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The Brightest Porcelain Smile

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Kara turns back to Cat. "But.. why?" She asks, genuinely confused. Cat takes a seat in her chair before replying. "Because Keira, Luthor-Corp, and El-Corp are ex rivals." She looks back at Kara, who's frowning at the mispronunciation. "It'd be good for people to know both companies are on good terms." The blonde just nods in faux understanding. 


"Is this really such a good idea?" Lillian speaks up. Cat frowns, "What do you mean?" Lillian glances at Kara and Astra. "The press doesn't trust El-Corp. What if they think Luthor-Corp is in cahoots with them?" Now that Lena's snapped out of her mind she realizes that's a good point. The table looks at Cat.


"Because I personally have been keeping up with El-Corps records. Keira here has been setting the company up from her former home and gave me full access to the company's records beforehand. She assured me there indeed aren't any hidden projects being profited or executed." She defends. 


"We'll begin the invitations today. The party will take place in two weeks." Cat declares, seemingly happy with her decision. Kara shifts uncomfortably in her seat before speaking up. "Uhm. I'm aware I have money, but my home isn't large enough to host such a large party." Cat blinks at Kara in confusion. "I didn't think I'd need such a large house. It's only.." She hesitates for a fleet moment before continuing. "Me." 


Cat just nods as if she's already making adjustments to her plan. "Though I do have another one... It's only for appearance's though." Kara comments. "Great. We'll use that one." Cat declares. 


An assistant that was standing to the side hands Cat a folder of papers before taking her leave. "I already have a list of people who are to be invited. We'll go over them together." The table erupts in noises of annoyance before being scolded by Cat's glare. Lena rests her head in her hand and looks around. Sam and Alex are smiling like lovesick puppies, much to the displeasure of Kara. Everyone else is in hushed conversations. She turns to Jack, who makes a display of slicing his neck of boredom. Lena covers her mouth as if yawning to hide her smile. She and Jack make faces back and forth when Cat looks away from them until a familiar name is called.


"Mike Woodson." Sam, Jack, and Lena turn their attention to Cat. Sam takes the bait and calls out. "Who's he?" Cat looks up at them suspiciously. "He's a very well-known lawyer." Lena speaks up this time, "Will the guests be bringing their family?" Cat looks at Sam and then Lena. "Of course, it'll be the talk of the year." Lena nods. Something catches Lena's attention, and she looks forward. In front of her, Kara's jaw is clenched, reason unsure. She glances down as Kara plays with her fingers, but her sweatshirt sleeve rolls up, revealing two small tattoos. Lena tries squinting to see what it is before Cat interrupts. Again.


"Now, all that's left is a public announcement." She turns to Lena and Lillian. "From Luthor-Corp, of course." Lillian shakes her head as Lena slides her phone down the table toward Cat. It stops midway, though. Kara seems to finally break from her lazy daze and notice a stop in movement. She glances toward Lena, then Lena's phone sitting in front of her, and at Cat. Cat raises an eyebrow at the delay. At last, Kara sits up and slides the phone down the table the rest of the way.


Everyone watches in silence as Cat types away on Lena's phone. How'd she get the new password? No one knows. As soon as she stops typing, Kara's own phone dings from most likely her pocket. Kara, though, seems oblivious and looks at Alex as if asking if her phone has dinged. Alex glares at Kara before reaching down to Kara's front hoodie pocket and pulling out her phone. Kara blinks at her for a few seconds before a shade of pink begins spreading across her face.


"Oh.. thanks." She opens up her phone and turns it around for the table to see what Cat had tagged her in. Cat stands with her hands on the table and a wide smirk on her face. 


"Excellent. May the return of the Zor-els begin."




It's been six weeks since we announced and began promoting the party. The group has gotten a lot more comfortable with the newcomers, and everyone is back to wearing sweats. (Not without a scolding from Cat, though.) Everyone has already decided that Kara is rather strange. For someone who is consistently being bashed throughout America for just existing, she never stops beaming. She walks into every meeting with a smile and a cup of coffee for everyone. Lena has concluded that she had probably imagined the glare she received during their first meeting. 


