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There they both were. Sat cross-legged across each other on Ajax’s single bed. A bottle of lube and couple packets of condoms sat between the two of them. Ajax had been restless all day, his whole body practically vibrating in excitement. There had only been one thing on his mind that whole week:

Fucking Aether.

Aether was no different. He’s embarrassed to say that it’s been so long since he last did it with someone, he was afraid that the experience won’t live up to the younger man’s expectations. Doing it alone is nothing compared to doing it with another person. And he promised Ajax he’s walk him through it. He hopes it’ll be smooth sailing.

“A-are you ready?” Aether speaks first. He has to take the lead.

Ajax’s grip on his sweatpants tighten, Aether can see his Adam’s apple bob as his adorable boyfriend gulps in excitement.

“Yeah, I’m ready when you are.” He says.

“Let’s start off with getting in the mood…” Aether pushes the lube and condoms to the side, crawling his way towards Ajax. He places a hand on his broad chest, another coming up to rest at his neck, tilting his head slightly so his lips are barely touching Ajax’s. His eyes droop, trying to give the best seductive look he could. Thankfully, it worked like a charm.

Ajax was on him immediately. Aether almost wanted to laugh at how needy the kiss felt. He could feel all that pent up sexual frustration and excitement from the past week all in the way Ajax was kissing him. His tongue was relentless, giving no room for Aether to even keep up. Soon enough he started using his teeth to bite on Aether’s lips, eliciting soft moans from the blond, which only fueled Ajax more. His strong arms came up to grab at Aether’s tiny waist, pressing his body closer to him, basically forcing him to sit on his lap.

Ajax was enjoying the sensation of making out with his crush and feeling his small body under his touch. Sure, he was able to sneak in a couple kisses from him over the week when the two of them passed each other on campus, but it wasn’t enough. Every second spent with Aether only makes his need grow. He was greedy but he didn’t care. He wanted Aether and he’s having him right here, right now.

His greedy lips moved on to Aether’s small neck, curiously licking and sucking on soft skin. The small gasps coming from Aether only made him all the happier to suck harder. When he felt bolder, he started leaving small love bites, just to see how Aether liked it. The answer: yes, he liked it.

He didn’t realize when it happened, but his hands had been busying themselves with feeling Aether’s body up from under his clothes. He pulls away from ravishing his boyfriend’s poor neck to rest against his forehead, both men panting heavily, their faces equally flushed.

Ajax had this idea for a while now, and he wanted to test it out. He let a hand slowly creep up towards Aether’s flat chest, a thumb gently brushing over his nipple. The reaction was cuter than Ajax expected.

“Mm,” Aether bit his lip, his body jolting.

“Did you… like that?” Ajax asks.

Aether gave him a look that he guessed was meant to be a glare, but it was obvious was his answer was. Ajax couldn’t help but capture that adorable pout with his lips, brushing over his nipple once more and loving the way he moaned into his mouth. He’s played with other girls’ chests before and they seemed to like it, he’s glad he’s not coming to the table completely empty-handed. He gave one side a gentle pinch, earning another sweet reaction coming from his lover.

“You’re… very handsy,” Aether huffs. Ajax looks at him apologetically, but his hands continue pinching and teasing his nipples. He can never get over how Ajax manages to look both innocent yet mischievous at the same time.

“I like touching your body,” Ajax confesses.

“Is that the only thing you like about me?” Aether wants to tease him a little bit.

“Your face is a plus, too.”

“Dick.” Aether scoffs. He should’ve expected such an answer.

He moans involuntarily when Ajax pinches extra hard on a nipple, grinning. “You want it already? We haven’t even prepared yet.”

Aether wanted to pull on his ears for being so naughty. What a cheeky man. “If you know that much, why am I still clothed?”

“Sir, yes, sir.” And just like that Aether’s top was thrown off the bed.

“Hey!” He instinctively hugs himself, covering his body with his arms. Its not the first time Ajax has seen his upper body, but the sudden nakedness threw him off.

