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Day 8 - Breeding + Body Modification

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The collar around Zhongli’s neck weighs heavily, but not as much as the knowledge that Tartaglia well and truly has him trapped.

At the very least Zhongli had the chance to ensure that Liyue could survive without him. His Adepti will no doubt mourn his passing while he wastes away in the dark and cold of Snezhnaya. Though seeing how his captor has treated him, Zhongli isn’t sure cold is quite what he has to worry about.

No, the long boat ride home is warm. Hot, stiflingly so, as Tartaglia lays atop Zhongli and makes his fellow alpha his own.

Zhongli hates how familiar the burning stretch has become whenever Tartaglia pins him down and ruts hard into his aching hole. The pleasure shooting up his spine is utterly foreign, and Zhongli writhes against his captor at every thrust, trying to force him off. Tartaglia only laughs at him. The alpha grabs his head and forces it down while pulling Zhongli’s hips up, and that horrible, wonderful cock delves ever deeper into the former Archon. He doesn’t feel much like an Archon now, only like a toy to be used. And the way Tartaglia speaks to him-

“So good, my pretty little omega, such a perfect whore for me. You take my knot like you were made for it.” Tartaglia thrusts down hard into Zhongli’s ass while a hand tangles into Zhongli’s rattail and yanks. “I can’t wait to breed you full of my pups, Zhongli-xiansheng. You won’t have to worry about anything else anymore. Just be my gorgeous cocksleeve, my omega broodmare. You already look so good beneath me; can you imagine how pretty you’d look with a swollen belly and tits leaking with milk?” Every word feels so foreign, as if Tartaglia is speaking to someone else entirely. Zhongli isn’t an omega. He’s an alpha, strong and capable and dominant. He shouldn’t be carrying young. He shouldn’t be taking Tartaglia’s cock. He shouldn’t be laying on the bed now, cum dripping down his trembling thighs and drooling face shoved into a pillow as Tartaglia plows him for the third time in a row. 

And yet here he is. When Tartaglia is elsewhere on the ship taking them back to Snezhnaya, Zhongli lays there and stares at the wall. His ass burns and his legs ache relentlessly. Dried semen clings to his thighs no matter how much he picks off. Every time he tries to get rid of it, more leaks out of his well-used hole. His stomach bulges with cum at times, and all of it feels utterly disgusting. Zhongli can’t stop Tartaglia from taking what he wants. What stings the most in his mind is the constantly renewed bite over his scent gland, like a mating mark on an omega. That’s how Tartaglia views him, isn’t it? Zhongli is his omega.  

Once, he tried to ask Tartaglia why. Zhongli is an alpha- another alpha shouldn’t want him. Another alpha shouldn’t claim him. Tartaglia had laughed. “Because you’re pretty, xiansheng, and I thought you’d look good beneath me. I was right! And besides, how many Harbingers can claim they’ve made a former Archon their personal bitch? Now spread your legs wider. The sooner you’re bitched, the sooner this’ll hurt less. It’s not my fault your body is so uncooperative.” The childish pout on Tartaglia’s face felt so out of place that Zhongli’s sense of reality waivered for a moment.

And then Tartaglia forced his way back into Zhongli’s ass and filled him up again and again and again.

"Alpha!" Zhongli sobs, whining and whimpering and exuding distressed omegan pheromones. He lays limply in his nest- their nest- with a thick, knotted vibrator shoved deep into his drooling pussy. The constant stimulation to his sweet spot, the knot plugging him up- it's so much, but still not enough. Why isn't his alpha touching him? Why is he alone? Has he been bad? He'd built their nest dutifully, padding the walls with pillows from their bed and his alpha's laundry from the hamper. All Zhongli wants is to be bred. But his alpha isn't even here-

Some part of Zhongli that lurks in the back of his head is utterly disgusted with himself. The part that remembers being an alpha. That remembers being free. He's a tamed pet now, broken and reshaped to fit the role of the omega Childe wants. Zhongli wears his omega collar at all times, staying dutifully at home and taking care of the chores just to have something to do. Childe brings him books at times to occupy his time after he finishes housework, a luxury that is easily revoked when Zhongli makes mistakes like talking back or disobeying orders. 

Zhongli has found that being bad is never worth the price. Childe never hits him, but the horrible things he calls Zhongli, the nights he's chained a kitchen cabinet and made to sleep on the floor, the loss of the privileges of working or reading or doing anything but contemplate his situation in silence- it's enough to whittle away his will to resist until Zhongli finds himself the submissive, obedient bitch Childe had hoped for.

Resistance does nothing- Zhongli sees the cruel grins Childe gives him whenever he disciplines his omega. Childe enjoys disobedience because it means it's within his right to inflict punishment. And forcing Zhongli back beneath his heel is one of Childe's favorite pastimes. 

