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Only a Friend?

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One thing that Gorou knew once the Vision Hunt Decree ended, was that his own duties did not end. So when he found Kokomi at his door just only a few days after the ban was lifted, he was not surprised in the slightest. He looked at her with worry, she looked tired and almost like a porcelain doll with stones on it. That she would break if even one tiny pebble was added onto the harsh pressure she already felt at the moment. Gorou knew immediately he would do anything in his power to take those metaphorical stones off of her so she could for once have some time to rest and relax.

"Good morning General Gorou, I unfortunately have a request to ask of you... Though the meeting with Kujou Sara went well and smoothly, some of the demands we have were not agreed upon, but of course we plan on a new meeting to speak more. Ah... I believe I am moving slight off track from the topic at hand. Now the request is... would you help me out with some paperwork? I know it isn't something you enjoy, but I do feel my energy is on the low side again." Kokomi still kept up her act and spoke immediately, straight to the point as always. Though Gorou always preferred it this way, he did not like to step around anything, nor like when others did it. He always found it as a waste of time and people always need to hear the truth, no matter how horrible it may be.

"Of course, Her Excellency! I don't mind helping you, well anything you ask of me I would do it without a thought." Gorou's tail swished softly and the tips of his fluffy ears twitched, hearing off in the distance of the waterfalls splashing into the waters of Watatsumi Island and the soft words of the shrine maidens that were awake at this time of the early morning. Even with the things his ears heard, his main focus was on Kokomi, the leader he would follow no matter the circumstance.

Kokomi smiled softly, it was genuine, Gorou knew that for a fact. After spending so much time next to her as a friend and right hand man he could tell the difference between when it would be a fake, less lively smile to a genuine one that was filled with so much care. "Thank you so much. I am sorry for putting this work onto you, it shouldn't be your problem, but only mine-"

Gorou cut her off quickly, knowing Kokomi always thought she needed to be independent at all times. "Miss Kokomi, it is nothing at all. It may not be my problem, but I will take it as mine so then you can relax," The dog boy looked at the papers that the other held in her hands- that he just noticed, "Now I should take those from you. Please don't try to keep pushing yourself, I can't stand to see you so stressed."

His tail stopped swaying and curled between his legs slightly, which Kokomi noticed and she sighed softly, nodding at his words. Handing him the papers she clasped her hands together. "Alright then, I will hand these to you. Thank you so much General Gorou- oh I almost forgot. We were invited to the Komore Teahouse by the Daughter of the Yashiro Commisions' Kamisato Clan, Kamisato Ayaka. Even if we are working with the Tenryou Commission directly, the Yashiro Commission seems to want to welcome The Resistance with open arms... Well that is what I hope for, I mean I do trust Miss Ayaka as she has helped us before, but I do have some doubts. I may do some planning before we go, I must think about all outcomes that may happen when we go tomorrow."

This shocked the male, they had contact with Kamisato Ayaka before, but wanting to meet at their Teahouse? It did worry him, but if Miss Kokomi trusted her, then he supposed he could trust her as well. "I see. Well then I will be ready tomorrow to head over to Narukami Island with you." The two then said their goodbyes and Gorou closed his door, huffing as he walked to his desk, plopping down in his chair with the papers dropped on the desk. "Well time for me to get to work..."
And he started reading each paper throughly, but no matter what his mind would drift to thoughts about what tomorrow would bring.


A light giggle came from Kokomi as she walked through the sand of Narukami Island with Gorou. They were talking about a time before the war, when Gorou was trying to cook for one of the first times and burned the food. "Her Excellency it was one time! I did not mean to look away from the meat for so long- besides you kept distracting me by showing me the star-conches you had found."

Gorou's small pout only made Kokomi giggle more, she couldn't help it, he really did act like a puppy at times and it was very adorable. Though the giggles did stop as soon as the two reached Inazuma City. Now she took in a deep breath and composed herself just as Gorou did, they knew not everyone accepted them still. The war may have been over, but not everyone was so happy about the fact that people resisted their Archon in the first place.

"It will be okay, we just need to make it to the Komore Teahouse." Gorou stated as he looked around, his ears moving as he listened to the sounds of the city life around them.

Passing by a large tree, Gorou noticed there was less people in this area. But there was still some glares and harsh whispers.

Walking up the first steps the two passed by Naganohara Fireworks, knowing that no matter who may judge them, Yoimiya would always welcome them with open arms- and fireworks of course. Though unfortunately they could not meet her today, they had work to do and so they kept walking.

After many steps and feeling eyes all on them, Gorou and Kokomi made it to the Komore Teahouse, showing their invitation to Kozue before entering the seemingly welcoming place.

A bark came from the dog on the counter, neither Gorou or Komomi understood why a dog was sitting on a counter- especially in a teahouse. No matter, their attentions were pulled away as a blonde haired man stepped towards them.

Gorou stiffened, his ears on high alert as he stared at the very handsome man in front of him. Remembering from a long time ago- this was Thoma if he remembered correctly.