Before Aether could exact his revenge, Ajax had already taken off his own top. And again, not the first time he’s seen the other half-naked. But he’ll never get over how sexy he looks. All those years of being on the swim team and keeping up with his workout really paid off. He had a figure that made just about anyone’s mouth water. Aether won’t lie he’s been caught staring Ajax’s toned body when he’s fresh out of the pool, his skin glistening wet, his dick print on his swim shorts. He knew it was the normal swimming attire, but could you blame him? Ajax was pure eye candy.

“Hey, I’m getting a little shy with all this staring,” Aether was snapped out of his trance, irritated with how smug Ajax was looking.

He knew exactly how to wipe it off his face. “What’s wrong with admiring what’s mine?”

And just like that Ajax was a blushing mess. Aether really couldn’t get enough over how cute his boyfriend was. For all the amount of teasing and flirting this man does to him, the minute Aether throws a fastball on him, it renders him helpless. He hopes this cute trait of him stays for as long as possible.

“You wanna keep going with the foreplay or would you like to skip to the main event?” Aether’s hand slides under Ajax’s chin, guiding him to meet golden eyes.

“I…” Ajax would love to skip straight to the best part, but he was also still quite nervous. He needed to stall. “I wanna lick you.”

Aether wasn’t expecting such an honest response and let out a laugh. He had to put an arm behind him to support himself so he wouldn’t fall back onto the bed. “Alright. You can lick me to your heart’s content.”

“Sh-shut up,” Ajax was red in embarrassment. “I’ll wreck you.”

“Sure,” he scoffs, unaware how real that threat would be later. Aether placed a hand to rest on the taller man’s head, jutting his chest forward, inviting him to play. ”Eat up.”

Ajax wasted no time latching his lips onto a nipple, laying his tongue flat against the pink bud and licking it like ice cream. Aether couldn’t fight back the shiver running down his spine when he saw the animalistic look in Ajax’s eyes as he did it. He continued to watch as the younger man worked his magic on his chest. It was stimulating to see the way he sticks his tongue out to flick at his nipple, a hand working on the other, alternating between twisting and pinching it. Neither side was left unattended and at some point Aether had to bite down on a finger because of how embarrassing his moans were starting to get.

Aether made the mistake of keeping his eyes closed because now he was feeling everything tenfold, and that made his moaning worse. But he felt a little relieved when he could feel something hard press against him. Good to know he wasn’t the only one feeling good.

His hand nudged at Ajax’s cheek, calling for his attention. A tongue still lazily dragging across an abused nipple, beautiful blue eyes stare up at him almost innocently. Aether cooed inwardly. Dammit, he’s too whipped for this boy.

“You can take them off now.” He says, hooking a finger under the other’s underwear.

With one last ‘pop’, Ajax detaches himself from Aether’s chest which was now red with bites. Aether wonders if he’ll need band-aids for tomorrow. He watches as the redhead works on undressing Aether first, which he helped in lifting his hips and letting the article slide off his smooth legs. Ajax throws it on the floor before grabby hands tug at the band of his underwear. Aether thought maybe now was the best time for him to lay on his back.

Ajax thought he was going to die before, but now even more so. Because Aether was looking as appetizing as he could ever be right now. He was laid down on his bed, his long blond braid kept to the side, his hands help up near his face which suggested that he wanted to be seen by Ajax. He had no plans on covering his body shyly like before, he was leaving everything out in the open for him to see. Suddenly he was so aware of everything he was going to do.

Baby steps, baby steps.  Ajax had to calm himself down. First, take the underwear off the sexiest man he’s ever seen on his bed and see his pretty cock. Yeah, easy.

He didn’t think stripping someone of their clothes would turn him on this much, but when he pulled down Aether’s underwear, the bastard had lifted his legs up like some pin-up girl. Ajax could see his plump ass, his balls peeking in between his thighs. Ajax thought now would be no better time to die, he’d just seen the closest thing he could to Aether’s cameltoe.

