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LARP (Lewd Action Role Play)

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(Lewd Action Role Play)

“Hey, so…” 

Alex walks her fingers up Steph’s tank top, letting them play across the tattoo under her collarbone. In the soft, golden hue emanating from the lamp perched on the sofa-side table, the elegant swallow almost looks like it’s glowing. Of course, that could just be Steph’s aura, too. Alex isn’t quite sure - alcohol and the general, pleasant drowsiness that comes with it sometimes makes things a little fuzzy.

“I maybe have a confession.” She continues.

The two of them are three beers in each, cuddling up on their slightly battered couch under a thick woollen blanket, in the middle of watching Krull for what Alex thinks is the third time, while the seemingly ever-present mid-Fall Seattle rain rattles continuously against the window. Two plastic takeout tubs of not-half-bad pho are strewn across the coffee table amidst the various empty beer bottles, denoting their usual Friday night routine - that is, the usual routine if a Friday night doesn’t include being booked for a gig. 

It’s about a seventy-thirty split at the moment, with the majority counting towards staying at home. Still, three Fridays out of ten playing gigs isn’t exactly a bad ratio. Sure, they had to get ‘regular’ jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths, but those three times out of ten make the tedium of the regular nine-to-five worth it.

Steph leans over, letting her lips rest against the top of Alex’s head in something that’s not quite a kiss but still just as intimate. 

“A confession, huh?” She murmurs into Alex’s hair. 

Steph’s voice, already naturally low and husky, has an extra little bit of vocal fry in it, courtesy of the beer. Alex knows it’s entirely for her benefit: Steph’s voice is the first thing she was attracted to - well, aside from her perfect, glowing smile - and she can’t help but suppress a shiver. By now, Steph knows her every weakness, which includes what Steph calls her ‘Late Nite Radio Voice’, something she’s used before to great effect.

Steph pushes herself up a little, bringing Alex - who’s resting in the crook of her neck - with her.

“Alright. Spill it, Chen. What’d you do?” She backs away and narrows her eyes, fixing Alex with a piercing-yet-humorous stare. 

“Did you touch my drum kit? Because touching my baby means death, even for objective cuties like you.”

Alex swats at her nose, which Steph nimbly dodges.

“No, I didn’t touch your precious baby.” Alex lies, making a mental note to not mention the small jam sesh she’d had earlier that day. 

“Okay, in that case, what’s eating you?” Steph smirks. “Aside from me, that is.”


“I don’t hear you complaining.” The smirk turns into one of Steph’s world-famous grins. “I mean, I hear you, a lot , but it’s definitely not complaining.”

Alex fixes her with A Look. 

“You wanna hear my confession or not?”

Steph throws her hands up, surrendering. “I do. Promise. Shutting up now.”

Alex hesitates a little. The corners of her mouth twitch a little as an embarrassed smile threatens to overwhelm her face.

“You know the LARP we did?”

“Which one? We’ve gone to a few, babe.”

“Ethan’s, back in Haven.”

“Oh.” Steph’s brows climb up her forehead. “That LARP. What about it?”

“I kind of…” 

Alex finds herself feeling incredibly thankful Steph can’t see emotions the way she does, because even though they’ve been a couple for well over a year, she’s still self-conscious about things like this.

Alas, although Steph can’t see her emotional aura, she can see Alex’s cheeks, which are swiftly turning a flaming red.

“Dude, I think NASA can see your cheeks from space.” Steph teases.

“Shut up!” 

“Kidding, kidding. You know I think you’re adorable as fuck.” Steph pairs the compliment with a hand surreptitiously placed on Alex’s inner thigh. “And pretty damn hot.” The hand climbs higher. “And the noises you make are just-”

“Your witchy shop owner costume was really freaking hot and it made me think way dirty things about you!” Alex blurts out, unable to take it any longer.

“Oh. Oh.” Steph’s initially surprised expression turns lascivious in less than a second. “If we weren’t already banging each other’s brains out on the regular, I’d accuse you of trying to get into my pants, Chen.”