Fully aware of Kara's unusual personality, everyone has prepared for the worst. As kind as Kara is, she is clumsy and easily fazed. But, on the other hand, she's satisfied remarkably easily. She seems eternally grateful whether someone does their job and hands her papers or when Jack helps catch her up. Lena just can't seem to figure her out. And yet, for some reason, it bothers her profusely. 


But nothing could've prepared them for today. Kara walks in, as usual, removing her mask the second she steps in. But what has everyone in absolute hysteria fits is the tiny Yellow hats following behind the blonde. Kara abruptly stops and looks around, confused at the chortling room. Until a young girl bumps straight into the back of Kara's leg, she was giggling. Kara lifts the coffee holder in her hands higher and turns around just as fast. 


"What are you guys doing?" The blonde all but screeches in horror. The children just look up at her and blink until one speaks up.


"We wanted to see where you work?" A young boy with the nametag Luke pinned on his white shirt speaks up. His classmates seem to agree as they all make approving hums. Kara rushes toward the end of the large board table and places the coffee down before putting her mask back on. Despite the children's groans, she sends the table an uneven smile at everyone before directing them back to their respective rooms.


Everyone turns to each other and blinks before bursting into another fit of laughter. Even Lillian couldn't hide her amusement as she shook her head in faux annoyance. Kara rushes back in not even five minutes later. Her face is a tiny bit flushed, and her hair is barely hanging in the scrunchie she has on, and she looks as if she's been running to return in time. (which she did) She falls into her seat in between Alex and her aunt. She removes her hair from the disfigured ponytail to redo do it. Lena tears her eyes away from how the blondes sleeves roll up, and a clear view of the few small tattoos on her arms is revealed. 


If anyone saw the blush on her face, they didn't mention it.


"Sorry! I didn't know they were following me." Kara speaks up a little self-consciously. Everyone attempts to school their expressions as Cat walks in and takes her seat. She takes one look at everyone before asking. "What's the matter?" Everyone just waves her off and shakes their head. She rolls her eyes before sliding a small stack of papers around the table. "Why can't we have the party at a venue again?" Eve asks, taking her paper. 


"Because Ms. Teschmacher, it has to seem personal. A Zor-el is inviting a bunch of strangers into her home. She's trying to regain the trust of others." Cat answers without looking up as if expecting the question. "You are all free to bring your children. Meaning Eve, Sam, and Alex." 


When Cat finally looks up, she looks between Lena and Kara. "As usual, Lena will wear her company's color blue, and Kara will wear her company's red." She pauses for a second before continuing. "It's a rather lovely combination... The car will pick Lena up at seven." She sends them a weird stare. "Now everyone, get out and be ready by seven-thirty." 




"Ow." Sam rolls her eyes. "Lena, I barely even moved your head." though she seems to take the advice and runs the brush through Lena's hair slower. "You guys look great. Can we go now?" A third party chimes in. "In a bit, Ruby, it's only six-twenty." The young girl plops down on the bed behind them. "We can get there early. I'm bored." 


"Did you know Alex and Esme will be there?" Ruby jumps up at that. "Really?" she all but screeches. "Looks like you have competition, Sam." For a response, a brush is hitting Lena on the top of her head. "OW." "Oops." Sam shrugs in faux concern. Sam puts the brush back down and walks away. Lena assumes that means she's finished and walks to the mirror.


She's wearing a long sleeveless dark blue dress, covered in sparkles. It has a low V-neck and an extended rip at the side. Her hair is in a bun, and she's wearing dark eyeshadow. She doesn't notice Sam walk up behind her. She lays her chin on Lena's shoulder and looks at her in the mirror. "You look stunning." Lena turns her head and kisses Sam's cheek, and walks over to her bag. "Now, can we go?" Ruby asks in exasperation. 


Lena and Sam laugh at the young girl's impatience. "Yes, we can go now." Lena rolls her eyes, wrapping her arm around Ruby. Like promised, the car is already parked outside the mansion. A man walks out and opens the door. "Thank you," They say, entering the vehicle. "Here we go." Sam exhales. "Yup," Lena mutters.





When they arrive, the press is already surrounding the estate. Their driver opens the door for them and escorts them to the door. Lena keeps her head up, hell-bent on ignoring the reporters. When they reach inside, their friends are already waiting. "Hey, you guys finally made it!" Lucy says, bringing them in for a hug. "Well, duh." Lena rolls her eyes though it doesn't have much effect because she's smiling. Her eyes roam, and she spots a man standing next to Eve. 


