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Master with a Knife

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Heechul was cleaning the big-ass living room with his really strong vacuum, which was he never seen one before. He cleaned up kitchen too but there was still upstairs, so many rooms in this damn house and only for one person. Heechul started to this job couple of days ago, he was in desperate and ready to anything. Then, Hyukjae told him about a man, who was looking for a housekeeper because his old one got fired or something like that. He was rich, as he told so the money was good. Heechul didn’t think more than one second and applied to it next day. He got accepted immediately and then, he was here, cleaning this house.

The ‘master’ of this house’s name was Kyunghoon. Min Kyunghoon. He was a business man, it was obvious because of how many suit piece he had. But Heechul didn’t know much about him. He wasn’t talking that much. He was leaving the house so early and most day coming back so late. He was weird too, kind of. But was kind as well, like, gentleman type of kind. Heechul was guessing he had a fiance because he was wearing a ring on his right hand. Maybe the house was big like this because of that, they were going to move into this house after marriage. All of these were Heechul’s guesses though, he literally wrote a backstory about him in his mind because he had no idea who was he.

After wiping out the whole floor he straightened up his back and moaned a little in pain. He was too old for this shit, he was supposed to be rich right now but instead he was cleaning a rich man’s house. He was feeling grateful though, at least he had a nice place to stay and a good salary. Also he was eating all of those Kyunghoon’s left over fancy foods. Also, he was good looking too. Like, really good looking. Heechul was thinking of he was especially taking care of his looks because of his job. Heechul never saw a clean, rich looking man like him. So, this was a plus too.

He checked the time and took a deep breath. It was time to prepare dinner already and he couldn’t finish the cleaning at all. “Well, I’ll continue tomorrow, I guess.” He murmured himself and put away the vacuum. He returned back to the kitchen, opened the recipe of that food he didn’t remember the name but Kyunghoon wanted him to cook and started to bringing all of the ingredients. When he started to cooking, also was murmuring a song he liked. Actually Heechul didn’t know this song existed, he heard from Kyunghoon. He was playing on the piano on the first day of Heechul. He brought Kyunghoon’s dinner to the piano room and asked the song’s name. Then the melody got stuck with him, it was so relaxing.

When the doorbell rang, the chicken was in the oven, cooking and Heechul was sitting in the living room, reading a magazine. He immediately checked his watch on his wrist and got up. It was already 8pm and Kyunghoon was early today. “Damn it, the dinner isn’t ready yet.” He cursed in silence and ran to the door. Before opening the door, he quickly fixed his tie, vest and shirt then opened it. Kyunghoon looked up to him, smiled and entered his house. It was snowing outside and Heechul only noticed it now. “Welcome, sir.”

“Hello, Heechul.” Kyunghoon left his laptop bag on the floor and took off his coat. Heechul grabbed it from him to hang it coat stand. “The roads are pretty awful, I think there will be a snow storm tonight.”

“Oh, that’s why you’re early, sir?” Heechul smiled and started to following Kyunghoon, as he walked in. “I see. I thought you were coming at your usual time, so I started to cook dinner late. It’s still in the oven. Do you want me to prepare the bath for you, until the dinner is ready?”  

“Ah, that would be great. Thank you.”

“I’ll be right there after I take care of your coat, sir.” Kyunghoon agreed and disappeared in the upstairs. Heechul walked fastly to the hallway and hanged his coat carefully. It was probably very expensive like his other clothes so he was taking care of them nicely. He had no idea he would’ve been such a good butler or housekeeper or whatever they call it but unironically he was doing a good job, even though his friends didn’t believe him at all.

He checked the chicken and then went to upstairs. When he walked into Kyunghoon’s bedroom -which is where his bathroom was- heard something from dressing room. Before going to the bathroom he sneaked a peek over there. Kyunghoon’s back was facing to him. He already took off his blazer and seconds after he also took off his shirt, only revealing his tanned skin and broad shoulders. Heechul’s eyes got big in surprise and gulped. He was preparing his bath every day since started this job but never saw his naked skin like that. It was obvious he had a nice body but without any clothes on, it was more than ‘nice’. Heechul ran into the bathroom before Kyunghoon noticed him and started to fill the tub. He was playing that scene in his mind over and over again. Lucky fiance, he thought.