Alex blushes further, absolutely refusing to meet Steph’s eyes.

“The witchy vibes were just kind of a turn-on, okay? I don’t know why! Maybe it was the whole unintentionally sexy outfit combined with a position of power or authority or whatever … it - it just did something to me, okay?”

“So what I’m hearing…” Steph pulls away and fixes Alex with a second, deliciously mischievous grin. “... is: ‘step on me, witch mommy’ .”

“Oh my god!” Alex protests. “You’ve been spending way too much time on the internet.” 

“Maybe, maybe not. I know you love it when I talk dirty, though.” Steph loops an arm around Alex’s shoulders, bringing her back in.

“I mean, yeah. Have you heard you?” Alex points out. “Your voice is a legit turn-on… just like everything else about you.”

“Smooth talker.”

Alex smiles, and nuzzles closer to her girlfriend. For a few minutes, they sit in contented silence, happy to just watch the movie.

“So what prompted this confession?” Steph eventually asks.

“I dunno…” Alex makes a few faces while she searches for an answer. “I think it’s probably just the beer and watching this shitty movie again. I guess it made me think of you all dressed up and stuff.”

“Whoa, ‘shitty movie’? I’ll have you know Krull is a goddamn masterpiece of 80s fantasy.” Steph indignantly defends her choice of content for movie night. 

“Dude, I love you, but it’s fucking terrible.”

“If it’s terrible, why do you keep letting me put it on?” Steph points out.

“Because you’re hot and I get to make out with you during the really shitty bits.” 

“Fair.” Steph draws a finger along Alex’s jaw, lifting her face towards hers. 

Alex is still smiling when Steph kisses her.



“Honey, I’m home!” Alex calls out in a pastiche of sitcoms gone by as she walks through their apartment door. “You got any ideas for dinner? I was maybe thinking - whoa!”

She interrupts herself when she sees the interior of the apartment. The usual soft yellow light is gone, replaced by deep purple lighting that gives their living space a mysterious, atmospheric tone.

The second thing Alex notices is their dining table, which has been pushed into the middle of the room. Instead of the usual, relatively cheap wooden IKEA surface, a rich black cloth has been thrown over it, with a sign perched neatly on the edge facing Alex. It reads: The Magpie Emporium.

“Oh no.” Alex can’t help but smile to herself.

On the table is a single item: a ‘crystal’ ball. However, before Alex can examine it, the door to their shared bedroom opens, and Steph emerges, wearing the very same ‘Mysterious Proprietor’ outfit from all those many months ago, complete with pointy hat. 

Of course she’s wearing that. Alex thinks.

Steph grins, and saunters over to the table, putting a deliberate extra bit of sway into her hips. Now that she's closer, Alex can see she's even committed to applying appropriate makeup: dark, smoky eyeliner and eyeshadow, just enough contouring to highlight her - in Alex's opinion - killer cheekbones, and dark purple lip gloss that expertly matches the colour tone of the dress. 

“Welcome, fair and lovely traveller, to The Magpie Emporium.” She croons.

Alex almost shudders at the sound of her voice alone.

“We normally have a much more … exciting selection of goods.” Steph continues. “Alas, the land is troubled, and adventurers have been forced to make use of many of my wares, leaving me only … with this.” She indicates the crystal ball.

“Would you like me to show you your future?” Steph smirks, lowering her eyelashes. “Mortals are always so concerned with it, desiring to know whether it contains fame, glory, riches … or love.”

“I - I - I -” Alex stammers. At the word ‘love’, Steph’s aura bursts into existence, glowing fiercely in a bright, shimmering display, cycling through gold, oranges, reds and pinks - all colours denoting passion. It’s a familiar aura by now, something Steph only displays when she’s - 

“I shall take that as consent.” Steph glides out from behind the table, picking the ball up as she does so.

Alex nods vigorously, not trusting herself to speak. Her glasses bounce on the bridge of her nose.

