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The way to my husband's heart...

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Hey baby


I just picked up your dry cleaning in Elmdale

thanks for doing that

And I picked up two frosted cinnamon buns, a double chocolate brownie and a cherry clafoutis for you at the bakery on my way back to town.

ooh, the good one by the orchards and the gas station?

Of course.

you’re wonderful

I try!

i love you

I love you more

nope. we’re not doing that

Why not?

you know why

No, I don’t.

it’s not a competition Patrick

though i know how much you love to win

In this case, don’t we both win though?

i guess so

I have an important question


do you only love me because I’m bringing you baked goods?

absolutely not

i love you even more than i normally do because you’re bringing me baked goods

You said it wasn’t a competition, David!!!

never mind, i take it all back, every last word of it

I guess I’m going to really be enjoying this double chocolate brownie then

how dare you

or maybe Stevie would enjoy a treat…

I’ll just shoot her a text...

don’t you fucking dare

she’s already enough of a monster, this would only make things worse

Sometimes you can be a monster too 😉

this isn’t about me Patrick

Isn’t it though?


okay, well you’re a good monster

the best kind of monster

i’m scared to ask what kind that is

MY monster ❤️

i bet you think you’re funny

I do. And so does my husband, he occasionally laughs at my jokes. 🙂

ugh, fine

enough with the emojis

i am yours

Well I’m glad we’re in agreement on that

now i really will be a monster if you don’t get home with something chocolatey soon

I’m just getting in the car now, I should be home in 10

i’m counting down the minutes

To see me, right?

well, you and the clafoutis

That’s fair.

seriously though, thank you for doing all that for me

Of course. Anytime.

really...ANY time?

There are probably some limitations I should set on that, but almost anytime

that’s fair

I should probably start driving. My husband can get hangry sometimes.

Especially when I withhold brownies from the good bakery.


Yes, David?

i love you.

I love you too.