He sees the smug look on the blond’s face, making his face heat up. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was barely a few years older than him and yet he’s using his past experiences to gain the upper hand on Ajax. Prick.

Just when he thought the teasing ended, a foot pressed against his erection, causing his hips to thrust forward involuntarily. “Ah-! Shit…”

“This too, baby.” Aether grins devilishly. He was having too much fun having his man wrapped around his finger.

Ajax shuddered at the pet name. He’s swallowed thickly as he stripped himself of his bottoms, leaving his underwear on.

Aether kissed his teeth, feigning disappointment and pouting. “Aw… Don’t be so shy.”

Ajax pursed his lips. He was too horny to think of a witty comeback to hide his nervousness. Aether felt his heart twinge in guilt, maybe he’d been a little too mean.

“Here,” He reaches out to the bottle of lube that was close to falling down the crack between the bed and the wall, handing it to Ajax. “Coat your fingers properly with it.”

“Okay.” He answers, uncharacteristically quiet.

Aether observes as he pours a generous amount on his fingers. He let Ajax do the honour of spreading his legs open. He felt a cold finger press against his hole, making him gasp. Ajax’s head immediately snapped up to see if he’d done something wrong. Aether felt his heart soften at the sweet reaction.

He gave a reassuring smile, sliding his hands down to his thighs, holding them open. He hoped that could ease Ajax’s nervousness by showing him something erotic.

“Start with just one,” he tells him.

Ajax starts sliding in the first finger, completely focused on making sure he didn’t end up hurting Aether. He’s fingered someone before, but that was a girl. And he’s never been freaky enough to stick it in a girl’s butt. So, he had no idea how different fingering a vagina was to fingering an ass. Much less a guy’s.  

Aether made sure to keep his expression as neutral as possible. Of course, he expected it to be uncomfortable at first, he’s done this many times to know the process by heart- not something he’s proud of, by the way- but this was Ajax’s first time. The last thing he wanted was Ajax to be discouraged before getting the chance to go all the way.

“Now start moving it- slowly.” Aether tells him, the second he felt Ajax’s finger come up to the third knuckle. He felt the digit move in and out at a snail’s pace, Aether almost laughed. “That’s it. Just like that…”

Ajax felt like breaking a sweat. He really wasn’t sure if Aether’s praise was genuine, or it was just a way to get him to calm down. Aether felt a smile come up on his face, one of affection and adoration. It made him so soft to see Ajax be so concentrated and serious about doing this right. He was so impatient and needy before this, but seeing him go so slowly only made his heart beat faster.

“You can put in a second one,” he says, not bothering to hide the smile on his face. He hoped Ajax didn’t think it was a condescending one.

“Already?” He cocks an eyebrow.

“Trust me, Ajax.”

And without any other complaints, he felt a second finger come to prod at his entrance. He had to breathe in deeply to adjust to the stretch of having two inside of him. He won’t lie, it’s been a while since he’s found the time to do this. Plus, Ajax’s hands are much larger than his dainty little hands. A lot more calloused with longer fingers too.

“Do I…” Ajax’s nervous voice pulls Aether out of his own concentration. “Do I add in a third?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Aether was feeling a little out of breath. He was adjusting a lot quicker than he thought.

Ajax must’ve noticed how he relaxed because he managed to slip in the third digit all the way in one go. “Oh wow.” He blurted out.

Aether huffed a laugh, a soft moan following afterwards. He was starting to really feel it now, a hand gripping at the pillow under him. His breathing was starting to sound a lot like panting. With every slide Ajax’s fingers were doing, he felt himself grow harder and his gasping grow louder, needier. To make things worse, Ajax was unintentionally brushing past where his prostate is. Aether wasn’t sure what direction to have Ajax move in to hit it, so instead he moved his own hips so it would force Ajax’s fingers to touch it.

Ajax was confused but pleasantly surprised to see Aether moving into his hand. It almost looked like he was looking for something. His question was answered when he felt the tip of his finger come into contact with something distinctly soft and smooth, immediately followed up by a wanton moan by Aether and an adorable twitch of his dick. Ajax felt his own erection throb painfully in his boxers.