After filling up the tub and put some bubbles in it, he heard the door opened behind him, which made him jump. When he turned back, he found Kyunghoon with only wearing a jogger pants, holding a body towel on his arm. “Is it ready?” He asked, smiling. Heechul tried so hard to not check out on him and nodded his head simply.

“Yes, yes it’s ready.” Heechul got up, fixing his rolled up sleeves and bowing to him respectfully.

“Heechul.” But he had to stop before leaving the bathroom, as Kyunghoon called out his name. “Can you do massage? Like… shoulder massage?” Heechul gulped, again. This time it was pretty loud. Shoulder… massage? To him? Well, here’s my luck, he thought.

“Um, I can try, if you want sir.” Kyunghoon nodded in agreement and took off his jogger pants in front of Heechul, then got into the tub. Heechul froze where he stand after seeing that image. He couldn’t like, that was a pretty good ass. Better than his ex-boyfriend, which was a gym lover. Kyunghoon half-lied down in the tub, not wetting his hair and keeping his shoulders out of the water. Heechul rolled up sleeves again, got close to him and placed himself behind him. His fingers were already feeling itchy because of the idea of touching him. Alright, Heechul, he talked to himself. Stop being a fucking pervert and do your job.

He grabbed his shoulders and started to put pressure onto his fingers. He massaged to his friends couple of times but… they were his friends. This guy was his boss and he had to be careful, like, really careful. When he moved his fingers to his nape, Kyunghoon moaned. Literally moaned. Heechul’s fingers froze, thinking both if he did a something wrong and did he actually moan. “Are you okay, sir? Did I hurt you?”

“No, please continue. You’re so good.” Heechul bit his bottom lip so hard, almost bled it. Was he talking to him like this on purpose? Or was this normal to him? Like, this dominant-style talking was normal to him? Because this definitely was Heechul’s weak spot. So he continued, as Kyunghoon wanted. He massaged his shoulders more than ten minutes and then Kyunghoon lifted up his head, like a stop sign. “Thank you, I feel much better. You can go now.” Heechul bowed and then left the bathroom in a rush. He was totally breathless and already thinking of how he was going to sleep tonight. He knew that he was acting like a horny teenager which was pretty cringey but he didn’t touch anyone for a really long time. So, he was thinking that it was normal for longing something like… that.

Dinner time came so quickly. That night, Kyunghoon went to dining room instead of eating in his study room. Heechul prepared everything like he did every night, filled his glass with red wine. Kyunghoon was loving red wine too much, there was a whole wine cellar in the basement. There were collector items in there, pretty expensive wines long story short. Kyunghoon sat down on the chair with his silk pajamas, he was looking pretty tired. “Are you going to bed right after dinner, sir?” Heechul leaned over to him lightly, asked with a soft voice.

“I need to work on something first but it won’t take long, probably. Then yes, I’ll go to bed.” Kyunghoon cut a piece from the chicken and ate it. While he was chewing, closed his eyes and took a breath. “This is delicious.”

“I’m glad you liked it, sir.”  

He took a sip while Heechul was standing there, not talking, totally silent. “You’re pretty talented, Heechul. I’m glad you applied for this job.” He threw a side look to him, smiling. “My old housekeeper was pretty talented as well but he got old and kind of retired, we can say. And we didn’t get along pretty well.” He moved his fingers, Heechul noticed. Then grabbed the knife tightly, started to cut a piece of chicken again. “But it seems I’ll get along with you so well. You’re so pretty too.”

This compliment caught Heechul off guard but he smiled quickly, bowed again. “Thank you, sir. I’m hoping to be a good servant.”

“Did you read your contract carefully? I don’t want you to agree something with you don’t want to.” Heechul stopped to think for a moment. He didn’t actually. He never read this kind of things, like ever. But this sounded like a tricky question to him, so he nodded like saying yes. This made Kyunghoon smile. “Good. Then you know that whatever happens in this mansion, stays in this mansion.” There was something like that in the contract? This was so weird. Like… was he cheating on his fiance or something? It wasn’t his business anyway and he didn’t even meet with his fiance. It was okay with him.

“You can trust me, sir. I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.”

“Good.” Kyunghoon finished his wine and then stood up. “I’m already full. Thanks for the dinner, I’ll be in my study room. Please don’t disturb me.” Heechul bowed again, while he was leaving the room and then relaxed his shoulders, sitting Kyunghoon’s chair.

