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Only a Friend?

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Thoma groaned as the sun hit his closed eyes, the light was too much and he turned over, trying to hide himself beneath the covers of his such comfortable bed. He really did not want to wake up, the after effects of his hotpot choices made things much worse. Maybe he shouldn't of gone over aboard again like he did when the Traveller and Paimon were around, but he just couldn't allow anyone beat him at his favorite game. Or more like he just wanted to impress Gorou- and Kokomi, of course, it isn't like he kept his focus on Gorou all of yesterday or anything of the sort...

That is a complete lie and Thoma knew it himself, but what could he do? Gorou was adorable! And he knew that anyone would practically say the same thing. Even when Ayaka and Thoma got back to the Kamisato Estate she was so happy, saying how Gorou's ears looked so fluffy and so cute. She even said that it reminded her somewhat of Sayu's fake ears, then rambling on how the little ninja might like meeting Kokomi and Gorou. But then again they might get annoyed that they will be losing time to sleep if Ayaka went to talk to her.

The blonde male chuckled at the thought of last night. After a few seconds he stretched, feeling his shoulder pop and he sighed before getting up to stand. "Alright, time to start the day," He mumbled and quickly got changed.

With a quick walk to the kitchen, Thoma starting making some breakfast for him and the Kamisato siblings. Thankfully no one was up except for him at the moment. He always did enjoy the mornings where he could just cook in silence, it felt so refreshing and calming. Of course he enjoyed others company, well he practically lived off of it in a way. Though he did also enjoy where at times he could just have time to himself, no chaos, no big problems. It was nice....

And there goes the moment as Ayaka and Ayato walked towards the kitchen, bickering softly with each other. "Of course not! It went well, and I did not make a fool of myself." Ayaka was pouting, her arms crossed as Ayato poked fun at her. This happened more than most imagined, the two siblings were pretty close besides always working. But if someone who was new were to see this then they would think they are crazy as the two seem so proper and elegant when around others.

"Good morning you two!" Thoma grinned as he turned to the two siblings, a plate in both hands as he placed down breakfast, then grabbing his own plate and setting it down next to Ayato's. It was also nice to see the siblings so happy, since there isn't much time nowadays for them to hang out. Now Thoma could say this everyday, but this was his home, he loved it here. Even if he worked a lot, he enjoyed what he did. Nothing could change that truly.

"Good morning to you as well Thoma. So Ayaka said the meeting went well, but told me a few more details." Ayato's smug grin knew Thoma was done for, "Especially about how General Gorou was there and how you just couldn't seem to keep your eyes off of him." There it was, oh how Ayato loved to tease and embarrass the "fixer" at any point he could. Sometimes Ayaka would even join in the teasing which just made it worse for Thoma.

"Woah, woah that is not true!" Even though Thoma was a smooth talker, when it came to lying to the two it seemed useless. They both could read him as if he was a child's book with more pictures than words. And with that lie he was given doubted looks by the Kamisato siblings, which resulted in the tips of his ears turning pink. "Okay so- maybe I was looking at him a lot. BUT, it was just because he has cute ears and is very interesting! No other reason!!!" Well it wasn't exactly a lie, Thoma held himself back from touching Gorou's ears multiple times yesterday. Then again it was also not fully the truth, he did think Gorou was interesting, but it was way more than that. Gorou was a force of his own, one that looked so cute, but could take down enemies in seconds. He was amazing in Thoma's eyes, and absolutely stunning too. From what he had heard that the dog boy was stronger than most and his geo vision only made him stronger. Gorou put his needs of his soldiers before his and always did his best to make sure they were okay, it was admirable. Not only that, but the way Gorou would think about his words, but for never to long. When he would make up his mind on how to say what he was thinking then it would come out then and there. Thoma had met many people in his life, and yet no one has captured his mind- and maybe a bit of his heart- so quickly. And how he so longed to talk to Gorou soon, would it be so wrong for him to take a day off and visit the General? Or maybe it was too early in their friendship to do something like that. Thoma wasn't sure, but he just hoped that maybe a miracle would happen and they could see each other again.