“Fuck…” Aether moans, his face half-buried into Ajax’s pillow, small hands gripping onto it. “Hit that spot.”

“Uh… here?” He pressed the spot again, harder and was rewarded handsomely with another lovely moan.

Aether’s body convulsed in pleasure, his eyelids fluttering prettily. Ajax was no longer nervous, he was desperate.

“Does it feel good?” He asks. He just wanted to hear more from Aether.

Aether was almost given no chance to answer because Ajax was practically massaging his prostate with his fingers. But wanting to encourage his boyfriend to ease his nervousness, he willed himself to answer.

“Y-yes… Ah… It feels-“ Another moan. “Good. You’re doing so good… Mm!”

Ajax leans in closer, drinking up the lewd expressions Aether was making as he continued to prod and play at his sweet spot. He could spend hours doing just this if his own dick wasn’t about to pop.

Ajax carried the ritual of thrusting his fingers in and out of Aether, effectively stretching him out for another few minutes. Aether was slowly losing control over his voice, his eyes no longer focused on anything, but he was still singing praises to Ajax that he was doing a wonderful job like as though he still needed the encouragement. It was endearing to see him continue to play the mature one when he’s busy letting himself get fucked by his boyfriend’s fingers.

“Y-You… Ah-!” Aether places a hand on Ajax’s cheek, looking up at him with hazy eyes. “You can put it in now…”

“Okay,” Ajax slowly pulled his fingers out from Aether. His heart skipped a beat when he saw his hole gape at the absence of them.

He quickly discarded the last piece of clothing blocking the two them. His erection stood proudly, veins looking like they were about to burst. He hadn’t realized how hard he’d gotten since his only focus was just pleasuring Aether.

“Here,” Aether’s voice was way too breathy and sexy. He grabbed the forgotten bottle of lube. “I’ll help.”

Before Ajax could ask, he hissed at the sudden coldness of the lube being poured onto the tip of his dick. Aether watched as the smooth substance trickled down the length of Ajax’s throbbing cock and licked his lips. Maybe in the future, he could try to give him a blowjob. That would be a sight to see, having Ajax thrust down his throat, moaning as he cums in Aether’s mouth.

But for now, he should focus on the matter at hand. He starts off by wrapping a hand around the base of Ajax’s cock, watching the redhead’s reaction. His face was red and breathing heavily. It was cute. He starts sliding his hand up the length, running a thumb over the swollen head, effectively smearing the lube. He sees the younger man’s eyes close, his eyebrows furrowed. He must be trying not to cum prematurely. Not that Aether can blame him, he almost came when he saw the way Ajax looked when he was playing with his prostate.

He continues his work of properly lathering Ajax’s dick while sucking on his collarbone, leaving his own bite marks all over him. They were smaller considering their difference in size, but the point was still made. Just like how he was marking Aether up, he wanted to return the favour. He can see why Ajax was so obsessed with leaving marks on him because the noises he was making as Aether was doing it was addictive. Coupled in with the sensation of getting his dick felt up, Ajax must be feeling a lot right now.

“F-Fuck, mmph-!” Ajax wasn’t sure why he was fighting back his voice, but it felt too good.

He thought that was the height of luxury until he felt another dainty hand come up to tug at his balls, eliciting a surprised moan from him. He gave up in trying to hold back and bit down on Aether’s small shoulder, making the blond gasp but also causing his grip on his dick tighten. He felt Aether giggle under him, but he couldn’t be bothered. He needed to focus on staving off his orgasm until he was finally inside Aether. But that cheeky bastard wasn’t helping in the slightest.

“Th-That’s enough,” He mumbled, hips stuttering with every stroke and tug Aether’s hands were doing to him. “I wanna put it in.”

Aether places a kiss on his temple, his hands moving from his dick to wrap around his neck. He pulls away so the two make eye contact. “Alright.”