"Lex! You made it!" She walks over and wraps him in a hug. "How could I miss the biggest party of the year." He rolls his eyes, mocking Cat. Lena couldn't bring herself to care though she's just happy he made it. She turns her attention to Eve. "Who's this handsome little man?" She coos at the baby Eve's holding. "Handsome sure smelly so much more." She says, handing the baby over to Lena. "Hey, little junior." She tickles his tiny nose. "Is this really safe?" Lex speaks up after a silent moment. 


Lena furrows her brows. "What do you mean?" He looks around as if something is going to jump out at him. "I mean being in a Zor-el mansion." He explains. "Well, they're gone, and it's only Kara. So why wouldn't it be safe?" Lex looks at me as if I've gone mad. "Because she's still a Zor-el, this could be like a trap to successfully pull off her parent's plan." Lena stares at him in disbelief. "Because she's a Zor-el? Lex, really? She was a child." He shrugs. "So? I still don't trust them." Lena rolls her eyes at his paranoia. "Whatever"


No one has to wait long before a man walks in and escorts them into the large ballroom. The first person, anyone, sees is Astra. She greets everyone walking in with a smile and an introduction. But, obviously, no one is pleased. 


Most of the people here only accepted the invite because they couldn't be seen as someone who judges Kara for no reason. It severely disturbs Lena, and she's not sure why. She doesn't even know Kara. She's not sure she can call her a friend, more so a colleague. 


She ends up smiling when Astra makes her way over to her. "Lena! You look stunning." She compliments. Lena has to still herself from blushing. "Thank you, Ms. In-Ze. You look wonderful as well." Astra just waves her off. "Please. Call me Astra." Lena nods. "Is Kara here?" She asks before she can process the question. Astra looks a little taken back at the question before answering. "Yeah, she was here a few minutes ago. There was a small issue she had to tend to. She should be back any minute now." Lena just nods.


"Whos this little man?" She coos at the baby in Lena's arms. "Lexe, Eve's son, my nephew," Lena states proudly. "He's adorable." Astra declares with a fond smile. Before they can say anything else, Lex is coming up beside Lena. "Ms. In-Ze." He says coldly. She hesitates before replying. "Lex Luthor, I've heard so much about you. It's wonderful to put a face to the words." He looks her up and down quickly. "Yes. Although, I can't say the same." Lena stares at her brother in disbelief. Astra nods. "It's quite alright, I understand. I should greet the other guests." She sends Lena a polite sad smile before walking off.


"WHAT is wrong with you." She hush yells at her brother. "Me?" He questions. "Why are you talking her up? You know who she is." I hand Lexe back over to him. "Yes. A woman who is trying to help her niece make a name for herself." She bites back before stomping away. She looks up to see Jack gesturing for her to come over. She makes her way over to him and glances in the direction he's indicating to.


Mike Woodson.


When she makes it to Jack, Sam is standing next to him. "Are you going over?" Sam asks the second Lena reaches them. "What? Why?" I blink at her, confused. "I don't know-go. Introduce yourself." Jack pushes her in their direction. Before Lena can back out, Mike and his wife are already looking at her. She makes her way over to them with a smile. "Mike Woodson, right?" He seems taken back. "You know who I am?" He asks in pure wonder. 


"Doesn't everyone?" Lena asks, laughing self-consciously. "Well, this is my wife, Imra, and our daughters, Myra and Robyn." Lena smiles at them all. "Nice to meet you all." Myra instantly holds out her hand. "Oh!" Lena gasps, a little surprised, shaking the young girl's hand. "Would you guys mind if I stole your dad away for a few seconds?" She asks Myra and Robyn. They just shake their head before their mother leads them over to another group of guests.


"That's them all?" She asks Mike the second his family is out of sight. "Huh?" He furrows his eyebrows. "Kids, I mean." She corrects herself. He nods in understanding. "Yup. My wife and I were thinking of trying for a boy, though." He states as if Lena was genuinely interested in his sex life. 


She just nods politely. "I'm sorry, I just imagined you'd have more. Not sure why." She challenges. His smile widens before replying. "Nope, just my two beautiful girls." He says proudly. Lena really wants to hit him.


