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A Private Arrangement

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Zhou Zishu doesn't know who came up with the idea that starting a pub was a requirement for his kind of profession. Granted, he understood the necessity of it; a front for the money laundering that was necessary for funding the operations of his *ahem* ventures.

Still, he wasn't particularly fond of the flashing strobe lights and the noisy headache-inducing music. That was why one of his most adamant requirements for the construction of his pub 'Tian Chuang' was that the meeting rooms and his office must be completely sound proof. (Which also made it convenient if he wanted to quietly snuff out someone's life) Just walking pass the main hall where the heart of the music was at its loudest made him grit his teeth. 

He looked down from over the bannister, eyes involuntarily looking for a certain someone. His eyes combed for the familiar sight of his dancer, who could be serving drinks amidst the crowd or be dancing on the stage. 

Sure enough, on the main stage, a young man with long dark hair twirled around a pole expertly, wearing little more than a pair of booty shorts and a pair of tall platform heels, lending more length on those shapely long legs. 

Despite his best efforts, Zhou Zishu couldn't help but stare as the young man did a vertical split while holding himself up on the pole. The expression on his face was faraway, as if he was focused only on the music and paying no mind to the leering men staring at his body. 

After a moment of watching the young man dance to the throbbing music, he turned away.

"Tell Wen Kexing to come up to my room," he told Han Ying, who looked a little surprised but nodded anyway. He didn't blame him, Zhou Zishu was seldom interested in anyone, especially anyone from his own pub.

It didn't take long for the dancer to knock on his door. He called out for him to come in and the long-haired young man slid in cautiously, looking a little apprehensive at being called to his boss' office. 

"You called for me, Mr Zhou?" asked the young man, now wearing a leather jacket half zipped up over the booty shots. Not overly dressed as to denote fear of being vulnerable but also not so scantily dressed that it would be offensive to a superior. 

"How long have you been working here?" he asked the long-haired young man, eyes trailing over the lithe but muscular form. Those legs looked particularly fetching in those heels.

"Approximately 3 months," answered Wen Kexing politely. "Am I in trouble?"

Of course not. Wen Kexing was a model employee even for a questionable place of employment like his pub. Always on time, never a complaint to his conduct, always knows how to hold himself even with the most unruly customers and maintains a good but distant relationship with everyone.

"You are in med school, aren't you?" Zhou Zishu asked nonchalantly, brushing his bangs away from his eyes and combing his fingers through his layered short hair. Wen Kexing's eyes followed the movement for a few seconds before his eyes went back down to the carpet but Zhou Zishu caught that action and he smirked, pleased. 

"Yes," Wen Kexing didn't seem surprise that he knew about his current education status. Probably because he had mentioned it to Han Ying before during the hiring process.

"Why did you choose to work here?"

"Because it pays well and I only need to be here during Fridays and weekend nights," Wen Kexing explained. Fair enough, Zhou Zishu had already deduced the reasoning before hand but he just wanted to know if there were any other reasons.

Zhou Zishu got up from his chair to walk around the table. Wen Kexing looked up from the carpet and from this close, Zhou Zishu can finally admire the gorgeous curve of the plum blossom eyes and the thick lashes from which the honey brown eyes gazed through from. 

"How have you find the work here?" Zhou Zishu asked. 

"It's... alright," Wen Kexing said, quite diplomatically if Zhou Zishu had to admit. Their customers were quite rambunctious and rough. But given the dancer's background in martial arts, he hadn't had much trouble reigning in the idiots who got too handsy. 

Or at least, the bouncers had reported that. The dancer had done his part in throwing quite a few customers out for harassing the servers and other dancers. According to Han Ying, he had gained a following for that, the workers he'd saved AND the customers he'd thrown out. 

Looking down at those lovely long legs in those platform shoes, it wasn't hard to imagine those particular customers begging to be stepped on by this bombshell. 

And speaking of shoes, Zhou Zishu resolved to buy some pretty stilettos to replace those cheap, skanky platforms. Maybe a pair of Louboutin...

"I've heard that you are choosy with taking requests for personal dances," Zhou Zishu commented, continuing to walk around the dancer, eyes appreciating the curve of the dancer's ass. "Is there any reason for that? That's where the money lies and you get many requests for that."

"I only take requests if I think I can handle the customers," Wen Kexing answered truthfully. "Or if the customer doesn't act like an asshole, can actually pay and not lie about their monetary status."

Zhou Zishu smirked. Smart boy. Cautious too. Good. Then he should know what he would be getting into when Zhou Zishu made his offer. 

He reached out trailed a finger down the dancer's stiff back. His action caused a shiver and Wen Kexing swallowed. Zhou Zishu admired the long pale neck as he followed the motion of his adam apple. 

"And if I was to request for a personal dance?" Zhou Zishu asked, voice dropping into a whisper as he stepped closer to his employee and the light touch he had on the dancer's back became a full hand on younger man's lower back. "Would you..."

He was so close he could smell Wen Kexing's cologne, light and not overly cloying mixed with sweat from his dancing and the hot spotlights on stage. He leaned in closer to nuzzle the glossy dark hair cascading gorgeously down the nape and back. 

"Say yes..?" he whispered into the ear of the beautiful pole dancer he'd been eyeing ever since he came in for an audition. 

"...Mr. Zhou?" that came in a breathless whisper. 

"Say yes," he said again, this time a command instead of a question. He slid his other hand around the dancer's waist.

"And if I don't?" asked the long-haired young man. 

Zhou Zishu pushed him onto the table suddenly, surprising the young man. Wen Kexing gasped as he lurched forward, hands outstretched on the table to break his fall. 

"You don't have to work here anymore," he whispered into Wen Kexing's ear, caging the pole dancer down with his body and pinning his hands onto the table.

"Are you firing me, Mr Zhou?" Wen Kexing asked softly, looking genuinely distraught by the prospect and by the position he was in now. 

"It depends on you," said Zhou Zishu, leaning close to the younger man's ear. "If you want, you can continue to dance down there on the stage, getting groped by those men."


"You become mine."


End of Introduction

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Wen Kexing licked his lips as he contemplated it. For one thing, this was his boss. It was inadvisable to get into a relationship with his boss, if that was even what Zhou Zishu was asking for. For all Wen Kexing knew, maybe he just wanted a taste and would be over him after a night. Not that he was against that, Zhou Zishu was super hot and he wouldn't mind getting tapped once (or twice) by him.

The problem, however, was if Zhou Zishu was asking for more than a one night stand. Given Zhou Zishu's reputation, which wasn't very 'clean' so to speak, a relationship with the man was likely to bring more problems for Wen Kexing.

He turned his head and his eyes was met with a burning gaze that made his throat dry. He swallowed and licked his lips again before asking.

"And what does being yours entail?" he said it in a way that was so professional that he felt like he was doing a business transaction. Wen Kexing suppose that he was doing a transaction of sort, but since he was technically selling his body? time? companionship?, it could be considered as prostitution and he'd rather not think of it that way.

Zhou Zishu's eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he pressed him forward onto the table, so much so that Wen Kexing could feel the outline of something hard against his ass. He didn't know whether he wanted that to be a gun or something else. (Though whatever it was, it was impressive)

"I will provide you with financial support for your studies and whatever else you need, including an accommodation of my choosing," Zhou Zishu said.

"So I'm your live-in pet?" Wen Kexing asked. He's glad that his little sister was being cared for by Luo-Yi since he moved to the city for his studies, or he wouldn't even entertain this proposal at all.

"More like my live-in companion," Zhou Zishu replied. "A sugar baby, I believe the term is."

Zhou Zishu buried his face into the dark locks, giving into temptation. Wen Kexing squirmed as his boss kissed his sensitive nape. There was a reason why he left his hair long. He didn't like anyone touching his neck.

But the more he squirmed, the more Zhou Zishu mouthed at his neck, licking and even biting into the pale column of flesh.

"Ah, Mr Zhou!"


When Wen Kexing first heard of the opening, it was from an acquaintance of a friend of his from Uni.

Apparently, that acquaintance was the pub's bartender so Wen Kexing came right before the opening of the pub and managed to find the man who introduced himself as Wu Xi.

"Just call me Da Wu," the dark set eyes gleamed with intelligence as he scanned Wen Kexing up and down. "You are applying as server, right? Ever danced before?"

Wen Kexing turned to the direction that Wu Xi indicated and saw the 3 poles installed onto the wide stage. Huh, so it's that kind of place.

"I'm not experienced with stripping. But I do have dance experience," Wen Kexing replied. "Pole dancing even."

"Then you should consider applying for that instead," the bartender said, wiping some glasses. "It pays better. And when you are not performing, you can sell and serve the alcohol. It'll earn you commission."

"You'll only need to work three nights a week and on a good night, you'll bring in a full week's worth of earnings," Wu Xi finished. "Hey! Han Ying!"

Wen Kexing was still thinking about what Wu Xi had said about being a dancer when the aforementioned Han Ying arrived.

"He's here for a job," Wu Xi said, pointing to Wen Kexing. "What's your name again?"

"Wen Kexing," he answered.

"A dancer?" Han Ying asked, scanning him up and down like Wu Xi did. He glanced at the tablet in his hand. "We have time for a short audition. You can use the stage to do a short dance. Do you need music?"

Wen Kexing thought for a moment of correcting the man's assumption but decided that the money from being a dancer couldn't hurt. If he had extra, he could even send it back to Luo-Yi to help with his sister's expenses.

"Yeah, sure," he said, putting down his bag on the counter. Wu Xi grabbed it and stored it behind the bar with a wink and a "Good Luck!"

It was fortunate that the song that he was familiar with was available on the playlist. He informed Han Ying of the title and the man was able to get it queued for his performance.

Not wanting to trip over his clothes by doing a clumsy striptease when he was inexperienced in that front, he took off his jacket and pants, relieved that he had chosen to wear briefs instead of boxers that day. He kicked off his shoes and socks, did a short stretch and warm up before he dusted his hands with powder to grip the pole properly. Then he retrieved a chair to put at the center stage before the main pole. He sat down on it, legs stretch wide over the back of the chair, and closed his eyes to wait for the music, willing himself to block all the sounds around him.

At the first beat of the music, he threw his head back, his loose hair falling free around his fair face. He moved his shoulder to the thrum of the music, swinging a leg over the chair in a calculated move to showcase his best asset; his long legs. This was a choreography that he had come up with years ago when he started experimenting with different dances. He'd practiced it over and over again until he had mastered it even with his eyes closed.

He stood up and, gliding the chair to the side in a swift, smooth motion so that it didn't block the view of the pole, hooked a hand behind him, catching the pole easily. He spun around it, a simple circle that allowed him to push off into a better position up on the pole so he could do a split V with his legs.

By now, he's gotten so into the music that everything else had faded away, like it once did when he was young and still recovering from the traumatic event where he witnessed a group of home invaders kill his parents.

He had only been 9 then, and even until now he was grateful that his sister had been sick that day and was completely knocked out by her medication. She had been slumbering quietly enough that he had been able to bundle her up and hide in the closet until those men left.

The police didn't do anything at all. He suspected that they didn't even investigate before writing it off as a robbery gone wrong. Needless to say, as a result, Wen Kexing had little faith in them.

His distant aunt, Luo Fumeng, took both him and his sister in after some time spent in an orphanage that was over flowing with starving, neglected children. Somehow, she had found out about the death of her cousin and kindly decided to take her orphaned children in. She lived in a shophouse above her dance studio after her divorce, so she and the children had to make adjustments in their lives to accommodate each other.

One of the biggest obstacle that Luo Fumeng had to overcome was Wen Kexing's traumatic mutism. He hadn't been able to speak for nearly a year after the murders and was only able to slowly cope with his trauma after discovering the joys of dancing. It happened one night when he had come down to look for his missing Aunt, only to find her dancing in her studio.

She had looked so carefree and graceful that he had been completely mesmerised. He stood there watching for a very long time before she realised that he was there. Luo-yi had looked at him for a moment before beckoning him to come onto the dance floor, where she proceeded to teach him a simple dance. Then another, and then another.

It never ended and dance became his go to language of expression. When he was upset or stressed, he would go spend an hour or two at the studio, dancing away his worries and troubles.

At one point he had even contemplated on making dancing his career, but he had remembered his parents, who were both prominent medical professionals in their fields, and decided that he would pursue a medical career instead.

A surgeon maybe.


Wen Kexing came to himself and spun to a stop at the foot of the pole. He looked out at the gathering crowd of employees and standing at the front of them was a handsome young man who was so beautiful Wen Kexing's heart actually jumped in his chest.

"You're hired," said the handsome man whose eyes was so intense Wen Kexing could almost feel it bore into his soul.

"You can start this weekend," the man, evidently the boss, said and Han Ying nodded in acceptance, going back to his tablet to schedule Wen Kexing in.

After a moment in which the man continued to stare into Wen Kexing's eyes, he turned away, releasing the med student from his mesmerising gaze.

"I need you to fill in your details before this Friday," Han Ying said. "Give me your email and I'll send you all the documents."

"Ah yes, okay," Wen Kexing answered, attention snapping back to the manager. "Um, sorry. Who was that just now?"

"That's Zhou Zishu. Our big boss and the owner."


End of An Audition

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"Please stop."

Zhou Zishu took a deep breath to reign in his desire to continue regardless of the request. He wanted this man greatly but he didn't want an unwilling companion. So he ignored his hardon and pushed away from the younger man. 

He walked to the couch and took a seat, looking as if he wasn't concerned with what had just happened when, in actuality, he was trying to control himself from ripping Wen Kexing's shorts off before the other man had a chance to compose himself. 

For his part, the dancer got up from the table to stare at him, face flushed with a mix of arousal, embarrassment and confusion. 

Was Wen Kexing embarrassed for feeling turned on by Zhou Zishu's sudden assault/proposal?

Zhou Zishu certainly hoped so. 

"Sit down," he said, pointing to the space beside him. When the other young man hesitated for a brief moment, he continued. "We'll talk. Negotiate our terms."

"Terms?" Wen Kexing repeated, slowly making his way to sit beside his lounging boss.

"Our expectations," Zhou Zishu clarified. "In this relationship."

"Relationship," Wen Kexing repeated again. 

"Consider it a transaction if you want but I'd rather use the term 'relationship'. Except instead of a boss, I will be more of a... sponsor to you," Zhou Zishu said, leaning towards Wen Kexing. "I want you. Have wanted you since I first saw you dance."

Wen Kexing didn't meet his intense stare and instead licked his lips at the older man's honest words.

"But I have no time for the banal act of dating nor do I want to continue watching other men paw at you when you are so close at hand," Zhou Zishu said, continuing with his blasé words. "So this arrangement will be beneficial for both of us."

Zhou Zishu reached out to push the younger man's long locks over his shoulders. "I know you are taking out loans for your studies. I can help you pay them off."

"Ho- How?" Wen Kexing asked, turning to his boss to stare at him in shock.

Zhou Zishu gave the alarmed young man a lazy smile. "I have my ways."

"But- I - I don't know-" Wen Kexing stuttered before turning away, confused and flustered. 

"You don't know what to expect," Zhou Zishu predicted. "That's understandable. So I will tell you what I want and you will tell me what you want and we'll try to compromise. How does that sound?"

That sounded like this arrangement was a long term one and Wen Kexing wasn't sure if that was something he was willing to get into with a man that he heard might be involved with some questionable activities. 

After he had gotten the job at the pub, he'd asked around with some friends who told him that the boss of Tian Chuang had connections with the underground world. 

So on one hand, getting into a relationship (even a transactional one) with someone like Zhou Zishu was risky and might get him arrested or killed... or both, which was definitely not a desirable outcome. 

On the other hand, Zhou Zishu's 'sponsorship' would help with his and Luo-Yi's financial situation. And all he had to do was put out for his boss, which was frankly a small ask considering how handsome-beautiful Zhou Zishu was. 

If Wen Kexing was honest to himself, he would totally be willing to drop his pants for his boss even without the 'sponsorship'. If only he didn't have reservations over Zhou Zishu's questionable business affairs. 

With that in mind, he also might not be able to decline this 'offer' without getting on the bad side of his boss and that would probably be detrimental to his health. 

"What is it that you expect of me?" Wen Kexing asked. If he was to get into a 'relationship' with his new 'sugar daddy', he'd have to learn what Zhou Zishu's expectations were. 

"Like I have said before, you will move in into a home of my choosing," Zhou Zishu started with the first term but Wen Kexing interjected before he could get to the second. 

"Only if it near my University," Wen Kexing, said before realising how rude he was being. "Sorry. I shouldn't-"

"It's fine," Zhou Zishu waved his apology away. "I have a penthouse there that will fit your usage. Enough space for you to live comfortable, with amenities there that will be convenient for you. And it's even near enough for you to walk or cycle to the university but I'd prefer if you use the chauffer I'll provide you."

"Oh, okay," Wen Kexing said, surprised. It was clear to him that Zhou Zishu had really put thought into this. A penthouse...? A chauffer...?

"I will settle all your outstanding bills and loans but you will stay with me until i say otherwise," continued the older man, reaching out to grasp a surprised Wen Kexing's hand and pulling it to his lap. 

"I will also provide you with a monthly allowance," said the boss, inspecting the long, pale fingers. There were calluses that he didn't expect to see though he should have, considering the dancer's experience with pole dancing. 

"And what am I expected to provide you in return? Sex?" Wen Kexing asked cautiously. 

"Yes, among other things. But it not compulsory when i come to see you," Zhou Zishu said. 

"i reserve the rights to refuse anything that's too kinky," Wen Kexing said quickly. "Like scat. Or fisting. I don't want to get an infection or a prolapse."

Zhou Zishu looked shocked by his bluntness for a moment before he snorted with laughter. 

"Agreed," he said. Leave it to a med student to say something like that. "We can have a more in-depth discussion on what we can agree on in the bedroom later."

"Okay," Wen Kexing agreed with a nod. He's gonna have to make a list of things that he's not comfortable with for that discussion because even if he was going to be financially reliant on Zhou Zishu, he was not going to let Zhou Zishu turn him into a pushover in this aspect. 

"Along with a safe word," Zhou Zishu said, and when Wen Kexing gave him an alarmed look, he leaned in to whisper into the younger man's ear. "Just in case you want to experiment with other fun bedroom stuff. You know, like bondage. "

Wen Kexing's face reddened but Zhou Zishu caught the way his pupil dilated and smirked at the other young man. So he's pinpointed one of his kink. He wonders what else Wen Kexing was open to. 

Plenty of time to find out later, he suppose. 

"I don't care what you do during the day time since I expect I'll be busy with work, but I expect your nights to be mine," Zhou Zishu continued but Wen Kexing put a hand out to halt him from continuing. 

"I'm a med school student," Wen Kexing said. "I work on weekends because I have no choice but I have to study during week nights."

Zhou Zishu frowned, dissatisfied. "So I'm only able to have you during the weekends?"

"Yes," Wen Kexing replied, tilting his head up stubbornly to indicate his unwillingness to compromise on this issue. 

"Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays," Zhou Zishu listed. "Any functions where I'm to bring a plus one, your vacations days and term breaks."

That would mean he wouldn't have any time to go back home to see his sister and aunt!

"What!? N-" Wen Kexing started but was interrupted. 

"That's my compromise for your week nights being your own," Zhou Zishu said firmly and Wen Kexing clamped his mouth shut at the look in his employer's eyes that said that he shouldn't push his luck with the one that would be paying his bills. 

He pouted and Zhou Zishu's eyes shifted to his lips. Emboldened by the action, he crawled forward towards the older man until he was nearly on his lap. 

"Can I at least have a week during my vacation days to visit family?" Wen Kexing plead, sliding one thigh over Zhou Zishu's legs to sit himself firmly on his employer's lap. 

Zhou Zishu's hands automatically grasped the smooth thighs, keeping the dancer in place. Unbidden, Zhou Zishu had a fleeting thought that those shapely thighs would look good wearing a garter.

"Please," Wen Kexing whispered into the other man's lips. "Just one week?"

"Wen Kexing," Zhou Zishu replied, lips tilted in a wry smile, amusement obvious. "Do you really think I will fold so easily?"

Instead of replying, Wen Kexing licked the other man's lips before pulling him into a deep, devouring kiss. The med student may not be a world-class seductress but he knew enough to be devastating to a man like Zhou Zishu, who was very clear with his desire to have Wen Kexing in his bed. 

He wantonly rubbed his ass down on the hard cock he could feel straining against their clothes and moaned into his boss' mouth. He could feel the hands on his thighs travel towards his ass and squeezing the round flesh. 

He moaned again, now grinding on Zhou Zishu's lap and squirming desperately. When their lips separated, there was a string of saliva connecting their mouths and Wen Kexing was breathing hard. He threw his head back, feeling his hair cascade down his back as he grinded down onto the protruding hard on between his butt cheeks. 

"Daddy, please," he whispered, looking completely debouched even though they had barely done anything but kiss for the first time. 

"Fuck," Zhou Zishu breathed before his self-control broke. 

Wen Kexing had sudden vertigo when he was abruptly flipped onto his back on the sofa with Zhou Zishu hovering over him.

"Wait- Umph." 

The younger man was voraciously kissed by his boss while trying to unbutton his slacks with one hand. Wen Kexing reacted to it by quickly responding to the kiss enthusiastically, throwing one arm over Zhou Zishu's shoulder and reaching a hand down. He grasped the long, thick shaft that Zhou Zishu pulled out and begin to pump the hard cock. 

He wasn't about to let the man have him so easily before they came to a compromise with their terms and conditions. And there was no way he'd let Zhou Zishu fuck his ass without any prior preparation.

"Ah, Mr. Zhou," Wen Kexing moaned, panting as the man mouthed his neck, sucking and nibbling on the pale expanse of flesh. 

A hand grasped his tightly as Zhou Zishu fucked into his grip eagerly, smearing cum on Wen Kexing's hand. The erection really was quite impressive and the feel of it made Wen Kexing involuntarily clench his ass in anticipation. 

"Fuck," Wen Kexing cursed as his own erection, which was still confined within his tight booty shorts, rubbed against the other man's. He had to endure this. He had to make sure Zhou Zishu came first. 

But despite thinking that, Wen Kexing came when Zhou Zishu did, thrusting against him while biting into the junction between his neck and shoulder. 

Wen Kexing gasped and arched his back as he rubbed himself against the man that was pressing him into the sofa. He moaned when Zhou Zishu started licking the bitemark. 

"Are you an incubus sent to test me? A fox spirit here to seduce me?" the older man asked hoarsely. "I can't even go through a day without thinking about you."

"Mr Zhou, what about our agreement?" Wen Kexing asked, tugging on the man's still hard cock. It twitched in interest while Zhou Zishu groaned. Or growled. Wen Kexing couldn't tell with the way the man was burying his face into his neck. Does the man have a neck fetish or something?

"Don't call me that," Zhou Zishu said, licking a bead of sweat off Wen Kexing's neck. It made his new lover shiver. Wen Kexing really did have a sensitive neck. 

"Then what should I call you?" Wen Kexing asked as Zhou Zishu forced himself to get up. "Daddy?"

"Only if you want me to rail you every time you call me that," Zhou Zishu warned. He got up to retrieve a towel from the adjoining bathroom and to clean himself up.

When he returned from the bathroom with a fresh towel for his new lover? baby?, Wen Kexing had already adjusted himself on the sofa to display his long legs, jacket now opened completely to showcase his flat cum-splattered belly and his hair swept to the side to show off the hickeys Zhou Zishu had left on him.  

Zhou Zishu stared at him for a while, eyes tracking from his toes to his kiss-swollen lips.

"Fine. A week during the holidays for you to return to your family," he conceded at last. 

To reward his sugar daddy for being so accommodating (and for revealing his absolute weakness for Wen Kexing's body), the dancer licked off the cum still on his fingers without breaking eye contact even for a second. 

"Vixen," Zhou Zishu accused. 

End of Negotiations

Chapter Text

Much to Zhou Zishu's dissatisfaction, Wen Kexing was not able to move into his designated penthouse until the next weekend. During the weekday, he was too busy with his classes to do more than pack and since Zhou Zishu had approached him on the last night of the weekend, he wasn't able to rearrange his time to accommodate a move from his apartment.

Now, normally, this kind of situation would annoy Zhou Zishu greatly, if it wasn't for the impromptu make out session that he had with Wen Kexing that night. Buoyed by the spectacular release he had experienced, he went through the week in a good mood.

He was in such a pleasant mood that even his subordinates noticed.

"Why do they look so scared?" he asked Han Ying as two of his subordinates clambered to exit his office, looking as if they were comically pushing each other in their efforts to get out.

Han Ying bit his lips for a moment before answering, looking a bit amused. "You were smiling, sir."

"What?" Zhou Zishu asked, his usual frown returning instantly. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"You don't smile," Han Ying answered. Then, as if realising what he had just said, added, "Often."

Well, if there's one thing that Zhou Zishu often did, it was roll his eyes, so he did just that.

"Has Jin Wang called?" Zhou Zishu asked, remembering his cousin who had been nagging him about a meeting.

"His secretary did call to schedule a meeting with his other associates but she hasn't gotten back to me to confirm the date yet," Han Ying replied.

"Good. Have Xie Wang gotten back to you about the shipment yet?" he asked his right-hand man.

"Not yet but the Scorpions should be receiving the shipment today," Han Ying answered.

"Inform me if there's any hiccups," Zhou Zishu said, getting up from his chair.

"Sir?" Han Ying asked as Zhou Zishu retrieved his jacket.

"I'm going out for the rest of the day," Zhou Zishu announced. "I'll leave the rest to you. Contact me if anything goes wrong."

He turned back to look at Han Ying just before he walked out the door.

"Only if anything goes wrong," he emphasized.


He was tempted to go look for Wen Kexing at his university but he resisted, knowing that it was a bad idea at this point of their relationship. Instead, he went on what some people might call a shopping spree.

He went to his favourite tailors and ordered a variety of suits that he would never wear himself; ostentatious, embroidered, colourful ensembles that he thinks Wen Kexing would be able to pull off with aplomb. The younger man would need them when he makes a public appearance as Zhou Zishu's companion.

So when Wen Kexing finally made an appearance at the penthouse, it was to a half full walk-in closet double the size of his old apartment.

The younger man gaped at brightly lit room, eyes taking in the expensive suits, brooches, scarves, shirts and dress shoes.

"How did you even know my size?" Wen Kexing asked, touching the fine material with his long fingers.

"Hm? It's listed somewhere," Zhou Zishu answered evasively. He watched his men carry in two medium-sized luggage and set them aside. "Are those your clothes?"

"Yes," Wen Kexing answered, inspecting the scarves that were neatly displayed. What is he to do with so many scarves?

"Are those all of them?" Zhou Zishu asked with a frown.

"Yes," Wen Kexing answered again. "I have all I need there."

Zhou Zishu ignored the pointed answer and made a mental note of what else to get the next day as Wen Kexing bent down to retrieve his clothes.

Underwear, he decided, appreciatively eyeing the way Wen Kexing's jeans tightly curved around his ass. And lingerie. Because those thighs need garters. Some lacy ones, some leather ones.

"Have you eaten yet?" he asked, snapping out of his daydream.

It was slightly worrying that Wen Kexing had to pause and think before answering. "I think so?"

It was late Friday night and Wen Kexing looked as if he had a tiring week. There were bags under his eyes and he was blinking lazily in a way that he only did at the end of his shift and he was too tired to do more than sit on a stool at the bar.

More than once, Zhou Zishu had to ask Han Ying to arrange a transport for the dancer for fear that he would keel over into a ditch somewhere while walking home. Wen Kexing never knew that it was his boss that had perpetuated his colleagues offering him rides home. He just thought that they were friendly.

Somewhat exasperated with the younger man's answer, Zhou Zishu took out his phone and speed dialed the restaurant downstairs that actually catered for the residents of the high-rise that Wen Kexing now lived in.

"I'll order some supper for both of us," he announced. "And I'll leave the number of the restaurant down stairs for you at the fridge so you can call them for food when you don't feel like cooking."

"Okay," Wen Kexing said agreeably, still blinking sleepily as he unpacked his items, which barely took up any space at all in his new walk-in closet.

By the time he was done, Zhou Zishu had already finished ordering. They ate the food in relative silence as Zhou Zishu watched Wen Kexing droop over his food. Because of that, Zhou Zishu decided that it would be a good idea to retire early.

He bundled up his lover after dinner/supper to the bathroom to brush his teeth and brush his hair before leading the exhausted med school student to bed. When Zhou Zishu returned from his own nightly ablutions, Wen Kexing was already slumbering soundly in bed.


"Sorry," Wen Kexing said first thing in the morning, voice sleep heavy . "I know you expected more last night."

"It's fine," Zhou Zishu said, pulling the younger man closer into his arms. "You can make it up to me now."

Wen Kexing hummed amiably as he kissed Zhou Zishu, a hint of a smile lingering on his lips. He thought that Zhou Zishu would have pushed the issue last night despite his evident fatigue but he was pleasantly surprised to find himself unmolested by his (ahem) sponsor? boss? that morning.

Their kiss was languid and unhurried, lips opening up to searching tongues. Zhou Zishu was pushed back on his back as Wen Kexing took the time to kiss his way down his neck, then chest, making sure to lavish attention on the lovely nipples, before proceeding down his abdomen.

Zhou Zishu watched in appreciation as Wen Kexing nuzzled his hardening cock through the material of his boxers. The seductive vixen looked at him through his long lashes as he licked his lips and then he pulled Zhou Zishu's boxer's down using his teeth, freeing the older man's cock.

Tilting his head back, Zhou Zishu moaned as a warm mouth enveloped his cock and he saw stars as he thrust upwards into the spasming throat.

"Fuck, baobei," he breathed, one hand automatically grasping Wen Kexing's head, fingers tangling in the long, silky hair. When he accidentally pulled his lover's hair, he felt the moan reverberate around his cock and it made him want to thrust deeper into that sinful mouth.

Wen Kexing's mouth eagerly sucked at the head, licking at the slit before enclosing around the hard cock again. It was as if he was trying to swallow the cock whole.

"So good," Zhou Zishu groaned in encouragement, pulling at Wen Kexing's head again. "Make sure you take it all in."

He could feel Wen Kexing choking on his length but he couldn't stop thrusting, didn't want to stop. He was so close. And his Ah-Xing's mouth was so soft and wet.

"Ah-Xing! Oh fuck!"

Wen Kexing managed to swallow most of the cum before he had to pull the still-ejaculating cock out of his mouth to breath. He'd tried to breath through his nose but Zhou Zishu's length and eager thrusts made it impossible for him to do so. He closed his eyes in time to feel semen splatter onto his face as he gasped for breath.

"Dirty boy," Zhou Zishu breathed, satisfied by how utterly debouched his lover looked with his mussed hair, cum-splattered face and swollen red lips.

"Come here," Zhou Zishu demanded, pulling the younger man by the grip he still had on his hair, making Wen Kexing whimper as he crawled forward to comply. He only let go when his lover was close enough to pull into his arms.

Zhou Zishu was satisfied to discovered that Wen Kexing had orgasmed as well when he felt the wet patch in front of the younger man's boxers. He rubbed his fingers on the outline of the flagging erection.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked his paramour, who still had traces of semen at the corner of his lips. He used his thumb to brush it off and made Wen Kexing lick it clean.

"I did," Wen Kexing admitted honestly, despite the cum in his hair and face, the stickiness in his boxers and his scalp smarting from Zhou Zishu's hair pulling.


He was right.

Wen Kexing's long legs looked stunning in high heels.

The first thing Zhou Zishu did when they arrived at the high end mall was to lead his new lover to a Louboutin shop and tell the manager to bring a pair of every variety they had in Wen Kexing's size.

The shocked manager, quickly (and quite smartly) realising that Zhou Zishu was someone very important judging by his entourage of bodyguards, signaled his sales people urgently to do as told.

Wen Kexing stood somewhat shyly to the side, watching the employees scuttle around and feeling somewhat like Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman. He was ushered into a seat with a flute of champagne and a train of employees bearing boxes of shoes to present to him.

When he looked at his boss/lover, Zhou Zishu just indicated to him with his head to try them.

Wondering if his new sugar daddy had a feet fetish, he slowly tried them on one at a time. Standing up to walk a circuit around the shop like he was a model. Given his face, stature and height, it wasn't hard for the employees to imagine him being one.

Through it all, Zhou Zishu seemed very content with lounging on the couch watching him model pair after pair of extremely expensive shoes that Wen Kexing had only ever heard of.

In the end, there was a huge stack of boxes of shoes that Zhou Zishu had deemed acceptable, including three pairs of stilettos in black, red and sparkling white, a lace-up stiletto that went up to his knees, two thigh-high pair of boots, three knee-high boots of different colours and styles and two black ankle boots.

Wen Kexing didn't even want to look or know how much the total for that shopping spree was. Nor did Zhou Zishu seem to care as he handed the manager his card and told them the address to send the shoes to. Then, he walked out as if he didn't care that he'd just spend thousands on shoes alone. Shoes that were not even his.

The University student could only follow after his boss as he wondered what he was going to do with so many shoes. There were already dress shoes in his closet too.

But if he thought that they were done with shoes, he was dead wrong, because Zhou Zishu's next destination was Jimmy Choo.