He grabs a packet from where the lube was, tearing it open and pulls out the condom.

“You know how to put it on?” Aether asks, but not really expecting an answer since he’s already placing the rubber on his tip, fingers sliding the rest of it down his shaft.

Ajax blushed, obviously he’s never had to put it on before so he didn’t. Plus, pornos tend to skip that part as it kinda takes it out the mood. But that’s where they’re wrong, because Ajax has never been more turned on watching Aether’s small hands slide delicate material down his dick. Even through the thin sheet of rubber, he could still feel his touch.

Ajax leans forward, slowly guiding his boyfriend to lay down on his bed. He uses a hand to line his lubricated dick with Aether’s hole. He presses the tip of it against the entrance, barely stretching out the rim. He furrows his eyebrows together in concentration as he pushes further in. He can feel Aether’s gaze on him, he felt a bit like a student being supervised by a teacher.

The head slipped in relatively quick and immediately Ajax was overwhelmed by the sensation and realization that he was finally inside Aether. From then on, Ajax slid in with a lot less hesitance. He hissed at how warm and soft it felt, nothing like doing it with a hand. It was tighter, hotter, slicker.

Aether was thrown off by the feeling of being stretched open by Ajax’s cock, but quickly got used to it once he felt it reach halfway. His heart was pounding, he was filled to the brim with arousal and excitement. He could feel the veins press against his walls even with the condom on, the small twitches Ajax’s dick was making inside of him every now and then. This was better than anything he could ever hope for.

Aether couldn’t trust himself to give any sort of praise to his boyfriend. He was already gasping and panting for his life. God, if this was his state early on, he can’t imagine how he’ll turn out by the time Ajax actually starts moving.

Before long, Ajax was fully sheathed inside Aether.

“You wanna move?” Aether asks.

“Please…” Ajax didn’t know who he was pleading to. Ultimately, he was in control of his own actions.

Nonetheless, Aether answered for him. “You can move, Ajax.”

His movements were stiff at first, but eventually he was able to move in and out of Aether smoothly and fall into a rhythm. Not long after, both of them were panting and moaning as Ajax picked up the pace of thrusting into Aether. The slick sound of his dick stretching out Aether’s hole echoed in the room, his single bed creaking at the intensity of their movement. Aether was clutching at the sheets and pillow, his mouth falling open only to let sweet sounds slip out. Ajax made sure to keep his eyes open this time, watching every single shudder and twitch Aether’s body was doing.

He would record this moment if he could, make a personal porno of Aether just for him so he can watch and listen to the sounds of his boyfriend getting absolutely wrecked by him at any time. He keeps that idea in the back pocket for when they’re a little further in the relationship.

Aether thought he’d last longer than he would, but the second Ajax came into contact with his prostate, he felt precum spill on his stomach.

“Ah- there, there!” He moans, wantonly. “Fuck me there!”

Who was Ajax to not obey his lover? He made it his duty to slam his hips into exactly where Aether’s prostate was. He watched the way Aether’s back arches off the bed, his eyes fluttering as it rolled backward in pleasure with every thrust Ajax made. His moaning became more frantic and louder. He hoped the walls were thick enough to block the sounds. It’d be really awkward to face his neighbours if it wasn’t.

“Haa… you’re doing so good…” Aether blurted out, cupping Ajax’s face. “So good…”

Ajax flushed at the praise, feeling himself edge closer to orgasm. Aether’s voice was rising in pitch, practically mewling like a kitten under him. It wasn’t long until the blond came, covering their stomachs in his cum. Ajax came soon after, his hips stuttering as he felt his seed fill up the condom, moaning into Aether’s skin.

Aether felt Ajax slide out of him, and watch as he pulled the condom off, struggling to tie the end of it. Aether huffed a tired laugh, reaching a hand out to take the used rubber. He ties it, not bothered by the lube and drips of cum that spilled onto his hands. He tosses it into a nearby trash bin. He thought that was all, until he felt a curious head come to bump against his hold once more, another condom wrapped around it already.