“What the fuck was that now…” He grabbed chicken’s leg and bit it hardly. It was really delicious, he felt proud of himself. “Damn, I’m a good cook.”


Heechul saw Kyunghoon in his dream that night. When he woke up in the morning, he was hard and sadly couldn’t do anything about it as he should be, of course. He got out from the bad cursing to his wet dream and rushed into the bathroom. It’s been only a week but he was feeling things towards to his boss? That was wrong. That guy was looking really disciplined and if he learned Heechul got turned on because of him, he would totally fire him. That’s why Heechul had to stay silent about it and hoped Kyunghoon would stop being a hot ‘master’.

Heechul got dressed up quickly and went to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. But he found Kyunghoon there, standing in pajamas again, barefoot and washing something in the sink. He turned his head to Heechul and smiled, which was kind of weird because it was too early for him to wake up. “Good morning, Heechul.”

“Good… morning… sir?” Heechul felt weirded out, he felt like something is wrong. “You’re early today. If I knew you were getting up at this hour I would-“

“No, it’s okay. I couldn’t sleep that’s all.” At that moment, Heechul saw that Kyunghoon was washing a knife, a meat knife. He dried it up and put it away. Then wiped his hands to kitchen towel. “I don’t feel hungry either, so don’t worry about it.”

“Were you cutting something, sir?”

Kyunghoon stopped for a moment and looked at the knife he just put it in its place. “I just ate some fruits.” Then he turned his back to Heechul, still smiling but in a very uncomfortable way. At least for Heechul. “Don’t be scared. I won’t cut you up.” The kitchen got silent immediately until Kyunghoon started to laugh. Heechul joined him too but he wasn’t going to lie, he got really scared. He didn’t know anything about this guy, after all. “Did you take a shower, Heechul?”

“Uh… what? Me?” This was a weird question. Was he smelly? “I did… last night, sir. Before bed.”

“So, no morning shower yet? Good. Follow me.” Kyunghoon walked past him and went to the stairs. Heechul was sweating cold, but he still followed him, thinking maybe he was exaggerating. They went to upstairs together and to Kyunghoon’s bedroom. Kyunghoon opened bathroom’s door for him, Heechul stepped inside hesitantly. “Take off your clothes, please.” Kyunghoon started to fill the tub, while ordering Heechul.

“What?!” Heechul asked, raising his voice accidentally. “S-Sir, w-what are you-“

“I said take off your clothes, didn’t you hear me?” He looked at Heechul with a serious face, which made Heechul shiver. What the fuck was this? Was he really going to take off his clothes? But why? He thought he was hot but now he was being a fucking pervert? This was wrong in so many ways. So Heechul stood there, without doing anything. When Kyunghoon straightened up, he looked at Heechul with his clothes and said ‘Fuck.’ under his breath. Heechul heard it. “Okay, let me do it for you then.” He walked towards to him but when he was about to take off his tie, Heechul grabbed him by the wrist, looked into his eyes.

“Why are you doing this, sir?” He asked with a genuine voice.

“I said you’re pretty, didn’t I?” Kyunghoon smiled and saved his wrist from Heechul, then took off his tie slowly. “I like to see pretty things up close, so I want to see you too. With your true self, which means totally naked.” He threw the tie onto floor and then started to unbutton his shirt. Heechul was getting goosebumps, there were shivers all over his body but he didn’t do anything. He let Kyunghoon to do his thing. Kyunghoon took off his vest and shirt, sent it next to his tie. Back of his fingers touched Heechul’s skin lightly. “You’re so pale, unlike me. I like it.” When he grabbed his pants, Heechul took a step back.

“I-I can do that.”

“Okay.” Kyunghoon shrugged and walked to corner of the bahtroom, sat down on a chair. Heechul was feeling kind of humiliated and he couldn’t point out if he disliked it or… liked it. He was hoping it wasn’t the second one. After taking off his pants and boxers, he sat down in the tub, filled with warm water. It felt so good but he hated it, in some kind of way. “Please, take your time. Imagine that I’m not even here.” But after he said that, he lit a cigarette which Heechul hated because he didn’t smoke, at all. He felt his cheeks were getting warm, since he was feeling Kyunghoon’s eyes on him. This was embarrassing. But also… no, it wasn’t hot, this was embarrassing totally.

