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All of the agents have a separate WIFI, so as not to disturb the other members through slowing it down with downloads. Brimstone had gotten too many complaints that Killjoy and Cypher had slowed the internet down too significantly for it to not be dealt with. Often times, Cypher's WIFI would go down, due to tinkering or his gadgets destroying the connection. And not once had he thought of connecting to his neighboring agent's WIFI until it came up in conversation with Killjoy. "Don't tell her, but when my WIFI goes out, I'll connect to Sabine's," She had said, in passing before moving onto the next topic. Cypher was stunned. How could he not have thought of that? Ah, leave it to Killjoy to inspire him.

The next time his WIFI goes out, it's only a week later. He tries to fix it, though to no avail. He pauses, recalling Killjoy's words. "My little genius," Cypher murmurs, pulling out the WIFI details and seeing Sova's above everyone else's. He stares at the password, fully expecting Sova to not have a password at all. He types in 'Babushka', both in lowercase and uppercase. 'INCORRECT' stares back at him. Cypher groans, trying to think of something else. "Oh," Cypher says, typing in 'Hunter' only for it to not work. Then he tries 'Owl', and it still gave him the 'INCORRECT' screen. Deciding this was a waste of time and wanting to amuse himself, he types in his own moniker. 

He stares at the word for a second, trying to fully process what had just happened. 'CONNECTED'. He is frozen, stunned at this. 


It's all he can think for a moment. Then he thinks about confronting Sova. Does he? Should he? Oh, but he is just so curious as to why his own moniker is set as Sova's password. He quickly makes sure the internet works, just in the event that Sova had planned something sinister, yet Cypher knows Sova wouldn't do that. Moreover, Cypher's certain that he couldn't. He looks at his door, before sighing and putting on his mask to head one room over. He only knocks twice but he hears shuffling after the first knock. Sova opens the door and Cypher finds himself suddenly resentful at having to look up ever so slightly at the Russian. Cypher decides to put that thought on the back burner. 

"Greetings, my measured friend," Cypher smiles and he knows Sova can't see it. All the same, it feels polite. Sova looks at him, blank of an expression but says, "Hello, Cypher." Sova was always one of the hardest to read, but it wasn't as though Sova wouldn't tell you how he felt if you asked. An honest, open man; that was Sova. Cypher wonders how Sova feels about him. "I came by to tell you that I've connected to your WIFI," Cypher says. He half expects Sova to be embarrassed or at least surprised, now that Cypher knows what his password is. Yet his expression doesn't change. "Ah. I see, thank you for telling me." 

"Right... May I ask you, my friend, why your password is my alias?," Cypher asks, tilting his head slightly. And Sova gives a small smile, so tiny that Cypher has to blink twice to make sure it isn't a figment of his imagination. Then it is gone. "I thought that you would perhaps need to connect to it, one day," Sova replies, as though that were the most obvious thing in the world, then he furrows his eyebrows, "I apologize if my password made you uncomfortable. I can change it." Cypher almost pinches his cheek, if they were closer and Sova did not distrust Cypher. Still, this was quite the improvement to how Sova interacted with Cypher on a day-to-day basis. "No, no, I should thank you, Sova. I can now continue my tinkering, all thanks to you," Cypher says, gauging his reaction. There is none. 

Still, it made Cypher smile underneath his mask. 

"I will head out now. Thank you again, Sova," Cypher says, turning to leave. "Goodbye," is all he hears in response before the door is closed. 

He wonders if he should change his password now, too.