"I should go. I have more guests to greet." She says politely. "I'm sure they can wait a few more minutes." He replies. "No, they really can't. Goodbye." She says coldly and walks back over to Sam and Jack. "Nothing." She says when they open their mouths to interrogate her. "What do you mean nothing?" Sam asks. "He said he only has two kids." She shrugs, grabbing a martini from one of the waiters walking around.


"So he's lying." Sam declares. "Or maybe the system was wrong." Jack shrugs before taking a sip of his own drink. Sam and Lena glared at him. "Yeah, sorry, dumb thought, I apologize." Lena ignores him. "Did Alex arrive yet?" She turns her attention to Sam. "Uh, not yet. Esme's here though she came with Astra." 


"Speaking of her. Lex is being a total Dick." Sam and Jack look taken back from her language. "What?" Jack asks. "He's being completely paranoid! He insists that Kara's trying to complete her parent's plan and kill us tonight. And was extremely improper to Astra." She says, taking a sip of her drink. "Maybe he's just worried, Lena. His wife, son, and you are here. This will be his first time meeting Kara." She tries to reassure Lena.


"You're right. Lex will see how sweet Kara is and regret his behavior." She huffs. Lena misses the way Sam and Jack exchange a look. Lena nearly drops her glass when she sees a man walking across the floor. "Him!" Lena says. Sam and Jack look around, confused. "Him, who?" Jack asks. Lena downs her glass and hands it to Jack. "Ellinae's caretaker. I'll be right back." She walks through crowds of people until she reaches the door she came in through. She watches him go upstairs. She looks around the empty corridor before following him. 


She ignores the voice in her head telling her she shouldn't be up here and continues until she loses him. She looks around and concludes that she's lost. She huffs before walking through a random hallway. She nearly jumps when she hears laughter through the door next to her. She stands still, trying to come up with an excuse for her being upstairs before knocking hesitantly on the door. To be fair, only Kara lives here, and no one should be in here anyway. 


"James, is that you? Come in!" She hears Kara's voice come through the door. She freezes on the spot. She takes a deep breath and pushes the door open. She was not expecting what was behind the door. "Lena?" two voices answer at once. Both blondes look at each other in confusion. "You know Lena?" They both ask in sync once again. They both turn back around, and Lena regains awareness. "Ellinae?"


The young blonde's face lights up before falling and turning to Kara. The Kara who's still staring at Lena. Kara also seems to regain awareness and looks between Ellinae and Lena. "What in the world!?" Kara says, jumping up from her spot on the couch. Lena turns confusedly to Ellinae, who sends her a guilty smile.




Lena and Ellinae are now sitting side by side stiffly on the couch. In front of them, Kara is pacing, biting her nail mumbling something incoherent. Lena takes this opportunity to look around. It's thankfully not a bedroom but a sitting room. It's not as big as the rest of the rooms and is a cool shade of light blue. On the walls, there are large stickers of animals though it looks as if they hadn't finished putting them up. Lena is shaken from her thoughts when Kara slides a chair in front of them and takes a seat. "So, how do you two know each other?"


Lena and Ellinae share a guilty look before Ellinae speaks up. "The park. When I first started going, I said I made a friend," she says, playing with her fingers a habitat she seems to have gotten from her mother. "Well, I didn't know it was the Lena Luthor." She states. Ellinae just shrugs carelessly. "I told her I wouldn't tell anyone when we first met." Kara stares at her daughter before rubbing her temple. "In my defense, I didn't know she was your daughter." Lena attempts to defend herself. 


"Yeah, well, no one did." Kara huffs out. "Lena." Lena is caught off guard by the voice calling her name. The voice has an accent of some sort, but Lena can't figure it out. "I know we aren't close, much less friends. But can you please do me this one favor?" Lena looks between the pair of blue eyes staring at her and nods unconsciously. "Could you please keep this a secret?" Lena's head shoots back to Kara. "What?" Kara stands and runs her hand through her hair. "Ellinae is just a child. And America still hates my guts. I refuse for her to go through what I did."


"Not many people know I have children. And I planned to keep it that way." She says, glaring at Ellinae, who seems to now find the strings on the couch pillow fascinating. "I know what my family did, and I take responsibility for it, so could you just please keep this quiet?" she pleads. 


