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Camping Activities To Help You Stay Warm

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A cold front dominated the campsite as they cuddled together in the tent. Chisato had buried herself in the two-person sleeping bag with Kanon, as the two shared their warmth to survive a cold night in the mountains.

Kokoro had invited Hina to go camping with her, which prompted Hina to ask her if she could invite her bandmates which led to Kokoro doing the same thing, which resulted in a joint camping trip between Hello, Happy World! and Pastel*Palettes.

As the camping trip took place in the mountains during autumn, they were lucky enough to avoid going in the winter time. However, the place was still frigid enough to deter people from visiting the camping grounds, meaning that they basically had the entire area to themselves.


Initially, Chisato was against the camping trip in the mountains, but the pleading from all of PasuPare, Kaoru, and Hagumi convinced her otherwise. Plus, Kanon being there meant she got to spend some time with her girlfriend. In all honesty, she did not regret making the trip. She did have fun during the day. It was a nice change of pace from work, being able to rest near the tent with a nice book next to Kanon. Watching their friends get into all sorts of mischief such as Hina and Kokoro controlling a drone, Hagumi and Eve roping Aya into a game of catch, while Kaoru, Maya, and Misaki trekked the mountain and brought some firewood back to camp. Hagumi and Eve whipped up a dinner and they all caught up with each other over the bonfire that kept them warm.

But now, the night was here and it was freezing. Despite bringing extra strong hand warmers and an insulated sleeping bag, it still felt like the cold sapped away their body heat. Kanon shivered as she tried to sleep, to no avail. To her side, Chisato sat up and stretched her arms.

She gently nudged the figure next to her, “Hey, Kanon?”

“Yeah, Chisato-chan?” Kanon sat up.

“It’s freezing.” She said, rubbing her hands together.

“Yeah…” she tucked her arms in, “It’s so cold…”

“Why don’t we cuddle together?”

“Good idea, Chisato-chan.” They shuffled in the sleeping bag and Chisato positioned herself with her back facing Kanon, who wrapped her arms around Chisato.

Chisato sighed in satisfaction, “Much better, wouldn’t you agree?”

Kanon sighed in agreement, “Yeah, it’s warmer now…”

“I enjoyed today.” 

A smile crept up Kanon’s face, “So did I.”

“I did miss just doing this.” She said, “Spending time with all of you, taking a break from everything. Being with you.”


“I love you, Kanon.”

“I love you too, Chisato-chan.”

Chisato turned around to kiss her on the lips.




It was perfect. The shared body warmth seeped into Kanon’s bones. She took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of Chisato’s shampoo. She wrapped her arms a bit tighter around her waist as she nuzzled Chisato’s neck and closed her eyes, bringing an end to a good day.

...Only that she could not sleep. Chisato squirmed in their shared sleeping bag and it kept her up in a certain way. She backed up closer into Kanon, and pressed her backside against her front. She would make small movements and her soft backside sometimes grazed Kanon’s front, which resulted in Kanon feeling blood rush to her cheeks and ears, as well as… certain areas of her body. Something that Chisato would be aware of with their current position. Though it seemed rude to wake Chisato up for this inconvenience, a small fire was lit inside of her. Then again, Chisato might have been just trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It was really unlikely that she would just rile her up like this. Kanon was distracted by her thoughts when Chisato suddenly asked her a question.

“Kanon, you didn’t bring your drumsticks now did you?”

Kanon internally screamed.

“Fueeeeeeeee, I’m sorry Chisato-chan!” Kanon apologized profusely.

Kanon blushed furiously and tried to close her eyes, in an attempt to will away her hard-on. Then she felt a hand stroke her cheek and saw Chisato facing her. Her tender gaze comforted her and at the same time heightened her embarrassment.

“You can’t sleep now, can you?”

Kanon nodded, unable to speak due to how flustered she felt.

“Well then, I guess I have to help you sleep now.”

Chisato’s hands roamed down her body and inserted a hand into her underwear and stroked her length, “Chisato-chan, your hands are so warm…” Kanon gasped out.

“You’re quite warm too, Kanon.” She said as she slid a hand underneath Kanon’s shirt and began to feel her breasts. Chisato pulled her into a kiss and Kanon’s body began to heat up even more. She no longer felt cold as Chisato stroked her length, occasionally rubbing at the tip with her thumb, while she pinched and groped at her breasts.