Steph approaches her, the smirk never leaving her face, until she’s close enough to place her hands on Alex’s shoulders.

“Then be seated, dear customer, and let me show you what your future contains.” Steph only has to apply a tiny bit of pressure to Alex’s shoulders before she - willingly, yet somewhat gracelessly - drops onto the couch.

Steph takes a step back, and places the ball onto the coffee table. 

Alex swallows, hard.

“Your future…” She glances down at the ball, then back up at Alex, flashing her teeth in a devious smile. “... is bereft of undergarments.”

Alex’s eyes widen dramatically. 

Steph’s aura pulses.

She grips the sides of her dress, and slowly begins to lift.

Alex’s eyes zero in on the movement. Unconsciously, she bites her lip as Steph pulls the skirt higher and higher, exposing inch after inch of smooth, bare thigh.

A few seconds later, Steph’s prediction proves to be stunningly accurate.

“Holy shit!” Alex breathes. 

Steph takes a step forward, still holding her skirt up, baring herself for Alex, and Alex alone. 

Alex’s cheeks radiate heat as she flushes a heavy shade of red. She’s almost shy enough to look away.


“Dost thou like what thy see-eth?” Steph teases.

The unabashed corniness of the line is enough to break the spell and tear Alex’s eyes away from Steph’s lower half. She looks up at her girlfriend, her expression a mix of amusement and sheer, painful cringe.

“Oh my god, dude.”

“Shut up and go along with it.” Steph momentarily breaks character, trying to look annoyed but only managing to attain a fraction of success.

“As you wish, Princess.” Alex mockingly obeys.

“Dude, that’s The Princess Bride.” Steph chastises her. “I’m clearly a Mysterious Witchy Fortune Teller from, like, The Witcher or something, sent to lure you into sin and temptation.”

Alex raises an eyebrow. “I got that, are you gonna start with the luring any time soon?” Her mouth twitches, knowing her choice of words will definitely get under Steph’s skin.

“Oh that is it, Chen!”

Alex is entirely correct.

Steph’s aura flashes with anger, and in a matter of seconds, she’s straddling Alex and pushing her against the backrest of the couch.

Her lips crash into Alex’s with enough strength to bruise and for teeth to clack together in a messy, wet, heated kiss. 

Alex’s breath catches in her throat - Steph’s arousal is already bleeding into her, a heady, thick miasma she swiftly finds herself pleasantly drowning in, feeding a warm, pulsing sensation directly in her core.

Steph’s lips are on her jaw, kissing their way down onto her neck, nipping, sucking and licking at her pulse point and turning her into a quivering pile of happy-horny-hungry jelly. She barely even notices Steph moving them sideways until they’re horizontal on the couch, arms and legs tangled, pawing at each other’s clothes in a mess of heavy breathing and gasps and wanting the other to just touch them already. Alex doesn’t even know whose feelings are whose, they’re all merging and blending and fusing with one another until all she feels is a firestorm of unchecked, raw emotion. It’s all pure instinct: the want to touch, to taste, to give in and lose themselves in each other…

Somehow, Alex’s thigh ends up between Steph’s legs. The physical sensation brings her partly out of the heady, emotional soup she’s feeling, just enough to register Steph gasp, and feel her begin to grind on her leg.

Even through her leggings, Alex can feel heat and wetness rubbing on her thigh. Steph is panting already, all attempts at roleplaying having been abandoned, replaced by an all-encompassing need for more. 

The next time Steph presses her hips downwards, Alex pushes up with her thigh. 

The resulting husky groan is music to her ears - maybe even more enjoyable than the way her aura pulses and wheels and fills the room with golden waves. 

“Fuck!” Steph moans, right in her ear. Her warm breath ghosts over Alex’s earlobe, causing her entire body to shudder. It’s like someone’s mixed pop rocks and a swimming pool filled with soda, grabbed her by her butt and just bodily thrown her in. 