Lena's heart nearly breaks at the look in Kara's eyes. She stands from the couch and holds Kara's arms still. "Why?" Kara stares at her, confused. "Why do you take responsibility for what they did?" Kara seems to find her shoes rather interesting at the moment. "If I had stopped the police from opening the door." She glances over at Ellinae. "I could've prevented it." Lena couldn't believe the absurdity. "Kara. You were a child." 


Kara just removes herself from Lena. "Can you please keep this a secret?" She asks again, ignoring Lena's inquiry. Lena turns to Ellinae. She met the petite blonde only a few weeks ago, though she looks smaller now in her unicorn pajamas and her hair in two braids. "Of course, Kara. I don't care if you're a Zor-el. Neither of you deserves this." Lena declares. Kara stares at Lena as if she was expecting her to run downstairs and scream that the Last Zor-el isn't actually the last Zor-el. 


"Thank you..." "


You raised a wonderful child." Lena compliments to break the silence. Kara looks at her confused before turning away. 


Lena covers her smirk with one hand. The blush on Kara's ears is still evident. "Thank you," Kara mutters self-consciously. Lena turns to Ellinae, who is staring at her in pure admiration. Lena has little time to prepare before Ellinae throws her arms over Lena's shoulders. "Thank you!" It doesn't take long for Lena to return the hug. Over Ellinae's shoulder, her eyes meet Kara's, and they both freeze. 


Emerald meets sapphire.





When Kara was escorting a silent Lena back to the party, they were ambushed by Cat. "This is great. Kara will escort you inside! No, hold her hand."  This is how Lena ended up with her arm looped through Kara's walking back to the party. Unfortunately for Lena, Kara leans in to whisper something in her ear. "Thank you again.. I owe you one" Kara sends her a smile. Lena's knees nearly buckle beneath her. "Like I said. No problem, you aren't in my debt Ms. Zor-el." The name escapes her mouth before she can stop it.


When she looks over at Kara, she's just laughing. "Whatever you say, Ms. Luthor." Lena takes this time to actually look at Kara. Like promised, she's wearing a red blazer and red dress pants to match. Her shirt is black, and her hair is naturally wavy. Although a little unruly from running her hand through it earlier. "You can take a picture, Ms. Luthor. I won't bite, promise." Kara puts her free hand over her heart to prove her dedication. Lena rolls her eyes and shoves into Kara a little. Though no one points out how Lena didn't back out again.


"Your collar," Lena points out. Kara stares at her confused and uses her free hand to reach for her collar. "No- Just let me." Lena removes her arm from Kara's and instantly mourns the loss of heat. She settles closer and reaches to fix Kara's collar from her shirt. Instead of backing away, Lena just leaves her palms on Kara's shoulder. "You know I could've sworn you were glaring at me the first day you arrived.. and that your eyes were grey." She points out, staring into the blonde's eyes.


A laugh bubbles out of Kara. "I'm sorry, I promise I wasn't glaring. I do that sometimes when I can't see sharply. I was wearing contacts.. They make my eyes look dull." She shrugs. "Well, I do know of better ones." Lena declares, raising an eyebrow. Kara's smile gets impossibly wider, "If you don't mind." Lena lets her eyes roam around. "Well, I might have to charge you. I'm a very busy woman." Kara looks away and bites her lip to keep from laughing out loud. "Well, I'm a very wealthy woman. I think we'll be fine." 


Once again, Lena's legs feel weak, and her head feels fuzzy. Before she can back away, the doors are opening, and cameras are flashing. *CLICK Lena and Kara instantly back away from each other. Before Kara is pulled away by her aunt, she throws Lena a wink and puts up a finger to her lips. Lena's mouth immediately feels dry, and she walks past the reporters to find her friends. When she finds them, Alex is there with Ruby and Sam holding Esme. She smiles at the sight. "Lena!" 


Lena turns to see Nia walking up to her, holding drinks. "Hey!" She hands Lena one of the glasses. "Ah. This makes sense now." She declares, taking a sip of her cocktail. Nia is a nanny, and Kara has children. Duh. Nia tilts her head, but Lena waves her off. "Nothing" She looks around the now crowded room before asking, "Where's Brainy?" Nia swallows her drink. "He's around somewhere you just missed him." Nia answers. Lena nods. 