"Ah Miss Sangonomiya Kokomi and General Gorou! Welcome to Komore Teahouse, I am glad you accepted Miss Ayaka's request. We have been both been waiting to finally meet you in a more formal manner, and as you may know I am Thoma!" His smile was bright, and so contagious that Gorou couldn't stop himself from smiling slightly, as well as his tail slightly swaying.

"Hello Thoma, it is great to make your acquaintance. Is Miss Kamisato here yet?" Kokomi spoke up, being a leader even in conversation. That made Gorou happy, he doubted he could speak without stuttering even a bit.

And as Kokomi asked her question, Ayaka walked out of the closest room. Usually she would stay behind a curtain when meeting one for the first time, but she counted the other two as friends. Even if they have only now met it a real sense.

"Good afternoon. I am indeed here, and it is nice to meet you both. As well, I am very glad I could finally meet you both when things have mostly settled in Inazuma," Her signature fan hid the bottom half of her face, which the two newcomers did not mind. "Now that we are all here, would you like to all join me in this room? I would like to discuss a few serious things and then move onto more fun topics." In which everyone nodded and went to sit down, Kokomi and Gorou on one side together with Ayaka and Thoma on the other. Then the boring topics began, well in Gorou opinion it was boring. He has never been one for the 'business' part of well- anything. Gorou preferred having his bow on him, using it to end any problems, but... he was never one for war either. So he supposed talking was better at this time, thought Miss Kokomi seemed to have it covered as she and Ayaka went back and forth in discussion of things he didn't even think about much.

As Gorou was in thought he felt a pair of eyes on him, which led him to staring right back at Thoma. That was a bad idea, Thoma's eyes were so mesmerizing and Gorou knew his tail was wagging, hopefully no one would notice as he tried to force his tail to stop. He had never felt like this towards anyone, well except- no he couldn't think about them now. But it was a rare feeling he had, and so quickly too. He had only just met Thoma, but even then the other just had a force of his own, he could probably make even the grumpiest person happy by just being next to them.

Gorou was snapped out out of his thoughts when Thoma chuckled under his breath, which was unnoticed by the two ladies in the room, as for Gorou- it only embarrassed him and a slight pink dusted his freckled nose. Looking away only for a few seconds before his cyan eyes darted back to that lovely face- he scolded himself, he couldn't keep thinking this way. Gorou felt like he was weird for thinking this way about Thoma. He couldn't even fully trust the other, the Yashiro Commission and those who worked under them were still not fully trustworthy.

"Now that we have the main points done with, would you two like to join us in a game of hotpot?" Ayaka looked between Kokomi and Gorou, seeing the latter's pink nose and cheeks she wondered what Thoma was up to as she and Kokomi spoke.

"Hotpot? What is that?" Gorou spoke up, this was the first time he said anything in front of Thoma and Ayaka. Even then he tried to keep himself composed and serious.

"Well hotpot is pretty simple!" And from then on Thoma explained how the game worked, and as every word dripped from his lips, Gorou listened closely as he admired the others lively voice.

With the explanation done the two agreed and they all went to get some ingredients of their own. Gorou had only grabbed a few ingredients and walked to the room where the game would be played, those ingredients were put down on the table and he sat down while the other three were out- or so he thought. Thoma popped out from seemingly no where, not really though. Gorou had heard his footsteps and even looked at the door while waiting to see the other.

"Oh hey! You got your ingredients already?" Gorou just nodded and he played with his gloves as he watched Thoma put his own ingredients next to Gorou's. Then without a notice he sat right next to the other. "So General Gorou... Ready for the hotpot game?" Thoma was a bit too close than Gorou would usually allow for a new friend, but he just didn't mind, in fact he was very happy. His ears faced towards Thoma and his tail thumped against the floor, which caught the blonde's attention immediately. "Huh, your tail is adorable- well you are no matter what, but it just makes you cuter~" Gorou felt his soul ascend from his body as he was called cute, Thoma reminded Gorou of them in many ways... he didn't know if he liked it or not, but he did enjoy the attention that he hardly got. Of course sometimes when it was just Komomi and him, she would pet his ears- which he loved- but it was different with Thoma. Gorou just couldn't explain why or even how. He definitely knew this wasn't love at first sight or anything cheesy like that. But it was something more than what he usually went through with new friends.

"Um yes I am ready for the g-game." Gorou does not stutter, ever. He was a General of The Resistance, a strong soldier who kept going through thick and thin. Gorou struck his opponents down without a second thought and put his soldiers before him no matter the situation. And yet here he was, acting like a teenager who stutters when talking to a very, very hot dude.

Before Thoma could say anything, Kokomi and Ayaka walked in together, chatting away about something that caught both their interests. The two stopped as soon as they put down their ingredients and sat down next to each other just like Thoma and Gorou.

Gorou already knew it would be a long afternoon. And maybe, he was somewhat ready for it. As long as he could keep seeing Thoma smile.