“What-?” Aether didn’t even notice Ajax pull out another packet. “Again. How do you recover that fast?”

“It’s my wet dream come to life,” Ajax explains, slightly impatient. “I’m really horny.”

“No shit…” Aether sighs in defeat. He lets large hands spread his legs apart and an already half-hard dick slide into his entrance.

Aether’s voice didn’t have to readjust in volume. So, when he felt his hole being suddenly stretched to accommodate Ajax’s girth, he let out a rather loud moan. He sees Ajax grinning, looking proud of himself. The blond would be irritated by that expression as per usual, but right now? He couldn’t care less with the way he was being fucked gently by the man.

He should’ve predicted this to happen, especially with what happened last week. Ajax may be a nervous wreck, but give that man an inch, he’ll go the whole fucking mile. Aether felt large, calloused hands grip at his hips as Ajax slammed harder into his prostate. He half-regrets teaching him where it was because the younger man was scarily accurate in hitting it with almost every thrust.

It might’ve been the overstimulation of being fucked immediately after cumming, but Aether felt another orgasm coming up. He was given no room to even think or breathe, Ajax was dominating everything. Both in mind and body. His sexy moans spilling out from those kissable lips he loved to stare at so much, his beautiful blue eyes staring down at him with lust and desperation, his perfectly toned body, sheen with sweat. Everything was too much for Aether and he came faster than he expected.

“Ah- aah…! Ajax, please…” Aether’s throat was starting to get raw.

Ajax’s pace hasn’t slowed down even after watching the blond cum a second time. He just kept going, completely losing himself in the euphoria of being inside Aether. Months of pining, unsaid words, subtle flirtations all pouring out right this moment. How else was Aether to know just how much Ajax loved him? Words will never be enough.

Aether wasn’t sure how many times he came until Ajax finally pulled out to remove the condom. He wanted to sigh in relief, maybe his ass may still be salvaged. But nope. He heard the telltale sound of a wrapper being ripped open. Aether groans as he watched his boyfriend sloppily slide on yet another condom on his cock.

Granted, he had to stroke it a few times to get it up but it was how quickly it stood proudly that scared Aether. No one has that much stamina, not even if you’re a virgin.

“Are you…” Aether was too tired, he really felt like he ran a marathon. “Are you going through puberty or what? How are you… what?”

All he got as an answer was a laugh, which only made Aether roll his eyes as he felt himself being manhandled for the umpteenth time that night, that glorious cock starting to make it’s way into him. Ajax was lucky Aether is weak to that handsome face of his.

“Does it bother you?” Ajax asks.

He looked like a kicked puppy. Aether was a lot weaker to Ajax than he thought, because immediately he was no longer exasperated at his lover.

“I don’t… hate it.” Aether says, defeated. He caresses Ajax’s cheek, cooing inwardly when the redhead leans into the touch. Those puppy eyes shut as he kisses the palm of Aether’s hand.

He looks up again to make eye contact with Aether, a dark expression on his face as he ruts into Aether unexpectedly. Long eyelashes flutter as Aether felt the familiar sensation of electricity running down his spine for what felt like the millionth time. His voice must be directly connected to his sweet spot because moans and gasps spill out from his mouth with every hit.

Aether made the same comparison before, but he really did feel like he was being used like a sex toy. Normally, anyone else would get turned off by the thought but for whatever reason, it only turned Aether on more. If it was for Ajax, he didn’t mind getting fucked senseless like this every once in a while. But he’ll never say that to his face. Aether might never see the light of day if he ever did.

Ajax wasn’t sure if Aether was even conscious anymore. At some point, the blond had gone limp and basically accepted his fate of being under Ajax’s mercy. His eyes were no longer focused on anything, his mouth slacked open, he could see his cute tongue. Ajax would love to kiss him at this moment, but he was afraid he might end up suffocating his boyfriend if he did that. God knows Ajax has no brakes when it comes to anything.

