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The rain poured down in a heavy determined flow. Above or below there was no avoiding a soaking along the trench, Jowd thought. There was no shelter to be found out here and the group huddled together ringed by their chocobos. A charred and sodden patch lay testament to Cabanela’s attempts at a fire, but magically created or not, fire was fire and the rain wasn’t having it.

“Is worse coming?” Cidgeon asked. He leaned against his chocobo and Lovey-Dove huddled in his lap under his cloak.

“It doesn’t feeeel the same,” Cabanela said.

“Small mercies,” Cidgeon muttered.

“Does rain like this happen often?” Cabanela asked.

“It’s the first I’ve seen this past year,” Jowd said. His mouth twisted in something like a smile. “Lucky us.”

Sparks and tendrils of flame flickered around Cabanela’s hands in flashes of light that died in seconds. Was he that stubborn, bored, or could he simply not help himself? Jowd let him get on with it for a short while before his hand drifted to his paint brush. It was a pointless act yet in a few strokes the fire wavered soundlessly in front of them.

“That is impressive,” Cabanela said appreciatively.

Jowd passed a hand through it. “It’s nothing.” No heat, no sound, not much in the way of light. It was a shell of itself, perfectly suitable for this world and perfectly useless.

“It looks like something to meee,” Cabanela retorted.

He reached over and brushed a hand across Jowd’s shoulder, so light he almost didn’t feel it before treating Cidgeon to the same. He did feel the sudden surge of warmth. Combined with the moisture weighing into his clothing it wasn’t the most comfortable thing and he wondered if he might start steaming, but the warmth was warmth and the gesture was… kind. The heat was unlikely to last in this downpour, but it was almost possible to pretend it came from the fire itself.

Jowd stared at his creation still flickering and dancing away as if the rain wasn’t there and it was a strange thought, yet maybe… the rain couldn’t drown everything.