Wen Kexing sighed as he settled onto the comfortable leather seat of the car that was shipping him and his boss off to lunch.

Who would have thought shopping would be so tiring?

He turned to his sugar daddy, who was busy on his phone. Then he leaned his head on the window and closed his eyes, hoping to take a nap. Zhou Zishu had really tired him out this morning with his shopping spree.

But before he could nod off, Zhou Zishu called his name and pull his hand towards him.

"Hm?" he asked blearily, blinking at the screen of his boss' phone. Then his eyes widened as he took in the risqué lingerie that Zhou Zishu wanted him to wear. His jaw dropped and before he could stop himself, he gasped, "Ah-Shu!"

Even during his performances, he would never wear lacy thongs like that!

There would be totally nothing to cover his manhood!

Though, on retrospect, he suppose that was the point. Still, if he was swinging on the pole, his cock would flop out! Lacy thongs are just not a good idea for pole dancing.

Of course, if Zhou Zishu wanted it, who was he to say no?

"If daddy wants it," he finally said to a smirking Zhou Zishu after recovering from his shock.

Zhou Zishu leaned over to him and gave him a kiss. Wen Kexing enthusiastically accepted it. He couldn't help it. Zhou Zishu was a very good kisser.

"Daddy wants it," Zhou Zishu whispered into his ear, making the younger man shiver in his arms. "Ah-Shu wants it even more. For his Ah-Xing to wear it."

Wen Kexing moaned as Zhou Zishu descended on his neck, knowing that it was one of his weak spots.

"You'll wear it, won't you?" asked Zhou Zishu, licking at his collar bone. "My Ah-Xing will wear it."

"Yes," Wen Kexing breathed. "Yes, Ah-Shu."

"Good," Zhou Zishu replied, satisfied with his lover's response. Then he pulled the younger man closer to his lap.

"Now, we still have half an hour till we get there," Zhou Zishu said to Wen Kexing, who was already breathing hard. "Let's put that pretty mouth of yours to good use, shall we?"


When they got the posh restaurant, Zhou Zishu exited the car looking as immaculate as he had that morning when he first left the penthouse. Wen Kexing had swollen red lips, mussed hair and a look that resembled a cat that got the cream.


End of A Move

Chapter Text

A week after Wen Kexing settled into his new penthouse, he picked up the phone on a Saturday night expecting his sugar daddy (he's still reeling at the fact that he had a sugar daddy) only to find out that it was his previous manager. 

"Mr Han, why are you calling?" Wen Kexing asked. Then, realising how rude it sounded, "I mean, how can I help you?"

"Mr Zhou asked for you to come to the club," Han Ying said. "We'll be sending your chauffer over to pick you up."

"Oh, okay," Wen Kexing answered, only to realise that he was really not dressed for clubbing. "Erm, give me thirty minutes."

"It's fine, sir," Han Ying replied, making Wen Kexing balk at the address. Sir? "Take your time. Your chauffer will be waiting for you downstairs."

"Uh, I'll be down in thirty minutes or so," he said before putting down the phone, feeling completely out of sorts for being called 'sir' by someone who was just his manager two weeks ago. 

How things have changed in just a couple of weeks. 

The week before, though Zhou Zishu had spent Friday night coddling him and Saturday buying things for him, he'd been called out for some business that resulted in Wen Kexing being left all alone on Saturday night and Sunday. 

He'd thought that Zhou Zishu would have wanted to bed him this week and had even slowly began preparations throughout the week. So he'd been confused that his sponsor wanted him to go to Tian Chuang instead. 

Still, he couldn't say no to his sponsor without a good reason so he headed to his wardrobe and carefully choose an ensemble that would not look overly slutty but still too hot to ignore. 

He'd already done all the preparation anyway. And, he does look forward to getting laid. Finally. By that hot ex-boss of his. 

He put on some make up that to emphasize his eyes, cheeks and pouty lips but made sure not to overdo it. His hair, he decided to loosely braid to the side to expose his neck, which he had quickly realised was Zhou Zishu's favourite part of him.

He knew that he had succeeded when he reached the lobby and was greeted by slack jawed stares from the people lounging there and the doormen. 

"Good evening, Mr Wen," greeted his driver as he opened the car door for him.

"Good evening, Cheng. Let's go to the club," he told Cheng Xiu as he settled onto his seat, adjusting the hem of his skirt as not to flash anyone his panties.

"Mr Zhou is waiting."


Zhou Zishu was annoyed. 

Just when he was enjoying his time with his new sugar baby, he'd been called away on an emergency because there was some problems with Xie Wang's shipment. Someone had dipped into the shipment before it had reached the Scorpion leader and Xie Wang was not happy about it.

Since the cargo had been checked personally by Han Ying before it left the docks, Zhou Zishu was sure that the theft was done during transit. Unfortunately, since Xie Wang had also sent men to ensure that the shipment reached their destination, it had resulted in a chaotic finger-pointing mess that nearly resulted in a shoot out. 

Fortunately, Zhou Zishu and Xie Wang, both level headed men, came to an agreement. Zhou Zishu will replace the missing number of cargo and both of them will interrogate their own men to get to the bottom of this.

He'd spent days interrogating his three men, who claimed that they knew nothing. That they had been with the cargo the entire time and had not touched anything inside the trucks. 

Though he wanted to trust his men, they had let this happen during their watch and he could not let this transgression slide, so he had been contemplating on what to do to them as punishment before a knock sounded on the door. 

"Enter," he snapped, rubbing his temples with his eyes closed. 

The door opened and closed almost silently but he didn't bother opening his eyes to look up until he heard the clicking of the lock. 

He paused as he took in his lover's appearance, tracking him from the tip of his pointed boots to his beautiful face. 

Black knee length boots encased a pair of shapely legs that he hadn't had a chance to slowly appreciate, the mid thigh-length black pleated skirt he definitely did not purchase for Wen Kexing (which was frankly a mistake he would never do again) and the white top that was repurposed from one of his new dress shirts paired with a laced black corset. On top of that, he was wearing a dark red long coat. 

Zhou Zishu's throat dried as his mind temporarily stalled at the sight of the delectable figure in front of him. He swallowed as Wen Kexing slowly stalked forward, long legs really showcasing how beautiful those boots looked on him. 

Worth every penny, Zhou Zishu thought to himself as his sugar baby walked around his table. 

"Daddy, you've been so mean to your baby," his seductive vixen purred, pushing his chair to turn towards him. "Neglecting your poor baby like this."

"Ah-Xing," he breathed as the man climbed onto his lap. His chair creaked at the added weight of a full grown man but both of them ignored it. 

"Does Ah-Xing have to do a private dance for his daddy to get some attention?" Wen Kexing pouted, touching Zhou Zishu's chin with a finger. The ring that he had purchased on a whim for his lover glinted brightly under the light of his office. 

"Ah-Xing," he repeated, hands coming up to grasp the younger man's hip. 

"That's me," Wen Kexing said, push one of his hands towards his ass. "I have a surprise for you, Ah-Shu."

"What is it?" Zhou Zishu whispered as his lover leaned over him to kiss his lips lightly. 

"I think you will like it very much," the dancer said, leading the hand under his skirt. 

"Fuck," Zhou Zishu breathed, feeling the lace pattern of the flimsy panties that he had ordered for Wen Kexing last week. He breath hitched when his fingers brushed against a well-oiled hole. 

"Did you prepare yourself for me?" he asked, voice still soft but filled with anticipation. Wen Kexing's smile widened as he touched his patron's chin with one finger.

"Come sit at the sofa and let your baby give you the private dance that you wanted?" cajoled Wen Kexing. 

Zhou Zishu went without any objections, or even a single word. 

Wen Kexing sat him down on the sofa and started a song on his phone, which he set on the coffee table. Then, he took of his red coat and threw it over the settee. Following the beat of the music, Wen Kexing turned on his heel, throwing his head back as he danced closer to his sugar daddy. 

Zhou Zishu's eyes didn't leave the graceful figure for even a second, and when Wen Kexing sat onto his lap, he wrapped his arms around the taller young man's waist. 

There's a rule in his club that the patrons were not allowed to touch a dancer or server without their permission but Zhou Zishu was allowed to touch his baby as much as he wanted. 

"Daddy," Wen Kexing breathed, lifting his arms over his head as his hips moved to the beat of the music. Zhou Zishu's hand slid down to bracket that beautiful ass, feeling the muscles flex as Wen Kexing gave him a lap dance that made his mouth water. 

Wen Kexing trailed his hands down Zhou Zishu's head, then chest and abdomen. He put his hands behind him onto Zhou Zishu's knees and arched his back as he threw his head back with his eyes closed. The song crested as he sat back up to grind his ass down onto the arousal beneath him. 

"Wen Kexing," Zhou Zishu said hoarsely, fire in his eyes. "You fucking tease."

"Only for you, daddy," Wen Kexing grinned. Then he reached for Zhou Zishu's pants and unzipped it. His cock sprung up the moment the dancer pulled down the hem of his underwear. 

"So eager," he purred, rubbing a hand down the hard on, smearing it with pre-cum beading at the tip. "I bet daddy's cock would love this."

Wen Kexing lifted himself up, pulling the thin strap of his panties to the side with his other hand to position the cock at the rim of his hole. Slowly, he sank down on it, throwing his head back at the breach. He moaned as his inside involuntarily spasmed around the thick phallus. He'd prepared and oiled himself beforehand at the penthouse but even then, the girth of Zhou Zishu's cock stretched him to the max. 

"Shit, baby," Zhou Zishu breathed, holding onto Wen Kexing's hip so tight that he would find bruises dotting his thighs the next morning. Wen Kexing's skirt covered their groins so he couldn't see their connection but he felt it so keenly. 

"Wait," the dancer plead. "Just a minute."

Zhou Zishu waited, as patiently as he could, mouthing at his collar and neck while unbuttoning his blouse as much as the corset allowed to reveal hardening nipples. He licked and sucked on them as Wen Kexing moaned, grinding down to take more of his cock. 

"Ah daddy. So big," Wen Kexing whined.

"You can take it, baby," Zhou Zishu encouraged, feeling his cock slowly swallowed by the wet heat. "Just a little more."

But Wen Kexing was already too far gone to understand what he was saying. Little white spots were in his vision as pleasure exploded when Zhou Zishu's cock hit THAT spot. Wen Kexing pulled Zhou Zishu's head closer to his chest as he lifted himself up and then down again, eager to feel that stimulation again. 

"AH, Ah, Ah-Shu!"

Taking it as approval, Zhou Zishu fucked upwards into the heavenly wet hole enveloping his cock. It felt so good and warm he couldn't help but want more. Bury himself deeper and mark his lover with his cum. Mark him from inside so he would always know that he belonged to Zhou Zishu.  

Using his grip on Wen Kexing's hips, he pushed the dancer down onto his cock as he thrust upwards. The younger man keened as the cock in his ass slid deeper than he thought was ever possible. 

"No. No. Too much," he whispered but Zhou Zishu ignored it, doing it again and again till he felt the wet walls around his cock shudder and spasm tightly. He buried himself as deeply as he could, breathing hard and relishing the feeling as Wen Kexing orgasmed. He could feel the younger man slump in his arms when he finished coming. 

"Ah, Ah-shu?"

Zhou Zishu smirked when he heard the uncertain question. He hadn't cummed yet and he wasn't planning to until he's driven his lover crazy with pleasure. He turned and pushed Wen Kexing down onto the sofa on his back. The younger man yelped and Zhou Zishu could feel the ass wrapped tight around his still hard cock spasm. 

"I'm not done with you yet, baobei," he said before taking hold of Wen Kexing's knees and bending them towards his chest while spreading them apart so he could take a good look at his lover's pretty snatch stretched around his girth. 

"Look at you. So beautiful," Zhou Zishu said to his lover. He pulled out slowly, loving the way Wen Kexing's ass seemed to be sucking on his cock, reluctant to release it. Then he thrust in, balls deep into the squelching hole. 

"Wait! I can't! I just- Unghhh - I just came!" Wen Kexing protested as Zhou Zishu continuously assaulted his insides, stimulating his prostate mercilessly. His nails scratched at the sofa as he tried to gain purchase some where and when that didn't work, he tried to push at Zhou Zishu's shoulder but the other man didn't stop. 

"I want you to come again, baby," Zhou Zishu said with a wicked grin. "Show me how much you love my cock inside you."

"I can't. I can't," Wen Kexing repeated as he arched his back. He was so overstimulated that he couldn't feel anything but pleasure, with the initial pain from being penetrated fading after his first orgasm. 

"You can and you will," his lover insisted, grinding his cock deep against his prostate and making Wen Kexing see stars. Then he started thrusting continuously, chasing after his own orgasm. 

Wen Kexing was pleading for him to stop and not stop, oscillating between wanting more and having too much. Either way, Zhou Zishu didn't care because by the way his insides was fluttering around his length, he was going to come soon. Sure enough, Zhou Zishu felt the warm sheath around his cock tighten and he pistoned his hips harder against his lover's. 

"That's right," he encouraged. "You love this."

Wen Kexing couldn't even do anything other than moan in pleasure as he came, eyes rolling back as his hole greedily swallowed his lover's length.

"That's my good baby," Zhou Zishu praised, pushing into the tight hole as he too came, making sure to fuck his cum as deep as he could. 

Wen Kexing whimpered at the way the cock in his ass continued to send sparks of pleasure up his spine, rubbing at his prostate persistently. 

"Enough," he plead but Zhou Zishu ignored it in favour of sucking another hickey into his collarbone while he enjoyed his prolonged orgasm in his sugar baby's ass. 

Once he was satisfied with the number of hickeys he'd left on his lover and his cock had soften enough to slide out of Wen Kexing's ruined ass, he got up and headed towards the bathroom to clean up, feeling invigorated and sated. 

When he returned with a clean wet cloth, Wen Kexing was still lying dazed on the sofa with his legs still splayed wide. His shirt was still open, revealing a bruise-dotted chest and saliva-coated nipples. His skirt had been flipped up during their session so Zhou Zishu could admire the hole stretched tight around his cock. Now, his previously pretty pink snatch had become red and puffy, dripping with cum from Zhou Zishu. 

Zhou Zishu stood there for a long while, admiring his work and how beautiful his slutty baby looked. 


He smiled at the sleepy blinks his lover was giving him. He'd managed to tire Wen Kexing out. How satisfying and gratifying that felt. 

"Sleep, baby," he said. "I'll wake you up when it's time to go."

"'Kay," Wen Kexing said, closing his eyes, completely uncaring on how debauched he looked. 

Zhou Zishu was tempted to just leave him like he was, partially undressed and cover in cum but he couldn't do that to his precious Ah-Xing. So, he wiped his lover down but left the cum in his ass be. His Ah-Xing should get used to the feeling of being filled. 

Then he buttoned up the shirt and pulled down the ruined skirt (he's going to buy so many for his baby, one ruined skirt is nothing). He unzipped and removed his lover's boots so that he could nap more comfortably. After that, he retrieved the coat Wen Kexing had thrown over the settee and tucked it around his lover. 

It wouldn't do to let his precious baby get sick when he had so much plans for them tomorrow. 

Then he straightened up, cracking his knuckles and neck. 

For now, he had some traitors to flush out. 

End of A First Time

Chapter Text

Xie Wang watched with a look of disinterest as the dancers spun around the stage. They were pretty but so lifeless. 

He took a sip of his drink and raise a brow at the concoction that was frankly quite good. He wondered briefly if he should poach Zhou Zishu's bartender for his own Scorpion club but decided it would not be a good idea to test waters with the notoriously territorial man over something so trifle.  

He looked around the dance floor to see if Zhou Zishu's assistant was around but couldn't find him. The young man had told him that his boss was having a meeting and was unable to meet him yet. He'd tried to lead him to a private room but Xie Wang declined, wanting to take a look at Tian Chuang's night scene. 

Beside him, Qiao Luohan yawned as she looked around while Qin Song and Jiang Lao Guai leered at the dancers. Dupusa had already disappeared into the dance floor to snag herself a man. 

Xie Wang was wondering when Zhou Zishu would show up when a tall figure appeared on stage, looking like a vision from a wet dream. 

Long dark hair, a beautiful face with smooth pale skin and shapely long legs made all the more sexier with the red platform heels. He wore minimal clothes so that he could grip the pole with his knees, elbows and hands as he spun around it expertly. 

Xie Wang couldn't tear his eyes away as the pole dancer arched his back, giving the audience a glimpse of what he would look like being pleasured in bed.

A low whistle from Qin Song snapped Xie Wang from his trance and he immediately signaled a nearby server. 

"Does that dancer do private dances?" he asked the young waitress who nodded. "Please inform him of my interest."

"Yes sir," she said, nodding before disappearing into the crowd. 

"Are we going into a private room?" Jiang Lao Guai asked, looking excited at the prospect of sampling some of the dancers on stage. 

"No," Xie Wang said shortly. It made his subordinates sit up straight. "I'll be going into a private room. The rest of you stay here to wait for Mr Zhou. If he arrives, tell him I'm delayed for a while." 

"Yes sir," Qiao Luohan answered in lieu for all of them. 

Mollified, Xie Wang looked back up on stage to see his pretty pole dancer walking off stage. He tried to curb his disappointment by telling himself that better things await. 

Sure enough, ten minutes later, the beautiful pole dancer with the legs appeared. He was wearing a dark leather jacket but otherwise clothed in the same black booty shorts with chain embellishments as he had on the stage. 

Upclose, Xie Wang could see that he had bare minimal make up, unlike the other dancers and servers. His complexion was not caked with the foundation that Dupusa loved to put on to cover any blemishes. He wore his freckles and beauty marks for all to see and that made him all the more beautiful.

And upclose, his legs were really long, more so in those sinful looking heels. 

"You asked for a private dance?" the young man asked with a purr in his voice, reaching out to touch Xie Wang's tie lightly. 

"Yes," he replied succinctly. His breath caught when the pole dancer wound his long, graceful fingers around his tie and pulled on it gently. 

"Then come," said the seductive vixen. 

Xie Wang obeyed, getting up from his chair to follow the pull of the scantily clad dancer like a dog being pulled by its owner by the leash. He didn't bother looking at his subordinates. 

Not once did the pole dancer looked at them either. It was as if all his attention was completely on Xie Wang. 

And he liked it that way. 

He was lead into a small private room where he was pushed into a sofa. 

"Sit," instructed the dancer. 

"Are you always so bossy?" Xie Wang asked with an intrigued smile. 

"Only if I want someone to listen to me," the pole dancer replied, leaning over him. "And it's usually people who I think will disobey the rules."

"What are the rules then?" Xie Wang asked, charmed by the other man's forwardness. 

"Keep your hands to yourself," he said, heading to the stereo system to set up a playlist. Then he turned around to step onto the table in front of Xie Wang, completely ignoring the small stage and the pole. "Sit back, relax and enjoy the show."

Once again, Xie Wang couldn't tear his eyes away as the dancer lifted his arms over his head, closed his eyes and started dancing to the beat of the music. His skin was gleaming with sweat and the long tresses were sticking to his back and face, giving an illusion of the dancer being in the midst of coitus as he gyrated and arched, pulling his jacket open in brief moments to let his audience of one see his perky nipples and gorgeous abs. 

After a song or two of him performing on his make shift stage, he got down to climb onto the sofa with his legs bracketing Xie Wang's thighs. Xie Wang wisely kept his hands to himself despite dying to put his hands on those lovely hips. He looked up at the tall dancer and swallowed when the other young man licked at the bead of sweat on his upper lip. 

"What's your name?" he breathed into the mouth so close to his own that he could taste it. But the pole dancer refuse to give in to him, pulling away when he leaned forward to kiss him. 

"Hm... I don't think it goes that way," the other young man purred, pushing him back onto the sofa with two fingers. "You're supposed to introduce yourself first."

"Xie Wang," he replied quickly. The dancer laughed soundlessly, tilting his head back and showing off his long, pale neck.

"So eager," his dancer crooned, touching his lips gently. "And so very handsome."

"I bet a lot of the dancers offered you private dances," the young man said to Xie Wang, he started swaying to the music still playing on the loudspeaker.  

They did but he hadn't even bothered looking at them.

"I'm eager too," admitted the dancer. Then he pouted with those sinful lips of his. "I wanted to dance for you so badly I forgot to even negotiate a price with you."

Xie Wang's breath caught as the dancer's shapely bottom brushed against his erection. Then the dancer straightened, lifting his ass off Xie Wang's lap and depriving the young boss of any friction. 

But Xie Wang couldn't even bring himself to be annoyed as the long-haired young man in front of him threw his arms over his head and rolled his hip. The position put Xie Wang indirect view of his naked chest and he was so close, he could have stuck his tongue out to lick that delectable nipple right in front of him. 

Instead, he swallowed hard and his hands involuntarily reached up to hold the dancer's hips. 

"Any price," he answered hoarsely. "Any price you want."

The touch on his hair and face was so soft and sensual, his eyes fluttered shut. He could feel the breath on his lips as the dancer spoke with a huff of laughter. 

"Even if I asked for a hundred bucks?" 

"Yes," he whispered, chasing after the lips that was above him. 

But alas, the dancer had finished his dance at the last beat of the music and rolled away to the other side of the sofa. He laughed lightly when Xie Wang tried to follow him and put his foot out on Xie Wang's chest. 

Normally, Xie Wang would have been incensed at being treated that way but the minx slid his leg downwards until the heel of his platform shoe touched his groin.

"Naughty," chided the dancer playfully. "I told you the rules but you broke it anyway."

Screw the rules. 

Xie Wang grasped the foot at his groin reverently to keep it in place.

"I'll give you whatever you want," he promised. "Just let me have you."

"Hmm," the dancer hummed, tilting his head to the side in amused contemplation. Xie Wang was momentarily distracted by the dark hair pooling at his shoulder cascading at the motion. 

"But I'm not a whore, Mr Xie," his beautiful dancer crooned. "It's illegal for me to sell my body."

"Not a whore," Xie Wang agreed. 

The dancer regrettably removed his foot from Xie Wang's groin and he leaned forward to touch Xie Wang's handsome face. 

"Mr Xie, I'm sorry to say that our time has run out," he whispered, so close to Xie Wang that he could clearly hear every diction of his words. Then, the hand wandered down Xie Wang's face towards his coat. 

Xie Wang didn't react when the dancer retrieved his wallet and slipped out a 100 from it. He could take everything if he wanted and Xie Wang wouldn't have protested a word. The dancer put the note between his glossy, red lips and returned the wallet into Xie Wang's coat pocket. He patted it and then caressed Xie Wang's face again. He then took the 100-dollar note from his mouth and waved it with two fingers.

"A 100 bucks, as agreed," he said with a wicked smile. With that, the dancer got up and slid out from Xie Wang's reach when the man tried to catch him. 

"Ah Ah Ah!" the dancer said, shaking a finger at him in admonishment. "No touching."


But the dancer didn't wait. He winked, spun on his heel and disappeared out the door with a laugh. 

Fuck, what a seductive vixen. 

Whatever, he'll get him next time. 

He resolved to make the dancer his. 


However, the next time he laid eyes on his pretty pole dancer, he's in the arms of Zhou Zishu. 

End A Meeting



Just in case anyone is wondering how our modern pretty boys look like:

Imbas Kunjungi Kuil di Jepang, Aktor China Zhang Zhehan Diboikot hingga  Dijuluki Pengkhianat Negara - Pikiran Rakyat Bogor


And freebie:

#li daikun from Word of Honor

Chapter Text

Zhou Zishu was waiting for his next meeting when his sugar baby arrived at the club that night. There was half an hour left to Xie Wang's arrival, so Zhou Zishu had gladly watched his lover do a little striptease for him. 

A little because the only thing he stripped was his coat. It was a beautiful knee-length black coat that Wen Kexing had shown a liking to when they had been shopping. There was a chain embellishment at the bottom left that he had touched while looking at it and Zhou Zishu had immediately bought one in his size for him. 

It was a good move because the coat looked gorgeous on him and Wen Kexing had added a chain brooch to balance the look, making the jacket look even more exclusive. 

And to make the whole look even more delectable, he'd worn the pair of black thigh-high boots Zhou Zishu had bought him from Louboutin. He'd even added some thin chains around the ankles to match the look. The black booty shorts he wore left a strip of pale thigh skin revealed above the hem of the boots and Zhou Zishu wanted to put his hand there to caress the smooth skin before dipping between those thighs.  

Wen Kexing had spun around to show off his ensemble to Zhou Zishu, who humoured him by smiling indulgently. 

But the grey turtleneck underneath the coat was something that he didn't recognise so he hadn't thought much of it. Until Wen Kexing had turned around and with a seductive look on his face, slid his coat down, revealing a bare back all the way to his waist. 

The sleeveless grey turtleneck was also backless. Without the coat, Wen Kexing was basically only wearing black shorts and something that covered only his front. And those boots, of course. 

Zhou Zishu had seen him completely naked before and heck, even seen him perform in public with less than that, but seeing him wearing something so skimpy made him think; 'lewd!'. 

It made him want to cum on that bare back.  

So when Wen Kexing had gone on his knees in front of his chair, Zhou Zishu had gladly fed his cock to his eager sugar baby. But before he could come into that luscious mouth like he always did, he pulled out to come onto that pretty expanse of smooth, white skin. 

"Ah-Shu! Are you marking your territory!?" Wen Kexing protested, his head having been pushed down to reveal more of his back for Zhou Zishu to ejaculated onto. 

"I am," Zhou Zishu confirmed with a smug look. He rubbed his still leaking cock onto Wen Kexing's pouting mouth and his irritated baby opened his mouth to lick his length clean of cum. 

"Mean!" Wen Kexing admonished mulishly after he was done tucking Zhou Zishu's sated length back in his pants. He was at least glad that he had decided on a side-swept hairstyle today so he didn't have to worry about cleaning his hair this time. 

Zhou Zishu just laughed as Wen Kexing stomped to the bathroom to attempt to clean his back. 

When he came back up, still pouting, Zhou Zishu stood up to wrap his arms around his waist. Though he was still sulking (obviously for show because he was used to Zhou Zishu coming on him), he reciprocated the embrace by throwing his arms around Zhou Zishu's shoulders. 

"Baobei, don't sulk," the older man said, kissing his neck. "I'll take you out for a date tomorrow."

Wen Kexing blinked. He thought Zhou Zishu wasn't interested in dating? 

Before he could reply though, there was a knock on the door. 

"Come in," Zhou Zishu called out and Han Ying opened the door to usher in a handsome young man who stopped upon seeing the two of them in an embrace. 

"Ah-Xing," Zhou Zishu said to Wen Kexing, patting him in the butt. "Why don't you go to the bar and have a drink or two while I handle some things with Mr Xie?"

"Okay," Wen Kexing answered, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek before retrieving his coat from the floor. As he left, he gave the young man a smile and a wink. Ah, he remembered that face. He'd given that man, Xie Wang (if he remembered correctly), a private dance before and even threw in a lap dance. Wen Kexing remembered him well because he was handsome and paid *ahem* him well for the dance. He also remembered that it happened on the day Zhou Zishu called him into his office to propose their arrangement. 

Xie Wang stared after the dancer and only snapped back to attention when Zhou Zishu cleared his throat. 

"Shall we resolve our little problem?" Zhou Zishu asked, signaling Han Ying to call his men and Xie Wang's three men that had been the couriers for their shipment. 


"So, your boyfriend's half brother tried to sleep with him?" Wen Kexing asked Wu Xi, swirling his stirrer in his cocktail. He had a look of horrified fascination, like he was watching a train wreck that he couldn't look away from. 

"Yeah, I had to grab the drunk asshat and throw him out," Da Wu said, wiping down the bar. "He's lucky Ah-Yuan told me not to call the cops."

"Why?" Wen Kexing asked, leaning forward on the counter in his stool. 

"Because he's rich and influential. He could pay the cops to have it swept under the rug," Da Wu replied with an annoyed look. 

"Then why not just ask the boss to rough him up a little?" Wen Kexing suggested in an almost joking way to take away the seriousness of his words. "Scare him a little."

"Can't. That asshole is boss' cousin," Da Wu revealed. 

"Well, shit," Wen Kexing exclaimed. Da Wu nodded in agreement, resigned irritation on his face. 

"So you can't do anything about it?" the med student asked, a look of indignation on his face on behalf of his friend and the boyfriend he'd never met before.

Da Wu shook his head before he realised that someone was staring at Wen Kexing intently from across the room. 

"Hey," the bartender said to Wen Kexing. "That guy's staring at you pretty hard. You know him?"

"Hm?" Wen Kexing turned around to see a familiar looking young man, whom had just been in his Ah-Shu's office an hour or so ago. "Oh..."

Seeing that Wen Kexing had seen him, Xie Wang approached him, admiring the pale white back in the revealing sweater top and the long legs in those thigh-highs and booty shorts.

"Hello," Xie Wang greeted, before he realised that the bartender that the dancer had been chatting with was eyeing him suspiciously.

"Scotch," he ordered from the bartender, trying to get rid of the man so he could have a private talk with his dancer. The bartender nodded and retrieved the bottle to pour him a glass. 

"You never told me your name," Xie Wang said, turning to the leggy dancer, who was now sipping his cocktail quietly. 

"Mr Xie," the dancer greeted. "I'm no longer a dancer here. I don't give private dances anymore."

"Yes, I gathered that," Xie Wang said, referring to how he had found them in an embrace in Zhou Zishu's office. "But can't I ask your name anyway?"

Wen Kexing contemplated it for a moment while combing his fingers through his hair. It wasn't too crowded here tonight but he had been sweating earlier when he had decided to join the dance floor for the fun of it and now tendrils of his hair was stuck to his bare back. Would it seem rude to put on his coat now?

"Xiao Wen," he said, giving his stage name instead of his full name. In the dim light, he could see a few split ends in his hair and it made him pout. He needed to go for a trim and hair treatment. It's been months since he last went because it was so expensive for him to do so in the big city. But since his sugar daddy had given him a credit card to purchase whatever he needed, he can splurge a little to make himself pretty for his sponsor. And he can even go for a pedi-mani and some waxing just to clean up a little. 

"Xiao Wen," Xie Wang repeated. It sounded like a nickname and Zhou Zishu had called him 'Ah-Xing'. He inspected the younger man who was still playing with his hair. He'd tried to find the dancer a few times at Tian Chuang but he had disappeared after that night and it was clear now that he had been too slow in approaching the dancer before Zhou Zishu spotted him amidst the pretty faces of his employees. What a pity.

Still, that didn't mean he didn't have a chance with the dancer. For all he knew, their arrangement might just be temporary.

Furthermore, after the meeting just now where he had been informed that two of his followers had double-crossed him, he was smarting a bit by the fact that this was revealed by Zhou Zishu. His only saving grace was that one of Zhou Zishu's own men had been in cohorts with the two traitors. 

Needless to say, they had to clean house a bit that day and it's left him feeling a little... bloodthirsty, which can be changed to something more pleasurable, given the right stimulus. 

He gently traced a finger up the smooth skin of Xiao Wen's arm. 

Yes, the right stimulus. 

"And does Xiao Wen have time for a night out?" he asked, taking a chance with the bombshell.

Wen Kexing tensed at the soft touch, alert and alarmed at the action.

Zhou Zishu had never clarified that their arrangement would be exclusive, nor had he needed to. For one thing, Wen Kexing was way too busy to maintain more than one 'relationship' and his current one with Zhou Zishu takes priority. For another thing, despite his playboyish tendencies, Wen Kexing was not a whore. Or man-whore. Or whatever the term was. 

Also, a factor which takes precedence above all else, was that Zhou Zishu was obviously a very possessive man. The fact that he liked to dress Wen Kexing in clothes that he bought, leave hickeys everywhere that can be seen, essentially marking him in every way possible, was very telling. (case in point, cumming on his bare back just an hour ago.)

Wen Kexing had studied psychology before, a minor maybe, but still he knew enough about signs of possessiveness. It maybe a red flag for many people, but Zhou Zishu wasn't controlling when it came to his financial sponsorship or Wen Kexing's time. Two things that were the most important to Wen Kexing at the moment. 

In fact, Wen Kexing had more free time to study during the weekend than he'd expected. Zhou Zishu was a very busy man who just liked having Wen Kexing as his booty call whenever he could. He'd usually just needed to entertain his daddy during Saturday nights and maybe some Sundays. 

So, truth be told, Wen Kexing liked their current arrangement the way it was and had absolutely no intentions of double dipping, so to speak. 

He removed his arm from touch. 

"Mr Xie, I'm not a whore. It's illegal for me to sell my body," he said cheekily, mirroring the words he'd said to Xie Wang once before. He'd said it in such a light tone that the other young man didn't seem bothered by the rejection and he was glad that it worked. 

"I didn't imply that you were one," Xie Wang said. "I was just wondering if you were available for a drink or maybe a date."

Date? Oh please. It was clear to anyone with eyes that Xie Wang wanted more than just a drink or a date. 

From the corner of his eyes, he could see Da Wu, who had been watching them, perk up. 

"Boss!" Wu Xi called out in greeting, alerting Wen Kexing of the incoming disaster. 

"Sorry, Mr Xie. It looks like my daddy is here," Wen Kexing said, spinning around to plaster himself against his lover. It was done half to deter Xie Wang's advances and half to deter Zhou Zishu from reacting badly. 

