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And I Think Everything is Going to Be Alright

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"Shhh… sit back David. I've got you."

David sighed and sunk back into the plush sofa. Patrick had taken one look at David, (not so) fresh from the road after wooing vendors all day, and led him wordlessly to the couch. David was happy he chose the couch. He wasn't sure he'd make it upstairs. 

Patrick took David's black day bag from his hand and set it softly in an armchair, before turning back around and pushing him gently back. David plopped heavy into the cushions. His entire sparkling vendor relations personality had dropped and the exhaustion of smiling all day sank in. He started to ask Patrick his thoughts on just camping on the couch for the night when Patrick shhh-ed him. 

"I've got you, David, relax."

David recognized the heat behind his husband's wide doe eyes and he smiled. It was a genuine smile, the one Patrick likes to claim as his. The one David had been told to pack away because " nobody wants to see all of your teeth, David. Gross. " The one that died in New York and was reborn with Patrick. It really was his, David supposed.

Patrick kicked off his shoes and straddled David's thighs, putting all his weight down just the way David liked. He leaned in, ghosting his breath across David's cheek and towards his ear. He spoke, punctuating his words with kisses to David's chin and throat.

"You've had a long day, haven't you?" Kiss

"Working so hard for us..." Kiss

"...for our store." Kiss

"You make everyone want to work with you." Kiss

"I know some of them want you…" Kiss

"But I'm the only one that can have you." Kiss

That did David in. He grabbed his husband by the back of his shirt and hauled him up for a messy kiss. David tried to use his leverage on the couch to flip them. His cock decided they weren't tired anymore and he wanted to hold Patrick down, consume him. But Patrick's grip was steady.

"I told you, I'm taking care of you tonight. Now let me undress you."

David rolled his eyes and huffed, but allowed Patrick to slide back down his body. He went to work untying David's high tops and setting them off to the side, laces tucked in and safe. Then, off came the socks and Patrick dug his thumbs into the arch of one foot and then the other, drawing a ragged gasp from David's chest.

"Fuck, Patrick. That feels amazing. Keep doing that. "

Patrick smiled, pleased that David was pleased.

"Ok, David. Just a little more."

Patrick squeezed and stretched and remolded David's feet and ankles and calves with his strong, capable hands. David wasn't sure he'd be able to stand on them again to make it up the stairs later. Maybe Patrick could carry him? He was so strong. David heard himself whimper as Patrick's hands left his feet. But the whimper turned to a satisfied hum as Patrick slid his way up towards David's chest.

"Hips up."

David hadn't even noticed Patrick unbuckling his pants until he felt Patrick's tap on his thigh. He refocused, lifting his hips just enough for Patrick to slide his jeans down his legs and off his feet. David watched as Patrick folded the denim with care, the belt separated from the loops and draped off the back of the chair. 

"Thank you, Patrick."

Patrick hummed and blinked slowly, giving a pleased upside-down smile as he knelt back down between David's legs. David couldn't watch Patrick's face anymore, afraid that he'd come from seeing Patrick's expression alone. He sunk back into the cushions, his head lolling back as he let go of any last bit of tension and control he had, giving himself over to Patrick completely. 

He felt Patrick's calloused hands traveling up and down and up and down his legs. He could sense Patrick appreciating the thicker hair on his legs. It was Patrick's unending adoration of his body hair that allowed David, slowly but surely, to begin to appreciate it himself. 

"Hmmm…" Patrick was now muttering praises and kisses into the insides of David's thighs. "Fuck, David. I love your thighs. So strong and masculine. I love it when they wrap around me and squeeze ." 

David felt hands and lips and light stubble exploring his upper legs. Patrick's touch was gentle but sure as he spread his adoration all around. Higher and higher Patrick moved until finally, he nudged his nose underneath David's balls. His mouth licking and sucking the sensitive skin in between his legs. David was now acutely aware of just how hard his cock was. He could feel a low throbbing in his veins, pleasure spiking and receding with each beat of his heart. If only Patrick would move his mouth further north. He was so close…

As he often did, Patrick gave David exactly what he wanted at the exact time he needed it. Patrick hadn't always been good at knowing what David required, but he'd studied and taken notes and knew that at this moment David desperately needed his cock sucked. 

Patrick slurped David down like a milkshake on a hot day and David's toes clenched along with his glutes. His hips bucked involuntarily and Patrick responded with a desperately aroused choked moan. David was leaning too far back to get a good grip on Patrick's hair, so he settled for lightly petting the damp ringlets framing his husband's face. Patrick joyfully bobbed up and down on David's cock. His eyes were closed as he used his mental map of David's body to visit each spot that gave David pleasure. After what felt like an eternity, Patrick paused to suckle on the tip, his tongue flicking over the sensitive spot underneath. His eyes fluttered open and looked up at David rapturously. 

"Ready to come, baby?" Patrick cooed.

David could only smile and nod as Patrick swallowed him back down and used his mouth, throat, and tongue to draw out a spectacular guttural scream as David came. 

As Patrick's mouth worked David through the aftershocks, his hands undid his pants and pulled out his own cock. He moaned around David's still half-hard dick as he stroked himself quickly and came all over his hand. 

The living room was quiet but for the sounds of two extremely satisfied men trying to catch their breath. Suddenly, David laughed.

"Look at you!" David grinned at Patrick and lazily gestured to his open pants, soft cock, and messy hand. "If everyone could see Straight-Laced Businessman Brewer now?"

Patrick chuckled along, "You like me messy though." He had the audacity to wink and David's now-soft cock gave a feeble twitch. "But look at you, baby. You're a mess, but a happy mess just like me. You're beautiful when you're happy, you know?"

David could feel himself redden, thankful for his olive complexion that hid the blush in the low light. They stared at each other, smiling from the orgasms, and just enjoying being together, half-naked, in their own home.

David grabbed a nearby throw blanket and slowly heaved himself off the couch, tying the blanket around his waist like a sarong, and extending a hand to help Patrick stand. 

"When I'm with you I'm happy." David watched Patrick beam at his words as he straightened out both their clothes. "Now let me make you dinner."

"Heating up last night's curry?"

"Absolutely! Only the best for my favorite husband."

"I love you too, David."