But what did Zhongli do this time to deserve being left at the eve of his heat? He's gone over every rule in his head to be sure he hasn't violated any, but nothing comes to mind. Zhongli has been ever-so-docile for the past month, diligently cooking and cleaning and servicing his alpha's needs. So why is he being punished when he's done nothing wrong...?


His head shoots up as the door slams open hard enough to dent the wall and crack the wood. Childe doesn't seem to notice. His pupils are blown wide and he's covered in blood and sweat. The Harbinger uniform he wears is torn like he'd been mauled by a wild beast. Worry claws its way past the cloying need overwhelming Zhongli. Is his mate okay? He should get up and run a bath, make sure his alpha is fed and watered and that his wounds are treated. 

But before Zhongli can so much as try to move, Childe has stalked halfway across the floor of their bedroom and tossed what's left of his clothes aside. Zhongli drools at the scent of aroused alpha pheromones and unwashed musk. Childe's fangs are fully extended and bared, though there's no malice in his expression. Zhongli pulls the vibrator out and turns it off with another pulse of Geo. He turns his backside towards his alpha, arching his back and baring his neck in a silent plea to his alpha. 

"Bitch. My bitch-" Childe growls as he lays over Zhongli's prone form. "Good bitch. Mine. Gonna... gonna breed..." His voice is a low rumble edging on ferity. It's enough to make Zhongli tremble with need. 

"Breed me alpha, please," Zhongli begs. His head feels flooded with warm water now, heavy and strange yet somehow comfortable. He needs so badly to have his alpha inside him. The omega within him hungers relentlessly, overriding the lingering hesitation. "Yours, alpha, I need... Need... Alpha, your knot please, please- Knot me, alpha, fill me with your pups-!"

In the animalistic state Childe is trapped within, there's no hope for him to do anything other than what his instincts demand. And his instincts demand he fill Zhongli with as much cum as he possibly can.

Zhongli inhales so sharply he chokes on his own breath when Childe pushes balls-deep in one thrust. Childe's knot is already partially swollen, and it catches slightly on Zhongli's entrance at every thrust in and out of his pussy. It feels like he's being knotted over and over- a sensation his body is built to orgasm during. Zhongli's vision goes white as his pleasure peaks over and over again. His cunt spasms wildly with the jackhammering thrusts pounding relentlessly into him. Childe moves so inhumanly fast that Zhongli can't help but feel like an animal being bred. A prized bitch being pupped by its stud. 

Childe grows loudly into Zhongli's ear, snapping his teeth at random. He's absolutely gone, lost in the sensation of his omega's pussy sucking him in and the tight squeeze around his knot. His omega makes such incredible whimpers and whines. The pretty little thing takes Childe's cock so well, arching his back and clawing at the floor of their nest. 

It's impossible for Zhongli to speak. He tries to a few times, but the combination of sensation and his breath being knocked out of his lungs with the constant pounding into his eager hole makes it far too difficult to do. Zhongli's mouth is overflowing with saliva, slipping past his lips and pooling into the nest. His body feels like it's on fire. He's so warm, and his ass and thighs sting with the constant slaps of Childe's body against his. His lower abdomen aches from the constant orgasms wracking his body. Zhongli finds he can no longer hold his upper body up even on his elbows and lets himself slip down so his face is buried in the walls of their nest. 

Childe doesn't seem to like that. He growls loudly and grabs Zhongli by the hair, pulling him back so he can keep hearing those delicious sounds slipping from his omega's lips. Zhongli can't possibly hope to escape his hold when his body is so worn-out. His scalp stings terribly, but there's nothing he can do but whimper and wait for Childe to knot him. 

The harsh thrusts battering Zhongli's cervix accelerate even more, sending convulsions wracking the omega's body. He's going to be bred. He's going to be bred-

With one last push, Childe's fully swollen knot shoves its way inside and all at once, everything stops. 

The feeling of warmth flooding his womb is nice when it means the rapid thrusts into his cunt have ended. Zhongli breathes heavily, letting out small whimpers whenever the hand gripping his hair moves even slightly. 

"Oh, Zhongli..." Childe breathes, his tone still low. His hips begin to buck gently even while he's knotted, sending sparks up Zhongli's spine. "My omega... My bitch... My Zhongli... I'll breed you until it takes. You... You'll look so good round with my pups. Nobody will ever... ever take you from me." 

The hand on Zhongli's hair lets go. He rests his face on his arms, savoring the weight between his legs and just how stretched his womb feels with seed. 

Perhaps this... isn't so bad.

Perhaps being an omega isn't as terrible a fate as he'd thought.