But he needn't worry. Because all Zhou Zishu did was to wrap an arm around his waist and kiss him below his chin. Wen Kexing couldn't stop the little giggle from bursting forth from his mouth at the ticklish action. 

"Mr Zhou," Xie Wang greeted, disappointment churning in his gut at the sight. He couldn't blame Zhou Zishu for being so obviously possessive when he had someone like Wen Kexing in his arms. 

"Mr Xie," the other man said. Then, silence between them with only the sounds of the club continuing in the background. 

When Wen Kexing got tired of the two men having a staring competition as a posing attempt for him, he whine exaggeratedly. 

"Daddy, I'm hungry," Wen Kexing complained, "I want Japanese but you took so long the restaurants would probably be close by now."

"It's fine," Zhou Zishu said. "There's a small izakaya nearby that opens late and serves some good dishes."

"Ooo, some sake would be nice," Wen Kexing said, retrieving his jacket and putting it on. He winked at Da Wu and mouthed bye before turning to Xie Wang. 

"It's nice to meet you again, Mr Xie," he said cheerily. "Be sure to come again. I'll introduce you to some of my ex-colleagues that I'm sure you'll find absolutely delightful."
Yes, like Qiaoqiao or Zhuzhu. 

With that, he hooked his arm around Zhou Zishu's and with a small, unnoticeable tug, led his sugar daddy away.

If he'd turned to look back, he would have seen Xie Wang's eyes narrow at their backs. As it was, he was too busy squirming  and giggling when his lover put his hand on his buttock and squeezed. 

"Ah! Ah-Shu!"

End A Rival


A pic of the sweater aka the virgin killer sweater WKX wore:

Virgin Killer Turtleneck Sweater

Chapter Text

Wen Kexing was at the saloon getting his hair treatment when he got an epiphany. 

Zhou Zishu loved his hair and always played with it when they were snuggling or pulled on it during their sexy times so Wen Kexing put extra effort and attention in his hair. But it had been some time since he had the chance to go for a trim.   

The week before, Zhou Zishu had been called away on Sunday and was not able to take him out on the promised date. He was informed later that day by Han Ying that the boss could only come see him the week after. 

So Wen Kexing made appointments for his personal spa day. He felt so spoilt by the end of the day that it eased the ache he felt when his lover abandoned his bed early that morning. Then he resolved to get his revenge by looking extra hot when his sugar daddy made an appearance that Saturday night. 

So he sat at the saloon getting a trim and a hair treatment when a poster caught his attention. It had a model that was clearly a Korean celebrity of some sort. An Asian, at least, with platinum blonde hair that looked glossy and fine. 

After just a moment of deliberation, he flagged down his hairstylist. 

Maybe Zhou Zishu wouldn't like it but a change wouldn't hurt anyone, right?


Zhou Zishu's eyes widened as he took in his lover's new, shiny, platinum blond hair. His mouth, involuntarily, watered and he swallowed. 

"Do you not like it?" asked a pouty Wen Kexing, crossing his long legs, which were encased in white fishnet tights with his feet snugly fitted into the sparkly white Louboutin that he'd never worn before. 

But what made Zhou Zishu's brain short circuit even more was the white lacy teddy with the matching garters that he wore. 

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing whined after a moment longer of Zhou Zishu just visually appreciating his prize after a long week's work. "Do you hate it?"

"No," Zhou Zishu croaked, embarrassingly. What was he? A teenager in the midst of puberty? He coughed.

"Hm..." the angelic vixen in disguise put a finger to his red lips, as if contemplating Zhou Zishu's reaction. "Maybe I'll go change."

He turned around and sauntered away, hips swinging from the height of his heels. Zhou Zishu nearly choked on the saliva that was gathering in his mouth at the sight of the love-shape cut out on his lover's panties. 

Still speechless and completely caught by the enticing sight, he quickly followed after his sugar baby, eyes trained on the flexing butt framed by the cut out. When Wen Kexing bent down to retrieve something from the floor, the love shape framed his hole perfectly. A hole that was red from stimulation and slick with oil. 

Wen Kexing had prepared himself for him. 

Zhou Zishu was unaware that he started to make a sound resembling a boiling kettle but Wen Kexing could hear him clearly, so in his bent position, he turned around and looked at his lover with a questioning look on his face.  

"What's wrong, daddy?" he asked, still displaying his intimate part to his stunned lover. 

When Zhou Zishu continued to just stare, Wen Kexing's face turned naughty.

"Does daddy like the view? Should baby get up?" he asked, moving his hands to grasp his butt cheeks so he could pull them apart. 

Zhou Zishu seem to snap back into reality then and his facial expression made Wen Kexing think for a second; "Oh shit!" before he was thrown onto his bed just a few feet away. His legs were still firmly on the ground while his upper body was supported by the bed. 

Wen Kexing moaned at the feeling of being penetrated without any warning. Zhou Zishu had torn open his zipper (good bye, pants) and pulled out his hardening cock to wordlessly ram into him, fucking deep into him without care. 

Maybe he'd gone a little too far with teasing his sugar daddy but he couldn't bring himself to care much as pleasure erupted through his body at the every thrust of Zhou Zishu's delicious cock. He had spent nearly an hour preparing himself while waiting for his sugar daddy since he received a message that he was coming to see him that night. So he was equally riled up even before Zhou Zishu had seen him. 

"Ah, Ah-Shu! So rough," he moaned as Zhou Zishu grunted, hips pistoning relentless against his own. 

Driven wild at the sight of his seductive vixen, Zhou Zishu bore down onto his gasping lover, burying his face into the gorgeous silver locks while grinding his cock as deep as he could into the tight, wet hole. 

"So beautiful," he groaned, as the walls around his cock tightened and spasmed deliciously. He wrapped his arm around his lover, luxuriating at the feel of the silky lace teddy and finding the little nubs that he loved to play with when he fucked Wen Kexing. His nipples were one of his weak points. 

Sure enough, Wen Kexing started protesting when he started pulling and pinching them through the lace but Zhou Zishu didn't stop. 

"No, don't," Wen Kexing moaned, pushing back to meet Zhou Zishu's every thrust eagerly despite his words.

"Slut, you love it," he whispered to his lover whose ass tightened momentarily around his length. "You do. You love it when I pleasure your nipples when I fuck you."

Wen Kexing whimpered, toes curling in the expensive white heels that his daddy bought for him. 

"You look so pretty," Zhou Zishu whispered, kissing his bare shoulder and rubbing the nubs in his fingers. "Should buy you only lingerie to wear from now on."

Wen Kexing could feel his orgasm coming. His own penis was trapped within the tight body-hugging teddy he was wearing but it rubbed against the bedsheets with every thrust of Zhou Zishu's cock. The friction on his cock, the persistent stimulation of his nipples and the penetration of his ass by that amazing length culminated to him screaming as he came. 

"That's right. Come," Zhou Zishu ordered into his ear, thrusting as deeply as he could and coming so hard he saw white.

Or maybe that was because his face was buried in his lover's hair but either way, when Zhou Zishu finally recovered from his mind-blowing (and back-blowing) orgasm, Wen Kexing was lying limply on the bed, completely out of breath. 

"So I take you like it?" Wen Kexing asked hoarsely, throat twinging from his begging and screaming. 

Zhou Zishu groaned, "Every time I look at you now, I'll be thinking of this."

"Oh, Ah-Shu. You're such a pervert," Wen Kexing said with a naughty smile. 

Zhou Zishu smacked his sugar baby's butt, once. Then, a second time, just to see it go red. 

"Ah!" Wen Kexing protested. "Abuse!"

Zhou Zishu smack the delectable ass again, still framed by the pretty white panties. Zhou Zishu wondered briefly if Wen Kexing had more teddies like this in different colours. If not, he'd order more of it. In all different colours. And styles. 

Maybe he wasn't just whimsically saying things during sex. Maybe his subconscious was on to something. 

Zhou Zishu used both hands to pry open the butt cheeks before pulling out of Wen Kexing's ass. The sight of his cock sliding out of ruined hole was divine and the cum that dribbled out made him want to lick his lover's cunt and make him cum from it. 

Instead, he collected the cum with his finger and gently shoved it back into Wen Kexing's asspussy, ignoring the younger man's moans and squirms while he diligently fingered his cum back into the dripping hole. 

By the time he was satisfied with the result, his lover was a trembling mess from having orgasmed again while Zhou Zishu fingered him. Meanwhile, Zhou Zishu had gotten hard again. 

So the man flipped him over, pushed him higher onto the bed and opened his legs wider so he could kneel between them.

Wen Kexing whimpered as Zhou Zishu's cock sunk into his over-sensitised hole again. 

"That's what you get for teasing me," Zhou Zishu whispered into his ear before railing his behind again mercilessly. 

Wen Kexing wailed and came again, his cock ejaculating into his undergarment again but Zhou Zishu didn't stop.

"My baby shouldn't be selfish," he said to a gasping Wen Kexing. "Should let his daddy come in him as much as he wants."

Poor Wen Kexing could only lay helplessly as his sugar daddy took him over and over again, riled up from his pretty makeover. 

What a monster he'd unleashed. 


End A Makeover

Chapter Text

"A dinner?" Wen Kexing repeated, turning his head to look at his lover. The handsome man lying beside him on the bed was propped on his elbow, stroking Wen Kexing's silvery hair away from his sweaty forehead.  

"Mn," Zhou Zishu answered, feeling relaxed and sated from their previous romp in the sheets. Like always, Wen Kexing managed to simultaneously tire and invigorate him after their session. "We've been staying in the whole day."

Having marathon sex, he doesn't say but Wen Kexing thought it. Great marathon sex, he amended with a smug little smile. 

As if understanding what he was thinking, Zhou Zishu leaned down and bit his collar, adding another hickey on his already dotted skin. 

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing moaned. "I can't anymore. You've already railed me so many times since last night. I'll pass out if you do more."

"Promise?" Zhou Zishu asked huskily against his neck. 

"I'll pass out from pleasure," Wen Kexing confirmed, sliding his arms around his lover's shoulder.

They kissed and necked each other a long while even though neither of them were even able to get an arousal anymore. 

"So dinner?" Wen Kexing prompted with a soft voice, after Zhou Zishu had settled down in his arms, face tucked into his neck.

"Mn, tonight," Zhou Zishu agreed, sounding drowsy and content to nap in the arms of his lover. 

Wen Kexing sighed, running his hand down the spine of man above him. Zhou Zishu was so warm and affectionate that he didn't want to move. 

The older man was normally very busy and seldom had time for his sugar baby beyond a round or two of sex before leaving to attend to his 'business', whatever that is. Wen Kexing was adamantly about not getting involved in that and Zhou Zishu seemed to approve his lack of curiosity in his business.

Their relationship was strictly transactional as far as Wen Kexing was concerned so he saw no point in interfering with what was essentially the mob's business. He like his neck the way it is (hickeys and all) and he doesn't want any of his remaining family to get caught in the crossfire, so he's definitely not getting into Zhou Zishu's business.  

"Ah-Shu?" he whispered into his quiet lover's ear but heard no response. He was breathing deeply and evenly so Wen Kexing concluded that he was sleeping. He attempted to wriggle out of his lover's arms slowly, wanting to use the bathroom before the fluids between his legs dried and become tacky. But Zhou Zishu tightened his hold on him like he was an octopus finding a delicious meal so after a few tries, Wen Kexing was resigned to being stuck in bed until his lover awoke for their dinner plans. 


Their dinner plans involved a very high-end restaurant where they served miniscule amount of food on a large plate and called it a serving. 

Normally, Zhou Zishu hated going to places like this. He'd even expressed his contempt for places like this when they were watching tv during their cuddling time or during meals Wen Kexing cooked up. He said that these places were pretentious and full of equally pretentious people.

But for some reason, Zhou Zishu choose that venue so Wen Kexing made sure to dress to the nines. He blew dry his hair and braided his hair into an elegant fishtail braid. Then he chose a white silk top with a salmon coat with beautiful embroidery of maple leaves. The matching pants had similar embroidery at the hem. 

Zhou Zishu himself wore a three-piece suit by Alexander McQueen, looking phenomenally hot in the black and white ensemble. And though they didn't exactly match, standing in front of the mirror, the two of them looked striking side by side. 

In the car, Zhou Zishu couldn't seem to stop touching him, putting a hand around his waist, his thigh and holding his hand all the way to the restaurant. Wen Kexing understood the sentiment. He couldn't stop touching his daddy either, running his hands over his chest and lapels, which only served to make Zhou Zishu more touchy, pulling him onto his lap and kissing his neck. 

When they arrived, they were led to a table in a private nook by the hostess. It was a good location, given it was half hidden in the corner, but still allowed the occupants to have a good view of the dining hall. 

It wasn't long before a pretty waitress arrived and introduced herself.

But only to Zhou Zishu. 

Wen Kexing watched with narrowed eyes as the waitress tried to make eye contact with his sugar daddy, whose attention was completely on the menu. 

"What would you like, Ah-Xing?" Zhou Zishu asked, not paying any mind to the server at all

"Mm...? Anything will do. Daddy can decide for me," he said, slapping the menu shut and lobbing it to the waitress without looking at her, a deliberate but subtle slight. She nearly missed catching the menu since she was so focused on the older man.

Zhou Zishu nodded and did just that, all the while not looking at the waitress whose smile was waning quickly. When she walked away, Wen Kexing spotted her face turning into a scowl at his direction. 

Was she disgusted by his calling Zhou Zishu 'daddy'? Or was it because of jealousy? Whatever.

Wen Kexing was sure she was one of those that would spit vitriol at sugar babies but hypocritical, judgmental biddies like her would also change their tunes in a heartbeat if offered by someone as hot and desirable as Zhou Zishu. 

Slightly annoyed by such behaviour in a so-called high class restaurant like this, Wen Kexing surreptitiously took off his red heel and stroke his right foot over his lover's leg. Zhou Zishu's eyes sharpened at him for that so Wen Kexing trailed his foot upwards. 

By the time the first course came, his foot was in Zhou Zishu's lap, slowly rubbing an erection. Again, Zhou Zishu's attention was elsewhere, so he didn't even so much as turn to the server when she came to deliver the food or to refill their water. 

It made Wen Kexing monstrously smug. 

And the waitress could clearly see it. It was obvious from her stiff posture, pressed lip smile and curt response to Wen Kexing when he requested anything. Just for that, he decided to be deliberately annoying by asking for condiments one at a time, even though he had absolutely no need for them.

"We don't have tabasco sauce in our establishment, sir," she said with gritted teeth. "Nor any condiments that you requested."

Wen Kexing tsked. "At such a high class establishment, you mean to tell me that you barely have anything?"

She bristled and was about to snap something at him before she caught herself. However, before she could come up with a reply, he interjected with his complaint.

"Instead of asking your chef if there's anything he can make to go with my entrée, you default to denying my requests," Wen Kexing said. Then he dismissed her with a wave of his hand, "It's clear that you are either unwilling to be here or you have no problem solving skills, so you can go now."

"Yes, sir," she replied with a rude tone that made Zhou Zishu, who had been eating quietly, shoot her a look from the corner of his eyes. Unfortunately, she did not see it. Maybe if she saw it, she would have been more careful with her behaviour. Or maybe not. 

While they ate, Zhou Zishu kept a hand on his foot, pressed against his groin, and rubbing circles into the sole of his foot. He ate with one hand and Wen Kexing took the opportunity to feed him morsels from his own plate whenever he could. 

At one point, he saw their server look a little mulish when the younger man fed Zhou Zishu a strawberry by hand. He swore that he heard her mutter 'whore' under her breath when she refilled his water glass but he ignored it in favour of lavishing his complete attention on his sugar daddy. 

Surprisingly, Zhou Zishu allowed him to do it even though he was deliberately laying it thick to fuck with their waitress. 

It was only after he caught sight of a couple of people looking their way that he realised that Zhou Zishu was deliberately allowing him to coddle his sugar daddy. Most of the restaurant patrons that had noticed their entrance and their audience seemed to be older men that he surmised were CEOs and politicians, judging from their smarmy and self-important looks. 

Frankly, Zhou Zishu looked smug at having the complete attention of a beautiful baby like Wen Kexing. 

Was Zhou Zishu trying to him show off? 

Amused, Wen Kexing removed his leg from Zhou Zishu's groin and moved his chair closer to his patron. 

"Ah-Shu," he purred. "Let your baby feed you?" 

Zhou Zishu huffed and continued eating his food. Wen Kexing mock pouted and took a hold of his sleeve. 

"Ah-Shu. Ah-Shu. Ah-Shu.." he repeated with a whine just to get a rise out of him. 

"Drink your wine, Ah-Xing," Zhou Zishu said, putting his fork down to reach his glass. He didn't pull away from Wen Kexing's grip. 

The younger man obediently took a sip from his daddy's wine glass and then he picked up the fork that Zhou Zishu had put down to began feeding his Ah-Shu. Zhou Zishu leaned back in his chair, putting his now free hand on his paramour's thigh and rubbing it gently while relishing the attention he was getting from his baby. 

"Ah-Xing," he said between bites. 

"Hm?" Wen Kexing asked, picking up another morsel.

"Ah-Xing," he repeated. Then at Wen Kexing's raised eyebrow, he repeated once more, "Ah-Xing."

"What is it, daddy?' whispered his delectable Ah-Xing. 

He leaned in to kiss him, ignoring the other restaurant goers. It was a languid kiss that was kept quite tame since they were still in public but it was enough to make Wen Kexing blush.

"Next week, I'll be a little busy but I'll try to come and see you on Saturday night," Zhou Zishu informed him when he pulled back. 

"Okay, daddy," Wen Kexing said meekly, feeling a little out of sorts by how fast his heart was beating. 

"Good, baby," Zhou Zishu said, rubbing a thumb on Wen Kexing's lips. 

"Sir, would you like a new bottle of wine?'

The shrill voice broke through their bubble and Wen Kexing was annoyed to find the server back again standing at their table, attempting to look innocent as she totted the wine bottle up for Zhou Zishu to see. She was smiling winningly, as if she had won a prize for interrupting their alone time. 

But before Wen Kexing could say anything snarky and mean, Zhou Zishu said without looking at her; "Tell your manager to come see me."

There was a moment of pause before the server's smile dropped and she quickly disappeared to do as she was told. Zhou Zishu went back to his sugar baby, nudging his fork. Taking the hint, Wen Kexing picked up the cutlery and resumed feeding the young boss, piece by piece of his steak. 

By the time the manager arrived, looking a little fearful, Zhou Zishu had already finished his portion of the food and Wen Kexing was digging into his own plate. The manager came with the server in tow, now looking a little teary-eyed and subdued, not looking up from the floor. He must had reprimanded her before they even came to the table. 

Wen Kexing enjoyed his meal while watching the two sweat as Zhou Zishu sadistically let them wait while he took his time to sip at his wine. 

The steak was really good. Medium rare with a little blood. Just the way he likes it. 

"Mr Zhou," the manager said, finally breaking the silence. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Do you train your servers?" Zhou Zishu asked, still not looking at the two employees. 

"We- We do?" the manager answered. Wen Kexing could see a drop of sweat sliding down his forehead. Why was this man so afraid? Just because his Ah-Shu is a mob boss doesn't mean he'd shoot a manager merely for the actions of a silly waitress. 

"Then they should know better than to interrupt someone during a meal, do they not?" Zhou Zishu said. 

"Yes, yes," the manager said quickly. 

"And not to insult their customers," Wen Kexing quipped. Zhou Zishu nodded, indicating that he HAD heard what the girl had muttered under her breath. The waitress began to quiver at that.

He would feel like a bully if he didn't have a strong impression that she was the type to bully her classmates. He knew those types. The mean girl type. Ah-Xiang, who never stood to be pushed around, got into some trouble when she'd lashed back on those 'popular' types. Needless to say, despite her beauty, Ah-Xiang was not one of the more popular girls. 

"Also, it isn't her place to serve wine or is she also a sommelier?" Zhou Zishu said, all the while not looking at the two restaurant employees. Instead, he was playing with a ring on his hand. 

"No, no," the poor manager said. "I'll discipline her accordingly."

Taking a pity on him, Wen Kexing interjected. 

"Yes, you should ask her to scrub all the toilets. Then, she'll know where she belongs," he said, sipping his wine with a smug tilt of his lips. 

Did he say SHE deserves pity? Nope. Not at all. That's what one gets for overreaching. 

The girl jerked her head up to glare at him but caught herself and quickly turned watery eyes at the young boss. 

But Zhou Zishu didn't seem annoyed with his interference. Instead, he looked mighty amused by it, judging by the crooked smile he shot Wen Kexing. He didn't even look at her once, having eyes only for his sugar baby. 

"Yes, you should do that," Zhou Zishu said nonchalantly. Without looking at the manager, he waved him away and the man quickly tried to shoo the weeping waitress away. 

"Mr Zhou! I didn't mean to," she claimed in a whispery voice. She was young and naive. Having been bolstered all her life with praises for her beauty, she thought that with the job as a waitress in a high-end restaurant like this she would be able to get the attention of a rich man quickly. Her father had an in with the hiring manager, so she thought it would be a breeze in this job. But instead, she found it to be back breaking work where she was treated like a second class citizen. It was so demeaning. 

When the two young men arrived and was seated at her section, she had immediately pinpointed the handsome, older man with the air of authority as being a rich and powerful man. The other one, with the colourful hair and feminine heels, was surely just an escort. She'd spied the shoes, the expensive jewelry and the clothing that he wore and was instantly jealous and covetous for his place by the side of this Mr Zhou (who was someone very important, according to the hostess).

So she'd tried to gain his attention, making sure to check her mascara before approaching their table. She was sure that if he had even looked at her, he would have given her a chance since she was sure she was prettier than that over-dressed colourful peacock.  

But alas, he didn't even bother to look at her. 

His focus was only ever at his 'baby' and that annoyed her and it made her sick to the stomach. How disgusting their display was. In public too. With everyone in the restaurant watching them!

Now this whore wanted to get her in trouble! With the owner no less!

"Please, Mr Zhou!" she plead, tears sliding down her cheeks as she fluttered her large eyes at him. 

"That's enough!" whispered her manager. "You are making a scene!"

"I'm sorry," she wept, looking pathetic. She didn't understand. When she was in college, she was the prettiest girl in the campus and every male had catered to her every whim. 

But Mr Zhou didn't even bother to look at her. Instead, he rolled his eyes and thinned his lips. 

Having seen the first sign of Zhou Zishu's mood souring, Wen Kexing immediately jumped in. 

"Ah-Shu, I'm still peckish," Wen Kexing said. "I want to have dessert." 

Taking the distraction, Zhou Zishu looked at Wen Kexing. "What do you want for dessert?"

"I don't know," Wen Kexing said, surreptitiously waving the manager away. The man, bless his soul, took his cue and grabbed the still sobbing girl away. Immediately, another waiter came to their table, having seen his manager's signal. 

"What is the specials here for dessert? Any recommendation?" Wen Kexing asked, directing the question to Zhou Zishu, who turned to the waiter, face clearing of the thunderstorm that had been brewing. 

"The strawberry mille-feuille is our chef's special today," answered the server professionally. "Or you can try our signature panna cotta dessert?"

"Hm, the mille-feuille sounds good but I'd love to try the signature dessert too," Wen Kexing said, "What do you think, Ah-Shu?"

"We'll have both," Zhou Zishu said decisively, now playing with his ring again. 

The server left with their orders and Wen Kexing reached out to Zhou Zishu. His lover's mood had been spoiled by that whiny girl and he doesn't like it. Fortunately, the boss reciprocated, reaching out to take his hand. 

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing said with a fond smile. "Thank you for taking me out for dinner."

Zhou Zishu linked their fingers together. Then, he took the ring that he had been playing with and slid it out to transfer it to Wen Kexing's.

"Daddy, I already have so many rings that I haven't even worn yet," Wen Kexing whispered. "Why are you giving me this one?"

"Thought it'll look good on you," Zhou Zishu replied, looking at his paramour's hand, the ring with the large ruby glinting in the dim light of the restaurant. "I was right."

Wen Kexing huffed with humour. "Thank you, Ah-Shu," he replied with a fond tone. 

"Hm," Zhou Zishu hummed as he looked at him, then he asked, "Would baby want our desserts to be packed to go?


"So I can eat it off you."

Wen Kexing's eyes widened and his cheeks bloomed red. He bit his lips, then shyly said; 



End of A Date

Chapter Text

Wen Kexing would make weekly visits to the club at behest of Zhou Zishu, whenever the man wanted his company or sex. Han Ying would send for a car and notify Wen Kexing so that he would be ready by the time the driver arrived.

Wen Kexing was used to this by now, so most of the employees were used to seeing him even though he no longer worked there. They greeted him in their usual manner, treated him still like one of them and did not seem to resent the fact that he was now their boss' favourite.

The strippers did lament not getting spoilt by their boss like Wen Kexing clearly was but it sounded more like light envy than toxic jealousy. He supposed that all of them knew the risks of being a mob boss' baby.

Surprisingly, after coming to terms with his new 'occupation' now, his reservations about Zhou Zishu's 'business venture' had eased, considering how little he actually saw of his sugar daddy.

Zhou Zishu clearly knew how to separate business from pleasure and Wen Kexing approved of it. He didn't want to get involved with the underworld and appreciated Zhou Zishu's efforts in keeping him away from it.

Wen Kexing might like to watch the occasional drama on TV but that didn't mean that he liked being embroiled in one. Of course, that is not to say he wouldn't interfere if there was someone in need of help.

When he arrived that Saturday night, he was surprised to see only one bouncer at the door when there were usually three. He greeted the burly man and went into the club. As always, the music and colourful strobe lights momentarily distracted him before he registered the fight at the bar.

A man was swinging around a broken bottle screaming at the top of his lungs. Han Ying was huddled beside the bar with Da Wu holding a bloody towel over Han Ying's hand. He'd clearly tried to wrangle the broken bottle from the drunken man and was cut in the hand.

In all accounts, Han Ying shouldn't even be there. The bouncers should have been the ones to immobilize the rabble rouser but Han Ying had been at the counter at that time, talking to one of the bartenders when the fight erupted and had immediately tried to stop the crazed man.

The man was still swinging the bloody bottle around and everyone was giving him a wide berth to avoid getting injured. There was another man lying on the floor, head bleeding sluggishly. He must have been the guy the drunken ass was originally fighting and now that his opponent was unconscious, the asshole had decided to pick a fight with random people in the club.

Reacting quickly, Wen Kexing walked to the bar and retrieved an empty bottle sitting on the counter. When the man whirled around to threaten one of the bouncers, he swung the bottle onto the man's head. It landed with a loud thwack but didn't break as he didn't put his full strength on the swing.

Fortunately, it was enough to knock the man unconscious as the idiot immediately collapsed on the ground. Wen Kexing flipped the bottle into the air and caught it deftly.

"Idiot," he sniped, then instructed one of the bouncers, "Throw him out."

"Yes, sir," replied the bouncer with a glint of humour in his eyes.

Wen Kexing put the bottle back on the counter and checked on the man with the head wound.

"Call an ambulance for this one," he said to another guard. "The wound looks shallow but he might have a concussion. Best to send him to ER just to check. Maybe they'll be able to find the reason for his stupidity too. Seriously. Fighting in this club."

The bouncer nodded with a crooked smile and slid out his phone while a server came out with a broom and dustpan to sweep up the broken glass.

"You okay?" Wen Kexing asked Han Ying as he approached the two. "Let me see that."

"It's okay," Han Ying tried to say but Wen Kexing did not believe him. He gave him a narrow-eyed look and waved Da Wu away. He opened the towel and a pinched look came over his face.

"That idiot," he griped again. "Han Ying, you need to go to the hospital to get some stitches on your hand."

"Can't you do it, Mr Wen?" Han Ying asked, his frown deepening as Wen Kexing prodded on his wound.

"I can but it's too dark here and I don't have any equipment," Wen Kexing replied.

"Then use the office."

The both of them looked up at that voice to see Zhou Zishu walking towards them, a thunderous frown on his face.

"How is he?" the boss asked the med student.

"I'll need to clean out the wound and give him some stitches," Wen Kexing reported.

"Do it in the office," Zhou Zishu instructed. "Da Wu, tell one of the servers to bring the first aid kit."

"A sewing kit, if there isn't any in there," Wen Kexing said. "And the administration office would be better. The table there is more convenient."

Zhou Zishu nodded. Then he gestured to Mr Li, the club manager who was Han Ying's subordinate. "Clear this mess up. Han Ying will be indisposed for the next few weeks."

"Sir," protested Han Ying. "I don't nee-"

"You'll need it," interjected Wen Kexing. "You won't be able to move your hand while it's healing for the next two weeks, at least."

"Listen to the doctor," Zhou Zishu said, gesturing to his sugar baby. "Or he might just jab you with a needle."

"Har har, you're so funny," Wen Kexing replied with a deadpanned expression, as he ushered Han Ying towards the office. Zhou Zishu gave him a lazy smile, the frown that had been brewing when he saw his subordinate injured eased at the reassurance that Wen Kexing had given him.

He followed after them and watched as Wen Kexing washed the wound, disinfected it and neatly stitched the jagged cut. Han Ying, having taken only over the counter pain killers, didn't seemed bothered by the procedure, watching the expert stitching of his hand with fascination.

"Have you done this before, Mr Wen?" he asked.

"Han Ying, I told you so many times. Don't called me Mr.," Wen Kexing said, tying the string. "I did it a few times during my internship at the General Hospital. Practiced during my free time."

"It's good," Zhou Zishu commented, sounding like it was something he had a lot of experience in. Which he definitely did, judging by the scars he had on his back and arms.

"Thank you," Wen Kexing said, bandaging the injured hand. "Make sure you keep the bandages clean. And change them if they get wet or dirty. Do you have anyone at home that can help you?"

"I'll send someone to check on him daily," Zhou Zishu interjected before Han Ying could reply.

"Your boss is a worry wart," Wen Kexing said to Han Ying with a teasing smile, as he picked up all the bloodied cotton to throw into the trashcan. He yelped when Zhou Zishu smacked his bottom for his quip. Hard.

"Daddy! So mean!" he protested, gripping his smarting ass.

"That's for your smart mouth," Zhou Zishu replied. "And if you talk back to me again, I'll put you over my knee and spank you."

Wen Kexing pouted at him, then said, "You promise?"

"I better go do a handover to Li," Han Ying said quickly when Zhou Zishu's face turned anticipatory. He was ignored as he made a quick escape out of the room.

Han Ying shook his head when he heard a squeal just as the door slammed shut behind him.

Couldn't they have kept it in their own office?

End An Assistance

Chapter Text

University for Wen Kexing was relatively... predictable. It wasn't challenging, nor was it ever boring. There were always a lot of reading material and the study cases were always interesting as were the discussions on possible diagnosis and treatments for each cases. For most part, he'd been able to follow the syllabus and was even able to stand out amidst the new wannabe doctors. He should be able to get a good placement with a reputable hospital when it came time for his residency. 

But, he kinda hated the fact that he had to work in group projects. One would think that students would have grown out of having group works by universities but he supposed that even doctors need to have teamwork in a professional setting. Especially with so many field of specialties out there. Well, at least his teammates this time didn't consist of any deadweights. 

"The library's south wing is closed for renovation, so most of the discussion rooms are unavailable," Song Huairen said. 

"We can always have the discussion at the park," suggested Wei He but was shot down by Zhu Yao Zhi immediately. 

"It's cold out there," he said, flapping his thick coat as if to emphasise his point. "We'll freeze."

"We can do it elsewhere, maybe the starbucks nearby?" Zhu Yao Zhi recommended.

"Or someone's house?" Song Huairen said, turning to Wen Kexing. "What do you think, Wen?"

"I live about ten minutes away," Wen Kexing said offhandedly, too busy answering his sister's text to completely grasp the question.

"Oh, that's near," Zhu Yao Zhi said. "We can go there!"

"What? No," Wen Kexing said, finally snapping back to attention. What did he just agree on!?

"But you just offered?" Zhu Yao Zhi said in confusion. 

"I did no such thing," Wen Kexing denied. Instead, he tried directing their attention elsewhere. "Starbucks is fine," he said to Song Huairen. 

Except it seemed everyone else had the same idea because the nearest starbucks to their University was jammed pack with people.

"We can wait?" said Zhu Yao Zhi uncertainly. 

"Until when? Everyone else here is also doing group projects or studying," commented Song Huairen. 

"I'd offer my room but it's like a pigeon hole," said Wei He with a sigh. 

"Mine is the same since we're on the same dorm floor," Zhu Yao Zhi said. 

"My house is about 30 minutes away," said Song Huairen. "Can accommodate everyone but you'll have to pile into my car."

"Oh, then-"

"Never mind," interjected Wen Kexing. "My... apartment is a ten minutes walk away."

He started walking away without waiting for them. 

"Just keep your comments to yourself," he said, hoping to sound standoffish. 

It wasn't that he didn't want to be friendly with his classmates but he didn't want to take the risk of anyone getting a whiff his status as a sugar baby. 

Also the last time he was nice to one of his classmates back in high school, he ended up being stalked by the girl for over 6 months. Ah-Xiang thought it was funny, until the girl started harassing her about convincing him to date her. And she even went so far as to threaten her. 