Before Thoma could say anything else a loud laugh came from Ayato as Ayaka let out a smaller, softer one. "Oh come on Thoma, there has to be more than that! You are so deep into thought about him you didn't even hear Ayaka call your name." Thoma flushes softly at this, okay so know they know there is more than what he said. He couldn't say more, they would just keep teasing him about Gorou. "Maybe another 'meeting' is in order with Sangonomiya Kokomi and her General hm?" Ayaka couldn't help, but nod, it would be good for Thoma to have someone by his side. He was always one to push himself to help everyone and forget about himself, which did worry the siblings a lot.

"No! That is enough from you two, now eat before your food gets cold." Thoma stuffed his own face with his food, trying to calm himself down from the embarrassment. He had work to do and couldn't be worrying about a certain cute male that was taking over his mind with every thought. Quickly finishing his food before the others could say anymore and he went to his cleaning duties first. Maybe some cleaning would take his mind off of everything...


A quiet yawn came from the blonde as he leaned against one of the trees in the Kamisato Estate, he may have gone a little overboard with cleaning and Ayaka forcibly made him take a break, but he couldn't help it he was trying to focus on anything but his thoughts. Yet here he was, taking a break and looking up into the tree- wait, "Sayu?" Thoma spoke out as he saw a little fake tail sway around from the wind.

"Nehh?" A soft grumble came from the sleeping girl who was on a larger branch, curled up on herself as she tried to get some rest. She obviously was trying to hide from the shrine maiden that was ordered to watch over her, and yet she decided to hide here of all places? Well Thoma wouldn't of saw them unless he did look up like he did.

"Sayuuu. Wake up!" Thoma stood up fully and poked at her cheek, might as well bother her right? Then he wouldn't have to deal with his thoughts, perfect plan! Well expect of the part where Sayu would be grumpy, but that would be okay. "Come on, I know you wanna teach me ninjutsu," a hand swatted his own away from their cheek. Plus a few more angry grumbles came from the small one's mouth.

"Thoma, I'm trying to get sleep! You have your vision, isn't it enough?" Sayu glared at Thoma, couldn't he see she needed to sleep? She hardly got any at all.

"Nope! Come on, don't you at least wanna hang out with me?" Thoma grinned, putting his hands on his hips. Sayu could only grunt at him and nod, if he wasn't gonna stop bothering them then he can at least make her food.

"Make me food and we have a deal. But not for long! I still need to sleep cause if I sleep enough I will grow and won't be so short anymore." It was the same thing, Thoma didn't understand Sayu's obsession with being taller, but he wasn't one to judge. So he agreed and they went to a stove that was outside, where Thoma got some ingredients for the child's favorite- which was Onigiri. Sayu surprisingly help, but she did just so they could make the rice into a cute little mujina- NOT a tanuki- as Sayu would always say to really anyone.

"Hm you have been acting weird." Thoma was surprised by the random sentence from Sayu, "Usually you talk a lot, but here you are..." They let out a yawn before continuing, "being so quiet. Someone on your mind?" The little ninja must of overheard the morning conversation or just is super intelligent when it comes to these things- Thoma didn't want to find out.

"Can't hide it from you either huh? Well I'm just thinking about," the 'fixer' stopped for a second, should he really talk about Gorou at all? Not that he hated him, not even close. But it just felt weird when they know so little about each other-
Sayu poked his stomach, waiting for him to say the rest, "thinking about General Gorou, from The Resistance..." his voice lowering as he spoke, not to bring attention to them. "Not in any weird way though! I just think he is interesting? Well I don't really know." Thoma sighed and handed a finished onigiri to Sayu so they could taste it, then going to finish making the rest as the other ate.

"Mhm... so if you aren't sure then spend more time with him. Ask him on a date or something. I'm surprised you haven't even thought about that idea yet." Sayu was about halfway done with her onigiri for now, but she was still waiting for more.