Kanon decided to return the favor by sliding her hand underneath Chisato’s panties, which were noticeably damp. She lightly stroked her clit which elicited a gasp from Chisato. She then inserted a finger inside and slid it in and out, followed by two, then three. Chisato’s moans became more throaty and desperate as Kanon fingered her, teasing her clit as well. In response she sped up the movement of her hand on Kanon’s length, and brought her closer to the edge. That’s when Kanon stopped her.


Chisato’s facial expression changed to that of worry. “What’s the matter, Kanon?”

“I, um, I-I want to try something...” She shyly said.

Chisato gave her a questioning look then nodded. Kanon instructed her to have her back facing her and pulled down her panties and pants just enough to reveal her thighs. Chisato realized what Kanon wanted to do and was thankful she couldn’t see her blushing.

Kanon inserted her length between her soft thighs and tentatively thrust, she hit Chisato’s clit and earned a moan that fanned the fire in her stomach. Chisato’s wetness from earlier lubricated her thighs enough. The softness and warmth felt so luxurious to rub against as she elicited little gasps from Chisato. Her wetness helped her to build more of the pleasurable friction and she moved faster and faster, hitting Chisato’s clit each time. Her hands drifted down to lightly squeeze Chisato’s ass, which prompted some teasing from her.

“My, my, Kanon,” she moaned the last part out, “you certainly are fired up tonight.”

“Fueeeeeee…” Kanon moaned. She wrapped her arms around Chisato’s waist and planted small kisses on her neck. 


“Fufufu. That tickles, Kanon.”  Chisato said.

“Chisato-chan…” Kanon whined.

“Fufufu… You’re so cute, Kanon.”

Kanon felt her body temperature shoot up again. She felt like she was going to burst if she did this any longer. When Chisato moaned out. “Kanon, please put it inside.” Kanon internally combusted at Chisato’s words.

So cute! She thought. Kanon smiled and turned to kiss Chisato. She held her length and slowly guided it to Chisato’s entrance. She got the head past the entrance and Chisato moaned louder than before, and Kanon savored the warm feeling of Chisato’s core. Chisato seemed to be frustrated and tried to back her hips into Kanon’s in order to get her deeper inside, with Kanon’s hands stopping her.


“Kanon…” she whined, “don’t tease me…”

Kanon let out a small laugh and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Sorry, Chisato-chan.” She said playfully. Chisato’s ears reddened as she accepted the apology and the kiss. Kanon then moved her length deeper into Chisato, who moaned louder with each inch that she took in. Soon she was fully sheathed inside her. 

Warm. So warm. Kanon was going to overheat at this point. Kanon began with a small thrust, then began to move faster and faster as she pulled out completely, then slammed herself back inside deeper. The position allowed her to feel more of Chisato, hit deeper inside her, while still being able to tease the back of her neck and her ears. Chisato felt so good, her moans and gasps sounded like music. And each time she called her name a jolt of pleasure went down her spine.

“Kanon…” she gasped, “Kanon, I’m so close.”

“M-me too, Chisato-chan...”

Kanon’s thrusts grew more unsteady and desperate, and one particularly deep thrust sent Chisato over the edge, crying out Kanon’s name as she climaxed. Kanon followed suit soon after, the fire in her stomach going out of control as she shot a warm load deep inside her.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the tent. When she finally recovered from her climax, Kanon pulled out from her girlfriend. Chisato turned around to face Kanon, and pulled her into a kiss.


“Kanon?” Chisato said, her voice slightly rasp from their recent activities.



“It’s too hot now…”

Kanon blushed and temporarily pulled away from Chisato to let her cool down. She opened up the sleeping bag and handed her a few towels to clean herself up. She also took out some of the hand warmers from the sleeping bag while Chisato fixed her clothes. After that, she returned to snuggling in with Chisato. As the two exchanged tender kisses and wrapped their arms around each other, Kanon spoke.

“Thank you, Chisato-chan.”

Chisato smiled, “Anything for you, Kanon.”

Kanon kissed her again, “I love you.” Warmth spread throughout her body once more, as she relaxed in the arms of her beloved.

Chisato replied back, “I love you too.”

In a hushed voice, Kanon said “Good night, Chisato-chan.”

“Good night, Kanon.”

The sound of their steady heartbeats and breathing lulled each other to sleep. The two drifted away to a peaceful and warm slumber that night.