Needless to say, that did not end well. The police wasn't entirely sure who to charge in the end. Ah-Xiang for beating up the girl or the girl for harassment and stalking. In the end, Luo Fumeng told her parents that they would only drop the charges if the parents took her to counselling or therapy. They did better. They took her away to another city. 

So, Wen Kexing, who was fully aware of his own beauty and charm, started off his University life wary of being roped into another shenanigan like that again. 

However, his financial needs outweighed his reservations and he decided to get a job at a bar a few months back, which now leads to him guiding his three classmates into the posh, NOT apartment but a luxury condo that his sugar daddy provided him. 

"This... is not an apartment," Zhu Yao Zhi commented hesitantly, looking around. 

Wen Kexing gave him a look that clearly said: What did I say?

Then, he rolled his eyes and beeped his way into the lobby, thanking the doorman when he opened the door for him and his party of three. 

"Good afternoon, Mister Wen," greeted the doorman. 

"Good afternoon, Meng," Wen Kexing greeted back.
Most residents don't bother remembering the building's employees' name but Wen Kexing made it a point to be at least courteous to people who knew more about the residents than anyone else. He was pretty sure they all knew that he was a sugar baby but he didn't want to give them a reason to spread that knowledge out to the public even though they were probably trained to be discreet. 

The four university students piled into the lift and he beeped them to his floor. The penthouse was at the highest floor and took half the floor while the other half apparently belonged to a CEO that he had never met since they both had their own personal lifts. 

"That's the penthouse," Song Huairen commented, staring at the highlighted number on the floor pad. 

Wen Kexing rolled his eyes as he put away his card key and took out another personal card key that Zhou Zishu had installed for extra security. When the elevator dinged open, a heavy wooden door greeted them. This door was not originally included with the layout of the penthouse, Zhou Zishu had informed him. It was only installed before he'd moved in. 

He led them pass the high-ceilinged living room with chandeliers and into a conference room that was never used. 

"We can study here," he told them, putting his bags down. Then, he paused. "Have all of you eaten?"

"I was planning to skip today," said Wei He with a sheepish grin. 

"Me too," chimed in Zhu Yao Zhi. "Budget."

"No, but I wouldn't mind a bite," admitted Song Huairen as he admired the view from the full window. "I was planning to get something from Starbucks but well..." he shrugged. 

"I'm hungry," Wen Kexing said. "I'm ordering some food."

Without waiting for their answer, he went towards the kitchen to retrieve the menu and the phone. As he headed back to the conference room, he heard the 3 young men discussing about him. 

"... how he can afford a place like this."

"Parents must be loaded."

"It's really none of our business."

He identified that last voice as Song Huairen's before he appeared at the door and handed them the menu. 

"Tell me what you want to eat and I'll order it from the restaurant downstairs," he instructed them before heading back to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door and retrieved four bottles of water. When he closed the door, Song Huairen was standing there. 

"Can I help?" he asked with a handsome smile, indicating the water bottles.

Wen Kexing wordlessly handed three bottles to him and walked back to the conference room. Wei He and Zhu Yao Zhi was huddled over the menu and when he walked in, they looked up. 

"Hey, there's no prices listed here," Wei He commented. He was very conscious about his spending, being on limited sponsorship.

"It's fine. Just order anything," Wen Kexing said. "It's on me."

"Oh, really?" Wei He looked surprised at that. And so was Zhu Yao Zhi. "Uh, Thanks, Wen."

"Mn," Wen Kexing replied, opening his file containing his research papers. 

The three boys took a while to decide what to order and Wen Kexing was gratified to find out that they had enough decency not to order the most blatantly expensive meal on the menu like lobster or caviar or something. 

"Thanks for the meal," Zhu Yao Zhi said, before they left. "And for letting us have our discussion at your house."

"Yeah, you really saved our butts," Wei He agreed. "Thanks."

"It's fine. It's my project too," replied Wen Kexing. He exchanged a nod with Song Huairen as he lead them to the elevator to send them off. 

"Thanks again," said Song Huairen, who touched his hand gently. 

Wen Kexing quickly and blatantly pulled his hand back, signaling that he didn't want to be touched. 

Song Huairen seemed to understand as he surreptitiously stepped back and waved as the others piled into the elevator. 

After they left, Wen Kexing sighed with relief. At least these three weren't overly curious people who pried into his business. The last thing he wanted was for the university to get wind of his arrangement with Zhou Zishu. 


"I mean we don't know much about him," Zhu Yao Zhi commented as he left the elevator. "He keeps to himself all the time."

"The hottest guy on campus but interested in no one," agreed Wei He. "And rich to boot."

"The girls at the U will go crazy if this gets out," Zhu Yao Zhi said. Then winced when he thought about how crazed those harpies can get. He remembered when Wen Kexing arrived one day with his hair turned platinum and the girls went full on crazy that day, trying to peek at the Uni idol from afar and squealing in excitement at the sight of his silver hair. It's really a wonder that Wen Kexing could ignore all that. "Yeah, this is really none of our business."
"Ditto that," Wei He said. "But hey, at least he's not an arrogant berk, treating us to lunch and everything." 

"Mn," Song Huairen agreed, a look of contemplation on his face. 

They continued to discuss their elusive classmate as they walked pass a handsome well-dressed man flanked with two bodyguards. 

He didn't know it but the man stopped and turned to look at them as they headed towards the main door, having realised that they had exited the personal lift to his sugar baby's penthouse. 


He wasn't suppose to go there during week nights because Ah-Xing had to study and wouldn't like it if he appeared at the penthouse suddenly without any warning. 

But he couldn't help himself. He hasn't seen his lover for two weeks and it's getting to him like an annoying tick at the back of his mind. 

Zhou Zishu was stressed with the current situation that had arose with another group that was trying to encroach into his territory and his interaction with Xie Wang had been strained since he caught that man eyeing his Ah-Xing, though their agreement still stood despite the traitors that had tried to sabotage them. Furthermore, his cousin has been making noise about quieting some of his opposition, despite Zhou Zishu advising against making any move towards them at the moment for fear of putting Tian Chuang in the limelight. 

Needless to day, he'd been unable to sleep that well for the last 2 nights. 

So on a Thursday night, he'd broken his promise and arrived at his lover's home. 

Ah-Xing met him at the front door when he heard the door opening, alarmed since he seldom had unannounced visitors beyond Zhou Zishu, especially on a weekday.  

"I know. I know its a Thursday," Zhou Zishu said, frown deepening at the shocked look on Wen Kexing's face. But the look melted away and turned into concern as he registered the fatigue in Zhou Zishu's posture and face.

"You look exhausted," Wen Kexing said, moving forward to pull Zhou Zishu into his arms. 

"Have you eaten?" Wen Kexing asked a quietly as Zhou Zishu buried his face into his neck and breathed deeply. There was a muffled no as the older man imitated a lichen on the dancer. 

Wen Kexing had to herd him slowly to the master bedroom's adjoining bathroom, where he started a warm bath for his lover. Then he slowly undressed his man, giving him kisses to divert Zhou Zishu's attention from Wen Kexing's own clothes. He led Zhou Zishu to the bath and then begin massaging his neck and shoulder. The older man closed his eyes and sighed. 

"Ah-Shu, I'll go and make something for you to eat, okay?" he said and got a hum in reply. He could have ordered from the restaurant but his sugar daddy had expressed his preference for Wen Kexing's cooking before. 

But he didn't want to make something too complicated so he cooked a bowl of dumpling soup with frozen dumplings that he'd previously made and broth that he was making for tomorrow's meal, topping it generously with condiments, garlic oil and spring onions. 

Zhou Zishu looked to be in a better mood when he came out. He sat in his dining chair and quietly watched his sugar baby cook. When Wen Kexing sat the bowl in front of him, he stirred it and took a bite before nodding in satisfaction. Then he looked up at his lover.

"Will baby feed it to me?" he asked. 

"Daddy is so spoiled," Wen Kexing said with an indulgent smile, then sat down on his lap. He took the bowl of dumpling and slowly fed it to his sponsor, making sure to wipe the soup from his lips with each bite. Meanwhile, Zhou Zishu rubbed his back and thighs with his hands, clearly seeking physical touch. 

When the young boss had finished even the soup, Wen Kexing wiped the residue from his lips and kissed them lightly.

"Does daddy feel better now?" he asked, putting down the bowl on the table then wrapping his arms around Zhou Zishu's shoulder. 

"Mn," Zhou Zishu replied with a hum, resting his head under his paramour's chin. He could hear Wen Kexing's heart beating rhythmically. It was soothing but there was something at the back of his mind that made him curious. "You had visitors?"

"Hm? Oh yes. Classmates," Wen Kexing explained, though he really didn't need to. He might be the mob boss' sugar baby, but he didn't need to report to him about every detail of his life. However, he didn't want Zhou Zishu to think that he was lying if he didn't offer any explanation, nor did he want to sour things between them for something so insignificant. 

"We had a project to discuss and the library was under construction, so I suggested we come here," Wen Kexing said, sounding blasé about having his university life overlap with his sugar baby life. 

"Hmm," Zhou Zishu hummed, wrapping his arms tightly around his lover and hefting him up as he stood up. 

"Daddy!" Wen Kexing laughed, bringing a smile to Zhou Zishu's fatigued face. 

"Sleep," Zhou Zishu announced, heading towards the bedroom. 

"Just sleep?" Wen Kexing asked, touching his face gently in concern. Zhou Zishu nodded.

"Just sleep," he answered.

"Okay," Wen Kexing agreed. 

Zhou Zishu arranged him onto the bed before planting himself on top of his lover. It didn't take long at all for Wen Kexing, who was gently patting his sugar daddy's hair, to hear his breath deepen and his body relax completely.

He must have really been exhausted. 

Wen Kexing waited for close to an hour before he wriggled out from under his lover and went out to prepare food for tomorrow's breakfast. He wants his poor daddy to have a good meal before going back out to conquer his underworld. 


End of A Visit

Chapter Text

When Zhou Zishu woke up that morning, it was to a mouth-watering smell wafting from the kitchen. He opened his eyes to see the familiar sight of his sugar baby's bedroom. 

Oh, that's right. He'd broke his promise not to come see Wen Kexing on a weekday, but instead of reacting unfavorably, his Ah-Xing had taken care of him. Bathed him, fed him and even put him to bed. 

The last time he had a sugar baby, he'd made it a point to leave the penthouse as soon as he got what he wanted. He had never stayed a full night before but with Wen Kexing, he'd spent more nights with him than all his other lovers combined.

It's just different from the others. He felt... comfortable with Ah-Xing. And that had rarely happened with his lovers. 

Even when he let out the darker side of himself, the less unsavory part of himself; his territorial nature, his possessiveness and his hunger for Wen Kexing, the younger man just took it in stride. Even seem to thrive from it. And he constantly molded himself according to what Zhou Zishu wanted and needed. It was amazing. HE was amazing. 

Zhou Zishu got up from the bed, cracking his stiff neck and shoulders as he headed to the kitchen, where a spread of delicious food awaited him. His mouth started watering and his stomach growled. He hadn't been eating much the last few days because of lack of appetite and his headache of a work schedule. 

"Ah-Shu, you're awake!" Wen Kexing greeted, coming out of the kitchen with a steaming bowl of noodles. "Sit down. Have something to eat before you go."

"Don't you have class today?" Zhou Zishu asked, sitting down at his chair and watching his lover generously garnish the bowl of noodles with wantons, chicken floss, prawns and other condiments. There was also a bowl of fried dumplings and a cup of hot tea beside him.  

"I already came home from my morning class," Wen Kexing replied, setting the bowl in front of Zhou Zishu. 

Ah, that made sense, it's already close to noon and Zhou Zishu surmised that he'd been asleep for more than 10 hours. 

Zhou Zishu dug into the noodles readily, still impressed (even after months) of Wen Kexing's cooking skills. His baby would make the perfect wife one day.  

Wife. He tried to imagine coming home to this everyday instead of his empty house, devoid of life now that his parents are dead and his stepbrother had gone on a business trip.  It was an easy thing to imagine, having Wen Kexing home to greet him like he did last night and caring for him like silently, affectionately like he hadn't been since his mother's death.

"I have no more classes today," Wen Kexing informed Zhou Zishu, unknowingly snapping him out of his thoughts. "Would Ah-Shu like to go somewhere?"

Lord knows Zhou Zishu was tempted to say yes but he knew he'd left a mess at Tian Chuang last night and couldn't afford to play hooky with his baby no matter how much he wanted to. Maybe if he can settle things early, he can take his baby out for dinner or a trip for the weekend. 

"I have something to handle first at Tian Chuang," Zhou Zishu said. "I can come back later to see you." Then a pause. "Or you can come with me?"

"Hmm," Wen Kexing thought for a while. "I suppose I can. I'll just bring a textbook to read just in case."

Zhou Zishu kissed his cheek. "I'll make sure you're not too bored."


Duan Pengju, Han Ying's temporary replacement, greeted them when they walked into the quiet club. Since it was only afternoon, the rest of the staff wasn't there yet to begin setting up shop. 

Wen Kexing chose to wear something less risqué that day. Matching Zhou Zishu's black and blue ensemble with a navy blue slim blazer, he wore a deep V light blue shirt under it with a long knitted scarf. His fitted jeans were tucked neatly into his knee-high boots that he loved to wear to the club but wouldn't at the University because of it's stiletto heels.

He wasn't indecent by any means nor was he dressed in anyway revealing of his status as a sugar baby. But the way Duan Pengju looked at him from his face to his toes made him bristle. It was dismissive and derisive. Frankly, Duan Pengju was quite lucky that Zhou Zishu was too busy talking to Manager Li to see it, but Wen Kexing was tempted to bitch slap him. Or dig his eyes out.

What is this man's problem?

He ignored the man as he set his things down on the sofa in Zhou Zishu's office. The one where they had plenty of fun on before. Maybe they'll be able to do so again later.

"Sir, Mr Xie is asking if he could come discuss the next shipment," Duan Pengju said, after tearing his eyes away from the pretty eye-candy that had settled down on the sofa once Manager Li was done talking to Zhou Zishu about the club's current issues.

"Can't he just give me a video conference instead?" Zhou Zishu asked, then wave his hand. "Tell him to come during open hours. Around 10pm."

"He asked for 6pm," Duan Pengju said.  

Zhou Zishu's lips tightened. There goes his dinner date. 

"Tell him to come at 10," he said, irritation in his voice. "And tell Bi-shushu to increase the security around the docks. Huang He's men has been seen lurking around and I don't want them to do anything to the current cargo."

"Yes, sir," answered his temporary assistant, who tried not to think about how Xie Wang will be annoyed at being told to fly kite. 

"And clear my schedule for dinner, I'll be out," Zhou Zishu said. 

"But you are meeting with Mr Long for dinner today," Duan Pengju said, checking his tab. 

"Cancel it," Zhou Zishu said. "That asshole's just going to spend hours gloating about his company and delaying my meeting with Xie Wang."

"But Mr Long-"

"Mr Long wants the deal, he will wait if he has too," Zhou Zishu said firmly, wincing as the throbbing in his head increased. "His alternative is the Haisha Gang and they're unreliable. He knows that too."

"Yes, sir," replied Duan Pengju, hiding his irritation. He was going to be verbally trashed by that bad-tempered midget with a Napolean complex and he hated it. 

"Ah-Shu," a soft voice interrupted them and they both looked over to the young man standing beside his table bearing a glass of water. 

"Aspirin and water," Wen Kexing said, handing the two pills and glass to the boss. "For your headache."

Zhou Zishu obediently took the proffered items, swallowing the pills and finishing the water. Then he handed the glass back. "How did you know I was having a headache?"

"You were frowning and wincing while you were talking," Wen Kexing replied, as he walked away to return to the pantry. 

Zhou Zishu just blinked at how well his baby could read him. Most of the time, even Han Ying couldn't tell that he was suffering from a headache and that boy had been following him since he was a teenager. 

He turned back to Duan Pengju, who was silently watching Wen Kexing settle back in his chair with his textbook and frowned. He coughed and glared at the older man when he looked back. Duan Pengju visibly swallowed at the dark look on Zhou Zishu's face. 

"Sorry, sir," he said quickly, getting the hint that the pretty boy was completely out of bounds. He picked up his tab again. "Tie Mao is seeing to the transport of the cargo tomorrow night so I'll call Bi-shushu to coordinate today."

"Do that," Zhou Zishu said, the frown on his face never receding. "And as for my meeting with Ye Baiyi, it's been changed to tomorrow afternoon. He contacted me this morning to postpone."

"Yes sir," Duan Pengju said, making the changes. "Would you be making a visit to the docks today to check the cargo?"

"No, Jiuxiao has already made that inspection before he left a week ago," Zhou Zishu replied as he opened the file left on his table. He read through the papers and handed it back to Duan Pengju, "Shred these."

"Understood," Duan Pengju said, taking the papers. 

"When Jiuxiao returns today, tell him to come see me," Zhou Zishu said, dismissing his assistant. The man nodded and quickly left the office. After his faux pas, he didn't want to overstay his welcome. 

Zhou Zishu continued with his work, reading up the finances of his legitimate business fronts and the not-so-legal ones before signing off on the former. The latter went into his safe in his table cabinet. Then, it was letters from his lawyers. 

By the time he's almost done with his work, his stomach was growling and his head was throbbing again. He sighed when a pair of hands started massaging his temples, the touch gentle and soothing. His headache slowly drifted away under the clever ministration of those beautiful fingers. 

"Daddy," Wen Kexing crooned, never stopping his massage. "It's going to be dinner time. Let's go a little earlier?"

Zhou Zishu glanced at the clock on his table and realised that it's already close to 6pm. He hadn't even realised that he'd been working for hours though there was a point in time where Wen Kexing had forced a sandwich and a container of fresh fruits into his hands for lunch.  

After taking a deep breath, Zhou Zishu turned around and pulled his sugar baby into his lap, wrapping his arms around the taller man. 

"Are you hungry for food or something else?" he said lasciviously, a crooked smile on his lips.

"Hm," Wen Kexing made a show of thinking with a finger on his lip. "Definitely for food. Specifically for Korean."

Zhou Zishu mock scowled at him before slapping his ass, making the younger man squeal and jump from his lap. He grabbed Wen Kexing before he could get away and maneuvered him onto the table so he could kiss him. 

The younger man sat obediently on his table as they shared a deep kiss and Zhou Zishu could feel his arousal perking in interest. It's been two weeks, after all. 

However, just as he was pulling off his lover's blazer, the door slammed opened. 

"Shu-ge! You calle-!"

Zhou Zishu glared at a wide-eyed Qin Jiuxiao from his lover's neck, incensed at being cockblocked by his stepbrother. The younger man gave him a sheepish look and tried to backtrack from the office but Wen Kexing had already turned around to see who it was that had barged in on them. 

"Mr Qin?"

Zhou Zishu removed himself from his baby's gorgeous neck with a sigh and a roll of his eyes. Qin Jiuxiao dithered for a while before realising that he couldn't get away now, so he stepped back inside the office. 

"Oh, Dasao!" Jiuxiao greeted with a nervous laugh.

"Dasao?" Wen Kexing repeated with a look of confusion. 

"How many times do I have to tell you to knock before you come in?" Zhou Zishu asked with an annoyed look on his face, completely ignoring the term his stepbrother had used. 

"Sorry, sorry," Qin Jiuxiao said sheepishly, scratching his head. Looking at the younger man, it was hard for many to realise that he was a national champion in Judo when he was in his teens and was now the president of a security company, one of the subsidiaries of Zhou Zishu's many business investments. 

When his mother had started dating Qin Huaizhang after the death of his father, Zhou Zishu was introduced to the snotty little crybaby that would be his little brother. Five-year-old Qin Jiuxiao had latched onto him, calling him Gege since then and hadn't stopped even when he'd grown up into an adult. Sometimes, Zhou Zishu even had to remind him to act like one. 

"How was Beijing?" Zhou Zishu asked his stepbrother. The young man had gone there for half a year to establish a connection with the Qing Feng Group and only returned sporadically.

"Still the same," he answered. "They are still dithering about. You know them. Their leader is an old fashioned coot."

"An old fox," Zhou Zishu said, "Be wary of Mo Huaiyang. That asshole nearly got dad killed a decade ago. We just don't have any proof."

"I know," Qin Jiuxiao said, face grim. "I won't forget."

Wen Kexing was wondering about the history between their family and this Mo Huaiyang when Qin Jiuxiao turned to him with a bright smile suddenly.

"Dasao, welcome to the family!" he said, teasingly.  Zhou Zishu gave him an annoyed look but didn't say anything to dispute the title, just rolling his eyes at the childish behaviour. 

"Why are you calling me that?" Wen Kexing asked in confusion. "And what do you mean-?"

Zhou Zishu wrapped his arm around Wen Kexing and lead him out the office. 

"Ignore my idiot brother," he said, ignoring Qin Jiuxiao's squawk of indignation. "Let's go for dinner."

"Hey! Don't leave me!"

End A Membership

Chapter Text

Qin Jiuxiao was very delighted. 

Wen Kexing was even better for his brother than he'd expected. The med student had made Zhou Zishu laugh more in one night than he'd seen for over a month. And Zhou Zishu couldn't seem to keep his eyes away from the silver-haired young man. 

When Zhou Zishu first approached him to do a background check on one of his dancers, Qin Jiuxiao had thought nothing much about it. Precaution had been ingrained in them since their childhood and it wasn't the first time his brother was suspicious of one of his employees. 

The young man was very pretty, with a clean record and an equally clean past. There was absolutely nothing to imply that he was a plant (spy) or someone untrustworthy. He'd even sent some of his men to watch him for close to a month before giving his file a stamp of approval for continuous employment.  

What he hadn't expected to learn from Han Ying was that Zhou Zishu had approached the dancer with the intention of dating him. Like, seriously dating. 

It was a shock to Jiuxiao, considering the last serious relationship his brother had was before their parents died and all responsibilities fell onto Zhou Zishu's shoulders. He'd only been 20 then, too young to have everything shoved onto him, which included taking care of Jiuxiao, who was only 14 at that time. So his relationship with his girlfriend had taken a backseat and left to deteriorate till there was nothing left to salvage. 

Right now, watching Wen Kexing feed his brother a piece of barbequed beef, Qin Jiuxiao was pleasantly surprised by the warm gleam in Zhou Zishu's eyes as he looked at the dancer. 

He had never looked at anyone like that before, even with his first serious girlfriend (which Qin Jiuxiao was meh about). No wonder Han Ying said that he hoped that Wen Kexing would be a long term addition to their family.

Jiuxiao himself had only met Wen Kexing once or twice in passing, as he had been quite busy with his new company, and then with Beijing. The young man had been polite and friendly though somewhat distant. Which was understandable since they didn't have much time to get to know each other until now. 

"Mr Qin," Wen Kexing called, passing him a bowl filled with freshly cooked barbequed meat. Qin Jiuxiao enthusiastically accepted it. It smelled so good and he hadn't eaten anything since he boarded the plane this morning. 

"Dasao, don't call me that. Just call me Jiuxiao," he said as he happily dug into the rice and meat. Korean BBQ on a cold day was the best. His dasao had the best idea. 

"Why do you keep calling me dasao?"  Wen Kexing asked, perplexed, as he put more meat slices on the grill. Beside him, Zhou Zishu was rubbing his thigh and hips with wandering hands beneath the table but he expertly ignored that in favor of cooking the marinated meat and wrapping them in lettuce for his sugar daddy. 

Qin Jiuxiao's mouth was too full to answer so Wen Kexing turned to Zhou Zishu in question. The older man just shrugged with a crooked smile. Seeing that, Wen Kexing's eyes narrowed in suspicion. 

The meanie knew why but didn't want to tell him. 

Just for that, he put extra kimchi, garlic slices and a good helping of spicy sauce on the meat before wrapping it in lettuce and feeding it to his lover. He hopes that big turtle burns his tongue.

Zhou Zishu winced at the taste and took a sip of his soju, before pushing the sauce away from his vindictive baby. Wen Kexing stuck his tongue out and Zhou Zishu narrowed his eyes at the naughty boy. He was so going to spank his bottom for that. 

As a warning of what was to come when they got home, he squeezed said ass, making Wen Kexing squirm. 

"Ah-Shu! We're in public!" 

Zhou Zishu just grinned unrepentantly, even as his baby smacked him in the chest. 

"Shameless!" Wen Kexing scolded, though it was obviously for show because there was a small smile on his pink lips. 

Qin Jiuxiao watched all this with a smile as he continued to stuff his face with food. 

Oh yeah, he hopes he gets a dasao by the end of the year. 


Qin Jiuxiao was moderately good with his liquor but compared to the other two men, he would be considered a lightweight. He was drunk from the soju by the time dinner ended since he made the mistake of matching them cup for cup. Fortunately for him, the two men were more than capable of dragging his drunken ass to the car so that Cheng Xiu could send him home to rest. 

After making sure his brother was settled comfortably in the car, Zhou Zishu shut the door and straightened up. His sugar baby was already on the phone calling for another driver to send them to the club. Smart boy.

"I have a few more things to do at the club tonight," he told Wen Kexing, wrapping an arm around his baby's waist. "You can go back first if you want."

"It's fine. I'll stay with you," Wen Kexing said. "If I'm too tired to wait for you, I'll just call Cheng-shushu or Xingming to drive me home."

Zhou Zishu nodded before pulling his lover close while they waited for the car, which shouldn't take too long since the restaurant was only about 15 minutes away. It's too bad there were so many people up and about at this time of the night. He'll have to make do with just making out in the car.

By the time they arrived at the club, their lips were swollen and Wen Kexing had another collection of hickeys lining his neck like the world's most obscene necklace that even his scarf couldn't cover.


It was still relatively early on a Friday night, so the bar was just picking up when they walked in. It would take time for the crowd to build up though there were already some college students drinking in one corner.

Surprisingly, instead of heading towards his office, Zhou Zishu pulled him towards the empty dance floor. The number that was currently playing was a moderately slow song that they could sway to so Zhou Zishu rounded up his lover for a dance. He pulled the taller man into his arms by the waist and Wen Kexing automatically put his arms around his shoulders. They swayed to the rhythm of the song for a while before Zhou Zishu made a daring move to dip Wen Kexing (and nearly dropped him). 

"Ah-Shu!" Wen Kexing laughed in delight, the tremble of humor shaking through his body. Zhou Zishu couldn't help the grin on his face as he pulled his lover back up into his arms. 

"Why are you being so romantic?" Wen Kexing teased, pecking a kiss on his lover's nose, then cheek. Ah, he felt so soft right now. This sugar daddy of his was going to make him fall in love if he kept this up. 

"I'm feeling bloated from all the meat you've fed me," answered Zhou Zishu cheekily. "I needed some exercise to help with digestion."

"Mean!" Wen Kexing said, slapping a hand at Zhou Zishu's shoulder. The soft feeling had popped but the warm feeling in his stomach remained. He surmised that it must be all the alcohol he'd consumed during dinner. 

"I'll try to get everything done as soon as possible," Zhou Zishu promised, kissing him gently. "Then we'll go home and have some fun."

He delivered another squeeze to Wen Kexing's ass and sauntered off before Wen Kexing could say anything in reply or retaliate in anyway for the groping. 

Wen Kexing remained on the dance floor for a while when another two dancers appeared to dance with him. 

"Xiao Wen!" Zhuzhu greeted, lifting her hands up while swaying her hips alongside his. With a laugh, he joined her dance as the song changed to a faster kpop tune. 

"Zhuzhu! Lulu!" he greeted back as the two girls lined up at his sides and the three did a choreography that they had jokingly practiced before, giggling at bungled steps and cheering whenever they managed to get synchronised. 

Up above them, Zhou Zishu stopped by the bannister to watch as the three dancers took over the dance floor, catching the attention of the whole club. 


Wen Kexing was conversing with Da Wu when the two girls arrived at the bar, looking unhappy and disgusted. 

"Can't believe that asshole went around groping people like that!" one of them griped as she waved for Da Wu. "Two cosmopolitans, please."

Da Wu nodded and started making their drinks as Wen Kexing turned around to see if he could spot the 'asshole' they were talking about. 

It didn't take long for him to pinpoint the man that they were referring to as another girl screamed at a man on the dance floor before storming away. The man did not seem bothered by the reaction. In fact, he seem to revel in the attention he was getting. After the girl left, he went back to trying to dance with the other club goers, who quickly made their own escape. 

The man was clearly harassing the club goers and was likely going to be a nuisance sooner or later. Wen Kexing contemplated a moment at his vodka martini before deciding to interfere. It wouldn't take that long to kick that man out. 

Leaving his blazer and scarf on his stool, he walked onto the dance floor, gait more like a predator than a prey. Let the idiot think that he was easy prey when he was, in fact, an irresistible bait. 

He shook his hair back, closed his eyes and started dancing to the music. It didn't take long before he felt a hand sliding across his side to his buttock. But before he could turn to confront the man, the handsy pervert yelped. 

Wen Kexing turned to see the man's hand being twisted behind his back by an incensed Xie Wang. 

"Didn't anyone teach you manners?" Xie Wang hissed to the pervert, twisting the man's hand even more. The man started screaming. 

"What the hell, man!?" he shouted. "I don't even know you!"

Wen Kexing quickly interfered, slapping the man in the face to stop his screaming. Both Xie Wang and the man paused momentarily at the action, shocked. 

"You don't need to know someone to harass them, isn't it?" he said. "So why should he need to know you to stop you from harassing me?"

"Bitch, shut the fuc-" the man's shout turned into wordless scream when Wen Kexing grabbed his hair tightly by the back of his head, making him bow forward painfully. Then he started dragging the pervert towards the door, which in turn pulled Xie Wang, who was still holding the man's hand, along. 

"The next time you're here, learn to keep your hands to yourself. Okay?" Wen Kexing said sweetly to the man before signaling to Xie Wang to let go. He did and Wen Kexing threw him out the door that one of the bouncers graciously opened for him. 

"Thank you, Mikey," Wen Kexing said to the bouncer who returned the gesture. Then he hooked his arm around Xie Wang's to lead him towards Zhou Zishu's office for his appointment. 

"Thank you for the help, Mr Xie, " Wen Kexing said, pushing locks of hair behind his ear, not noticing the way Xie Wang's eyes tracked the movement hungrily. "But I had everything in hand."

"Yes, I saw that," Xie Wang said, feeling a little awed and still surprised by the turn of events. He wanted to be the white knight but Xiao Wen obviously didn't need any.

He'd underestimated the dancer and paid for it by looking like a complete idiot when Wen Kexing displayed his shiny iron spine by luring and getting rid of the rabble rouser in the club. 

Oh, What he would give to have this man be completely his...

"Here we are," Wen Kexing announced, letting go of his arm to knock and open the door to his sugar daddy's office. 

Zhou Zishu looked up to see his baby leading Xie Wang into the room. He felt a tic at his temple at the thought of that man actively looking for his lover whenever he came to the club. Perhaps he should have sent Wen Kexing back to the penthouse earlier. He made a mental note about not having the both of them in the club at the same time in the future. 

However, as if knowing the unpleasant thoughts that were flowing through his mind, his baby made his way into the office instead of leaving the two bosses to discuss their business. 

Wen Kexing wrapped his arms around Zhou Zishu and gave him a peck on the cheek. 

"Play nice, daddy," he whispered into the man's ear, having seen the dark look on Zhou Zishu's face when he arrived with Xie Wang. 

"Well, then. I'll leave you gentlemen to conduct your business," he announced. "I'll be waiting for you at the bar, daddy."

"Mn," Zhou Zishu replied, his mood slightly better now. But just to be an asshole, he snaked his hand out and slapped his baby's butt before he left.

"Ah-Shu! Mean!" Wen Kexing exclaimed with a pout. Then, without another look at Xie Wang, he left. 

Zhou Zishu gave Xie Wang a look as if to say; See, this is what I have. And you can't have it. 

Xie Wang tried not to show any expression even as he gritted his teeth. 

Asshole, they thought simultaneously to themselves. 

End of A Dinner

Chapter Text

For the second time that week, Zhou Zishu awoke in the bedroom of his sugar baby, entangled in the soap-fragrant sheets of his bed. He stretched languidly, feeling his spine  pop satisfyingly and the scars on his back pull tight. 

He yawned as he got up from the bed, reaching out to grab a pair of pajama pants that he had discarded last night while getting frisky with his baby. 

After he put them on, he went in search of his missing lover, following the sounds of music to the kitchen. When he arrived, he had to take a moment to stand at the doorway to watch his sugar baby, who was wearing only a shirt and an apron, dance to a catchy tune while waiting for the sausages and eggs to cook. 

It occurred to him then that there was no dancing studio in the penthouse. All that space for one person and there's no dancing space for his baby. 

It truly was a travesty and Zhou Zishu was an idiot for not taking that into account while preparing for his baby's arrival. 

He will have to remedy that. 

In the meantime, he has a baby to punish for leaving him to wake up in an empty bed with an aching morning wood.

Wen Kexing jerked in surprise when Zhou Zishu wrapped his arms around his waist suddenly as he was dancing to Twice's The Feels. 

"Ah-Shu! You surprised me!" he exclaimed, wriggling a little to kiss his sugar daddy's lips. He picked up the spatula and flipped the eggs to sizzle for a moment. 