"I should go find him, later Lena!" Nia says before walking away. Lena waves to her before heading over to her group of friends. They begin whistling, and Lena flips them off when Esme turns away. Lucy throws her arm over Lena's shoulder and pulls her closer to them. "When did you and Kara get so cozy?" Lucy asks. Lena rolls her eyes. "We aren't. Cat saw us in the hallway and told her to escort me back. That's it." Jess makes a face at Lena. 


"You sure? Your hands were all over her. We thought you we-" Lena elbows her. "Shut up" Lena rolls her eyes as Jess swats her away. "Why'd you run away earlier anyway?" Sam asks. Well, Lena can't just say she saw Ellinae's caretaker followed him, got lost, and found out she's actually Kara's daughter. "Thought I recognized someone turned out it wasn't them. And bumped into Kara on my way back." She shrugged, taking a long sip of her drink. 


"Hey, Luthor." Everyone turns their attention to Alex walking over with Ruby. "Hey Alex, glad you could make it." Alex just waves her off. "And miss free drink? Never." She says, bumping shoulders with Ruby. Lena got a lot closer with Alex considering she and Sam are basically inseparable. After Alex told Sam she'd introduce her to her sister at her nephew's birthday party, Sam's worries disappeared. Though Lena was being dragged to the party as well with Sam, she didn't mind because Sam looked happier than ever.


Like now, Sam and Alex are beaming at each other, and Esme is giggling at whatever Ruby's saying to her. Picture perfect family Lena rolls her eyes. "Guys, relax. You both might just combust. We wouldn't want the room covered in rainbows." She says, eyeing Sam and Alex. Who in sync flips her off the second the kids turn away. Then, before anyone could say anything else, someone began speaking. 


"Good evening, everyone. My aunt and I are delighted you all could make it." Kara says, grinning at everyone. "I am fully aware of my parent's past. But I, Kara Zor-el, am not my parents. I am my own person with my own morals and beliefs. I don't forgive or condone my parent's actions, nor can I go back in time and prevent what happened on February 15th. But I can say El-Corp will only be used for good." 


She takes a deep breath and looks around. "I understand most of you cannot bring yourselves to trust a word I say." She puts both hands up. "Which I understand entirely. I am terribly sorry for what and who you all have lost. I did not expect to come back and be treated with trust and respect. I know it is something that needs to be earned. And I, Kara Zor-el, am not going anywhere until I have rebuilt my company from the ground and back up with absolute dedication." She stares at everyone before a smile crosses her face. However, her eyes fall on Lena.


"With that said. Enjoy the party."





The party is coming to an end, and people are slowly taking their leave. Lena might be a little drunk, but who's to say? "Hey guys, I think I saw a garden outback. I'm going to get some air, and then we can leave." She's already walking away before her friends can drag her to the car. When she reaches outside, she takes a deep breath. She looks around until she sees a large opening in the gardening. 


"Cool.." She says unconsciously, making her way toward the entrance. She spends at least two minutes walking around the garden maze before bumping into someone. Then, On-demand, both parties scream. "Wait! Wait, it's me!" The other person seems to calm herself faster than Lena. "Who?" Lena can't even see it's pitch black outside. "Are you drunk?" The other person asks, amusement evident in their voice. "Who are you?" Lena snaps, annoyed that she still can't figure out the familiar voice.


The woman just leans back on the grass wall and turns toward Lena. "Relax. It's Kara," she says effortlessly. "Kara? What are you doing out here? The party isn't finished." She just shrugs, and Lena can only imagine that she's wearing that annoying smile. "Stop laughing at me." Lena huffs out. "You're pouting.. It's cute. It's dark. How do you know I'm even smiling?" Lena doesn't think she was meant to hear the first part of Kara's words, but it doesn't stop the color from spreading on her face. 


"You're right. It is extremely dark. You should get lights or something." Lena waves her hands, arms indicating around the garden. Kara lets out a laugh and lets her head fall on the wall. "Maybe you're right. But that didn't answer my question." She says, turning her head to the side to stare at Lena. "I know you're smiling because your voice gets extremely annoying." Lena rolls her eyes and decides to lean on the wall beside Kara as well. "Ouch. You wound me Luthor." The blonde says, gripping her heart dramatically. 


