried that it got out of control, so he told Kakashi about the gossip. Kakashi’s reaction wasn’t good. He slammed down his folder and stomped to MPD headquarter to check the truth with Kazami on his heels. He and Megure then threatened the police officers that they would demote their ranks unless they stopped spreading the gossip and were more focused on their job. Hagi, Jinpei, and Yumi got extra three hours of lecture about how one should not invade the private space of other people and not stick their nose into someone else’s business. Yumi then got admonished by Mary and Shukichi for her behavior. Yumi then apologized and promised that she would always check the truth of the news first before spreading it and that she would always keep private secrets away from the public and stop looking for excess attention. She also admitted that she became like that because Shukichi had become too focused on his shogi career and that she felt lonely despite having Miwako as her best friend because Miwako was so busy lately. Shukichi then apologized to Yumi that he didn’t give Yumi much attention due to his career as a shogi player, clearing the tension between the couple, much to Mary’s relief. Hagi and Jinpei also got scolded by Chihaya for their behavior, they earned ear twisters from the older woman as punishment.

Date was drinking with Natalie, Takagi, and Sato at a bar, “Well, Takagi-kun, you did the right thing. It’s about time Yumi learned her lesson. Thanks to you, she finally changed into a better person,” “Woah, really? Date was astonished, “Yes, it turns out that Yumi became like that because her boyfriend didn’t give her much attention since becoming a professional shogi player. To be honest, I’m glad that Yumi realized that excess attention isn’t necessary at all.” Date, Takagi, and Natalie sighed in relief, “Thank God,” said Natalie. “By the way, is that rumor true?” asked Sato, “It is, Zero and Hiro met their mate by accident during an undercover mission, his name is Shuichi Akai.” “What kind of mission, Date-san?” “Sorry, can’t tell you about it, I’ll tell you when the time is right,” Date ruffled Takagi’s hair. Date spared a glance on Natalie who nodded silently. It’s not the right time yet.


After a slightly unpleasant first meeting with their family-in-law, Hiro and Rei finally got accepted by their new family. Mary fussed over them like a mother hen and set the date for the ceremony. It would be held in London, England. Mary had made sure that the wedding would be the grandest and the most memorable one. She dragged Hiro and Rei to go shopping with her while Kansuke cackled at their plight in the background. During this time, Shuichi began to properly court his mates. Masumi would cling onto either Hiro or Rei and Tsutomu would talk about rock bands with them. Akemi insisted that she would be the one who make the wedding cake while Shiho was amused by all of that. She took pictures whenever her aunt dragged Hiro and Rei to go shopping with her while Shukichi tried his best to stop his mother from dragging Hiro and Rei further into her shopping spree. When Yumi met Shuichi and his mates, she apologized for her mistake before. The triad forgave her. They did the same thing when Chihaya came and apologized for Kenji and Jinpei’s behavior. When the wedding day came, it was glorious. All of their friends from PSB and FBI were there. Some other agents from CIA, BND, and Interpol were there too. Mary invited her fellow MI6 agents to the party as well. Some of the guests, such as the Fangors, Takagi, Sato, Megure, Matsumoto, Shiratori, Jinpei, Hagi, Chihaya, Date, and Natalie were there per the triad’s request. When Rei threw the bouquet after the priest officiated their vow, Sato was the one who caught it, drawing attention from everyone in the ceremony. “Well, I’ve never thought that the rumors were true. I’m glad that Yumi-kun learned her mistake,” said Megure at the reception. Hiro and Rei blushed at Megure’s comment. In the background, Aximili tried to stuff some cinnabuns into his suit’s pockets while Estrid had a chat with Masumi. Hagi and Jinpei were having a conversation with Tsutomu about the best wedding spots in England and honeymoon plans. Yumi teased Miwako about Takagi with Takagi blushing hard beside Date who laughed at him. Chihaya and Natalie chatted about their respective boyfriends while Kaneki and Tobias were having a conversation with their classmates about their future careers and part-time jobs. Shiratori, Matsumoto, and Kakashi were discussing vintage wines. Sasha was trying to take some of the cakes and other foods into her Ziploc bags while Eren and Jean were trying to stop her from hogging the foods. Shuichi laughed a little at his mates’ reaction to Megure’s comment. Overall, it was a good day.

Two years later, Jinpei and Hagi followed suit. They got married at a simple but nice barn. They already saved enough money for their wedding day. It was a heartwarming wedding, gathering around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows under the starry night sky with a crystal clear lake nearby. They were having fun telling their childhood and academy days. Chihaya was very happy for her brother.


Kaneki’s friends were curious about Hiro’s undercover mission, but Kaneki kept his lips sealed in that matter. Every time they asked, he would always refuse to answer. Reiner once tried to ask him by pretending to find out more about the police academy, but Kaneki saw through his façade and refused to give him the answers he wanted. Not even Shinichi with his deduction skills could find out about the mission, “Why are you so secretive?” Kaito groaned one day, they already lost their patience. Kaneki just smiled, “I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.” Everyone just stared at him, unimpressed by his answer. “Ya always say that. Heck, why the hell ya refuse to tell us?” Heiji groused. As far as they knew, only Tobias and Masumi knew the truth, but they too refused to answer. Armin and Bertolt never bothered to ask Kaneki about Hiro’s undercover mission, thinking that it wasn’t polite to ask him about it. Kaneki laughed a little, “Someone once told me… Secret is what makes an agent an agent. That’s why I can’t tell you guys.” He winked and put a finger in front of his lips and left them. They were dumbfounded by his answer. They didn’t know that they would find their answer soon enough…


Whiskey Trio’s House

Shuichi, Rei, and Hiro were cuddling in their shared bed. Who would have guessed that they would become mates after a meeting during their undercover mission? Life was full of surprises indeed. The threat of BO was still looming, but together, they would face any challenge no matter what.