"You left me in a cold bed," Zhou Zishu complained, burying his face in his baby's silver hair. 

"I wanted to make you breakfast," Wen Kexing explained, patting his lover's head soothingly with one hand as he plated the half-cooked eggs with the other. 

"And you left me with this," Zhou Zishu said, rubbing his cock against his Ah-Xing's thigh. 

"Oh I'm sorry," Wen Kexing said with a laugh. "I should have sucked you off before I left the bed."

"Hm, I wouldn't mind if you do," Zhou Zishu said, kissing the silver-haired man's neck. "What a great surprise to wake up to."

Wen Kexing tilted his head to reveal more of his neck for Zhou Zishu to nuzzle. "Really? you like somnophilia?"

"Don't mind it," he admitted. "Do you?"

Wen Kexing thought for a while and shook his head. "I don't think so."

"If you're not sure, I'd do my best to convince you," Zhou Zishu said, snaking a hand down the front of Wen Kexing's groin. "Wake you up with my cock inside you."

Wen Kexing moaned as Zhou Zishu rubbed his fingers around the outline of his hardening cock. Behind him, he could feel his lover's length sliding between his thighs.

In a fortunate moment of clarity, Wen Kexing switched off the fire so that the sausages wouldn't burn before he turned to kiss his sugar daddy.  

"Does daddy want my mouth or booty?" he asked cutely, putting a finger to his mouth. 

Zhou Zishu squeezed his ass before replying. "Both."

Complying obediently, Wen Kexing knelt on the floor, pulling Zhou Zishu's pants down to reveal his erection, which sprung up in attention immediately. Seeing that, Wen Kexing giggled a little and opened his mouth to suck in the head, using his tongue to trace the foreskin.

"Ah-Xing," Zhou Zishu groaned, cock hardening even more at the ministration. He grasped Wen Kexing's head, tangling the silver hair with his fingers. Then he pushed his lover's head down as he thrust into that slick mouth further. 

"Mmmph," Wen Kexing choked at the harsh treatment but Zhou Zishu didn't care. He knew that his baby loved it when he was a little rough during their session. Nothing beyond hair pulling and spanking, of course. Zhou Zishu wasn't a complete sadist when it came to his lovers. 

When his cock was sufficiently wet from Wen Kexing's saliva, he let go of the silvery head. His lover gasped for breaths as he went on all fours while Zhou Zishu walked behind him and lifted the hem of the shirt he was wearing. 

He was right. His naughty Ah-Xing wasn't wearing any underwear. 

His hole was still puffy and soft from their activities last night so Ah-Xing should have no problem taking his length all the way in but just to be sure, Zhou Zishu inserted a finger into the hole, then another. Inwardly, he was delighted to find that it was still wet with his cum as some of the white liquid started dripping from the hole. 

Wen Kexing moaned at the intrusion, his ass was still sensitive from their sessions last night but Zhou Zishu loved to overstimulate him, making him experience multiple orgasms. 

Deciding that his baby didn't need more preparation, Zhou Zishu lined himself into that gorgeous hole and fucked right in. 

"Ahh, Ah-Shu!" Wen Kexing gasped, wriggling a little to relief the intense feeling coursing through him but Zhou Zishu clamped his hands around the dancer's hips and pulled him back onto his cock. 

Wen Kexing whined and whimpered as his lover continued to eagerly assault his prostate repeatedly with his cock. 

"Baby," Zhou Zishu said breathily. "One day, I want to come home with you wearing nothing but an apron."

"Ah, shameless," Wen Kexing whined, top half slumping down on the tiled floor of the kitchen. The change of position only served to curve his back and present his ass better for Zhou Zishu to ravish. 

"It's not shameless to want to fuck my pretty wife," Zhou Zishu said, grinding in deep enough to make Wen Kexing squirm and curl his toes. The younger man reached between his legs and started jerking his cock to the rhythm of Zhou Zishu's thrust.

"That's right," Zhou Zishu breathed, thrusting his hip in abandonment in search of his own orgasm. "Going to make you my wife."

Overstimulated, Wen Kexing writhed on the polished floor as his lover fucked him relentlessly until he came. The younger man moaned as his vision turned white and he ejaculated into his own hand. His ass tightened firmly around Zhou Zishu's grinding cock, milking the man's cum deep into his bowels.

"Fuck, so good," Zhou Zishu groaned, enjoying the contraction around his spurting cock. 

"Nggghhh," the silver-haired man beneath him whimpered and trembled from his intense orgasm. 

"You came so hard, baby," Zhou Zishu praised, rubbing a hand on Wen Kexing's ass cheek. "Did you like it when I called you my wife?"

Wen Kexing moaned and shook his head but his body was more honest as the walls around his softening cock tightened momentarily.

Zhou Zishu grinned and leaned down. The movement made his cock slide out of the oversensitised hole and Wen Kexing whimpered again. 

"My pretty wife," he whispered. "I'm going to keep you bare-footed and pregnant in this house where I'm going to fill you with my cum everyday."

"Ah-shuuuu," Wen Kexing whined, attempting to cover his red face with his arms but was hindered when Zhou Zishu caught them and pushed them away, turning him to face his lover.

"My pretty wife shouldn't cover his face," he chided, kissing his lover. 

"Meanie," Wen Kexing said, sliding his arms around his sugar daddy's shoulders. 

They kissed languidly for a while before Wen Kexing started squirming from the uncomfortable feeling of lying on the hard floor with cum dripping from his ass. 

"Go clean up, baby," Zhou Zishu told him, slapping his thigh. "I'll clean up and plate the food up."

"Okay," Wen Kexing agreed, getting up to go to the bathroom. 

"Such an obedient wife," Zhou Zishu said, slapping his ass cheek.

"Mean!" Wen Kexing complained with a pout, rubbing his abused ass.  

Zhou Zishu just gave him a crooked smile before he left the kitchen with a huff.  

When he returned, Zhou Zishu had already set up the whole table with the food, some juice and coffee. 

"Thank you, Ah-Shu," he said, kissing the young boss on the cheek when he handed him a cup of coffee. 

"Mn," Zhou Zishu hummed before he started digging into the food. 

"What is Ah-Shu's plans today?" Wen Kexing asked curiously. 

"I have some appointments to go to today so I can't spend time with you," Zhou Zishu answered distractedly as he checked his phone to see if he had missed any messages from last night. 

Wen Kexing ignored the spark of disappointment that he felt at the way Zhou Zishu had dismissively said that. He'd been with Zhou Zishu yesterday all day when he'd been working in his office and hadn't distracted or disturbed him, so there was really no reason he couldn't tag along with him. But then he reminded himself that this wasn't a normal relationship. They weren't dating and he certainly shouldn't feel slighted for not being the priority of his sugar daddy. 

This was all just a transaction. An arrangement. 

One that might not even last. He liked the way their bodies were so compatible. He liked the way Zhou Zishu spoiled him. And he liked the way he always felt comfortable being with the man. 

But he must remember that this was just a temporary agreement. 

One that was started at the whim of Zhou Zishu and would end for the same reason. 

"Then, I'll be home studying," he said, trying to cover for his pause. "Need to catch up with my project anyway."

Zhou Zishu nodded, still distracted by his phone while eating his breakfast. 

"Do that."

End of A Morning

Chapter Text

Twice a week, a group of cleaners would come to the penthouse to clean and tidy up the place as it was way too big for one person to maintain. However, Wen Kexing didn't allow them to clean his bedroom as he preferred to keep his privacy in that aspect. So during the weekend, he would spend a few hours cleaning his bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. Then he would do some online grocery shopping from the comfort of his hot tub while enjoying a glass of champagne. It would leave him in a sleepy mood that allows him to sleep through the night so that he could focus on his studies the next day. 

After Zhou Zishu left that morning, he'd spent half a day on his assignment before becoming too restless to focus, so he'd gone into his wardrobe and started dusting, which led to him vacuuming and rearranging his shoes, then his lingerie and his socks. 

By the time he was done, it was dinner time. So he'd ordered a large amount of food and binged on it while watching a movie, before shoving the leftovers into his fridge for the next day. Then, because it was late and Zhou Zishu had not contacted him about coming to the penthouse to spend the night, he decided to pour himself a glass of wine and headed to the hot bath for a soak.

And that was how Zhou Zishu found him that evening. 

The young mob boss stood at the door of the bathroom for some time, appreciatively eyeing his lover's naked form as the other young man laid in the bath. He'd piled his silver hair above his head in a messy bun wrapped with a towel and his pale skin was pink from the heat of the water. Wen Kexing was preoccupied with his phone which he had put on a stand and so, had not noticed him yet. Usually, Zhou Zishu would message him before coming to the penthouse but he'd decided to make the visit a little later than usual since his business had taken a longer than he'd expected. 

Looking at him now, Zhou Zishu was glad for not bringing him along that morning. He had a meeting with Ye Baiyi about the fights that had been erupting between the border of his territory and Huang He's, and then, he had to go down to the docks to accept another shipment of weapons that had to be taken into account before it went into storage. 

Wen Kexing was not involved in the underworld, barring his connection with Zhou Zishu, and that was something the mob boss wanted to make sure would not change. His baby shouldn't have to get blood on his hands (unless it was at work in the hospital, of course). 

Zhou Zishu pulled off his coat, letting it fall onto the floor. The sound of the fabric falling onto the ground caught Wen Kexing's attention and the younger man turned around. 

"Daddy, you're back," Wen Kexing greeted with a smile as he watched Zhou Zishu take off his shirt, revealing a fit, scarred body. "I thought you'd be too busy for lil ol' me."

With a little huff of laughter, Zhou Zishu pulled off his pants and underwear. Then he made his way into the hot tub behind Wen Kexing, who scooted forward to make space for him. 

"Oh, it's so nice of you to join me," his Ah-Xing said, leaning back to rest his smooth back against Zhou Zishu's.

The older man wrapped his arms around Wen Kexing, kissing his shoulder, then laying his head on said shoulder and sighing at the feel of the hot water. It's so nice to come home to this after dealing with assholes all day.

"This is nice," he admitted. 

They sat for a while, enjoying each others presence before Zhou Zishu turned his head and started kissing the side of his neck. Wen Kexing tilted his head in response to provide him with more skin to kiss and bruise. 

"Ah-Shu..." his lover moaned and Zhou Zishu was compelled to move his hand upwards to play with the two nubs he loved to torture. 

"No, Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing whimpered as his nipples were pulled and pinched. They were still sensitive from when Zhou Zishu had sucked on them last night. He jerked when Zhou Zishu twisted one of them, his own hands grasping the side of the tub tightly. 

"No, no! Please!"

Zhou Zishu let go of one abused nipple, though his other was still persistently rubbing at the other swollen nipple, and reached downwards to grasp his lover's cock. He begin to pump the length while Wen Kexing writhed within the confines of his arms, moaning and begging for his Ah-Shu to stop and don't stop. The water in the bath splashed to the side, over flowing onto the floor. 


"That's right, baby," Zhou Zishu rasped, his own cock throbbing in anticipation. "Come for me." 

Wen Kexing whined as he leaned on the older man, rubbing his ass against Zhou Zishu's cock eagerly. "Please...Ah-Shu."

"My pretty wife deserves to come first," Zhou Zishu said gleefully, feeling the cock in his hand jerk eagerly. His baby was so close. 

"No, can't..." the silver-haired man moaned before he slumped again Zhou Zishu. 

But just as he was about to come, the older man let go of his lover's cock. Wen Kexing sobbed at being denied his orgasm but he was urged to lean forward where Zhou Zishu reached between them. Upon feeling the fingers breach his anus, Wen Kexing involuntarily tightened his ass. 

"Come on, baby," Zhou Zishu coaxed, sliding two fingers into the well-used hole. "Open up for me."

"Ah-Shu..." Wen Kexing plead. "Don't tease me, please."

"Then seat yourself on my cock," Zhou Zishu said, pulling the younger man into his lap. His erection slid between Wen Kexing's thigh. "Need lube though."

"Oil, on the counter," Wen Kexing said, pointing to a yellow bottle near the sink. 

Zhou Zishu had to get up to retrieve said bottle and when he turned around, he was greeted by the sight of the luscious ass being presented to him. Wen Kexing was half lying on the other side of the tub with his legs kneeling in the tub. 

"Hurry, daddy," his sugar baby breathed. 

"Minx," he accused, opening the bottle to pour a generous amount of sunflower oil into his hand, then lubing his cock up in anticipation. With his oily fingers, he stretched his lover's hole while whispering encouragements.

"That's right, baby. You open up so well for me," he praised, inserting a third finger into the loosened ass. 

"Please, please," Wen Kexing repeated into his arms. 

Zhou Zishu pulled out his fingers then he sat back down to lounge in the tub. Wen Kexing looked at him for a moment before understanding what his sugar daddy wanted. He moved slowly back to Zhou Zishu's chest and lined the older man's cock to his hole.

Tilting his head back, Zhou Zishu closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of having his cock be engulfed in soft, wet, heat. 

"Don't move, baby," he said, leaning forward to kiss his lover's pale shoulder again. "I want you to warm my cock while we enjoy the bath."

Wen Kexing whimpered, rubbing his own nipple and cock. "Please..."

"If you have to," Zhou Zishu allowed, leaning back to watch his lover's back as the younger man jerked himself into completion. His cock spurted a little inside Wen Kexing's ass from being milked by his spasming walls but it was still hard by the time the younger man was done coming. "That's good, baby." 

Wen Kexing moaned in response, ass still twitching. Then he slumped onto Zhou Zishu's chest. 

Ah, his Ah-Xing always got sleepy after he orgasmed.

Too bad Zhou Zishu was just getting started. He reached for Wen Kexing's chest and started rubbing the swollen nipples, feeling that jolt of pleasure that went through the younger man in his lap as he writhed.

"Ah-Shu! Ah! No!"

"But you like it," he crooned with a crooked smile. "Hm, if you keep squirming like that on my cock, I'm going to come inside you." 

Wen Kexing whimpered, slowly fucking himself on the cock behind him as his lover pleasured his nipples. 

"Ah-Xing, keep going," Zhou Zishu encouraged. "I'm going to come soon."

He pinched the nubs in his fingers and pulled, making Wen Kexing jerked as he dry orgasmed. Zhou Zishu groaned as his cock was milked by the tight walls. He let go of the well-abused nipples to hold onto his lover's hip and thrust deeper. 

"Fuck, baby," he groaned again, burying his face into the pale, fragrant neck of his sugar baby. "Can I stay inside you all night?"

Wen Kexing whimpered at the thought of having his oversensitised ass being used as a cock warmer. His toes curled and he involuntarily jerked his legs as his ass contracted again around Zhou Zishu's cock.  

"Mm, are you going to have dry orgasms all night?" Zhou Zishu asked, relishing the feeling of being milked again. 

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing whined. 

Then, to his relief, he was lifted off his lover's cock. While he dazedly watched from the bath tub, Zhou Zishu retrieved one of the towels and wiped himself dry. When he realised that Wen Kexing was too tired to do more than be pulled out of the bath, he helped dried his baby too. Then he lifted the swaying young man into his arms. 

"Ah-Shu..." Wen Kexing said as he was carried into his bedroom. 

"I promised I'll make sure you come all night," Zhou Zishu said, laying him on the bed. 

Wen Kexing whimpered as his sugar daddy eagerly opened his legs to settle between them, knowing that it was going to be a long night for him. Will he even be able to walk tomorrow!?

Fortunately, Zhou Zishu had managed to clear his schedule for Sunday to devote to his baby's needs.


"Are you sure that's him?"

"It's definitely him! Who else looks so gorgeous with silver hair!?"

Song Huairen looked up from his book, peeking at the bunch of girls in the corner of the lecture hall. They were whispering to each other furiously and gesturing to their phones. He looked around and noticed that Wen Kexing was not there yet, which was not surprising since it was still early. 

"Omg. Look at the way he moves," one of the girls said, staring at her phone intently. "I'm so jealous of those girls."

Attention caught, he closed his book and walked to them to peer over one of the girl's shoulder. 

"What are you guys looking at?" he asked, an easy going smile on his face that he knew would highlight his dimples and light up his handsome face. 

"Song!" one of the girl squealed, face turning pink. 

"Hi!" said another, waving eagerly. 

"What are you guys watching?" he asked again, trying to divert any potential flirting. He wasn't interested in any of them.

The girls looked at each other for a few moments before one of them pass her phone to him, which was opened to a video. 

Song Huairen pressed the play button and watched with raised eyebrows as the video of Wen Kexing dancing with two scantily clad girls started playing. The silver haired young man was in the middle of the two girls and he was expertly following their movements in rhythm to the music playing in the background. It looked as if he had practiced with them and was auditioning for a Korean pop girl group or something. 

The video was at least two minutes long and by the end of it, Song Huairen had to swallow the saliva that had accumulated in his mouth. 

He never knew his classmate could move like that. The way he moved was so smooth and nimble while his transitions were flawless as far as he could tell. He was interrupted from watching the loop of the video when the owner of the phone retrieved the phone from his hand. 

"Where did you get this?" he asked the girl who looked at her friend and giggled.

"Someone uploaded it on tiktok and Meiyi saw it," she said, gesturing her friend who was blushing. "She recognised him immediately."

"Can you send this to my phone?" he asked. She nodded eagerly, taking in his phone number with a glee that should have made him cautious of further contact with her, but he was much too preoccupied with the idea of having the video. 

"Oh. And try not to spread it too much," he said to the girls once he received notification of the shared link. "It wouldn't be good for Wen if the Dean finds out about it because it went viral."

The girls looked at each, only seemingly realising now what would happen if Wen Kexing became viral because of such an innocuous thing as dancing in a club. He might get kicked out of the University and have his career ruined because of some stuffy school management or something. 

The girls then nodded to him, more serious now. Song Huairen left them, knowing that they would now be a bit more cautious of who they talk to about this issue. 

After all, the last thing anyone wants was to lose their access to their University idol. 

End of A Bath

Chapter Text

An Invasion

Zhou Zishu had cleared his Sunday to spend with his sugar baby, so he was understandably annoyed when his handphone started ringing that morning while he was snuggling with said baby, who was handfeeding him bread and cheese. 

He was tempted to silence the phone completely but Wen Kexing's worried glance at the device prompted him to finally answer it. 

Unfortunately, it was an issue that neither Han Ying nor Duan Pengju could handle as it concerned dealing with the Haisha Gang leader, so he would have to step in to handle it himself. 

"I'm sorry, baby," he said, switching off his phone to lob it aside, flopping back on the bed with a groan. "I'll have to go in."

"It's okay, Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing said, rolling a top of him to kiss him languidly. "Work comes first."

"Mn," Zhou Zishu replied, tucking the cascading silver hair behind an ear. "I'll try to come back again tonight."

"Don't force yourself, daddy," Wen Kexing whispered against his lips. "Don't rush things for me, 'kay?"

"Mn," Zhou Zishu said, kissing his Ah-Xing in the forehead before forcing himself to get off the bed to prepare himself for work. There really was no rest for the wicked. Why is it so difficult for him to get a break? Maybe he should go for a trip. Just him and his baby. 

By the time he came out all dressed in his suit, Ah-Xing was waiting for him at the door with his coat and a packed meal for him to eat on the way to the pub. 

The scene was so domestic that when Ah-Xing kissed him goodbye that morning, all he could think of was him calling Ah-Xing his wife the day before while they were having sex. He thought that maybe he had done it twice or thrice last night too.

Then, he remembered how much he liked seeing his ring on his baby's finger. 

And how much he liked seeing his Ah-Xing cook for him in an apron.

Just as Zhou Zishu was pondering about this, he exited the elevator into the lobby. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he missed the two men watching him from the lounge area. 

They continued to watch him as he entered the car and left. 

Then they set their eyes on the personal lift that Zhou Zishu had exited from.


Wen Kexing had to do his online grocery shopping that morning after his sugar daddy left. The night before, he hadn't been able to buy anything before Zhou Zishu interrupted his bath for some fun times. Then, after breakfast and a shower, dressed in a comfortable sweater and sweat pants, he sat down to continue his project while waiting for his personal shopper to deliver his items. 

It didn't take long for the doorbell to ring and he headed out to open the heavy security door, making the mistake of not checking the peephole before that. 

When the door swung open, he was met with the frightened face of his personal shopper and two men totting guns behind the poor youth. 

"Mr Wen!" cried Zhang Chengling as one of the men pushed him into the penthouse. 

"Chengling!" Wen Kexing exclaimed, pulling the boy closer, away from the two intruders. The bag of grocery the boy was carrying crumpled between them as they retreated further into the penthouse with the men following them closely. 

"What do you want?" Wen Kexing asked, taking in their suits, features and postures. 

These men were not robbers, given that they were dressed in suits. Sloppily and without ties, but they were definitely not dressed as one would expect of robbers. And to confidently infiltrate a secured high-rise by slipping in with the delivery service undetected meant these men were unafraid of getting caught. So they were likely with the mob, an opposing gang, he deduced. 

"You are Zhou Zishu's new fucktoy," said one of the men, a crooked smile on his lips. "So you should know where his safe is."

"Safe?" Wen Kexing repeated, incredulous. "Zhou Zishu doesn't even live here."

"You don't need to lie, he spends time here and at the pub more than anywhere," answered the other invader. 

"Then you should check the pub first," Wen Kexing reasoned. "His office is there."

"Well, it was a long shot coming here, but we wanted to check," admitted the 2nd invader.

"Then, you are going to leave?" Wen Kexing asked, though he knew that they wouldn't.

"Of course not," answered the 1st invader (who will now be known as Krony 1 in Wen Kexing's head since he didn't know or care about their names).

"I'm just his sugar baby. Not even a lover. I'm a dime in a dozen," Wen Kexing answered shrugged, feeling inexplicably calm despite having 2 guns trained on him. "What makes you think he will give a damn if you have me hostage."

"We won't know if we don't try, right?" asked Krony 1. "Now, be a good host and show us in."

I'll show you in, alright. An in to my fist, thought Wen Kexing though he kept that in check. "At least let my personal shopper go. He's an innocent child who has nothing to do with this."

"No can do. Kid has already seen our faces. Can't have him running to the cops, ya know," Krony 2 said, confirming Wen Kexing's suspicion that they were planning to kill them when there was no need for hostages anymore. 

Wen Kexing turned around, pulling Chengling with him into the living room. He sat the poor boy and set the bag of groceries down on the table before sitting beside his fellow hostage. All the while, his mind was turning and planning on how to get both of them out of this situation safe and sound. 

Krony 1 sat on the table, facing them with the gun trained on Wen Kexing as Krony 2 made a show of inspecting the penthouse, going from room to room to ransack the place. Then, after maybe about half an hour later, when he evidently did not find anything, he made a phone call, presumably to their boss. Wen Kexing kept silent, focusing on listening to the hushed phone conversation. He could hear the words 'boss', 'that Zhou guy', 'the files' and 'interrogate'.

When Krony 2 was done with the call, he approached them, a look of anticipation on his face. But before he could say a word, Wen Kexing spoke up first.

"Zhou Zishu has no office here," Wen Kexing said. "So you'll find none of his documents here. However, if you are using me as a hostage to exchange the things that you want, you will find my phone on the kitchen counter. I assume you'd want to call him from my phone."

Krony 2 grinned. "Wow, you're not just a pretty face, are you?"

Wen Kexing just gave him a flat look and rolled his eyes, making Krony 2 chuckle as he turn to head to the kitchen. 

He knew that he couldn't overpower them both so it would be better to cooperate. For now. 

If they called Zhou Zishu, chances were the young mob boss would send backup, even if they couldn't help at the moment without putting them in danger. And the security cameras probably caught them hijacking the lift ride from Chengling. Hopefully, they've called reinforcement by now. 

At the moment, Wen Kexing would have to think on his feet and act accordingly. 

His eyes fell on his groceries and he made a move. 

"Can I at least bring my groceries in to put in my fridge? I have meat in there. And I can unlock the phone for you to use," he said, sounding reasonable and calm. 

The 2 Kronys exchange a look and Krony 2 nodded. Ah, so Krony 2 is the one with the superior ranking.

"Well, by all means," Krony 2 said courteously, waving his hand. 

Wen Kexing got up and retrieved the bag. Before he left, he gave Chengling a re-assuring look. The boy nodded in understanding, keeping quiet. Such a good boy. How unfortunate that he got embroiled in this when he was just going about his part time job. 

When Wen Kexing got to the counter, he picked up his phone and unlocked it with his fingerprint before handing it over to the man. Then he took his groceries and began unpacking it into his fridge, all the while keeping an ear out on the man that was still training his gun at him. 

He took two bottles of cold water and opened one to drink. Then he waited for the man as he scrolled through Wen Kexing's personal phone. 

"Nice," Krony 2 said, turning the phone to refer to the photo of Wen Kexing posing in a set of red lace lingerie that Zhou Zishu had purchased for him. The panties really highlighted his peach ass and his pin-up girl pose gave him none-existing curves. He'd just sent that photo to his sugar daddy that morning so the pic was at the forefront of his chat. 

Wen Kexing didn't react except to roll his eyes and headed to the living room to hand poor, panicking Zhang Chengling the other bottle of water.

"Nothing for us?" Krony 1 asked with a crooked grin. As if he just dropped a gem of a line. 

"I don't think either of you would trust me not to put something into the drink, so no," Wen Kexing answered, taking another sip of his water. Chengling followed his cue and opened his own bottle. But before he could take a sip, Krony 1 grabbed the bottle from the youth and chugged it down. Then, he threw the empty bottle onto the floor, which made Wen Kexing annoyed. There was a perfectly functional garbage bin not 3 feet from him!

"You gave it to the kid right? So it should be safe right?" Krony 1 said, smugly. 

"If you think so," Wen Kexing answered, capping his water bottle and leaving it on the table. His action made Krony 1 suspicious and the man brandish the gun at him. 

"Hey! What does that mean!? Did you put something inside?" the man demanded. 

"Like you said, it was for Chengling," Wen Kexing said with a shrug. "I wouldn't poison him and I certainly wouldn't know for sure that you would drink it, right?"

Krony 1 gave him a pinched expression, looking like he didn't know if he wanted to slap Wen Kexing and demand for answers or if he was feeling uncomfortable from the laxative that the silver-haired had slipped into the bottle while his 'friend' was busy salivating over his photos.

"If you are having constipation, I can recommend a very effective laxative to you," Wen Kexing said, "Because you look like you need it."

"You-!" Krony 1 lifted the hand that was devoid of gun to hit Wen Kexing when Krony 2 finally spoke up. 

"Don't!" he said, looking up from Wen Kexing's phone. "You're making too much noise. I'm calling Zhou Zishu."

They fell into a tense silence as Krony 1 dialed the phone number saved into Wen Kexing's device. There was a dial tone but it dropped after the first three rings. Krony 2 tried again but to no avail. 

"He's at a meeting," Wen Kexing said, inspecting his nails and absent-mindedly wondered if he needed to go for another pedi-mani. "He won't answer if he's busy."

"Then you really are useless to us,"  said Krony 2 with a sarcastic smile. 

Wen Kexing shrugged. "I already told you. I'm just his sugar baby."

"So even if we kill you, he won't care?" asked the man. 

"Oh, he'll care. Because even if I'm just his sugar baby, I'm still his. If you so much as touch me, he'll be offended enough to cut your hand off," Wen Kexing said. "Because he's territorial that way."

"So what you're saying is that you are worth nothing as a hostage," Krony 2 said. "But we aren't allowed to touch you because that will just make Zhou Zishu angry."

"Oh, I don't think that will stop you if you want to hurt me," Wen Kexing deduced correctly. "But I think you should just be ready for the consequences if you do."

Krony 2 opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted when Wen Kexing's phone started ringing. Seeing the name on the screen, the man pressed the answer button and Zhou Zishu's voice could be heard on loudspeaker. 

"Baby, you alright?" came the voice. 

"Yes," Wen Kexing answered shortly before any of the Kronies could stop him.

There was a pause as Zhou Zishu took in his short, uncharacteristic answer. 

"Are you alone?" 

"Mr Zhou," greeted Krony 2 in answer to the question. "Good afternoon. As you can tell we have your lover with us, so if you'd cooperate with us, we would appreciate it."

There was silence on the other end before Zhou Zishu spoke, "What do you want?"

Krony 2 grinned at an impassive Wen Kexing, as if to say, 'See, you are not a worthless hostage, after all.'

"Oh, it's nothing much. Just some leeway for the shipping routes to be given to my employer," answered Krony 2. "It'll make things so much easier for him to run his business, ya know. 

"Shipping routes," clarified Zhou Zishu from the phone. 

"Yes," confirm Krony 2. Wen Kexing wanted to roll his eyes at the dead giveaway that Krony 2 had given about his 'employer'.

"So your boss is the Haisha Gang Leader, correct?" Zhou Zishu asked. 

The smile on Krony 2's face dropped momentarily before it came back. "That's right. He should be there with you at this moment. So please inform him that you agree to his terms."

Zhou Zishu huffed with laughter instead, which confused the two kronies. 

"What? What are you laughing at!?" asked Krony 1, enraged.

"I'll let your leader speak to you right now," Zhou Zishu said before there was a rustling and a groan of pain. 

"Boss?" asked Krony 2 with concern. 

"Get out of there," came a hoarse voice. "Don't do anything and leave."

"What? Why?" Krony 1 asked. 

"Get out! Do you want me to die!?" shouted their boss. Then, a rustle before Zhou Zishu's voice came back online. 

"Better do as you're told," advised Zhou Zishu. "Oh, and you better not have touched my Ah-Xing, or I will hunt you down and cut off your hands to feed them to you."

With that, he hung up. 

Both Kronies stared at the phone, baffled but Wen Kexing had had enough by then. He cleared his throat pointedly. 

"In case you've forgotten," he said, pointing to the front door. "The lift is that way."

Krony 1 looked like he was about to explode (from which end, Wen Kexing didn't know but he dearly hope that it wasn't the one that would leave a mess for his cleaners to slave over) but Krony 2 stopped him and gestured with his head.

"You heard the boss," said Krony 2. "We have to leave. Without touching the whore."

"Oh, yes, Insults. Very mature," Wen Kexing quipped back. "Now don't let the elevator doors slam shut on your behind on your way out."

"You-! Bitch, you're lucky this time!" warned Krony 1. "Next time, we won't be so nice!"

As if there'll be a next time, Wen Kexing rolled his eyes, making a mental note to purchase a taser just in case. He stood up to watch them leave. The dumbasses didn't even seem to realise that since their boss' negotiation with Zhou Zishu had gone south, likely there will no gang for them to return to by the time Zhou Zishu was done.  

Wen Kexing got up and headed over to his penthouse phone to call the lobby. The concierge answered his call and confirmed what he had already suspected. 

"Yes, sir," said the concierge. "The police are already here. The security saw the armed hold up in the elevator and acted accordingly."

"Good job," he praised the concierge. "They're on the way down."

"Yes, sir. Security has already informed the police and they are already stationed at the door." replied the man. Then, there was a pause and some muffled conversations. "Sir, it looks like the perpetrators have been taken into custody. They surrendered without a fight."

Wen Kexing made a mental note to send the penthouse staff a large fruit basket or maybe several for their quick, decisive action. It certainly saved Zhou Zishu from hunting them down to prevent future complications.  

He thanked the concierge again and turned to the only other occupant of the penthouse.

"Chengling, it's safe now," he said. "Sorry you got involved."

"It's okay, Mr Wen," replied the boy, smiling and not looking traumatised at all despite being held at gunpoint for nearly an hour. "It's the most exciting day I've had all week!"

Wen Kexing huffed, shaking his head. "Silly child. You were held at gunpoint and you call that exciting?"

"I was scared in the elevator," Zhang Chengling admitted. "But Mr Wen was so calm and collected that I didn't feel scared anymore."

Wen Kexing gave in to his instincts and patted the boy in the head. "Come on, let's go see those two bozos get taken away in a cop car."

The boy grinned. "Yes!"


End An Invasion

Chapter Text

Zhou Zishu was in a bad mood.

Han Ying could tell because his boss was being especially quiet and still, with a dark look overshadowing his eyes.

He was almost tempted to call Mr Wen since he was the only person who could turn or affect his boss' mood. But alas, the situation with the Haisha Gang Leader was as such that they couldn't do without the presence of their boss, nor could they bring in an outsider.

The Haisha Gang Leader did not help matters at all with his arrogant way of speaking and even Han Ying was getting annoyed at the man's unreasonable demands.

Then, the asshole made a mistake.

He paused their discussion to answer a phone call from his subordinate, lifting a hand rudely to Zhou Zishu's face while speaking loudly into the receiver.

The sheer gall of the man made both Duan Pengju and Han Ying bristle though neither of them showed it. Zhou Zishu's expression didn't even change as he signaled at them. Han Ying put away his tablet in favor of standing ready.

This man had already disrespected his boss too many times.

When the Haisha Gang Leader put away his phone, the burly, older man laughed boisterously. "It's so hard to get good help these days. "

Zhou Zishu hummed, putting on his black gloves. The Haisha Gang Leader continued to be in a good enough mood that he didn't realise both Han Ying and Duan Pengju had changed position from behind their boss.