He slowly laid back, hanging his arms out of the tub. The water was so nice. Heechul had a shower in his room, not tub so this felt pretty luxury. He looked at Kyunghoon, he was watching him carefully like he was doing some art. He blew the smoke and put his leg onto his other one. Heechul felt shiver again, all over. This was making him feel scared but also excited at the same time. He was totally naked and vulnerable in front of him but Kyunghoon wasn’t touching him at all… he was doing nothing actually.

When Kyunghoon smoked half of his cigarette, he put it between his lips and stood up, walked towards to Heechul. Heechul immediately fixed his position, splashing a little bit water out of the tub. “You look unreal.” He whispered and kneel down next to tub. Heechul gulped, scanning his face as if he was going to understand he’s lying or not. “It’s been years since I saw someone as beautiful as you.”

“Sir… I-I think… I need to return back to my work. There’s so much things to do and I-“ Kyunghoon cut his sentence in the middle by kissing him. Heechul’s chest filled with air immediately but he felt like he was waiting for this so he kissed him back. Actually he was wanting this since yesterday, after that dream for sure. He put his hand on his cheek but Kyunghoon grabbed his wrist and stopped him, like he didn’t want him to touch him. He got up, seperating their lips and got into the tub with his pajamas on, got on top of Heechul. The water overflowed but they didn’t care, at all. Kyunghoon kissed him again, this time more harshly. Heechul was in the water up to his neck. He couldn’t even understand his lips were wet because of the water or Kyunghoon. His kisses were pretty messy, wasn’t expected from a guy like him. But Heechul liked it, he liked it so much that he opened his mouth more for him. When he felt his tongue onto his, he moaned loudly without any shame. He was feeling powerful under Kyunghoon, which was weird. But he thought that it was probably because of powerful Kyunghoon was. So his power was reflecting on Heechul. Someone like Kyunghoon never wanted Heechul before, he never hung out a guy like him. He felt special, for sure.

Kyunghoon seperated their lips again, only to starting to kiss Heechul’s neck. He kissed, sucked his skin and bit it. Heechul moaned little by little, mixed with pain and pleasure. “Give me your arm.” Kyunghoon straightened back. His clothes were soaking wet, his hair was pretty messy and his lips… they looked like someone was eating them. Heechul didn’t understand shit but he was feeling high, so he reached his arm out to him. “You trust me, right, Heechul?” Kyunghoon asked, his voice was so sweet. Just like a candy, just like a dream.

“Y-Yes… yes, sir.”

“Good boy.” And then suddenly, he took a butter knife from his pajama’s pocket. Heechul sighed with fear, tried to take his arm back but Kyunghoon was grabbing tightly. “Don’t be scared, I never hurt you… if you keep being nice.”

“S-Sir, what are you going to do with… with that knife?”

“I’m gonna taste you. That’s it.” He put the knife on Heechul’s skin and cut it really small but enough to bleed. Heechul didn’t understand what was going on, so he was watching Kyunghoon in fear. Kyunghoon threw the knife like it was useless now and brought Heechul’s arm close to his lips. Then he took out his tongue, the one where was onto Heechul’s seconds before, and licked the blood. Heechul’s eyes got bigger in shock. Kyunghoon’s body visibly relaxed and he sat down on his knees. He closed his lips onto the cut and sucked the wound for seconds before leaving it.

He fell back, hanging out his arm out of the tub, just like Heechul did. He was breathing heavily, like he took some kind of drugs. “S-Sir… Are… you… Are you okay?” Heechul’s voice was shaking but still asked. He had no idea what just happened but he was scared shitless, he wanted to get out of here quickly.

“Yeah. I’m… I’m so okay.” Kyunghoon laughed with his eyes closed. “I’ll find you here, in this mansion tonight Heechul. Don’t try to escape. And remember… whatever happens in this mansion, stays in this mansion. Now go.” Heechul didn’t say anything, he just got out of the tub, grabbed his clothes and ran to his room naked. He was about to faint but managed to do it.

What was he going to do? He thought of calling his friends but what if Kyunghoon does something to them? Did he really want to take his risk? He looked at the cut on his arm, felt Kyunghoon’s lips and teeth on it. What the fuck was going on with this man? Did old housekeeper really retired of did this man… did this man do something to her? This was sick.


