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A Private Arrangement

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Zhou Zishu doesn't know who came up with the idea that starting a pub was a requirement for his kind of profession. Granted, he understood the necessity of it; a front for the money laundering that was necessary for funding the operations of his *ahem* ventures.

Still, he wasn't particularly fond of the flashing strobe lights and the noisy headache-inducing music. That was why one of his most adamant requirements for the construction of his pub 'Tian Chuang' was that the meeting rooms and his office must be completely sound proof. (Which also made it convenient if he wanted to quietly snuff out someone's life) Just walking pass the main hall where the heart of the music was at its loudest made him grit his teeth. 

He looked down from over the bannister, eyes involuntarily looking for a certain someone. His eyes combed for the familiar sight of his dancer, who could be serving drinks amidst the crowd or be dancing on the stage. 

Sure enough, on the main stage, a young man with long dark hair twirled around a pole expertly, wearing little more than a pair of booty shorts and a pair of tall platform heels, lending more length on those shapely long legs. 

Despite his best efforts, Zhou Zishu couldn't help but stare as the young man did a vertical split while holding himself up on the pole. The expression on his face was faraway, as if he was focused only on the music and paying no mind to the leering men staring at his body. 

After a moment of watching the young man dance to the throbbing music, he turned away.

"Tell Wen Kexing to come up to my room," he told Han Ying, who looked a little surprised but nodded anyway. He didn't blame him, Zhou Zishu was seldom interested in anyone, especially anyone from his own pub.

It didn't take long for the dancer to knock on his door. He called out for him to come in and the long-haired young man slid in cautiously, looking a little apprehensive at being called to his boss' office. 

"You called for me, Mr Zhou?" asked the young man, now wearing a leather jacket half zipped up over the booty shots. Not overly dressed as to denote fear of being vulnerable but also not so scantily dressed that it would be offensive to a superior. 

"How long have you been working here?" he asked the long-haired young man, eyes trailing over the lithe but muscular form. Those legs looked particularly fetching in those heels.

"Approximately 3 months," answered Wen Kexing politely. "Am I in trouble?"

Of course not. Wen Kexing was a model employee even for a questionable place of employment like his pub. Always on time, never a complaint to his conduct, always knows how to hold himself even with the most unruly customers and maintains a good but distant relationship with everyone.

"You are in med school, aren't you?" Zhou Zishu asked nonchalantly, brushing his bangs away from his eyes and combing his fingers through his layered short hair. Wen Kexing's eyes followed the movement for a few seconds before his eyes went back down to the carpet but Zhou Zishu caught that action and he smirked, pleased. 

"Yes," Wen Kexing didn't seem surprise that he knew about his current education status. Probably because he had mentioned it to Han Ying before during the hiring process.

"Why did you choose to work here?"

"Because it pays well and I only need to be here during Fridays and weekend nights," Wen Kexing explained. Fair enough, Zhou Zishu had already deduced the reasoning before hand but he just wanted to know if there were any other reasons.

Zhou Zishu got up from his chair to walk around the table. Wen Kexing looked up from the carpet and from this close, Zhou Zishu can finally admire the gorgeous curve of the plum blossom eyes and the thick lashes from which the honey brown eyes gazed through from. 

"How have you find the work here?" Zhou Zishu asked. 

"It's... alright," Wen Kexing said, quite diplomatically if Zhou Zishu had to admit. Their customers were quite rambunctious and rough. But given the dancer's background in martial arts, he hadn't had much trouble reigning in the idiots who got too handsy. 

Or at least, the bouncers had reported that. The dancer had done his part in throwing quite a few customers out for harassing the servers and other dancers. According to Han Ying, he had gained a following for that, the workers he'd saved AND the customers he'd thrown out. 

Looking down at those lovely long legs in those platform shoes, it wasn't hard to imagine those particular customers begging to be stepped on by this bombshell. 

And speaking of shoes, Zhou Zishu resolved to buy some pretty stilettos to replace those cheap, skanky platforms. Maybe a pair of Louboutin...

"I've heard that you are choosy with taking requests for personal dances," Zhou Zishu commented, continuing to walk around the dancer, eyes appreciating the curve of the dancer's ass. "Is there any reason for that? That's where the money lies and you get many requests for that."

"I only take requests if I think I can handle the customers," Wen Kexing answered truthfully. "Or if the customer doesn't act like an asshole, can actually pay and not lie about their monetary status."

Zhou Zishu smirked. Smart boy. Cautious too. Good. Then he should know what he would be getting into when Zhou Zishu made his offer. 

He reached out trailed a finger down the dancer's stiff back. His action caused a shiver and Wen Kexing swallowed. Zhou Zishu admired the long pale neck as he followed the motion of his adam apple. 

"And if I was to request for a personal dance?" Zhou Zishu asked, voice dropping into a whisper as he stepped closer to his employee and the light touch he had on the dancer's back became a full hand on younger man's lower back. "Would you..."

He was so close he could smell Wen Kexing's cologne, light and not overly cloying mixed with sweat from his dancing and the hot spotlights on stage. He leaned in closer to nuzzle the glossy dark hair cascading gorgeously down the nape and back. 

"Say yes..?" he whispered into the ear of the beautiful pole dancer he'd been eyeing ever since he came in for an audition. 

"...Mr. Zhou?" that came in a breathless whisper. 

"Say yes," he said again, this time a command instead of a question. He slid his other hand around the dancer's waist.

"And if I don't?" asked the long-haired young man. 

Zhou Zishu pushed him onto the table suddenly, surprising the young man. Wen Kexing gasped as he lurched forward, hands outstretched on the table to break his fall. 

"You don't have to work here anymore," he whispered into Wen Kexing's ear, caging the pole dancer down with his body and pinning his hands onto the table.

"Are you firing me, Mr Zhou?" Wen Kexing asked softly, looking genuinely distraught by the prospect and by the position he was in now. 

"It depends on you," said Zhou Zishu, leaning close to the younger man's ear. "If you want, you can continue to dance down there on the stage, getting groped by those men."


"You become mine."


End of Introduction