"You know, things would be so much easier for the both of us if you'd just be a bit more compromising," the Haisha Gang Leader said. "I'm sure even your whore agrees."

Han Ying paused for a second at that, before anger made him reach for his gun.

But before he could pull it out, Zhou Zishu slammed a dagger into the Haisha Gang Leader's shoulder.

It happened so fast that neither of the Haisha Gang Leader's bodyguards could do anything before their boss started screaming. By then, Han Ying had recovered from his momentary hesitation and he shot the one on the left just as the one on the right went down from Duan Pengju's bullet. Both of them were dead shots to the head.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" the Haisha Gang Leader screamed, pulling at the hilt of the dagger deeply embedded into his shoulder.

"Han Ying," Zhou Zishu said and Han Ying nodded, taking out his handphone as he and Pengju continued to train their guns on the shrieking man. He called one of their members outside the office to inform them that negotiations had gone south and elimination was now necessary.

By tomorrow, the Haisha Gang will be no more and their territory will belong to Tian Chuang.

Duan Pengju procured some zip ties that he forced onto the loudly protesting man, who screamed as Duan Pengju manhandled his injured shoulder.

"YOU ASSHOLE! I'M GOING TO KILL ALL OF YOU! I'M GOING TO SKIN YOUR WHORE-! UrKKk!" the Haisha Gang Leader choked as Duan Pengju stood behind him and garroted him with a thin rope.

"Better," Zhou Zishu said. "He was giving me a headache with all that shrieking."

The Haisha Gang Leader kicked and struggled as the bearded man held on to the garrote. He nearly upended his chair in his attempt at getting away but Duan Pengju managed to stabilise him with a kick.

This lasted for several seconds before Zhou Zishu gestured to his two assistants. At that, Duan Pengju let go and the Haisha Gang Leader gasped for breathe desperately. Han Ying was still pointing his gun at the incapacitated gang leader.

"What did you do to my Ah-Xing?" Zhou Zishu asked, face dark with the promise of a painful death.

"Fuck you!" gasped the Haisha Gang Leader. Then he screamed hoarsely as Zhou Zishu casually slammed another dagger into his other shoulder, the splatters of blood dotting his handsome face.

"Let me ask you again," Zhou Zishu said calmly. "What did you do?"

The Haisha Gang Leader just gasp for several minutes, clearly unwilling to answer before Zhou Zishu whipped out another dagger and shoved it into the man's right thigh.

"I'll tell you! I'll tell you!" the man croaked, in too much pain to fake bravado now.

Zhou Zishu graciously allowed the man a few minutes to compose himself.

"I told my people to go to your penthouse," the man admitted, still gasping and tearing from pain. "Get your files from your safe. Use them against you."

"I don't have an office there," Zhou Zishu said, face expressionless despite the anger that was boiling in his veins.

The Haisha Gang Leader nodded, as if in agreement. "Found nothing."

"And then?" Zhou Zishu asked.

"Told them to ask your...lover," the man admitted.

At that, Zhou Zishu grabbed the hilt of the dagger in the man's leg and twisted, making his victim scream. After an excruciating moment, he let go, leaving the Haisha Gang Leader weeping in pain.

Zhou Zishu walked away then, taking out his phone to call his sugar baby but he paused when he realised that he had two missed calls from his Ah-Xing. He instructed Duan Pengju to gag the Haisha Gang Leader, then called back his lover's number and it was picked up instantly.

"Baby, you alright?" Zhou Zishu asked.

"Yes," Wen Kexing's voice answered shortly. There was a pause as Zhou Zishu took in his short, uncharacteristic answer.

"Are you alone?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Mr Zhou," greeted a slimy voice instead. "Good afternoon. As you can tell we have your lover with us, so if you'd cooperate with us, we would appreciate it."

Zhou Zishu had to visibly hold himself in check before he answered, "What do you want?"

"Oh, it's nothing much. Just some leeway for the shipping routes to be given to my employer," answered the home invader. "It'll make things so much easier for him to run his business, ya know.

"Shipping routes," clarified Zhou Zishu, eyes glaring into the Haisha Gang Leader's frightened ones.

"Yes," confirmed the voice on the other side.

"So your boss is the Haisha Gang Leader, correct?" Zhou Zishu asked, eyes still locked in contact with said man, who was sweating profusely by now.

There was a silence before the damning answer came, "That's right. He should be there with you at this moment. So please inform him that you agree to his terms."

Zhou Zishu huffed with laughter instead, gesturing to Duan Pengju.

"What? What are you laughing at!?" asked the dumbass on the other end of the phone call.

"I'll let your leader speak to you right now," Zhou Zishu said before he leaned over to the Haisha Gang Leader so he could speak into the phone. Duan Pengju pulled out the gag and smacked the man's head, making him groan in pain.

"Boss?" asked the voice.

"Get out of there," the Haisha Gang Leader said obligingly, "Don't do anything and leave."

"What? Why?" asked another voice. So, there was two perpetrators.

"Get out! Do you want me to die!?" shouted their boss desperately when Duan Pengju pushed at one of the daggers at his shoulder.

Satisfied with how obedient that man was being, Zhou Zishu pulled the phone away to speak to the abductors.

"Better do as you're told," advised Zhou Zishu. "Oh, and you better not have touched my Ah-Xing, or I will hunt you down and cut off your hands to feed them to you."

With that, he hung up.

Then, Zhou Zishu surprised everyone in the room by just taking out his gun and shooting the Haisha Gang Leader in the head point blank.

"Clean this up," Zhou Zishu said, wiping a gloved hand across his face and smearing the blood drops on his cheek.

"Y-Yes, sir," Duan Pengju answered, before opening the office door and gesturing for his subordinates to dispose of the body.

After that, their boss walked out. Later, the chauffer reported that he had been ordered to drive their boss to Mr Wen's penthouse.

It was then that Han Ying finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Wen Kexing met him at the door, uninjured and looking unfrazzled or panicked at what had happened to him that day.

"Ah-Xing," Zhou Zishu called out, feeling instantly relieved at seeing his baby completely unharmed. He wrapped his arms around the taller male and pulled him close to bury his face in his sugar baby's neck.

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing greeted, wrapping his arms around Zhou Zishu's shoulders in reciprocation.

"Baby," Zhou Zishu's voice was muffled as he nuzzled the white column of flesh. "You're going to move in with me."

"What?" Wen Kexing replied, confused. "No."

Zhou Zishu straightened and glared at his lover.

"That's not up for debate. My house has better security," he said.

"Tough luck," Wen Kexing said, unrepentant. "I like it here."

"Baby, you were just held hostage here," reasoned Zhou Zishu. "It's not safe."

"Then increase the security," Wen Kexing answered, with a shrug. "And I'll get a taser."

"That's not enough," Zhou Zishu protested. "You could have died."

"The staff immediately knew what was going on the moment they broke in," his sugar baby said, turning around to walk into the penthouse. "I wasn't in real danger."

"You were," Zhou Zishu countered, following the younger man to the kitchen where he was cooking. "If I wasn't holding their own boss hostage, they would have killed you."

"But they didn't," Wen Kexing answered, spooning some white rice into two bowls. "And I'm fine. I like this place. It's near my U."

"I can get you another penthouse nearby," Zhou Zishu said, taking out a bottle of red wine that they had opened last night. "With better security."

"Zhou Zishu, didn't I say you can increase the security here?" Wen Kexing said firmly as he scooped a generous amount of Japanese curry onto the rice. He added half an egg and some greens as well. "I don't want to go through the trouble of moving again."

"Baby," Zhou Zishu started as he poured them two glasses of wine.

"No, daddy," Wen Kexing said, throwing his hair over his shoulder with an annoyed look on his face. "I'm not moving."

Zhou Zishu sighed. His baby was so stubborn.

"Fine. At least, let me arrange some bodyguards for you too," he said.

"Only if they don't go into the University with me," Wen Kexing returned. "And they have to stay at a distance if I'm out with friends."

"Fine," Zhou Zishu agreed with exasperation. He was only appeased when Wen Kexing came into his arms and kissed him languidly.

"Thank you, Ah-Shu," coo-ed his baby, wiping his thumb gently on his face to clean up the blood splatter still on the mob boss' face.

"You're the best."



Chapter Text

"A vacation?" Wen Kexing asked as he combed his hair. 

"Mn," Zhou Zishu answered, bending down to kiss his sugar baby's neck. He smelled so good and if it wasn't for the fact that it was Monday morning and his baby had to go to his classes, he'd pull him back into bed.

"When?" Wen Kexing asked, tilting his head to the side for his sugar daddy.

"On your term break," Zhou Zishu said, straightening up to smoothen his suit. "I want to take you for a vacation. I have some business meetings in Tokyo and I want you to come with me."

He had never been to Japan before so a vacation there sounded very appealing. But he only had 2 weeks before he had to get back to his studies.

"How long?" Wen Kexing asked. 

"Maybe 4-5 days there," Zhou Zishu answered. "A week max."

That would give him a week to go home to see his sister and aunt. Though Zhou Zishu telling him this early surprised him, since there was another month before his term break. It was highly considerate of him to do so. 

"Cheng-shushu will take you straight to your aunt's after the trip," Zhou Zishu said, as if knowing what he was thinking. "It'll make things more convenient. You deserve the break after what happened last week."

After the break-in last week by the 2 stooges, Zhou Zishu had been down right sticky. Not that Wen Kexing was complaining about it, considering how much he welcomed the attention. The mob boss had been dropping by every night to check up on him and sometimes stayed the night. Despite their initial agreement, Wen Kexing found himself not minding at all since his sugar daddy never stayed long nor did he disturb Wen Kexing's studying when he did stay the night, so he said nothing about the breach of their arrangement. 

"Also, I want to put some added security system in the penthouse," Zhou Zishu continued, putting on his coat. As if he didn't already set an entourage of two bodyguards tailing Wen Kexing at all times whenever he so much as stepped out of the penthouse. And when they didn't act like his shadow, they were lurking in the lobby giving everyone passing by scrutinising looks. Poor Chengling had been shocked the first time the two entered the lift with him when he was sending the weekly groceries yesterday. Wen Kexing thought that his personal assistant would have quit by now but he had underestimated Chengling's bravery and gutsiness. 

"So a few weeks away for the security company to work on it would be good," Zhou Zishu said. 

"Okay," Wen Kexing finally agreed, before putting down his hairbrush to kiss his lover before they separated for the week. 


Wen Kexing was eating his lunch when Wei He gave him the heads up. 

"Hey," the other young man said, sitting down at Wen Kexing's table with his own meal. 

"Hi," Wen Kexing returned, looking up from his book. 

"Heard you had an emergency," Wei He said. "Not trying to pry but everything okay with ya?"

"Yes, just had a little 'pest' problem," the platinum blond answered with a wry smile. "Caused me a little problem last weekend so I had to take a few days off."

"In your... penthouse?" asked Wei He in disbelief. 

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it either," said Wen Kexing with a wry smile. "But it's been settled now."

"Good," Wei He said. "Geezz, a high class area like that shouldn't have vermin problems, ya know."

"Hear hear," replied Wen Kexing with an internal smugness stemmed from the knowledge of knowing what happened to said 'pests'. Apparently, Krony 1 had a little 'accident' in the police cruiser on the way to the lock up and the cops were not too happy about it. Oops. Zhou Zishu had also informed him that he had told Han Ying to 'taken care' of those two, whatever that meant. Wen Kexing doesn't know and doesn't want to know. 

"Anyway, I'm almost done with my part of the project, so I'll send it to you for editing by tomorrow, okay," said Wei He as he opened his lunchbox. 

"It's fine," Wen Kexing said. "I haven't finished mine either. We still have time."

"Yeah, but I'm kinda OCD with my work," admitted the other young man. "I feel better if I have a first draft at hand in case I need to do emergency editing to hand in to the lecturer."

That would explain why Wei He was always one of the first few handing his work to the lecturers. At least Wen Kexing didn't have to worry about this teammate not pulling his weight. One less thing to worry about. 

"I'll be done with the first draft in a day or two too," Wen Kexing said, to assuage any worries that the other young man had.  

"Okay," Wei He said, going back to his lunch. Then he seem to hesitate for a while before he started talking again. "Hey, you know..."

"What is it?" Wen Kexing asked, frowning in concern. 

"There's been... a rumour going around, lately," said Wei He, still hesitant. "Just thought I should tell you so you don't get blindsided."

"What rumour?" Wen Kexing asked, internal alarm bells ringing in his ears. 

"That erm... that you were at a strip club recently," the other young man said. "That you're a regular there or a dancer there...?"

"What...?" Wen Kexing said, trying to look bewildered instead of alarmed. Did someone managed to take a picture of him at the club while he was a dancer there? There was a no camera policy there to protect the dancers and other employees there (though he suspected the policy was put in place more for the mob members than the bar employees).

"What bullocks, right!?" Wei He said, looking annoyed on his behalf. "Just because you went dancing once at a club. I mean, everyone else does it too. Even the lecturers."

"What do you mean... dancing?" Wen Kexing asked cautiously. 

"Well, there was a video of you dancing with two girls," Wei He admitted. "It went on circulation for a bit among your fans."

"What fans? What video?" Wen Kexing asked in bewilderment while his mind went a mile a minute. 

"Your fans," Wei He reiterated, wondering if the silver-haired hottie actually didn't know that he was the Uni idol. "There's a video of you dancing in a club going around. I think it was on tiktok and the last time I saw it, there was about a 100k views on it."

Wen Kexing eyes went as wide as dinner plates and his face went pale. 

"Yeah," Wei He said slowly. "I thought I might warn you about that so you might want to get it taken down."

"Yes, please send me the link," Wen Kexing said weak voice while taking out his phone. 

Wei He did just that and he watched the silver-haired young man watch his own video and skim through the comments. Wei He himself had taken a glimpse at them and most of them were just comments on how yummy his classmate was, though some of them were down right gross at how explicit they were. Wen Kexing's worried face made him feel better about making the call to tell him of this before it got viral and Uni management got involved.

It really wasn't a big deal, like he said. Everybody went to clubs to unwind, even a hardass like himself. But things might get unnecessarily messy with too much internet fame. 

Wen Kexing flagged the video to be taken down but knew that it was almost too late now considering the views had nearly tripled since Wei He had seen it. And it's only been 1 week! Who knows how many people in the campus had the video and had screenshots now!?

"God, I hope it doesn't get worse than this," he prayed to his phone in despair. He didn't need internet fame to complicate his life further!

"Thanks for telling me, Wei He," he finally said to his companion who waved it away. 

"Like I said, don't want you to be blindsided," Wei He said. "Just hope that it won't get worse."

"Yeah," Wen Kexing agreed, praying inwardly for it to just die down.


It did not die down. 

He was called to the Dean's office the week after the video was taken down. With a resigned sigh, he left his table with his bag and shuffled towards the management office. Wei He, from the other side of the lecture hall, waved in commiseration and he winced in reply. 

"There is a recording of you dancing in the club," the Dean started. "It is highly inappropriate and promotes a bad reputation for the University."

Thinking back on the thirsty comments he'd read, Wen Kexing thought that the video probably HELPED the University's reputation. Seriously, was this even necessary? Like Wei He said, everyone went to clubs once they hit their teens. 

Unless of course, this portly man was one of those that didn't go to clubs just because he was too nerdy and anti-social when he was a teen. Not that Wen Kexing was dissing nerds. He happened to be one. Just a particularly good looking one. 

"Sir, with all due respects," he said, which is none, he thought. "But everyone goes clubbing. I don't see what I have done wrong."

"Clubbing!? With those strippers!?" the Dean exclaimed, beady eyes nearly popping out of his head. Wen Kexing had a thought that the man had probably zoomed in on the video to gawk at Zhuzhu or Lulu and nearly rolled his eyes. Sanctimonious asshole. 

"They're not strippers," he corrected. "Just dancers."

Pole dancers, he doesn't say because he just knew that the man would flip his shit over that little tidbit of information. 

"It's highly inappropriate," the man reiterated again, straightening his glasses.

Wen Kexing closed his eyes so that his Dean wouldn't see his eye roll. What was this? Medical University? Or one of those Catholic convent schools?

"You should dye your hair back," the Dean advised, indicating his long silvery hair. "And cut it. It is highly unprofessional for a medical student to be going around with long hair like that."

"There is nothing about having long hair in the handbook," Wen Kexing defended. He hated being told what to do with his own hair. He wasn't a child and he wasn't going to be treated like one by some portly old man with too big of an ego just because he sat in some big chair. 

His aunt loved his hair. His sister loved his hair. Zhou Zishu loved his hair. And most of all, he loved his hair. So this was definitely going to be his hill to die on. 

"That doesn't matter," the man said in an annoyed tone. "It is unprofessional for a medical practitioner to-"

"Well, I am not a medical practitioner yet. And don't say that it is unprofessional for a medical practitioner to have long hair. Lots of doctors and other medical practitioners have long, dyed hair," he said, calmly but sternly. 

"FEMALE doctors have long hair, not men," the Dean snapped. 

"Oh, so this is a sexist thing then," Wen Kexing said sardonically, watching the man's face turn red. Wait till he spreads this to his 'groupies', which were mostly women. This man was going to have a worse day than him once the girls find out what a sexist he was. 

"Stop backtalking!" the man slammed his palms on the table and stood up to lean towards Wen Kexing. "Do as you're told and cut your hair!"

Undaunted, Wen Kexing leaned back, his height letting him loomed over the shorter man, who flinched back at the look in his eyes. 

"No," he said coldly. "My daddy likes my hair and if you, in anyway, try to force me to cut my hair or quit this program that I've slaved over for the past 2 years, I will tell him to come see you personally."

His smile look more like a snarl when he straightened up. He didn't know if Zhou Zishu would be willing to do a favor like that for him but he knew that he would rather not conform to the demands of a misogynistic asshole. If he's forced to quit, he will leave the city to go back to his hometown and apply to the dance school whose offer he was originally planning to accept. 

And the asshole can deal with his angry sugar daddy, who was coincidentally the boss for their underground territory. 

"You! I'll have you kicked out! Threatening me!" the man shouted, spittle flying everywhere, making Wen Kexing squinch his face in disgust. 

"Have some decorum," he scolded, voice still calm and collected. "It's unprofessional."

Enraged, the man picked up a paperweight, which was a heavy marble turtle, and threw it at the young man, who ducked from the projectile.

Shocked, Wen Kexing just stared at the hole in the wall that the crazed man just made. Then he turned around to see the man's face drain of colour when he realised what he had done. With barely further thought, Wen Kexing whirled around and ran out, ignoring the man's call. 

Still shock and pale, he ran to the secretary who had been alarmed by the shouting and the proceeding loud thud from the Dean's office. Seeing her concerned face, he devolved into tears, claiming that that Dean had attacked him.  

Well, it was true. 

What wasn't real, however, was his tears. But she didn't know that.

By the time the Dean came out, the secretary was on the phone calling the police at the behest of the distressed young man, who screamed and ran away at the sight of him. 

The Dean managed to stop the secretary from calling the police but she gave him a severe reaming for his misconduct, promising that she will be informing the board of directors for his actions. Normally, a secretary would not have any power over someone of his station but she was an old, trusted employee of the University with connections to the board of directors. In comparison, he had barely warmed his seat with only one year of experience as Dean.

Cowed and ashamed of his tantrum, he slinked back to his office and panicked about what Wen Kexing would do. Would he go to the police to report him? What would the Board of Directors do once they find out that he attacked a student? Would they make him resign? Should he pre-empt them and resign instead?

Desperate, the man decided to (finally) open Wen Kexing's file to look for his contact number. Surely, the boy would listen to reason and not report the attempted assault in return for being able to stay in the program. The man paused when he read in the boy's file that he was an orphan brought up by a maternal aunt. 

What? Then, what was that about his daddy?

A day later, he found out who 'daddy' was when he came home to his wife and children missing with the local crime boss lounging in his living room sofa with Wen Kexing in his arms. 

After two burly bodyguards sat him down on the sofa opposite of the couple, he was informed that apparently his wife had taken his children back to his in-laws after being told that he owed a great amount of debt to the loan sharks. Which was sadly true due to an inadvisable trip he had made to a casino in Macau with his barely-of-age girlfriend a month prior. Oh, and there were photos of their little 'trip' too, which was also shared with his now soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Needless to say, he sent in his letter of resignation within two days of the incident. And packed up all his belongings to go back to his hometown, alone.

A day after the Dean's permanent departure, Wen Kexing made an appearance at the office to gift the secretary a large basket brimming with flowers and fruits for her help. Charmed by his thoughtfulness, she patted his silvery head in thanks and exclaimed her gratefulness that the 'awful man' was gone now.  


End a Video

Chapter Text

"Hey, Wen," Wei He called out as Wen Kexing entered the café. As usual, the place was packed to the brim with students. He waved back and headed to the table where his classmates were congregating. 

"I'm done with the last editing. I've sent all your parts back to you to check one last time before printing so if there's any changes, do inform me," Wen Kexing said, sitting down beside Song Huairen. The handsome young man gave him a dimpled smile in welcome, which he returned with a brief one. 

"Will do," Wei He said, spreading the print out for their presentation. 

"Ugh, I can't wait for this to end," Zhu Yao Zhi groaned, rubbing his tired eyes, which were spotting eyebags. "I've been up since 5am studying. My eyes are crossing already."

"Only two more weeks to vacation break," Wen Kexing reminded him. "This is the last presentation we will have, and then term exams."

Zhu Yao Zhi slumped on the table and mock wept, not soothed at all by the supposed assurance from Wen Kexing. Song Huairen patted his back in commiseration. 

"Let's-" Wei He's words were cut off by the sounds of the occupants of the next booth talking loudly. "We need to-"

What they needed to do was drowned out by the sounds of cutlery crashing to the floor when someone bumped into one of the waitresses. Wen Kexing sighed, feeling a headache coming on from all the noise. 

"You know what, screw this," he said, picking up his bag. "Let's go to my penthouse. We can get things done faster there."

"Good idea," answered Wei He, packing up their project. He'd arrived at the cafe the earliest and was grateful for the option of leaving for some place more comfortable after being hounded by all the sounds for nearly an hour. 

"Yes!" cheered Zhu Yao Zhi, for some reason. "I mean, thank you!"

"Thank you, Kexing," said Song Huairen. Wen Kexing nodded, not registering the familiar way he had used his name as the silver-haired med student was too busy firing a text to his sugar daddy to warn him of his visitors. 


Just a heads up. Working on project with classmates at the penthouse today. 




Zhou Zishu had just concluded a meeting with one of his suppliers when he got the message from his sugar baby. He had been spending most nights at the penthouse ever since the invasion so he supposed he shouldn't overstep his boundaries by appearing when his Ah-Xing had guests over. 


Got it. I'll see you during the weekend instead, baby. Study hard.


He got a response almost immediately. 


Yes, daddy. See you! 😘 


Zhou Zishu couldn't help the twitch in his lips as he walked over to his car. Maybe he'll have dinner sent over to the penthouse later. Surely his baby deserves it for studying so hard. 




To be honest, Wen Kexing was a little disappointed that he won't be seeing Zhou Zishu that night. But his school work took priority and even the mob boss seemed to understand, as he so kindly gave Wen Kexing the space that he wanted.

The four of them worked efficiently with their presentation, but even then it took longer than they expected because by the time they reached the last slide, it was already close to 7pm. 

Just as they were discussing about getting dinner, the doorbell to Wen Kexing's penthouse rang. The silver-haired young man excused himself to answer the door, only to discover a large order of sushi being delivered to him. He thanked the delivery boy and made sure to tip him plenty for lugging three huge trays of sushi all the way up on his own. 

He shot a text to his sugar daddy upon realising that it was from the high-end restaurant that Zhou Zishu had taken him to before. 


Received your gift of love. Thank you, daddy.  🥰 


By the time the food was laid out on the kitchen counter for his hungry classmates and he, Zhou Zishu had returned the message. 


Good. Enjoy your dinner, love.


Wen Kexing paused. Love? 

Well, thinking back, Zhou Zishu did seem to have called him that a couple of times before. But did he mean it or was it just an endearment he used on all his lovers? And if he did mean it, Wen Kexing was not entirely sure how he felt about Zhou Zishu developing feelings for him. Wasn't this just an arrangement? Did he feel the same way?  

His thoughts were interrupted when Wei He came into the kitchen in search of him to discover the spread of food. 

"Sushi!" the hungry young man exclaimed. "I haven't had it for months!"

Wen Kexing felt a frisson of sympathy for the other student as he understood the need of watching his spending when one was in med school. He was lucky that he didn't have to think about money with his sugar daddy sponsoring everything for him. He'd even paid for his University programme fees in full. Even if their arrangement ended now, Wen Kexing would be free of loans.  

"Call the others and eat up," Wen Kexing said, looking back at his phone. "Someone sent it for our dinner."

"Whoa, like really!?" Wei He exclaimed with wide eyes. "Cool! So generous."

"Mn-hm," Wen Kexing agreed with a smile as his classmate did a weird wiggle dance. When Wei He had left to call the others, he made a quick kissing pose to snapshot. Then he sent the prettiest picture on the roll to his sugar daddy in thanks. 

The other three members of his team descended on the food hungrily. 

"This is so good," Wei He said, mock crying tears of happiness after the first bite of nigiri sushi. 

"Oh My God. This is from Four Seasons Manor," Zhu Yao Zhi commented, looking at the small logo on the cover. "That's like a super expensive restaurant." 

Wei He paused, another sushi on his chopstick. "Wait. Is this blue fin tuna? Like, the super pricey tuna belly?"

"I don't know," admitted Wen Kexing as he took another piece of sashimi. It melted in his mouth and he moaned. "But it's good and that's all that matters."

"Hm. True," Wei He agreed, throwing the nigiri into his mouth. He made a fist at the taste of the fish that tantalized his tongue. "So good."

"Who sent this?" Song Huairen asked curiously, picking a piece up to inspect. It definitely was of high quality and the taste was superb so it was the real deal. Wen Kexing really did have a upscale lifestyle. A penthouse and fancy food. It made him wonder who Wen Kexing's father really was, but despite his best efforts, he still haven't found out much about Wen Ruyu except that he was a doctor and was deceased for over 10 years. 

"My boyfriend," Wen Kexing answered. It was easier than trying to explain the dynamics between A-Shu and his relationship. And frankly, it was none of their business if he had a sugar daddy or not. 

He was so busy thinking to himself, he didn't see Song Huairen's disappointed moue before it was wiped clean for a neutral expression. 

"Wooo," Zhu Yao Zhi heckled. "The girls at the U are gonna be so disappointed."

"Ugh. Don't get involved with those harpies," Wei He contributed quickly. "When they congregate, I get scared."

"Are they really that bad? My so-called fan club?" Wen Kexing asked, amused. "I only know 3 of them and that's because they are in our class."

"Two of them got into a catfight at the beginning of the semester and nearly took out the eye of one guy who got between them and tried to separate them," Wei He said. "I saw it from a far and let me say, I am NEVER going to get in the middle of a cat fight, ever!"

"I...didn't hear of that before," said Wen Kexing, picking up a snow crab meat sushi with his chopstick. 

"The U tried to keep it as low down as possible," Song Huairen explained. "The two girls were expelled for misconduct and the guy received treatment at the hospital."

"Well, I'm not surprised you didn't hear anything about it," Zhu Yao Zhi contributed. "For all that you have a fanclub and is the U idol, people don't know much about you."

"I'm a very private person," Wen Kexing admitted. Thinking back, he was quite standoffish to his classmates. Part of it was because of his history with his stalker and partly because of his previous occupation as a pole dancer and then, his status now as a sugar baby.

Wei He nodded understandingly. "Those girls are just projecting anyway. They built up this fantasy in their head about you and don't care about what other people have to say in the matter. That's how those 2 girls started fighting, by the way."

Zhu Yao Zhi shuddered. "Scary. Best to keep to yourself. You don't want to get into trouble when we have only one year left before our residency."

"Mn," Wen Kexing agreed, plopping an inarizushi into his mouth. Song Huairen picked up an unagi and put it on his plate. 

"You like the eel, right?" the young man said. "you've been picking at those all night."

Wen Kexing nodded, mouth still chewing. 

"By the way, thank your generous, generous, kind benefactor for us, will you," Zhu Yao Zhi said with a mouthful. 

"Will do," Wen Kexing promised, relishing the taste of the unagi. A-Shu really knew his taste. "I'll make sure to thank him properly."




They managed to finish their discussion by 10pm that night, wrapping their whole project up neatly to prepare for their presentation next week. 

"Thanks again for letting us use your place and for dinner," Wei He said, patting his still full belly. In his other hand was a container full of leftovers that Wen Kexing insisted that they take home, since they couldn't finish it and he alone couldn't eat it all. "I've never eaten so well for over a month."

"You're welcome," Wen Kexing said with a small smile. Poor guy. His hometown was so far away he couldn't even go home for the vacation even if he wanted to. Apparently, the cheapest route would take him 2 days via buses and trains. Instead, he decided to stay at the dorm rather than waste the money and time travelling, and hoped to find a part time job to earn a little cash before the start of the next term. 

Wen Kexing thought that maybe he could help him ask Da Wu if he knew of any vacancy since the bartender seemed so well connected.

So long as it wasn't a job at the pub. 

"Thanks, Wen. You're the best!" Zhu Yao Zhi said, giving him a thumbs up as he exited the door. Wen Kexing waved in goodbye. 

"Thank your boyfriend for us, for getting dinner," Song Huairen, who had been quiet all night, said. "It was generous of him."

Wen Kexing nodded, keeping a distance from the other young man. Ever since Song Huairen tried to touch him during their previous visit, he had been keeping a strict boundary with his classmate. 

Unlike Wei He, who was straightforward, diligent and a genuinely good goof, Song Huairen gave him the impression of someone intelligent but wily. Someone who was good with manipulation. He'd seen how good he was with the girls in their class, making them do things for him with merely his good looks. 

Provided, Wen Kexing did that too sometimes when he wanted things to go in his favour, but he never did it to take advantage of someone (especially girls, willing or not). And that was probably why he was wary of men who displayed the same traits. 

After the three young men disappeared into his personal lift, he texted to his personal bodyguards who were waiting downstairs that his classmates have left and that he was going to retire for the night. He did it to inform them that he would not be leaving the penthouse, and though he knew that they would still be holding vigil downstairs all night, he felt that he owed them the courtesy. 

That done, he headed to the bedroom. 

He was going to find the prettiest lingerie, put on make up and pose for his sugar daddy in thanks for the delicious dinner.

Hm. There were still some left overs. Maybe he could arrange them on his chest or something for a shot or two. 

Wen Kexing licked his lips as he changed trajectory to his kitchen.


End of A Meal

Chapter Text

Wen Kexing woke up with a moan, grasping the pillow beneath his head as pleasure shot through his body.

Behind him, he could hear Zhou Zishu groaning as he thrust into Wen Kexing's ass, cock slipping between his cheeks and into the warm, soft, twitching cavern.

"Baby," Zhou Zishu breathed into his ear. "You feel so good."

Wne Kexing tightened his ass at the compliment, whimpering as the cock inside him repeatedly stimulated his prostate at every thrust. He buried his face in this pillow while gasping for air. He was jostled forward with every thrust of his lover's cock.

"Ah-Shu," he whined breathlessly. "So naughty."

"Mnn? I thought you like it?" Zhou Zishu said hoarsely into his ear, while his hands gripped the younger man's waist tightly. "You want to be pleasured awake, right?"

Wen Kexing could only moan again as the cock inside him repeatedly, firmly, violated his prostate. His toes curled as his orgasm began to crest. Saliva pooled in his mouth and when he didn't swallow quick enough, trickled from the corner of his mouth. His eyes rolled back as he came, legs opening involuntarily wider to take his lover in deeper.

Zhou Zishu took a moment to relish the sight of his lover being undone and completely enraptured by the pleasure coursing through his body. Then, he complied to his Ah-Xing's unspoken wish, forcing his knees between his lover's pale thighs so he that could thrust his cock in as deeply as he could before he ejaculated into the tight, wet heat.

"Can you feel it?" he groan gravelly, hips grinding down onto the willing body beneath him. "I can feel you twitch around me. You really like it when I do your ass, don't you? My little slut."

Still reeling from his orgasm, Wen Kexing just gasped, lying limply on the bed as his sugar daddy took his pleasure, smearing more cum inside his anus. By the time Zhou Zishu was satisfied and pulled out from the swollen hole, Wen Kexing had passed out from his orgasm.

The mob boss smacked one pretty ass cheek and smeared the cum dripping from the well-used hole with his thumb, rubbing the twitching hole repeatedly till it tightened around his thumb.

Wen Kexing moaned but Zhou Zishu didn't stop, sticking his thumb into the abused sphincter. His own cock twitched with interest and he briefly wondered if he could get it up again considering how many times they fucked last night.

Still, he reached down with his other hand and began to tease his own cock.

At the very least, he was going to wake up with his cock in his A-Xing's ass.




Wen Kexing had already pack the day before in preparation for their trip to Japan so all they had to do was to retrieve Zhou Zishu's luggage in his house before they headed for the airport.

It was the first time Wen Kexing had gone to the man's manor, because there was no other name for it. It was huge and old, in a high class area up on the highest crest of a hill with a wide scenic view. There was a security gate up front with guards that took one look at Zhou Zishu before they were allowed through to drive all the way to the sprawling porch.

