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Can't Get Around Asbestos Fest

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Alexis didn’t quite want to come to this thing tonight, but seeing as her mum and David were performing somehow made it worth her Thursday night. Plus, her dad was like, super cute whenever her mum performed and sometimes that alone was enough to bring a little smile to her face.

After a pretty cute performance by some 3rd graders singing a Kylie Minogue medley, it was finally time for the main event. Suddenly she felt someone approach her.

“Hey, thanks for saving me a seat,” Patrick whispered as he appeared next to her, hovering over her bag in the seat.

“Oh hi!” She whispered back and grabbed it to let him sit. 

Her attention was brought back to Jocelyn on stage, “Okay, anyways, without further adieu, the main event!” She clapped, confused with Jocelyn’s monologue. Just then, David entered from behind the stage.

Oh god, what is he wearing. Is that a scarf? No, they couldn’t. They wouldn’t.

Alexis turned to her dad, “Um, is this The Number? It’s the middle of summer.”

David addressed the audience, "Brr. It's awfully cold out there," and started taking off his scarf.

Alexis looked over at Patrick. Cute, button-faced Patrick. To her surprise, he had an effortless grin on his face.

She leaned over, "They used to do this act every year at our Christmas party. And you can't unsee something like this." Patrick huffed out a laugh. 

Alexis went back to watching the performance, but not before lingering on Patrick’s face. He was so smitten. How does someone look that fond during something as atrocious as The Number

After a moment she looked down at her hands and almost let herself pick at her nails, but fought the urge to give into that nervous habit.

She wanted that. And while it didn’t make her any less happy for David, she thought about Ted and how he used to look at her the way Patrick looked at David. She closed her eyes and shook her head, okay, anyway, back to David’s outrageous hair.

“God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay-may-may-may-may!”

A few more classic Christmas carols came and went and finally David and mum were finished, ending in a pose with stretched out arms, proud smiles, and sharp huffing breaths. Applause erupted, though a bit unsteady with confusion at first.

Jocelyn bounced back up to the stage, “Alright! Thank you for that! Well, this concludes our annual Asbestos Fest, everyone! Thank you to all who donated and have a wonderful night. Drive safe!”

David and Moira finally relaxed from their poses then handed the microphones off to Jocelyn and descended the stairs off the stage. The lights went up in the room, causing chatter amongst the crowd.

Alexis noticed Patrick getting up from his seat without a second glance behind him and swiftly walked over to David to give him a kiss on the cheek. He said something that made David laugh while David quickly pushed his hair back and off his forehead. Patrick’s eyes followed his hand, smiling and chatting along the way.

Meanwhile, her mum was approaching her dad with arms outstretched, “Moira, dear, wonderful job as always.”

“Oh John, what a thrill to be engaging in the performing arts once again. As natural as breathing, really.”

Johnny bent down to kiss her cheek, and Alexis looked around the room. Why did she miss Ted so much?