The sun went down quickly. Heechul couldn’t do anything whole day. He thought about so many things and eventually found himself, he actually liked what Kyunghoon did to him. He was disgusted at first but then, he remembered the scene so many times, he started to like it. He wanted him to do it again. He wanted him to kiss him again. He wanted to feel powerful like that again. He was sick of doing this useless jobs for so little money, he needed to be like him. He needed Kyunghoon’s power. And if it was going to happen by Kyunghoon’s cutting his arm, then so be it, he thought.

Heechul jumped when he heard the doorbell. Kyunghoon was here. He checked his watch, it was past 10pm. This was his usual time. He stood up, fixed his clothes and went to door to open it. He found Kyunghoon standing on the doorstep but he was carrying something. Something really big and long. Heechul screamed when that ‘thing’ moved. “W-What is that?!” He yelled in fear. Kyunghoon didn’t answer and went straight to the living room, threw the bag onto floor. “Oh my God. Sir, what is that?”

“What do you think, Heechul?” Kyunghoon laughed and put his hands on his waist. “It’s someone I don’t like.”

“S-Someone?! Sir… sir, did you lost your mind?! Did you kidnap someone?! W-What are-“ At that moment Kyunghoon put his hand over his mouth, making him shut up. He was looking pretty serious… and scary. Once again. There was no humanity behind those eyes.

“Shut up. You can only talk if I allow it. If you scream, you’ll end up like him. Understand? And I really don’t want to do anything to you Heechul, since you’re so pretty.” Heechul started shaking under his hands but still nodded in agreement. His eyes filled with tears when Kyunghoon took his hand off. “Open the bag.”

“M… me?”

“Yes. Because I trust you, Heechul. Please, open it, now.” Heechul took a shaky breath and walked towards to the bag, kneeled down and opened the head part. “Now take it off.” It was definitely a corpse bag but the person in it was still alive, fighting for his life when Heechul got rid off the bag. It was a middle aged man, probably older both of them. His shirt was covered in blood like his face. There was a bandage over his eyes, ducktape over his mouth and his hands, feet were bandaged too with a rope.

“W… who is this?” Heechul asked, while getting away from him.

“Doesn’t matter.” When Heechul was struggling with him, Kyunghoon lit up a cigarette and was smoking it already. He walked towards to the man and kicked him, making him lay on his back. “He disgusts me, just know that.”

“But… why did you bring him here? Why… what… what are you going to do with him?” Kyunghoon only smirked, kneeled down next to him and put down his cigarette over the man’s cheek. He screamed but there was no sound because of the ducktape. “Sir please. Please don’t do this.”

“Ah come on, Heechul! Don’t play the angel to me!” Kyunghoon yelled at him and stood up back, turning to him. “Do you think I would bring someone to here if I know you will call the police? You won’t call anyone, you won’t say shit because you liked what you saw this morning. You didn’t even try to escape. You didn’t even try to do something to me. I’m doing this shit for years and I’m keeping myself secret very good.” Heechul was literally shaking his boots but listening to him carefully. He was feeling very confused and didn’t know if he wanted to throw up or not. “But you know… time passes and I get lonely over the years. So I started to look for someone to join me. The housekeeper before you… well, he acted like he was okay with it but then betrayed me.” Kyunghoon leaned over him and held Heechul’s both hands. “So I buried him to my backyard.” Heechul felt his stomach sank. Did… did he kill his old housekeeper? “Then you came to me. Actually, I never acted so fast like I did with you but I couldn’t help it because there’s something with you that I can’t put my finger on.” He brushed Heechul’s cheek with back of his hand. He was warm. Very warm for someone to acting so cold like this. “And you reacted just the way I wanted. Maybe you were in shock, I don’t know but you’re still here. And your hands about to get messy.”