Wen Kexing came out of the car to study the manor and admire the view of the rolling green hills from where he stood. The architecture of the manor had a traditional hint to its design, so it stood out compared to the other more contemporary houses in the area.

"What do you think, baby?" Zhou Zishu asked, sliding an arm around his waist and gesturing to the house with the other.

"The view is gorgeous," Wen Kexing commented. "And so is the house, of course."

"Well, you can still live here, if that's what you want," Zhou Zishu said, squeezing his waist as he led his lover around the grounds of the manor. There was, of course, a private infinity pool in the backyard, a garage full of sports cars and even a small rock garden with a koi pond. All the workings of a super rich home, along with the rich spoilt brat in the form of his sticky sugar daddy.

"Hm, no," answered Wen Kexing with a cheeky grin. "Still like my penthouse. It's nearer to my Uni."

"Then, you can stay there during the weekdays and come here during the weekends to stay with me," Zhou Zishu said, strangely insistent at keeping his sugar baby close to him. Wen Kexing pecked him on the cheek.

"Thanks for the sweet offer," Wen Kexing said. "But I think I prefer the penthouse. We have so many good memories there, I'd hate to leave it."

Zhou Zishu sighed, pulling his lover closer to exchange a steamy kiss with him.

"Shu-ge! Dasao-! ERp!"

"Jiuxiao..." Zhou Zishu growled as Wen Kexing started giggling. He turned around only to see his step brother running away, back into the house. "You little cockblocker! We talked about this!"




Qin Jiuxiao, who was appropriately apologetic for barging into their moment, managed to give Wen Kexing a house tour when Zhou Zishu got distracted with a phone call from Han Ying. The younger man excitedly showed him the movie theatre (which was just plain ridiculous), the 20 or so empty guest rooms (even more ridiculous), the large, unused but fully-fitted kitchen, the gym room and the sauna room as well as the rooms that belonged to his older brother.

"He would have cleared out two rooms for your things immediately, if you had agreed to move in," the younger man said, indicating Zhou Zishu's own wardrobe, which consisted of four rooms (one for coats and shirts, another for pants and shoes, one for accessories like watches and jewelry and another for casual clothing). It truly was ludicrous and Wen Kexing's head was spinning from absurdity of it all.

Did one person really need all that space!?

"He was so disappointed when you rejected his idea to move in together," Jiuxiao lamented. "He was depressed for days."

Wen Kexing gave the younger man an unimpressed look, clearly unconvinced by his claims. Zhou Zishu had spent many nights at his penthouse after he first asked Wen Kexing to move in and he did NOT show any signs of depression after his lover's refusal to move in. Sure, he was a little more possessive after that, but it wasn't anything that Wen Kexing couldn't handle.

"It's true!" Jiuxiao claimed, trailing after the silver-haired man, who ignored him in favour of wandering off to inspect the truly huge bath.

"Uh huh, right," Wen Kexing said, walking to the full glass wall on the opposite end of the bath. Even the view here is fantastic.

On second thought, he could be convinced to stay here during the weekends if only to make use of the luxurious bathroom. He just needed to think of an excuse to tell Zhou Zishu about why he changed his mind since he was pretty sure that telling his sugar daddy the truth would just end with him having a sore ass.

After Zhou Zishu finished his phone conversation, they had a light late brunch with Qin Jiuxiao. Then Zhou Zishu picked up his luggage that Han Ying had apparently arranged for him the day before, bid his brother good bye and left with his sugar baby.

They arrived well ahead of time and checked in their luggage before Zhou Zishu led Wen Kexing into the VIP Lounge where Han Ying was already waiting for them.

Wen Kexing happily sampled the beautifully presented food as Zhou Zishu discussed plans with his assistant, politely tuning them out to give them privacy.

At some point, he left their table to peer in interest at the variety of macarons available, trying to decide which one he could afford to eat without bursting at the seams. He's heard that meals in first class was always fantastic and lunch was approaching.

"Oh, hello beautiful."

Wen Kexing straightened up in surprise to meet eyes with a tall blond man who smiled winningly at him. He turned around to look behind him, then pointed to himself.

"Are you talking to me?" he asked in confusion, his English halting as the unfamiliar words rolled from his tongue. Was this man hitting on him? Surely, this foreigner didn't think that just because he had long hair, he was a woman.

"Yeah, of course," said the man with a laugh, a little louder than was polite. Wen Kexing winced minutely as patrons in the quiet lounge looked over.

Right, time to make a quick escape before Zhou Zishu's attention shifted on them.

"I have to go," Wen Kexing tried to say but the foreigner just steamrolled over him, either deliberately or because he couldn't catch what Wen Kexing was trying to say.

"Would you like to have a drink with me? On me, of course," said the man, his teeth gleaming as he grinned. Was this man a toothpaste commercial model or something? Or else, why would he think that it's perfectly acceptable to bare his teeth at some unknown stranger? In the animal world, it would have been seen as a threat.

Speaking of threat...

Wen Kexing opened his mouth to reject the offer when a voice behind him answered instead.

"He's taken."

The silver-haired man turned around and greeted his sugar daddy, "A-Shu! I saw these delicious macarons and I wanted to share some with you!"

"Mn," Zhou Zishu answered, eyes still on the interloper that tried to poach his baby. The blond man lifted his hands in surrender, looking appropriately apologetic.

"Sorry, didn't mean to hit on your boyfriend," he admitted. "Just thought he was alone and needed some company."

Bullshit. There were only a few tables occupied in the lounge and everyone can see who came in with who. Wen Kexing was dressed brightly in a teal coat with a white turtleneck and an equally white pants. Coupled with his silver hair, everyone would have noticed him immediately upon entering a room, especially with him on arms of an equally attractive man like Zhou Zishu, who was less ostentatious but no less eye-catching.

"Well, I don't need any," Wen Kexing chirped sassily, wrapping an arm around Zhou Zishu's, partially to indicate that he was perfectly happy with his current company and partially to prevent the possessive man from lunging forward and taking the taller man's face off barehanded.

Ever since the home invasion by the rival gang, Zhou Zishu had been oddly trigger happy, especially when it came to Wen Kexing. Just the other day, he nearly shot a man for touching his sugar baby while he had been dancing in the club in celebration of the end of his school term. Fortunately, Wen Kexing saw the gun in time to get away from the moron and towards his sugar daddy. He'd slipped the weapon back into a scowling Zhou Zishu's jacket while soothing the older man's ruffled feathers. It had taken a while before he could convince Zhou Zishu to leave for his office, where Wen Kexing proceeded to give him a truly phenomenal blowjob that turned his sour mood around.

And now, he looked as if he wanted to dissect the blond man for having the balls to hit on his baby in clear view of everyone.

"A-Shu," he crooned, "I want the macaroons. Can we take it to go for the plane ride?"

"I don't think they will allow that," Han Ying interjected from behind them, looking glad that there would be no blood spilt that day. Probably. Hopefully.

"It's fine," Zhou Zishu answered. "Just buy it from them. And we can also do some shopping. I think there's a Godiva here."

Wen Kexing blinked, having completely forgotten the foreigner by now. "A-Shu likes chocolates?"

"No, I don't like sweet things," Zhou Zishu commented, leading his baby back to their table and pointedly ignoring the disappointed blond. "I just like to eat it off you."

Wen Kexing and Han Ying went simultaneously red. The silver-haired man put his hands on his warm cheeks, appalled by the shamelessness.



End An Intermission

Chapter Text

"I'll try to be back before dinner," Zhou Zishu promised as he kissed the hickeys left on his lover's pale neck. "What are you planning to do today?"

Feeling sated and relaxed after their morning romp in the sheets, Wen Kexing rubbed his hands on his lover's scarred back, kneading fingers into the raised flesh. Zhou Zishu moaned. He liked it when his baby did that, it eased the tightness in his scars and always left him in a good mood all day. 

"Just some shopping and sightseeing," Wen Kexing replied, continuing to press his fingers into the stiff muscled back. 

"Mn," Zhou Zishu hummed, enjoying his impromptu massage. "Li Yun will go with you."

Wen Kexing didn't know why he would need to bring one of his sugar daddy's bodyguard with him considering they were in a different country away from any rival gangs, but to ease his lover's mind, he agreed. 

Their first day in Japan consisted of them landing late evening in Tokyo airport. Zhou Zishu had taken him straight to the hotel and after a brief rest, to a restaurant to have dinner. So he hadn't really seen a lot in terms of sight-seeing. And since his sugar daddy was so busy with his meetings with his 'business partners', Wen Kexing was left alone to do his free and easy shopping tour.

The day went about as he had expected, walking around enjoying a cup of coffee as he navigated the streets of Tokyo with his phone and an amused bodyguard who was of no help at all. 

He managed to get some interesting souvenirs for his sister, including a beautiful lavender yukata and wisteria kanzashi. Apparently, it was easier to put on than a kimono and A-Xiang could probably learn to do that from online videos. He also managed to get some local snacks from the convenience stores to bring back for his classmates to try. While navigating that, he discovered a good use for his bodyguard (who was no longer amused now) by making him carry all his shopping bags. (But he wasn't an asshole, so he made sure to make Li Yun sit down at his table to have a nice Kaiseki lunch on him, or rather, on his boss' dime.)

Just as Wen Kexing was heading back to the car waiting to take him back to the hotel, he stumbled across a shop that caught his eye with all its gaudiness. 

"Stay here," he instructed his body guard, pointing at the roadside. It was already embarrassing enough to go in there, he didn't need a shadow for when he shopped for sex toys. Understandably, Li Yun did as he was told, turning away with pink cheeks.

Wen Kexing stepped into the adult shop with wide eyes, mouth dropping open at the truly impressive amount of variety of lube flavours. Idly, he wondered if there were any laced with aphrodisiac, but decided that Zhou Zishu didn't need encouragement on that front considering his stamina. Still, it didn't stop him from dropping a few bottles into his shopping basket.

With warm cheeks, he inspected some dildos, looking at their shapes and sizes. He wasn't kidding when he talked about prolapse so the too big ones are definitely going to stay on the shelves. Some interesting ones did end up in his basket though, as well as some rope and instructions on shibari. He didn't know if Zhou Zishu would be up for being tied up (though he would look yummy that way) but HE wouldn't mind experimenting a little. 

When he got to the costumes, he started giggling. 

He bet his sugar daddy would love this. Maybe he'd even come here with his A-Shu later when he had free time.  

The costumes were thin and of poor quality, but he figured that it was probably so that it could be torn easily from the body. He contemplated on getting a few but they were clearly not made for someone built like him. 

Just as he was looking through them, an attendant snuck up to him and started to speak to him in Japanese so he shook his head. Then, the goth-looking girl got the brilliant idea to communicate through their translation app in their phones and they hit it off. 

"Looking for your girlfriend?" she wrote.

"No, for myself," he replied. Her face turned a shade of pink but her expression was that of delight as she looked him up and down. "A present for my boyfriend," he continued. 

Her face lit up even more and she motioned for him to come with her to the section of the shop catered to the men...ahem, gays. The selection there wasn't as big but the sizes of the costumes there was about right. The attendant was helpfully enthusiastic in her recommendations and he left the shop carrying a huge bag of 'toys/entertainment' he did not expect to purchase. 

Li Yun smartly did not offer to carry that package nor did Wen Kexing have the skin thick enough to make him do so.  

He returned to the hotel room a few hours before dinner, so he had a good long soak in the hot bath before he shaved and prepared himself for his sugar daddy. It took him a while to figure out the straps of the sexy lingerie he had brought along from home (It was still new and Zhou Zishu had yet to see him in it). Then, he threw on his bath robes and blow dried his hair till it was gleaming smooth. He decided to forgo any make up since it would just get smeared on the bed sheets. 

By the time he was completely ready, Zhou Zishu had already returned to the suite. He was in his blue shirt with the sleeves folded up to his forearms while his coat and jacket were draped over one of the sofa. He still had his gun holster on even though he had already put his gun safely away (he always did that when he was with Wen Kexing). He was on the phone, talking in rapid-fire Japanese. 

Watching his sugar daddy being so competent was such a turn on that Wen Kexing nearly moaned as his ass tightened around the vibrator inside him. It was only on the first level and it was already driving him crazy. He didn't even want to know what would happen once Zhou Zishu dials it to the highest level. Because he just knew that he would. 

"Baby, you can order dinner first," Zhou Zishu told him during a pause in his phone conversation. 

Wen Kexing nodded, going to the landline to call for room service, just as he had expected. He ordered mostly finger foods so he could feed his lover and vice versa. 

When the food arrived, Zhou Zishu was still on the phone. Wen Kexing let the server wheel in the trays into the living room where the sofa was, instead of the dining table. After the server left, Zhou Zishu signaled that he should start without him, so he did. He settled himself onto the sofa and pulled trolley of food closer to him. Then, he waited for Zhou Zishu to look towards him. 

But he didn't. 

Tired of being ignored by now, Wen Kexing took of his bathrobe, revealing the skimpy royal blue lace lingerie set he was wearing. His movement immediately caught his sugar daddy's attention and Zhou Zishu's voice stuttered as his wide eyes looked up and down, taking in the crisscross straps, the tight panties that barely covered him and the lace garters around his pale thighs. 

Finally getting what he wanted, Wen Kexing arranged himself seductively on the sofa and without breaking eye contact, he took a piece of sashimi and slid it onto his tongue. He curled his tongue around the pink salmon flesh and slowly pulled it into his mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned softly at the taste.

"So good," he breathed before reaching for another piece, this time a nigiri sushi with squid pieces mixed with white sauce. He made sure to lick the sauce from his fingers in a particularly decadent way before turning to look at a still frozen Zhou Zishu and offering the plate of food. "Want some, daddy?"

"I'll call you back later," Zhou Zishu said in Chinese before switching off his phone and throwing it in the general direction of the sofa. 

"Baby, what are you wearing?" he asked as he stalked purposefully towards the sofa where his lounging lover was, wearing the most slutty thing he'd ever seen (he couldn't believe that his baby manage to find an even sluttier lingerie than the ones he'd purchased for him).

"Hm? What do you mean?" Wen Kexing said, turning his body to reach for more food and showing off his back, and more specifically, his backside. 

Zhou Zishu stopped, staring down at his A-Xing who was enjoying another piece of sashimi with his ass half pointed at his lover. The tiny, skimpy matching panties hid absolutely nothing, including the cord that was sticking out from the twitching hole that he loved to rail. The cord connected to the little remote that Wen Kexing had tucked into the garter of his right thigh. 

"You little slut," Zhou Zishu breathed, not even bothering to ask what it was that was inside his lover. He undid his belt and pants, neatly tearing his zipper off without so much as a moment of pause and pounced on his lover. 

"But I want to eat," Wen Kexing whined, turning away from his sugar daddy, who ignored his protest to pull him onto his lap, back to his chest. 

"I'm not stopping you," Zhou Zishu panted, pulling out his already leaking cock to sink into his favourite lovehole. "Fuck, what is that? A vibrator?"

Wen Kexing moaned at being filled by his lover's eager cock. "Yesss.."

"I can feel it at the tip of my cock," Zhou Zishu breathed into his shoulder, hip thrusting upwards to get in deeper. 

The silver-haired man moaned again, his toes digging into the lush carpet so he could stabilise himself before grinding himself down onto the thick phallus breaching his ass. 

"Fuck, you vixen," Zhou Zishu scolded, fingers scrabbling to grab at the garter on his baby's pretty white thigh. He finally managed to finagle the remote out while that tight ass eagerly sucked at his cock. Without looking, he pushed at the dial. 

"A-SHU!" Wen Kexing screamed, back going taut when the vibrator inside him began to move more intensively. 

"OH, that feels good," the mob boss breathed, eyes closing as he enjoyed the vibration reverberating through his lover's anal muscles. "Baby, let's go to the max."

"Ah, no. Wait...I.. Uh... I'm not ready," Wen Kexing whined, one hand on his own cock and another playing with his nipple through his bralette. 

"Safe word?" Zhou Zishu asked, just in case he pushed his baby too far. 

He'd discussed this with Wen Kexing before about the limit to his consent and the younger man confessed that he had a dubious consent kink. He liked being continuously pushed to the edge and having multiple orgasms. But sex toys was not something either of them had gotten into yet in their relationship, so Zhou Zishu wanted to make sure that this was something that Wen Kexing wanted.  

"Ah," Wen Kexing gasped, "Gree... unh... Green."

Green for green light. That means he was willing to do it. 

Without warning, Zhou Zishu dialed the remote to the highest and watched as his lover's back went rigid in shock as his insides spasmed around the thick cock and the vacillating toy, sucking both in deeper. 

He dropped the remote and fucked into the tight hole, all the while whispering encouragements to his sugar baby, who was trembling from his orgasms. He had come with both his ass and his cock, and now, Zhou Zishu could chase after his own pleasure.   

It didn't take long at all. Wen Kexing only came one more time before Zhou Zishu ejaculated into his orgasming ass. 

"Too much," Wen Kexing gasped, trying to curl away from him but Zhou Zishu hushed him and pull him tighter into his arms. 

"Nonsense, you love this," he said, grinding upwards into the twitching hole. "My little slut loves being fucked by me."

"A-Shu," Wen Kexing whimpered, still trembling from his back-to-back orgasms.

"Feed me, baby," Zhou Zishu said, leaning back on the sofa to take a breather. He wasn't pulling out though. He was perfectly happy to stay where he was with his sugar baby as his cock warmer. "Since I'm feeding you my cock, you should hand feed me dinner."

Wen Kexing gasped for a moment before he reached out to pull the tray of food closer with trembling fingers. Then he grasped a piece of salmon sushi and turned to feed it to Zhou Zishu. 

Then the bastard decided to turn him sideways on his cock. The change of position made Wen Kexing gasp in overstimulation as the vibrator moved inside him and he smushed the piece of sushi in his hand. 

Zhou Zishu, the utter asshole, tsked at him and grab his rice-covered hand. 

"Waste not, want not," he said, before proceeding to lick his hand clean, sucking on the fingers when he was done picking up all the rice and salmon with his tongue. 

"More," he told his trembling sugar baby, who obediently reached out to take another piece. "Sashimi, this time."

The sashimi plate was a little further away so when Wen Kexing leaned forward, part of Zhou Zishu's cock slipped out. The mob boss had the evil idea to pull the cord to the vibrator at the same time, pulling it snug against the head of his cock. 

Wen Kexing gasped and moaned when Zhou Zishu pulled him back onto his lap, his cock thrusting the vibrator egg back deep in. 

"A-Shu! That's- uh- too much!"

"You say that, but you're enjoying it," Zhou Zishu said smugly, reaching forward to play with his A-Xing's nipples. He discovered to his delight that there were slits in the bralette to reveal the pretty pink nipples. 

"Well, I'm waiting for my next bite," he said, rubbing at the little nubs and making this lover squirm. 

"Mean!" Wen Kexing complained, trying to reach of the food but feeling too overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations coursing through his body. 

"Only because you like it," Zhou Zishu replied, pulling at his nipples to feel him spasm around his cock again. "See, your ass tightens when I'm mean to you."

"No, A-Shu! I'll come again!"

Grinning wickedly, Zhou Zishu pinched and pulled at his lover's nipples again just as he thrust into his wet hole. He groaned as said hole tightened deliciously around his cock again and when he looked down at their connect sex, he could see the red, swollen hole sucking hungrily at his cock. 

"I changed my mind," Zhou Zishu whispered to his overstimulated lover. "I think I'll have a second helping right now."

With that, he threw his lover off his lap and onto the sofa, face first. His cock slipped out, as well as the vibrator egg and a healthy amount of semen. Kneeling behind his out-of-breath lover, Zhou Zishu retrieved the still vibrating egg and slipped it back into the twitching hole. Then, he fucked it in deep with his hard cock. 

"Did you buy more than one egg?" he asked Wen Kexing, who was wantonly moaning like a whore. Well, Wen Kexing was HIS whore. 

"Did you?" he asked again, but it was clear that Wen Kexing was in no state to answer him.

"If you didn't, we're going back to the shop," Zhou Zishu promised breathlessly, thrusting vigorously into his lover's spasming hole. "Two for your nipples or maybe some clamps. Mnn... We'll get both. Then I can put more eggs inside you while I clamp your nipples."

At his words, Wen Kexing screamed as he came again. 

It wouldn't be his last orgasm that night, though it would be his loudest as after that he lost his voice for quite a while. 



End of A Shop

Chapter Text

The best thing about sleeping with Zhou Zishu was the aftercare that the man always gave him after sex. 

During their coitus, Zhou Zishu tended to be unrestrained and almost wild in his desires. After, he would be a gentle, affectionate lover that cleaned Wen Kexing, put him to bed and cuddled him through the night. 

One would think a mob boss would not be so trusting as to sleep with another through the night without any hesitation. In the beginning, Zhou Zishu didn't spend nights at the penthouse with him. He often left after sex but recently, he spent more time at the penthouse than at his own home. 

If Wen Kexing was honest with himself, it was nice. 

Being held through the night as he slept, being taken care of after intense sex and being treated as if he was more than just a... sugar baby. 

The silver-haired young man sighed as he rubbed his face against the soft pillow under his head. The night before last had been more intense than he had prepared for. His ass and waist was still hurting from Zhou Zishu's enthusiastic sexual prowess, even after a full day of doing nothing but lounging around his hotel suite enjoying the room service and the hot tub.


"Hm?" Wen Kexing lifted his silvery head to look sleepily at Zhou Zishu. 

The older man was half dressed for his meeting with some investors and was putting on a navy blue tie before slipping it into his grey waistcoat. He looked so put together and hot that Wen Kexing wanted to mess him up but pulling him back into bed but he knew that Zhou Zishu probably wouldn't like that.  

"Tonight, I want you to join us for dinner," Zhou Zishu said, pulling on his gun holster. His baby sleepily rubbed his eyes, looking so adorably rumpled that Zhou Zishu was tempted to take out his phone to take a picture of him. "I have a dinner meeting with a business partner." 

"Hmm," Wen Kexing nodded, before pausing to ask, "What should I wear?"

"Something semi-formal would suffice," Zhou Zishu answered, pulling on his jacket, then his coat and scarf. He leaned down to kiss his lover and lingered a while to deepen the kiss until Wen Kexing moaned. 

"A-Shu," Wen Kexing whined as Zhou Zishu pulled away. 

"I'll see you later, baby," he promised before leaving with his bodyguards. Li Yun was already waiting outside the suite with the others but he stayed as per his boss' instruction to protect his dasao. 

Two hours later, Wen Kexing exited the suite, looking ready to tackle the day with more shopping. 

To Li Yun's resignation and embarrassment, he was once again used as a pack mule, carrying packages for his boss' significant other. He thought that his face would remain a permanent red when his dasao came out of the changing in a satin purple dress with a slit up his thigh. 

"What do you think?" Wen Kexing asked, turning side to side to look in the mirror. "Do you think your boss would like it?"

"He'll love it, dasao" Li Yun answered honestly.

Wen Kexing gave a confused smile through the mirror. "Why does everyone keep calling me that?"

Li Yun smartly remained silent. The answer to that question was above his paygrade. 

Wen Kexing shook his silvery head and returned to chatting with an attendant via his phone about the dress. 

When he went back into the dressing room to change out of the dress, the attendant actually turned to Li Yun and asked him if his dasao was a model, given his height and features. Li Yun snickered and told her yes. 

It really wasn't a surprise that the dress ended up one of the purchases that Li Yun had to carry back to the hotel. 




When Zhou Zishu returned to the hotel, Wen Kexing was already ready for their little outing. The silver-haired man had chosen a cream-coloured silk shirt and an ocean blue jacket and pants to match Zhou Zishu's dark navy and grey ensemble.  To top of the classy look, he did a diagonal French braid on his hair. 

Zhou Zishu's gaze raked from top to bottom, clear appreciation in the depths of his eyes. Wen Kexing smiled at him, glad that his sugar daddy approved of his outfit. He hooked his arm around the older man's and let him lead him out the door to their waiting car. 

"Where are we going?" Wen Kexing asked in curiosity as he watched the scenery pass by. 

"A restaurant," Zhou Zishu answered with a smirk. Wen Kexing gave him a pout, then turned away with a 'hmph'.

The journey took a while, way longer than he expected. The car twisted and turned until they came to a rural area where a large, old wooden inn-like structure stood with the gorgeous backdrop of Fuji Mountain. 

When they exited the car, Wen Kexing couldn't help but gape at the scenic view, turning around to appreciate the snow-capped mountain and the lake nearby.  

"It's gorgeous, isn't it?" Zhou Zishu commented, watching the younger man with a small smile. Wen Kexing turned to him with a delighted smile and nodded. 

"Let's stay here for a few days," Zhou Zishu said. 

Wen Kexing's eyes widened. "But our luggage is back at the hotel!"

"Han Ying can arrange for it to be sent here. I can meet my contacts at the conference room here as well for the next few days. It's more comfortable here anyway," Zhou Zishu answered, leading him into the old but grand hotel. "There are personal hot springs here too."

"Hot spring," Wen Kexing parroted longingly. 

"A personal one," Zhou Zishu emphasized with a smirk and Wen Kexing's puppy eyes turned starry-eyed. 

"Thank you, daddy," he crooned before wrapping his arms around Zhou Zishu to give him a thorough kiss. 

A awkward cough broke their tonsil hockey and the couple broke to look over at a well-dressed man waiting for them with a small smile. 

"Shindo-san," Zhou Zishu greeted, before introducing his paramour. "This is Wen Kexing."

"Please to meet you," Wen Kexing said in halting Japanese that he had practiced from online. 

Shindo-san returned the greeting and invited them deeper into the hotel where a large tatami room awaited them. They sat down around a low rectangular table and after some initial talk, where Wen Kexing was left in the dark with their rapid fire Japanese conversation, the sliding doors opened again and a few women came in bearing trays of gorgeously presented food. 

The table was filled with freshly grilled eels, a large steamed snow crab, a pot of beef nabe, soft hot spring boiled eggs, cold soba on carved ice, sea urchins served with piping hot steamed rice in its prickly shells and fresh sashimi of all kinds. 

Wen Kexing had never seen such a sumptuous feast before and he didn't even know how to begin. 

Fortunately for him, he didn't need to do anything as a few servers sat down to introduce the dishes and do the serving to them. While they were doing that, two women in elaborate kimono slinked in and introduce themselves. 

"Geisha," Zhou Zishu whispered to Wen Kexing. "The one in black is Maira-san, the one in blue is Okina-san."

Wen Kexing nodded, hoping that he didn't offend anyone in this formal setting by being oblivious to their customs.

After the introduction, the two ladies served wine as they ate, conversing with Shindo-san mostly and Zhou Zishu. They did attempt to converse with Wen Kexing but the language barrier did hinder things a little for them. They were courteous though and never made Wen Kexing feel awkward for being in a room where he onviously had no place in.

It was nearly at the end of their meal when the two ladies got up, one retrieving her shamisen which she strummed and the other revealing a fan which she twirled expertly. 

Wen Kexing, who was an aesthete of all art, was enthralled. He abandoned his delicious food in favor of giving them all his attention, watching with star-filled eyes as the women took turns in performing for them. 

Zhou Zishu, who was too busy staring at him instead of the performers, smiled affectionately at his enthusiasm.

"Ah, Zhou-san, how long have you been together?" asked Shindo as he watched the younger boss. 

Zhou Zishu looked towards his Japanese business partner, the fondness in his eyes evaporating instantly. 

"Less than a year," he answered vaguely, sounding completely nonchalant.

"How odd," Shindo commented. "I would have thought it to be longer than that."

"Why would you say that?" asked Zhou Zishu, looking back at his still pre-occupied paramour. A-Xing wouldn't understand what Shindo was saying but he couldn't help himself. He didn't want the younger man to think that they were talking badly about him. 

"Because you look at him like I look at my wife," Shindo replied with a small smile. 

Zhou Zishu paused. Was it that obvious? He wasn't worried about Shindo finding out about his honest feelings for his A-Xing. The man had been his stepfather's trusted friend and business partner even before Zhou Zishu had taken over the family business.

"He does not know yet," he admitted. "It is still too early."

Shindo nodded in agreement, but then he said. "Only if you do not trust him."

Zhou Zishu's first response was to deny his distrust of his A-Xing but he stopped. What exactly was stopping him from telling A-Xing how he felt for him? They were already in a committed relationship and even though it had been less than a year, A-Xing was the only person he had ever been with that he felt free to be himself, as opposed to the expectations of the other sugar babies he had before. 

And... hadn't he thought of marriage before...?

"You look like you just had an epiphany," commented Shindo, sipping his wine slowly as he watched him. "I hope it serves you well."

Zhou Zishu nodded in thanks, "Yes, Zishu thanks this senior for his guidance."

"A-Shu!" Wen Kexing turned to him suddenly. "Please tell them that they dance very beautifully."

Zhou Zishu nodded and told the two artisans exactly that. 

When the geisha sat down, Wen Kexing excitedly roped them into a conversation via his phone's translator, asking about their dances and the meaning behind them. They were kind enough to humor him and even showed him the gorgeously painted fans and let him touch the shamisen. 

It wasn't long before his enthusiasm encouraged the ladies to pull him up front where they started to teach him a simple fan dance. He caught on fast enough that one of them started strumming an accompanying song for them to dance to. 

Wen Kexing smiled at Zhou Zishu brightly as he twirled his fan in tandem with the other performer. 

And Zhou Zishu...


Zhou Zishu felt his heart jump.




Chapter Text

Zhou Zishu came true with his promise and they proceeded to spent the night at the ryokan that they had dinner in. He managed to obtain a tatami room with a personal hot spring, easily accessible vie the sliding door of their room. 

They spent some time in the bubbling pool before they started making out, ending in the room where Zhou Zishu proceeded take him more gentle than he had ever had before. Zhou Zishu had been so attentive and gentle that Wen Kexing had almost cried by the end of it. 

"A-Shu?" he breathed after their session and he had time to catch his breath after his orgasm. 

"A-Xing," Zhou Zishu mumbled, kissing his neck. "You are mine."

Then, he lifted the younger man's left hand to his lips and kissed his ring finger. 

"Mn," Wen Kexing replied, his heart feeling tender and loved. It didn't occur to him that the words might be more than just possessiveness.  Zhou Zishu had uttered those words before during their sexual encounters, so Wen Kexing did not let himself dwell too much on its meaning. 

Perhaps, he should have. 




Zhou Zishu had another meeting the next day so he sent Wen Kexing off to do some sight seeing around Mount Fuji. 

The silver-haired man started the day with his mood buoyant and excited, travelling through the scenic routes of the Narusawa Ice Cave and Fugaku Wind Cave while snapping a hundred and one photos. 

It was after, when he had settled down to have his lunch and looked through his photos to decide which to send to his friends and family that he realised that he couldn't. 

The trouble with a clandestine relationship was that no one close to him was supposed to know that Wen Kexing was involved with a mob boss. And even if no one knew that Zhou Zishu was with the underworld, his status as a sugar baby was not something that he would like to broadcast. 

So no matter how exciting his trip was, or how good the food was, or how beautiful the scenery was, Wen Kexing could not post anything about his trip overseas on social media. Not when he couldn't tell anyone how he could afford such a luxurious vacation. His sister and his aunt was both his followers and he was not prepared to have that conversation with them about being in an arrangement with the leader of a mafia gang. 

It kind of put a damper into everything when all he wanted to do was share his experiences with someone and when he turned around, there was no one there but Li Yun, who was not exactly his friend and not really his colleague or employee. 

It left his mood a little sour, even though he told himself to suck it up as he should have expected this when he went into this arrangement with his eyes open. 

Even when he returned to his sightseeing in the Kawaguchiko Museum, he didn't bother taking any pictures, knowing that he had no one to share it with. 

When he returned to the ryokan close to dinner time, he found Zhou Zishu waiting for him in their room. 

"A-Shu," he greeted happily, glad to finally have his sugar daddy's company. He wrapped his arms around the older man and they exchanged kisses. 

"Baby, I bought something for you," Zhou Zishu crooned into his ear. 

"What is it?" Wen Kexing asked, excited. The older man lead him to the table where a large, flat box awaited him. The silver-haired man enthusiastically pulled on the large, red ribbon tied around the box to unravel it. When he opened the box, his excitement flagged, though his smile remained, now wooden and stiff. 

In it was a well-made girl school uniform; black and white checkered pleated skirt, a similarly patterned neck bow, a white blouse, black blazer and black sheer stockings.

"Won't you wear it for me?" asked his sugar daddy, rubbing Wen Kexing's arms in enticement. 

Wen Kexing forced his smile brighter as he turned to Zhou Zishu and nodded in false enthusiasm. "Uhn, A-Shu wait for me here. I'll go prepare."

"Mn," Zhou Zishu agreed, looking pleased by Wen Kexing's positive response.

Wen Kexing collected the box and went into their connected bathroom to prepare himself. He paused when the door shut, leaning his head against the wooden barrier. 

What had he expected? Their relationship was purely physical. Why had he expected to be treated as more than a plaything? He knew what he was getting into when he agreed to the terms of their arrangement. 

Swallowing the hard lump in his throat, he set the box down on the counter and took off his shirt. 