“Don’t move!” Steph pants. “Keep your leg right there, I’m getting close…”

Alex obeys - mostly. She wants Steph to get herself off, but the need to touch herself is just too great. Without dislodging her thigh from between Steph’s legs, she slides her hand down under the waistband of her leggings.

Or, at least, she tries to. Unfortunately for Alex’s growing need, the movement of Steph’s hips against her body makes it impossible for Alex to get her hand in far enough to take care of herself, only managing to reach as far as the top of a trim patch of hair…

“How close are you?” Alex whispers. Her answer is a strangled noise and a vigorous thrust of Steph's hips. There are no words, but it's all Alex needs. 

“Sit on my face.” Alex orders. “I wanna make you come.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Steph scrambles to disentangle herself, and shuffles up Alex’s body until her knees are either side of her head. Then, she lowers herself. 

Alex meets her halfway.

Steph groans again, her head falling back and her mouth hanging open as Alex’s tongue and lips greet her most intimate areas with peerless enthusiasm.

“Alex-!” Steph cries, rolling her hips against Alex’s tongue.

She falls forward - not enough to land on her girlfriend, but far enough that she has to brace her hands on the arm of the couch.

In the process, the skirt of her dress falls over Alex’s head, enveloping her in darkness. She doesn’t mind - she doesn’t need to see in order to guide Steph towards her orgasm.

She uses everything in her arsenal, employing tongue, teeth and lips to lick, nibble and suck, turning Steph into a shuddering, gasping, out-of-control mess.

Steph’s arousal and lust and above all love for Alex is surging into her, blurring the distinction between their emotions until she doesn’t know where Steph’s feelings end and hers begin. It’s too much to resist entirely, and with her lower body now free, Alex shoves a hand into her girl boxers, her touch bringing an immediate, initial wave of relief, but almost simultaneously introduces a need to get herself off as quickly as possible.. 

It takes a heraklean effort, but Alex manages to push away the urge - only by a little, but it’s enough for her to concentrate on her lover, whose movements are becoming ever-more erratic. 

In the darkness under Steph’s dress, all Alex can see are the pulses of her aura, coming in ever-quicker intervals, and if it wasn’t for her empathic abilities informing her Steph is moments away from coming, the rolling of her hips and the shuddering and clenching of the thighs against her ears would have been a sign even the most inexperienced of lovers would recognise. 

Alex sees it before she feels it. For less than a second, but in a moment that feels frozen in time, Steph’s aura dims, before exploding outwards in a burst of gold so bright it hurts Alex’s eyes. Next, Steph cries out, trying to shout Alex’s name to the heavens, but only managing a wordless, ecstatic wail. At the same time, her thighs grip Alex’s head as they shiver and quake and liquid covers Alex’s chin.

“Fuck!” Steph exclaims, falling backwards to land on Alex’s legs. 

Alex barely even registers the weight, or the reintroduction of soft-yet-definitively-present light into her world. With having successfully gotten her partner off, her attention is now entirely occupied with her fingers, and what they’re doing between her legs. She’s coasting off of the feeling of Steph’s orgasm, riding it like a tidal wave towards her own.

“Steph - !” 

She’s panting now. Sweat beads along the edge of her forehead - both from the effort she’s going to and the fact that she still - somehow - has all her clothes on. 

The next thing she feels are Steph’s hands scrabbling at the waistband of her leggings and underwear, before both items are removed from her body in a series of swift and insistent tugs. Steph pushes her legs open and crawls up between them - still wearing the costume - and bats Alex’s hand away, even going so far as restraining her by the wrist.

“Dude!” Alex protests. “I would’ve come if you’d given me a minute.”

“Exactly. There’s no fucking way I’m letting you get yourself off when my tongue is right here.” Steph runs her tongue over her lips.

Alex narrows her eyes in mock-suspicion.

“You drive a hard bargain, good Sir.”

An incredulous grin spreads across Steph’s face. “Sir? I am a Lady, I think you’ll find. A Mysterious and obviously Incredibly Attractive Lady.”

“Really?” Alex teases her.