“You feel so good, baby.” Ajax teases the blond. He entangles his fingers with Aether’s, pinning him further down into his bed. “I love it. I love you so much.”

“Mm… too….” Aether tried to make a coherent sentence, but he was too worn out. Was anything even coming out of his poor little dick? Didn’t matter, the orgasms kept hitting him like waves.

“What was that, baby?” Ajax nudged his nose against those chubby cheeks he loved. “What’d you say?”

“Me too…. I love you-“ Aether cut off as he cried out, another orgasm hitting him. “Haa… love you…”

“Dammit.” Ajax hadn’t expected such an honest response.

He pulls out once again, tossing the condom down on the floor, not bothered to tie it up. He’ll probably hate himself in the morning but he didn’t care right now. A hand reaches out to search the bedsheets for another condom but comes up empty. He clicks his tongue, a hand pushing his hair back from his forehead. He guesses it was time to finally stop.

He looks back down to where Aether was and couldn’t help the smirk on his face. The blond looked absolutely ruined. His nipples were still red with marks, his stomach and thighs were sticky with cum, his long blond hair was messy.

“We ran out of condoms.” Ajax kisses his cheek, feeling a little guilty for his boyfriend. Only a little.

Thank god.” Aether moans, his legs immediately closing as he lays on one side. “I thought I was going to die.”

“Aww, I wasn’t that bad…” Ajax laid down beside him, elbow propping him up so he could look at Aether’s face. “Right?”

Aether turned his head to see Ajax pouting. He knew he was just doing that to make him feel bad, but dammit it was working.

“That was the problem,” he confesses, turning around to cuddle up to his boyfriend’s chest. “It was too good.”

“Really?” Ajax wraps his arms around the smaller male, a dopey smile on his face. “I did good?”

“Mhm,” Aether reaches an arm up to pet his head. “You were a very good boy.”

The redhead suddenly went quiet. Aether pulls away to see a very interesting expression on the man.

“You must really like being praised, huh?” It was his turn to grin. What an adorable boyfriend he has.

“…no.” Ajax lied with his whole chest, not meeting Aether’s eyes.

“It’s okay to have kinks, Ajax.” He laughs, despite his lungs feeling like they might collapse.

“I don’t have a kink…” He hides his face from Aether by shoving it into the pillow.

“Of course, you do. Everyone does.” Aether continues to stroke soft ginger hair. “One day, we’ll try some out.”

That made him peek curiously. “Like what?”

Aether swears he heard the sound of his grave being dug out the moment he realized what he’s gotten himself into. Might as well go out with a bang.

“All sorts of stuff,” he didn’t want to give Ajax any ideas. It would be like stating what was going to be written on his tombstone. Oh yeah, death by orgasm denial. Sounds fun.

…That’s not a bad way to die, Aether thought to himself.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, alright?” He brings his mind back from the gutter. Who was he? Thinking about future endeavours after experience a near-death experience from dick.

“Alright…” He hears Ajax muffle into the pillow. Too cute.

Ajax felt his body start to get sore, similar to how it’d get after a good workout session. He felt a little sleepy as Aether continued stroking his hair, but noticed it start to slow down. He sees Aether sleeping peacefully next to him. Ajax had a soft expression on his face. He must’ve really tired him out.

Ajax must be the luckiest bastard ever to get someone who was so patient and caring with him. It finally hit him that both times he’d gone off track, not once did Aether tell him to stop even when it was obvious he was too tired. He wondered if that was Aether’s way of showing his love. Accepting whatever Ajax was throwing at him, even if it hurt.

He slowly pried himself off the bed, grabbing tissues to wipe his knocked-out boyfriend down. He couldn’t fight back the urge of placing butterfly kisses on his skin. His marked chest, his inner thighs, his forehead. He loved everything about him and no words could ever do his feelings for the other man any justice.

Ajax slides them both under the covers, pulling Aether into his arms, cuddling him close. He breathed in the familiar scent of his shampoo, feeling his eyes get heavier as he slips into a deep sleep, his lover safe and secure in his arms.