He had a role to play to keep his sponsor satisfied. After all, Zhou Zishu was the one that provided his education, the rice in his bowl and the clothes on his back.

He shouldn't- won't expect anything more than what was in their agreement. 




Zhou Zishu smiled as he looked at his phone, opened to a page featuring a white gold ring topped with a 10-carat radiant-cut diamond sitting majestically in the red velvet cushion of the ring box.

It's still too early to propose, his mind told him but when he saw the ring online, his heart told him that it was the perfect ring to be sitting on his A-Xing's ring finger, to tell the world who Wen Kexing belonged to. 

Yes, it was still too early to marry when their relationship was barely a year old but they could have a long engagement. Maybe a year or two for A-Xing to finish his schooling and stabilise his career.

Clicking on the buy option, Zhou Zishu made a mental note to rope Jiuxiao into planning the proposal and the engagement party. Not too big, just their friends, family and closest members. A-Xing might not be comfortable getting involved in their *ahem* business ventures and frankly, Zhou Zishu would prefer to keep his baby away from it, especially when it might affect A-Xing's career.

After receiving notification that the ring would arrive by the time they returned to Tian Chuang next week, Zhou Zishu switched off his phone. He poured some warm sake into his cup and savoured the taste, his smile firmly on his face in anticipation for the night and for his future with his A-Xing.  




Wen Kexing inspected his reflection in the short pleated skirt and the sheer stocking that came with the costume. Usually, the anticipation for this kind of role play made him giddy with playfulness but instead of feeling sexy, he felt... weird. Completely unsexy despite the costume's downright slutty nature. 

Or maybe that's the problem. 'Cause he's feeling more like a street walker than when he was dressed in nothing but booty shorts in the midst of horny, hollering men. Or lingerie that barely covered his bits.

He pulled at the hem a little and tried to psyche himself up.

"It's fine. You're looking hot," he told his reflection, cocking his hip to the side. 

Nope. That.. didn't look right.

He straightened and checked the light makeup he'd applied. It wouldn't do for his tears to ruin his eyeliner. He was lucky that his thick eyelashes meant that he didn't need mascara, especially when he expected sex to be on the table. Now he only applied it for formal functions. 

Not that he went to a lot of them, despite that being one of Zhou Zishu's conditions. Perhaps the mob boss didn't want to flaunt him around. 

Ugh. This line of overthinking was making him even more depressed. 

He slapped his hands on his cheek, trying to bring himself back to the present. It also made his cheek bloom pink, which sold the picture of a shy, blushing school boy in a school girl's uniform. Only his height belie his appearance. 

On a whim, he split his silver tresses into two parts and tied it into pigtails. It made him look younger and it really did make the whole role play more believable. 

Even though it felt... wrong.

"Time to earn my bread," he muttered, preparing to open the door. Then he cringed. Way to make himself feel even more of a whore. 

He took a deep breath and slid open the door, peering out at the older man. 

"Zhou-laoshi, I'm so sorry I'm late for our meeting," he crooned, mentally (and emotionally) shoving all his reservations, doubts and feelings away. "Please don't punish me."

This was just an arrangement. 

Nothing more.  




End A Mask


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The purple dress that Wen Kexing bought last chapter Purple Bridesmaid Dresses with Slits

Chapter Text

Truth be told, the rest of the trip really wasn't so bad. 

Once Zhou Zishu finished his business by the fourth day, they had time to go to some of the tourist traps that Wen Kexing wanted to visit. The mob boss was very accommodating, catering to his baby's every demand with patience akin to Buddha. It really helped bolster Wen Kexing's sour mood from his self-degrading thoughts a few nights ago.  

"A-Shu, this is so good," Wen Kexing gushed, biting into his sweet and savoury grilled mochi balls. "I want one more!"

"Babe, we're going to have okonomiyaki for lunch," Zhou Zishu said, contradicting his actions as he gestured for Li Yun to get in line of the queue to purchase another stick for his lover. He really couldn't help himself, his baby's pure happiness with food was addictive.

"It's okay, we can share," Wen Kexing said, bringing the stick up to Zhou Zishu's mouth. The young boss acquiesced and took a bite of the warm mochi. It was admittedly very good. Just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness coupled with a chewiness that made him want more.  

"It is good," Zhou Zishu said, wrapping an arm around his baby's waist to lead him out of the crowded shop. Li Yun would find them when he was done purchasing the goody. Meanwhile, he took his long-haired lover to another shop selling elaborate kimonos.

"We want something red," he told the attendants in Japanese as Wen Kexing wandered away to look at one on the stand, it was green painted with white maple leaves on it. "And that one too."

Just as he thought, Wen Kexing looked absolutely gorgeous in the luxurious fold of the silk kimono, red, gold and pink trailing down his feet. Even with his hair down and unadorned, he still looked picture ready. Zhou Zishu fancied that one of the attendants actually took a picture of his lover surreptitiously to gush over the model-like beauty, but he was really too busy staring at Wen Kexing to care much about that. 

The green kimono was just as beautiful but far less ostentatious in Zhou Zishu's eyes. 

"Do you like this one, baby?" he asked the younger man, who was turning around in front of a mirror to look at himself from all angles. 

"I do. But what am I going to do with a kimono? I have no where to wear them to nor do I know how to put them on without assistance," Wen Kexing said, smoothing a hand on the opulent material. 

"I'm sure we can find someone back in the city to help you put it on," Zhou Zishu said dismissively. Then he gestured for the shop attendant. 

"We'll take both," he told her. 

Wen Kexing looked boggled as they packaged both kimono, the inner layers and their respective obi as well as the accessories into thick boxes to be shipped straight to their penthouse. He was sure that their combined prices was worth a semi-luxury car.  

"A-Shu," he protested but Zhou Zishu cut him off. 

"We'll find an occasion for you to wear them," he promised. "I cannot NOT buy my baby clothes that look so gorgeous on him."

Never mind that Wen Kexing probably looked good in all kinds of clothing, with that statement said, Zhou Zishu just lead Wen Kexing to the adjacent shop selling kanzashi.

"But what about A-Shu?" Wen Kexing protested. 

"Hm? I look good in suits," Zhou Zishu said as a matter of fact. "So I'll stick to them. Unless you disagree?"

 "What? Of course A-Shu looks gorgeous in suits," Wen Kexing answered quickly. Zhou Zishu nodded in agreement, closing the topic as they entered the shop.  

"Pretty," Wen Kexing whispered, looking at the elaborately made hair ornaments dangling enticingly from the displays all around. 

Zhou Zishu showed pictures of Wen Kexing in the kimonos and asked the attendants to recommend some accessories to go with them. The shopkeepers were more than happy to oblige, bringing forward exquisite flower hairpins that would match the colour schemes of the kimono patterns. 

While Wen Kexing was attracted to the simpler hairpins with a single flower or design, Zhou Zishu insisted on at least a more elaborate one for the red kimono. 

"A-Shu, when the kimono is so beautiful, you don't want to overdo with the hairstyle," Wen Kexing insisted, picking up a kanzashi with pink cherry blossoms made of resin. It was pretty but not overly ostentatious. "This one should suffice."

Zhou Zishu took one look and sighed when even the attendants agreed with the choice. He wanted Wen Kexing to stand out the most on their engagement party but if his baby wanted a simply hairstyle to couple with his red kimono, then who was he to say no?




On their last night in Japan, Zhou Zishu ordered a special meal to be brought in.

"I know that we haven't been able to visit more places because of my schedule," Zhou Zishu started, "so the next time we come, we'll go to places like Hokkaido and Kyoto if you want."

Wen Kexing climbed onto his sugar daddy's lap with a grin and Zhou Zishu automatically wrapped his arms around the lithe waist. 

"A-Xing is happy as long as it's with daddy," he claimed, kissing the older man on the lips. 

Zhou Zishu smiled, deepening the kiss with a promise for more until a knock interrupted their activities. 

It was their dinner and it took 2 servers to carry the whole tray in. It boasted of a snow king crab sitting in the middle like a monarch on a throne surrounded by other fresh seafood. 

Wen Kexing took a deep breath, eyes wide with shock and anticipation. He had never seen such a sumptuous feast before!

"A-Shu! This is so amazing!" Wen Kexing exclaimed in delight. 

"I knew you'd like something like this," Zhou Zishu commented, sitting down beside his sugar baby instead of the opposite seat. "A-Xing loves food."

"Of course," Wen Kexing quipped back. "Food it the language of love."

Zhou Zishu laughed, then he gestured at the crab.

Taking his cue, Wen Kexing started peeling the crab shell to reveal the meaty treasures within to share with his lover. The crack of the shells were satisfying and even more so when he bit into the white, flaky flesh within. 

"Mm, so good," Wen Kexing moaned, before turning to Zhou Zishu who was watching him in amusement. The younger man held out the crab leg to his sugar daddy. "A-Shu! Try it!"

"Mn," Zhou Zishu acquiesced, taking a big bite of the crab. It was delicious, despite it being a simple steamed dish. But what he enjoyed more than the food was the delight in Wen Kexing's face as he sampled every dish. 

"A-Shu, sea urchin!" Wen Kexing lifted his chopsticks bearing a creamy yellow piece of uni. Zhou Zishu obligingly slurped it down despite not particularly liking sea urchins. 

"You know," Wen Kexing said slyly, reaching out to wipe Zhou Zishu's lips with his fingers. "Sea urchins are aphrodisiacs. Just like oysters."

With that said, the long-haired young man took a raw oyster and without breaking eye contact, slurped it all down. 

"Mm. Yum," Wen Kexing said. 

"Minx," Zhou Zishu scolded half heartedly, reaching out to rub his hand on his lover's thigh. "I want more crab."

With a smug smile, Wen Kexing reached out for more crab to de-shell for his A-Shu. 




The meal was a mistake. 

Wen Kexing was too full to follow up with the promise that he had hinted at to Zhou Zishu, falling upon the futon with a groan after their dinner. 

"A-Shu, I ate too much," he complained, rubbing at his distended belly. "Now I have a food baby."

Zhou Zishu laughed, wrapping his arms around his baby's waist and nuzzling the fragrant-smelling nape. 

"My poor baby," he mocked. "Having a baby at such a young age. What is he to do?"

"A-Shu~! Do you have a pregnancy kink!?" Wen Kexing exclaimed, turning around in his lover's embrace. "Ugh, I'm sorry, daddy. I'm just too full right now to do more than lie down and kiss."

"That's okay. I'm alright with that," Zhou Zishu admitted. 

"Really? A-Shu is so good to his A-Xing," Wen Kexing murmured, kissing his sugar daddy languidly. 

The two of them kissed for some time, slow and deliberate, reveling in the atmosphere thick between them. When they broke apart, they rested their foreheads together for a moment before Zhou Zishu breathed out a sentence that made Wen Kexing stop. 

"I love you."

Wen Kexing's eyes widened and he jerked back involuntarily. 


His reaction made Zhou Zishu frown heavily as they both moved to sit up on their futon. 

"What's wrong, baby?" Zhou Zishu asked. 

" me?" Wen Kexing questioned cautiously.

"Yes," Zhou Zishu answered plainly, now looking guarded because of Wen Kexing's reaction.  

"But... but I thought.... I thought this was just an arrangement? I thought you didn't want to date?" Wen Kexing stated in bewilderment. 

"I said I didn't want to go through the hassle of dating and that I wanted this 'arrangement' because I wanted you," Zhou Zishu answered. "But that doesn't mean that I wasn't serious about you. It's just that things change and feelings evolve." 

"Oh, So... now you love me?" Wen Kexing asked slowly, mind still reeling with that revelation. 

"I confirmed that twice and I will confirm it one more time that yes, I do love you," Zhou Zishu answered in a straightforward manner. He had never been one to beat around the bush when he wanted something. Case in point, their so-called 'arrangement', which in hindsight was not his brightest idea. He could admit that hastily bedding Wen Kexing was not the best way to start a serious relationship with the dancer. 

Wen Kexing just stared at him, blinking slowly. 

"I thought... that we were in a purely sexual arrangement," Wen Kexing said cautiously, "So all along I've been trying to hold myself back so that I don't fall for you and get hurt when you end things with me."

The confession made Zhou Zishu hesitate for a moment. 

"I've... said those words before," Zhou Zishu clarified. "That I love you."

"Yes, during sex," Wen Kexing said with a frown. "Everyone knows that what is said when a man is balls deep in someone doesn't count."

Zhou Zishu had to concede to that and mentally smacked himself for such a mistake. 

"Sorry, babe," Zhou Zishu said, wrapping his arms around a still Wen Kexing. "I should have been more clear to you from the beginning."

"Yeah, you should have," Wen Kexing said with a pout. "I thought I was selling myself for money."

Zhou Zishu winced. 

"Made me feel like a whore," Wen Kexing continued, looking self-deprecative. "I would have enjoyed our time together even more if I knew I was in a serious relationship rather than a make-believe one."

"You... wanted to believe you were in a relationship with me," Zhou Zishu clarified, pushing a lock of hair that was hanging directly in front of Wen Kexing's face. 

Wen Kexing reluctantly nodded, still not meeting his eyes. 

"Why?" he questioned.

"Because," Wen Kexing reluctantly admitted, "I like you too."




End A Treat.



Grilled Mochi are fantastic!

Grilled Mochi stock photo. Image of japan, dessert, flour - 93612674


The Red Engagement Kimono

Wedding Kimonos

The hairpin matched:

Elegant Handmade JAPANESE KANZASHI hairpin stick COMB Pale Pink Sakura  Cherry | eBay


And the green Kimono that Wen Kexing had no where to wear it to:


Chapter Text

After their little talk in which Zhou Zishu realised the rift between their relationship, the young boss was reluctant to be parted with his baby so quickly. But he also knew that it was too early for him to be meeting his baby's remaining family when they had just reached an understanding.

Baby steps, he reminded himself as he kissed Wen Kexing's forehead. "You have everything you need?"

Wen Kexing nodded with a hum, pleased by Zhou Zishu's obvious care for him. He cuddled into the mob boss arms affectionately as they sat in their limo as it left the airport. Their flight home had been uneventful, which was good, but it meant that they would be separated soon, which was not good. 

"I'll be back at the penthouse soon," Wen Kexing promised. They were sending his A-Shu back to the club before Wen Kexing was to make the 2-hour journey back to his hometown. 

"Good. Someone needs to cook for me," Zhou Zishu replied and Wen Kexing's jaw drop in an aghast look. 

"Am I your maid? You have a lot of chefs! Get them to cook for you!" 

"But you've spoilt me with your cooking," Zhou Zishu said. "It's not my fault I can't tolerate anyone else's low grade cooking."

"Your chefs have Michelin stars," Wen Kexing said in a deadpanned voice. 

"So? They don't cook with love," Zhou Zishu returned, utterly shameless. Wen Kexing didn't know how to reply to that, covering his blushing face with his hands. 


"Alright, enough with the jokes," Zhou Zishu said, pulling his hands away to look at Wen Kexing's lovely face one more time before they were to be temporarily separated. "You be careful, baby. If there's anything at all, just give me a call."

Wen Kexing nodded obediently. "Yes, A-Shu. And you stay away from all the hussies until I come home, k?"

The mob boss gave him a languid kiss. 

"Of course, there's only one hussy that I want," he replied, after they broke off their steamy kiss. Just to prove his point, he grabbed his A-Xing's delectable butt and gave it a little squeeze. 

"Perv," Wen Kexing said against his lips before kissing him again. 

Zhou Zishu thinks that this might actually be the longest week he'd have to live through. 




Wen Kexing had over done it. 

He wasn't really the type to buy souvenirs for people, but Japan was filled with so many wondrous and amazing things that he couldn't help himself. Now he was left with more luggage than he knew what to do with. 

The thing was, they had vending machine for everything! Bread in a can! The different variety of drinks. His sister would love to try them all! (Though she probably wouldn't be so enthusiastic about the one with the larvae but Wen Kexing was going to dare her to try it)

And let's not get him started with the myriads of ramen noodle flavours. Wei He, who survived mostly on instant noodles because of budget constraints, once stated that he didn't mind them so much because he loves ramen. So Wen Kexing had gone to a ramen distributor and had signed up a year subscription of ramen to be sent to Wei He's address. The struggling student would be getting packets of ramen with new or improved flavours every month.  

He'd also bought so much clothing and snacks for his aunt and sister to try that he had to purchase two extra luggage for it all. 

His aunt would be suspicious and grill him about his trip and his (new) boyfriend when she inevitably found out about it. Especially since she knew that Wen Kexing was 'working' to cover his university fees. She'd want to know where he got his funding to purchase so many things during a vacation overseas.

But truth be told, Wen Kexing really couldn't be bothered with keeping everything a secret now.  

Because he can now call A-Shu his boyfriend!!!

The silver-haired young man grinned to himself as he watched the scenery outside pass by, unable to contain his happiness and excitement. He even had to cover his mouth to keep in the squeal threatening to burst from his lips. He was 25! He shouldn't act like an adolescent falling in love for the first time!

Of course, he'd have to be careful with what information he imparted to his sister and aunt. The last thing he wanted was to pull the most important women in his life into mob business, like what happened to him a few months back. 

The reminder of being almost abducted was like being drenched suddenly in cold water. 

He's in love with Zhou Zishu, he was sure of it. It had only been a few months but it felt... natural for him. It was easy and comfortable, something he had never had with anyone else other than his aunt and his sister. And Zhou Zishu made it so easy to love him. He was sexy, beautiful and had the grace of a panther. Above all that, he was scary intelligent and had a sense of humour as sharp as his wit.  

To be honest, if Wen Kexing had a type, Zhou Zishu would hit 100% for his ideal partner. 

However, the fact that Zhou Zishu was a mob boss was an issue that Wen Kexing still had to come to terms with. It wasn't as if he could ask Zhou Zishu to leave that life behind. It was literally his family business! At least, that was what Han Ying and Jiuxiao had implied. 

Did Wen Kexing really want to live the rest of his life as the sugar baby of a mob boss?




When Wen Kexing arrived at his aunt's house, it was getting dark and his sister was just returning from the afternoon basic ballet classes for kids that she was teaching. 

"Ge!" Wen Guxiang shouted enthusiastically when she recognised him from afar. He was pulling down his fifth and last luggage out from the trunk of the car at that time. He waved good bye to Cheng-shushu before he turned to the teenager, who was running his way in excitement.

"A-Xiang! You've grown up so much! How? It's only been a year!" he exclaimed as she glomped onto him. 

"I miss you so much!" she shouted back.

"We've been skypeing almost every week," he said, putting her down to pat her on the head. 

"Not enough," she claimed, grinning widely at her older brother. She hadn't been lying when she said that she had missed him. He was her pillar and role model for most of her life, so when he left for med school, she had been bereft. Only school work, her job as dance and ice-skating instructor actually distracted her from her loneliness.

But that was alright. Two more years and she'd be able to move to the big city with her brother! 

"How's the little rascals doing at the studio?" he asked her as they slowly move his luggage into the up-stairs apartment where they called home for over a decade. 

"Same. Mouthy and opinionated," she replied. 

"Oh, like you then," Wen Kexing said with a grin as she pouted at him. 

"A-Xing!" Luo Fumeng exclaimed when she opened the door to greet them. "You're home!"

"I'm home, Luo-yi!" Wen Kexing greeted with a wide smile as the middle-aged woman embraced him in a warm hug. 

"Welcome home!"




His days back in his hometown were filled with activities as he went out with his sister and old friends to explore any changes that might have taken place in his absence. 

Everyone fawned over his silvery hair, even the old couple selling tofu two streets down. They were an old-fashioned couple who scoffed at everything modern but even they could stop praising his pretty long locks and patting his head like they used to when he was a child that barely reached their waist. 

On evenings, he would either dance in his aunt's studio or go ice-skating with his sister. 

It was quiet and relaxing. 

Sometimes, at night, when the crickets were the only thing that broke the silence, he would sit beside his aunt in their living area and reminisce about the past.


"I never wanted children, you know," Luo Fumeng told him one night. 

"Why not?" Wen Kexing asked. "You're so good with us."

Luo Fumeng smiled at him, caressing his cheek lightly. "I'm only good with both of you because you were such good children. Ruyu and Miaomiao did such good jobs raising the two of you, I barely had to do anything."

Wen Kexing just smiled but waited for her answer, which she gave reluctantly. 

"I was foolish when I was young and married a very manipulative man. It took seeing him ruin someone's life to get what he wanted to wake me up to his ways," she explained. "He wanted children, but I think it was to tie me to him permanently. But I didn't want any and had a procedure done to prevent it from happening. So behind my back, he arranged to foster a child."

"What happened then?" Wen Kexing queried. 

"The child was from a very abusive home and was very grateful to be offered a home away from all that," Luo Fumeng continued. "I tried to do my best for him but A-Jing manipulated him into becoming a doll to do his bidding. If he said to sit, he would and if he told him to bark like a dog, he did. At last, when I couldn't stand staying anymore, I left him with divorce papers."

"Do you know what happened to that child then?" Wen Kexing asked. 

"I don't know. I cut all contact when I left," she admitted, somewhat shamefaced. "I should have taken him with me, but I was desperate to be done with that man and that boy would never have left willingly with me."

Wen Kexing put his hand on his aunt's. "A-Yi, it's not your fault."

"Perhaps," she smiled sadly. "And then, after I settled here a year or two later, I got the call about your parents." 

"At first, I didn't know what to do," she admitted, squeezing his hand back. "I remembered that boy and how I didn't even try hard enough to help him and I knew I couldn't just let the two of you go into the foster system. I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself at all."

"And so, we came here," Wen Kexing said softly. 

"Yes," Luo Fumeng agreed. "And I'm glad you did."

Wen Kexing smiled, "So am I."




"You know, your sister told me that you are seeing someone," Luo Fumeng commented one night. 

"A-Xiang needs to learn how to not gossip so much," Wen Kexing returned, though his annoyance is mostly for show, since he knew that his sister couldn't keep any secret from their aunt. 

"A-Xiang is just excited," Luo Fumeng said, brushing away his complaint. "I'd like to meet him."

"Meet who?" Wen Kexing asked, trying to act innocent. 

"Your boyfriend," Luo Fumeng emphasised. From where they sat, they could hear A-Xiang echoing "boyfriend!" from her room at the top of her lungs. Wen Kexing shook his head. 

"Maybe," he said, uncertainly. "We just started dating for a few months."

"So you're not sure you are serious?" she asked.

Remembering the words that Zhou Zishu had said to him, well, repeated multiple times to him, he admitted, "Well, we're serious. But, I just think it's a little early to be introducing him to everyone."

Luo Fumeng nodded, patting his shoulder, "It's good that you put thought into it. Don't rush things. We will still be here when you two are ready."

Wen Kexing smiled at her brightly. 

"Luo-yi is the best!"




After some serious thought though, he folded. On his last night back in his hometown, he called Zhou Zishu.

"A-Shu, I miss you," he said to the handsome visage of his boyfriend when Zhou Zishu answered his video call. "Will you come fetch me tomorrow?"


"And meet my family?"




End A Separation


Chapter Text

Zhou Zishu's visit to the Luo-Wen household did not go the way that Wen Kexing planned. 

His lover was supposed to make an appearance around lunch time where he would be invited to have a meal with the family. 

Poor Luo-Yi, who was only informed that morning, went into a frenzied panic preparing to cook a full meal for all of them. Wen Kexing, who was actually the better cook, laughed and proceeded to push her out of the kitchen to prepare the meal.

But come lunchtime, no ostentatious car made an appearance at the lot where their shophouse was located.

Then an hour passed.

During that time, he received no call or message, which was very unlike the Zhou Zishu he knew, who was punctual and responsible when it came to upholding appointments and promises. 

By the time he got the call from Han Ying, he was having an internal meltdown from worry, though he showed none of it to keep his sister and aunt from panicking. 

"Han Ying?" he answered quickly, valiantly keeping his voice calm. 

"Mr Wen," Han Ying returned the greeting. "There has been an unexpected... predicament, so Mr Zhou is unable to make the journey to fetch you. However, Cheng-shushu is already on the way to bring you back to the penthouse."

"Is he alright?" Wen Kexing asked the only question that mattered to him. 

"He is fine. But a... a rival... competitor made a sudden appearance at the office and demanded an emergency meeting that Mr Zhou is unable to deflect," Han Ying admitted. "He is greatly annoyed by it."

Translation; Zhou Zishu was pissed but unable to do anything about it. 

Well, Wen Kexing was pissed too but at least he knew now that his Ah-Shu was alright. 

"Well, it can't be helped," he said into the receiver. "If it is an emergency meeting, there's nothing anyone can do about it."

"He's deeply apologetic about it," Han Ying insisted, as if he was worried Wen Kexing would be upset at his boss for a rival gang boss being an asshole. 

"It's fine. Perhaps we'll have the family meal another time," Wen Kexing conceeded, looking at his sister's disappointed face and Luo-Yi silent acceptance. "I'll see you in a few days, Han Ying. Thank you for calling me to inform me."

He put down his phone with a disappointed sigh. 

"Ge," Wen Guxiang whined. "Why is your boyfriend such a workaholic!?"

"Ah-Xiang!" Luo-yi reprimanded before turning to Wen Kexing. "It's fine, Ah-Xing. There'll be plenty of other chances to meet your boyfriend."

"Ne, Ge. What does your boyfriend do anyway?" Ah-Xiang asked. "Is he a big shot? You bought so many things for us. Is he the one 'funding' you?"

Wen Kexing felt his brain screech in alarm as he tried to signal to his sister to shut her gob as Luo-Yi frowned at her.

"Now that you mentioned it, you did buy an awful lot of souvenirs for us," Luo Fumeng said, turning back to Wen Kexing who stopped mid gesture. "Did he really fund everything."

"Ah-Shu- Ah-Shu is a CEO," Wen Kexing said quickly, giving the only reasonable 'explanation' he could think of. "He needed to go to Tokyo for a business trip and decided to bring me along. And yes, he funded everything."

"Wooo, my brother is a sugar baby!" Ah-Xiang hollered, hands up in the air like she was triumphant, not knowing how accurately she had guessed. "I knew there's a reason you were born so much prettier than me! You're going to be a trophy wife!"


"Wen Guxiang! You little twerp!"

"Kyaa! No, Gege! I'm sorry!"




Cheng-shushu arrived not long after, probably having broken several speed limits to get to their little town in time to fetch his boss' significant other. He helped Wen Kexing load his luggage and after a hug goodbye, the med school student left for the penthouse in the big city. 

However, instead of bringing him back to the penthouse, he was brought to the club. When he asked why, Cheng-shushu only told him that he was given the instructions to bring him there. 

It was a Saturday evening and the club was already at full swing when he walked in. The employees greeted him with a vibrant "Dasao!", which he returned with a "Don't call me that!"

After leaving a box full of snacks aka souvenirs with Da Wu to be distributed to the others, he headed to the office. Han Ying was coincidentally exiting Zhou Zishu's office when he arrived so he gestured to the door. 

"Is he still in meeting?" Wen Kexing asked, unwilling to interfere with a meeting between mob bosses. 

"No, he finished it about half hour ago," Han Ying replied. "Mr Shen already left."

"Oh good," Wen Kexing said, opening the door to see Zhou Zishu at the open balcony. He was not wearing his jacket or coat and the sleeves of his shirt was rolled up to his elbows. He looked tired and annoyed, that is, until he turned around and caught sight of his sugar baby. 

"Ah-Xing," he breathed, a small smile blooming on his solemn face. 


And just like that, Wen Kexing felt the weight of disappointment in his chest ease and a large responding smile spread across his lips. 




When they reached home, the penthouse felt a little different. 

Wen Kexing felt it the moment he stepped into the pristine unit, eyes taking in the austere decorations and sophisticated features.

Odd. Everything seemed the same as when he left. So why did it feel different?

Zhou Zishu kept quiet as the younger man looked around in puzzlement. Then he grasped his lover's wrist and pulled him further into the penthouse. 

"I have a surprise for you," he said to the bewilderment of the med school student. 

The mob boss opened a door that Wen Kexing knew was a guest room and ushered him in. Wen kexing did as he was told and his eyes widened as he took in the changes.  

Instead of a guest room, it was now a dance studio. 

Somehow, during their two weeks of vacation, Zhou Zishu had gotten workers to come in to empty a guest room, rip up the marble floors and replace it with hardwood floor, install mirrors and a barre on the wall. With the wide, floor-length windows, the natural lighting made the room look like a dream. 

"Ah-Shu!" Wen Kexing exclaimed in delight. 

"Is this why you wanted me to go with you?" he asked with a laugh.   

"Do you like it?" Zhou Zishu asked, watching his baby twirl around in the dance studio, his hair streaming behind him in shining silver. 

"I love it!" exclaimed Wen Kexing in delight. 

"There's even a dynamic pole you can set up later for when you feel like practicing your pole dancing," he informed his sugar baby. 

Wen Kexing propped a leg up the barre and stretched forward, eyes meeting Zhou Zishu's through the mirror. 

"Then I can do private dances for A-Shu," he said with a naughty smile. 

As if pulled by a rope, Zhou Zishu came forward and wrap his arms around the dancer's waist. 

"You can do one for me right now, can't you?" he whispered into his baby's ear, eyes still connected through the mirror. 

Wen Kexing's grin never faltered as he folded his leg down and went on his knees. He made short work of the black trousers Zhou Zishu wore and was immediately licking the head of the half hard cock that popped out the moment he pulled down his underwear. 

"Mn, Baby, I missed you," Zhou Zishu crooned as he watched his cock disappear into that eager mouth.  Wen Kexing moaned around the thick length as his hands undid his own pants. 

"Play with your ass, baby," Zhou Zishu encouraged, pulling out a tube of lube from his pocket. "I want to see it in the mirror."

His silver-haired lover obligingly did as he was told, releasing the mob boss' cock to completely pull off his pants to reveal his peach butt and taking the bottle of lube to shakily pour some on his fingers. Two fingers made their way into the soft, receptive hole and with another moan, Wen Kexing shoved Zhou Zishu's cock into his mouth again. 

Zhou Zishu was treated with a very enjoyable show through the full length wall mirror. The finger- fucking lasted a while before Zhou Zishu pulled on the silver locks. 

"More fingers," he demanded and his sugar baby did as he was told, inserting another finger to stretch the tight little hole. His eyes never left the slutty vision even as he fucked his Ah-Xing's warmth, wet mouth. He wanted so badly to come but he held himself back. He pulled his cock out of the willing mouth and smeared precum and saliva over the gasping mouth. 

"Turn around," the young boss said, pulling at the silver hair. 

Wen Kexing did as he was told, turning around to hold onto the barre as the older man positioned him as he liked. He gasped as the thick hot length breached his ass, eyes rolling back in pleasure at the stretch and the way the curve of Zhou Zishu's cock precisely slid into his passage to collide against his prostate. 

"More," he moaned, just as Zhou Zishu reached forward to pull his loose sweater up to play with his nipples. 

"My little slut," the older man groaned hoarsely, hips pistoning forward repeatedly, pushing Wen Kexing into the barre. When the dancer looked up, he could see his reflection and God, he really did look like a slut. His mouth was open as he gasped and moaned, saliva and cum leaking from the corner of his lips. His eyes, normally sharp and intelligent, were dazed from the pleasure of being fucked stupid. 

"Ah, Ah-Shu," he shouted, pushing back onto the cock as his ass spasmed around the girth. His orgasm was rapidly approaching but he knew Zhou Zishu would try to at least force another orgasm out of him before he creampied him. Because that was what he liked to do. Fuck Wen Kexing stupid till he blacked out. 

Just the way Wen Kexing liked it.

"Come, please come inside," he moaned wantonly, pushing back at every thrust. His ass and nipples felt so good but he wanted so much to touch himself. Zhou Zishu wouldn't allow it though. At least, not until the mob boss had come. 

And Wen Kexing was correct, because after an intense anal orgasm in which he slumped onto the wooden floor, Zhou Zishu continued to fuck him until he came inside Wen Kexing's twitching ass. Then, the older man had turned him around and proceeded to suck him off while fingering his hole until Wen Kexing screamed and came.  

Zhou Zishu licked his fingers as he watched his lover gasp weakly on the floor of the newly christened dance room. 

Wen Kexing looked so debauched, with his silvery hair spread across the hard wood floor, his sweater rumpled up to reveal his puffy nipples and naked from below the waist. His hole was red and swollen from their intense reunion sex, leaking white semen that Zhou Zishu decided to sweep up with his fingers to laboriously deposit back into the ass pussy. 

"Baby," he kissed the still winded Wen Kexing, tongues twining around one another. "Mine."

Wen Kexing hummed in agreement as he slid his hands around Zhou Zishu's shoulders, "Yours."

They shared a long, languid kiss until Zhou Zishu slid his fingers in deeper and Wen Kexing moaned in protest, legs shakily trying to close. But Zhou Zishu pushed them apart easily and continued stimulating his hole till he was satisfied. Then he positioned himself between the shapely thighs once more. 

"Ah-Shu," Wen Kexing gasped as his lover's cock once again breached his over-stimulated asshole. 

"Missed you so much, baby," Zhou Zishu whispered into his mouth. "Gonna take you all night."

As usual, Wen Kexing could do nothing but take it.

Because that's what his Ah-Shu likes. 

(And because that's what he likes too.)



End A Gift