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First Old Lady Series IV - A Sons of Anarchy Fan Fiction (Happy I)

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Happy POV

"Take out the trash," I muttered to the prospect as I stepped out of the shed. Inside, he'd find the final remains of the last man who'd hurt Mia. When we'd gotten back to Charming eight months ago, we'd heard from Unser that the piece of shit was being released yesterday. Considering that the reason for Mia's injury was her family's help of JT, and in light of the fact that Mia was my Old Lady, all of the men around the Redwood had approved my plan to conclude the matter. So, yesterday, Juice, Tig and I went up to welcome the man to his freedom.

The fucker hadn't known what hit him, but it only took him five minutes in the shed to know that he wasn't going to be leaving still breathing. I'd be lying to say I hadn't taken pleasure in the pain I caused him. I knew each and every scar on Mia's body, and I made sure that this man had a match for every one. I'd started with his toes, moving up his body with knives to replicate the harm Mia had sustained. I'd made sure to make it last for hours though. He didn't deserve a quick death.

Before we'd picked him up, we'd learned that he had been the Sergeant at Arms for his club when Mia's family was attacked.  I didn't ask her if he was there that night. I didn't need to. As SAA, he would have been. I did, however, confirm it with the now very dead man in the shed before I got too far.

He'd begged to know why and I'd asked him if he recognized the injury to his foot. Did he remember doing that to a little girl years ago? He'd paled and then started trying to talk his way around it - it was his club that demanded it of him, he had to, or so his excuses went. Knowing he was directly involved gave me all the push I needed to continue with my plan to have him feel what she felt.

Now, I walked over to the side of the shed to hose myself off before grabbing the change of clothes in my saddle bags. I'd resolved the last of the things on my to do list; I felt like I could move on with my life with Mia.

I'd moved in to her place a few months back, but only after we'd worked through the issues with her security contingent. I couldn't have cameras on me in my home all damn day long. Outside of anything else, they were a liability to the club, and I wouldn't have it. Mia had finally gotten Tony to agree to their removal on condition that she wear two tracking devices at all times. The one was the bracelet that he'd modified for her. The other was an anklet with a crow on it that I'd bought three months ago.

We'd also come to the tentative agreement that her security team, which now included an old buddy of Tony's to take John's place, would not actively keep tabs on me. With the nature of her various business deals, I wasn't going to have her unprotected while I wasn't around. However, when I was there, her tails had to get lost. Tony hadn't loved the plan, but he'd conceded after he and I had gone a few rounds in the ring at the clubhouse.

Having cleaned myself up, it was now time to head to Mia's latest acquisition, a gym off Airport Road. She was there with Chris now, reviewing documents and setting up some new management. As I pulled into the lot, I cut the Harley and looked around. All of Mia's security had their vehicles here, which was surprising. She usually only had one of the men with her. I wondered if there was a problem, and so I strode a little faster than normal to get to the doors.

"What the fuck is this?" I demanded as I saw what was happening in the boxing ring in the center of the gym.

Tony came up to me with a smirk. "Relax. You're going to love this." He said as he crossed his arms and looked at the ring, pride shining in his eyes as Mia squared up to the new bodyguard.

I gave him a look and he nodded his head and raised a hand. "Trust me." He demanded and I turned back to the ring, hearing Chris yell out a "Go!"

Mia and the soon to be dead man circled each other for a moment before he took a swing at her. I rushed the ring, intending to tear the man's legs off. As I did, I saw Mia dodge the hit and tag him in the ribs with her right knee. The impact was substantial enough to take the wind out of the fucker and gave me pause. I looked at Tony, who was grinning widely.

"Moron challenged Mia, so we're letting him learn that we don't let our charges go about without training." I looked back to the ring to see Mia use an elbow on the idiot's face. It didn't look like she broke his nose, but he was going to be sporting a black eye later. I rocked back on my heels and folded my arms, deciding to trust Tony on this.

When the new guy, whose name I still couldn't remember, connected a hit to Mia's side, I couldn't control the sound that came out of my throat. He must have heard it, because he looked away from Mia to where I was standing, panic flooding his face at the sight of mine. The distraction was enough for Mia, who kicked his knee out from under him and then put his head in a leg lock. While it was impressive, I wasn't fucking okay with her gorgeous thighs wrapped around anyone but me, so I strode up to the side and called out.

"Enough," I said and Mia looked at me with a broad smile. She was pleased as shit with herself for knocking this ass to the ground. I had to admit, knowing she could put up a fight for long enough for one of us to get to her was actually a good thing, but I wanted my damn woman now.

She stood and knocked gloves with the idiot, who I put on my mental, to-hit, list, and came over to where I was standing. "Hi, baby." She said with that rasp that I loved so fucking much and I raised an eyebrow. She'd been hanging out with the other Old Ladies lately and had taken to calling me baby.

She looked down at herself and then back at me. "I'm sweaty. I can take a car back to the house so I don't get you all gross." She said and the slight glass to her eyes told me that she'd taken her meds. She must have thought she was going to have to speak more than she'd rather, today.

I shook my head. I loved the smell of her and wasn't going home without that beautiful body pressed against me. She tilted her head, but nodded and then took off her gloves. As she was getting out of the ring, I gave her guard a look, letting him know that I wouldn't be forgetting the hit he'd landed. I saw him swallow, but didn't stare too long as I felt Mia approach me.

"Your lingering problem has been handled." I said and saw the understanding light her eyes.

"You didn't have to," she started to say and I kissed her. I really did like this means of stopping her from talking.

"I did. Now, let's go home. I don't like that another man made you sweaty." I muttered against her lips and she smiled at me.

"Then let's go clean me up so you can do it better." She suggested and I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder to head out the door. I felt her raise a hand to waive at Tony, who was chuckling as we moved past him. It was time to see about giving my woman a ride.

A/N:  So, here ends Happy's story. Hope you enjoyed it. -OQ