They spend the next few minutes just staring at the sky. "You're staring," Lena says without opening her eyes. "How do you even know! Your eyes are closed!." Kara defends at being caught. Lena just shrugs and turns her head until she's also facing Kara. "What are you thinking about so loudly?" Kara turns her head back to the moon, and Lena almost thinks she isn't going to answer. "You're good with her. Ellinae, I mean." Lena hums.


"I wasn't lying. She's great.. and Kori." She turns to look at Kara before saying the last part. Kara flings an arm over her face. "Of course you know about, Kori!" She says. Lena laughs at the dramatics. "You know I was worried about them." Kara removes her hand to stare at her. "They showed up all the time, yet no one was ever-present with them." She states quietly. "But Ellinae always talked about how amazing you were, so I ruled her being in danger out." She confesses with a small smile.


"You're amazing." Lena flinches at the compliment. "You were worried about two random children that had nothing to do with you. Thanks." Lena blinks in confusion. "For what?" Kara sighs as if she shouldn't have to explain herself. "For being amazing, Luthor. Not a lot of amazing people out there anymore." She shrugs. "Well, thanks for thinking I'm amazing," Lena counters. "I don't think that. It's a fact." 


"I'm really not."


"You really are."


Lena sighs in exasperation. "Would you like to say good-night?" Lena turns to Kara. "Is this your way of luring me into your room, Zor-el?" Kara laughs again, and it sounds musical. "If you were any more unlucky, the room you stumbled upon earlier could've been my room." She states. And well, she's right. "Sure." Kara lifts herself from the wall and holds out a hand for Lena. She shakes her head and takes it anyway. "Shouldn't you be walking your guests out?" Lena asks as Kara leads them out of the maze. "Well, I'm escorting one in,  so the rest just have to wait." Kara leads her into an empty hallway and leads her up the staircase. They stop when they reach a door with stickers on it. 


Kara opens the door, and they are met with a wide-awake Ellinae. She's sitting in a rather large single-person bed reading a book. She looks up and immediately brightens. "Lena!" Lena couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. "Hey Ellinae," Kara leads them to the bed, and Lena stares at their joined hands. "I thought I wouldn't be able to see you again!" She says the second Lena sits beside her on the bed. "Why not?" She sends a look at Kara. "Because you shouldn't know about me." She says, playing with the pages of her book.


"Ellinae." Lena waits until the young girl looks up at her to continue. "I'm not going to say anything to anyone. You nor your mother deserve what people are saying. And spreading your secret would make me a part of that problem." she says, caressing the side of Ellinae's face. She sends Lena a watery smile. "Are you both tucking me in?" She asks as Kara puts the book she was reading back onto the shelf. "If.. If you want me to?" Lena questions. "Of course!" She falls back into the bed and pulls the covers up.


Lena smiles and shakes her head. "Here." Ellinae points at her forehead. Lena raises an eyebrow, and Ellinae does the same. Lena caves anyway, gets up to smooth the covers over Ellinae and kisses her forehead. "Night, El." Ellinae hesitates for a second but smiles impossibly wider. "Goodnight, Lena" Lena gets up and walks a few feet away so Kara can also tuck Ellinae in. Lena looks away to give them privacy when Kara starts whispering something to her. Kara kisses Ellinae on the head before getting up herself. "Bonne nuit, El." Ellinae rubs her mother's hand before releasing it. "bonne nuit, maman." 


Kara stands, and Lena follows after her. As soon as Kara closes the door, she turns to Lena. "You're really good with her. She has never gone to bed so willingly before." Kara stares at her in wonder, and Lena has to fight back her blush. "She's perfect. It's no big deal." For probably the millionth time tonight, Kara looks at Lena with something in her eyes. Something Lena doesn't know what. "This way," Kara says, making an abrupt turn. "Where?" Lena asks when she catches up to her. 


"Kori's room." She says, slowing down. "Isn't he asleep?" Kara huffs in annoyance. "No, James probably has him." Lena furrows her eyebrows. "Do you not fancy James?" Kara glances at Lena before looking back straight ahead. "Of course I do. He's a wonderful worker and a great friend." Lena glances at the crinkle between Kara's eyebrows. "But?" Kara sighs and stops in front of a door. "He can be too much sometimes." She opens the door, and true to her word, James is standing with Kori in his arms.