Thoma thought about it, should he really ask Gorou on a date? No that's stupid. He didn't know what way the General even swayed for or if he was looking for romance. Plus Thoma 'totally' wanted this to just be a friendship thing. "I- I'll think about it." And with that he gave Sayu her food and said his goodbyes before leaving. He would have to think about this more.

Well Thoma would of thought about it more if he didn't just bump into someone, and just his luck, like in any cheesy romance. Gorou stood in front of him, a loss for words as they stared at each other. "Gen- Gorou!" He remembered that Gorou preferred that friends just called him Gorou. It made Thoma happy that Gorou thought of him as a friend, but what if that was all they would be? That thought scared him, the future could hold anything and he wasn't ready for it.

"Ah hello Thoma. It is nice to see you again." A swish of Gorou's tail and a small smile and all of the blonde's thoughts just went away with his focus on the other.

"Nice to see you too! But if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?" It was a bit confusing, Gorou just left back to Watatsumi Island with Kokomi yesterday, so why is he back here today? But no matter, Thoma's priority was to see if the other was okay.

"Oh, yes I am! Her Excellency just asked me to bring some letters to the Tenryou Commission. She would have had someone else, but said it was very important and needed someone trustworthy." Gorou knew she had other trustworthy people to take it, but he just did it without question.

Thoma nodded with a smile, "Well would you mind if I join you? Just for a small walk?" He rubbed the back of his neck, he suppose he could use this chance to get to know the other more.

Gorou's ears perked up, he looked like an excited puppy that was told they were getting a snack. "I wouldn't m-mind at all! It would be nice to spend time with you." The dog boy closed his mouth, he spoke without thinking even for a second, which made him embarrassed at how eager he was to spend time with Thoma.

The taller male could only laugh softly, but was confused- the Tenryou Commission isn't even close to here and it would take longer to come over here and then head to there, but why would Thoma care? He got to spend time with Gorou. "Well then, ready to go?" He got a little "Yes!" As an answer and they set off, taking their time with walking. Wanting to spend as long as they could in each other's company and that is what they did.


"Well I haven't exactly been able to sleep in the most comfortable of places, but anything other than the floor is good for me." Gorou said happily, but Thoma didn't like that. He knew Gorou also put others in front of himself, but giving up his own mattress for the injured soldiers during the war and taking some crappy one that can't even be counted as something for sleeping on? Haven't they gotten more supplies already since the ban was lifted? Thoma decided he would talk to Ayaka about this, him and the soldiers that stayed need better supplies and more.

"Well the ground is never comfortable." Thoma tried to lift up his own spirits and smiled at Gorou. From time to time their hands would brush each other and yet they both would pull away. They both felt like teenagers that have no idea what love even is. "But anyways..." Thoma looked forward- they were there already? It felt like only like a few seconds. He sighed, "Well since we are here then we should say our goodbyes huh?"

Thoma didn't notice, but Gorou's ears fell flat, he really wished to spend more time with the other. "U-Um. Unless, you would want to hang out longer?" He took a breath and composed himself, "Maybe we could go get something to eat after I hand off this letter? Only if you would want to of course, I don't want to push you to do anything at all." Gorou waved his hands around and Thoma couldn't help but chuckle, grabbing the other's wrists gently to stop him.

"That sounds great, I would lo- like to spend some more time with you Gorou. We can go wherever you would like." Thoma hid it, but he was absolutely overjoyed that Gorou asked. This was a great way for them to get to know each other better.



A small yawn came from Sayu as she walked into Ayaka's room, "Huh you did nice on getting Gorou to go to the Kamisato Estate. Just to bump into Thoma." With that sentence, Ayaka giggled and nodded, "Oh I see my plan went well? Well it was quite simple really. Now Miss Kokomi would love to hear about this." The older girl pulled out a paper, while Sayu went straight to lay on her bed. With a deal to be able to sleep with no interruptions for two days as long as Sayu followed the two males and see what happened and tell Ayaka, she couldn't pass up the offer at all. But... she would tell Ayaka in a bit, she just needed a minute or two of sleep.