“N-No. Please, Kyunghoon-“

“You can’t call me with my name. I didn’t allow that.” Kyunghoon smiled and pointed the kitchen with his head. “Go and get me a knife. Don’t make me say it again.” He let go Heechul and returned back to the man on the floor. Heechul rushed into the kitchen, trying to catch his breath. His heart was beating like about to break his ribs. He was thinking so many things that it all got messed up in his hand. He looked at the knife. He… he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t bring that knife to him. Kyunghoon was about to kill that man! And Heechul didn’t even know why. This was so fucked up. “Heechul! Bring me the damn knife!” Kyunghoon yelled from the living room which made Heechul more scared. So he just grabbed the knife and returned back to him, with a regret. “I know you’re scared of me right now and you probably think that what I’m about to do is something inhuman. But you think like that because you don’t know how this makes you feel.” Kyunghoon looked at the knife he was holding and then pointed it to Heechul with its sharp side. “People always ask how am I so confident, how am I good at everything, how did I built this empire all by myself… the answer is so simple.” Heechul was holding his breath but he was sure he was visibly shaking. Especially with that knife in front of his face. Thankfully Kyunghoon pulled it back seconds after before he continued talking. “I can do these things because I’m more powerful than them. I’m not ashamed of them, I don’t pity myself in front of them. They’re just like insects for me that I can step on them. And I do… I do step on them.” He laughed while stepping on the man’s groin. Heechul made a disgusted expression because he imagined how that felt. The man screamed but there was so little noise. “Don’t you want to be powerful Heechul? Aren’t you tired how people are richer than you, better than you and see you like a worthless human being?” Heechul looked at Kyunghoon with a surprised face. How… how did know all of these things that Heechul was thinking? “You aren’t worthless Heechul. You’re so beautiful, you’re one of a kind. There is no other Heechul in this world. They have to kneel before you because you deserve it.” Kyunghoon held the knife with sharp side and handed the hard part to Heechul. “Take it. If you take this, your whole world will change. And I will be there with you, support you.” Heechul looked at the knife and then Kyunghoon which was coming towards him. “I’ll love you like no one did before. I’ll help you at everything. You’ll make people to understand your worth and I’ll be proud. All you have to do is trust me.” Kyunghoon held Heechul’s chin with his empty hand and threw his head back, making him to look at him. Their eyes met and Heechul felt something weird inside. He… he was wanting this. He was totally enchanted by Kyunghoon’s words. Power, wealth, love. Kyunghoon was offering each one of them to him. How could he say no?

So he took the knife. Kyunghoon laughed loudly and gave him a small kiss. “What should I do?” Heechul asked with a confident voice even though his hands were trembling.

Kyunghoon put his hands on his shoulders and make him walk to the man’s body. He leaned over him and whispered to his ear. “Just stab him. However you like.”

Heechul gulped and kneeled down to the man. He was sweating, his shirt was totally soaked wet but it was hard to understand if it was because of sweat or… blood. He grabbed the knife more tightly and lifted up, only to lowered it fastly. He felt it went down under the skin. He heard the man’s scream but that didn’t make him stop. Heechul continued to stab him like he was crazy. Non stop, faster and faster. When he gained his consciousness back he fell back in fear, threw the knife to the side. The man’s body was covered in blood, there was holes on his shirt… so many holes. Heechul looked at his hands. They were covered in blood as well, he was totally got wet with a stranger’s blood. He touched his face, his hands started to tremble again and he was questioning the reality at that moment.

“Wow.” He heard Kyunghoon, smoking another cigarette and looking at the man with a smile on face. “I was right when I told everyone that I was so good at reading people. I read you well, Heechul.”

“You made me do this!” Heechul got up, grabbed the knife and ran towards to Kyunghoon. He felt he cut his arm, before Kyunghoon catched him, hugging him from the back tightly that Heechul couldn’t move at all. “Le-Let me go. Let me go!”

“You did good. You did good, Heechul.” Kyunghoon whispered into his hear, even though his arm was bleeding. “You even wounded me too, you’re so good at this.” He laughed while Heechul was calming down in his arms. Why was he warm? He was a cold blood psycho but his touch was so warm. Heechul hated it but loved it at the same time. “I love you, Heechul. I’ll love you, forever and ever.” Heechul dropped the knife, it felt like he was melting into his arms. But also felt good. Felt powerful, like he did this morning in that bathtub when Kyunghoon kissed him. “I’ll give you the whole world. Do you want it, right?”

“I want it.” Heechul said.

“I know. And I’ll give it to you. You won’t be a servant anymore. You’ll be a master.” Kyunghoon slid his hand into Heechul’s blood-soaked shirt, touching his skin. “You’ll be my master.”