"Thanks, James, you can go," Kara says, rushing over to take back Kori. "Are you sure I don't have anything else to do tonight? I can tuck them in." James asks the second he lets go of Kori. "It's fine, James. I'm their mother. I think I can put my children to sleep." She snaps. "Ena!" Lena turns to the tiny blonde in Kara's arms. "Hi!" Lena walks closer and coos at the young boy. "What's she doing here?" James turns to Kara in annoyance.


"To tuck my son in," Kara answers defensively. Lena stands up taller as James sends her a look. "How does she know about El and Kori?" He asks. "James, you're dismissed. We'll talk about why I didn't know about their relationship with Luthor sooner." She says calmly, smoothing out Kori's blankets without sparing James a glance. James obviously wants to say something else but just glares at Lena and leaves the room. 


"Weirdoo," Lena calls out the second he leaves without thinking. Then, to her surprise, Kara bursts into laughter. "He's not normally like this, probably because he's in trouble." Then, something green catches Lena's eye, and she walks over to the familiar green dinosaur and picks it up. She walks back over to the crib where Kara is and waves the toy dinosaur in front of her. "How'd you know?" Kara questions looking between the toy and Lena. Lena shrugs. "He had it the first time I met him." Lena is caught off guard when Kara hands Kori over to her so suddenly. 


Lena doesn't hesitate to take the toddler. Kori immediately lays his head on her shoulder and plays with her earring. "What?" Lena looks at the smug blonde. "Nothing, it's just hard to imagine a multi-dollar billionaire tucking in a baby." Lena glares at her. "Well, you aren't imagining it. It's happening in front of you." She retorts, swaying in an attempt for Kori to fall asleep. "I would let you sit, but you also look as if you're about to fall asleep," Kara says, and Lena wants to slap the smirk off her face.


"How thoughtful." Lena remarks in nonchalance. Kara just sends her a lazy smile, and God does Lena love it. No. No, she doesn't love it. She's just admiring the beauty of a fellow woman. Yes. That is why she feels this way. The woman's beauty in front of her is so breathtaking she feels, although she might just drop dead right here.


"I think he's asleep," Kara whispers after a few extra minutes of rocking. Lena nods as softly as she can and carefully extracts the sleeping toddler from her arms. Kara rushes to hold up the covers and fluff the pillows before Lena sets him down. When he's lying in his own bed, all comfy, Lena and Kara let out a breath of relief. They share a look and cover their laughs with their hands. Kara indicates to the door with her head, and Lena nods. 


They carefully tiptoe away from the crib and exit the room. "I think I should get you back to your friends." Lena turns to Kara, who's holding her phone up open to the board group chat of everyone asking for Lena. "I suppose," Lena says, following Kara to the stairs. 


Lena jumps when they get downstairs, and a jacket is being placed over her shoulders. "It's cold." Kara just shrugs it off and continues walking. Lena rolls her eyes but removes the jacket from her shoulders and puts it on. When they reach the main door, Jack is standing there.


When he sees Lena and Kara, his eyes glance at Lena's jacket, and she has to bite back a groan. "Nice for you both to finally join us." He says the second they reach the door. "Yeah, we had some business upstairs," Kara says easily. 


Lena stares at her in absolute terror, and Kara doesn't even seem to notice what she said. "Glad that's settled then." He said, staring directly at a drunk and shocked Lena. "She's all yours- Well, obviously not like that. I meant you could escort her home," Kara rambles.


She corrects herself after saying that but not before? Lena can feel the incoming hangover already forming. "Thanks for taking care of her. I know how much of a handful she can be." Kara glances at Lena before replying, "Perfectly fine, and I've already been compensated. She waves him off. 


Lena can only imagine she's saying that because Lena has tucked in Ellinae and Kori, but Jack's eyes nearly shoot out their sockets. "Great, I'm here. Let's go, Jack." Lena rushes past Kara to drag Jack to the car before Kara can say anything else incriminating. When Lena's in the car and a safe distance away from Kara, she looks through the window at Kara still standing by the door. When the driver enters the car, Kara smiles, and waves.


Lena faintly remembers Jack telling everyone something probably about her and Kara, but she doesn't pay much mind as her phone chimes. She opens her messages and opens the unknown number's message, confused. 


Unknown: "Still thinking of me?" 11:43pm