“Uh, yeah! And only the best ladies can tell the future, you know.”

“You got another prediction for me?” Alex gazes up at her, giving Steph the best bedroom eyes she can muster.

A predatory gleam enters Steph’s eyes. “Like I said. My tongue is right here.”

Before Alex can respond, Steph smirks, and lowers herself down her partner’s body, replacing Alex’s hand with her tongue.

The second she makes contact with a long, slow lick, Alex closes her eyes and lets her head fall back, already happy enough to simply lie there and let Steph do what she does best. 

“I think - uhn - that might’ve been a - oh god - self-fulfilling prophecy - fuck!” Alex manages to point out - barely. 

“True. But those are definitely the best kind.” Steph pauses her oral ministrations to point this out. 

Apparently the few seconds she takes to say this are a few seconds too much. Alex whines in protest and reaches down, knocking Steph’s pointy hat off in the process, and threads her fingers through Steph’s hair in a gentle but insistent pull.

“Less talking, more prophecy fulfilling.” 

Steph raises her eyebrows at Alex’s demanding tone, but still gladly obeys. Within seconds, Alex is moaning again, her fingernails scratching against Steph’s scalp in a subconscious form of encouragement - not that Steph needs any to continue pleasuring her girlfriend. The sounds Alex is making are more than enough in that regard.

Steph closes her eyes, and focuses on the sounds she can hear, and the movements she can feel, and the things she can taste, exploring Alex like it’s the first time, even though she knows exactly where to lick and exactly where to touch to turn Alex into a willing plaything: a pointed flick of the tongue here, a slightly deeper push there…

Before she knows it, Alex is a mewling, sodden heap, subject to every whim Steph’s touch dictates. It’s like Alex’s entire being is laser-focused on just what Steph is doing to her.

Even though she’s just come, it’s more than enough to get Steph going again, but she resolves to take care of - or maybe get Alex to help with - her needs later. Right now, everything is about the adorable, wonderful woman currently bucking her hips into Steph’s mouth.

An idea occurs, involving something that might help out the both of them - simultaneously.

With a mental grin, Steph files it away for later.

Alex is close, and getting even closer by the second. Steph can feel it in the way her thighs are tensing up, and how her breaths are shortening and shallowing with every flick of her tongue, and how her fingers are scrabbling for any point of contact with Steph’s body.

“Steph!” She gasps, almost sounding like she’s hyperventilating.

Steph decides now is the time to employ her fingers.

The response Alex gives is both cathartic and a source of immediate, immense pride for Steph: her partner squeals , and pushes her hips so far up off the couch Steph almost doesn’t keep up with her.

Steph hums, sending sonorous vibrations through her lips.

It proves to be Alex’s undoing.

“I'm-!” She manages to force out before her entire body goes rigid.  She clenches, hard, around Steph’s fingers, and her face contorts into a grimace that would have looked like she was in pain if Steph didn’t know better. But she does know better, and keeps going, using her fingers and tongue and lips to prolong Alex’s orgasm as much as she can - until Alex’s body tenses up again and Steph realises a second has swiftly followed the first.

Feeling immensely pleased with herself, Steph gently slows her ministrations, stopping entirely once Alex’s breathing returns to a vaguely normal level and her body is only occasionally twitching.

She looks down at her partner, sprawled across the couch, nude from the waist down, eyes half closed and looking like she’s experiencing one of the biggest dopamine dumps of her life.

Steph thinks she’s never seen Alex look so damn beautiful.

“... Wow.” Alex eventually croaks. “That was … I don’t even...”

“Good?” Steph offers. “Great? The best sex of your entire damn life?”

Alex cracks one eye fully open. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, Gingrich. There was that time-”

“- Backstage after the gig at the bar-”

“-Your friend Chloe works at.” Alex finishes. “I so thought we were gonna get caught..”

“You’re telling me.” Steph grins. Her aura flashes gold, indicating joy, and not an insignificant amount of pride. “You were the one threatening to scream the whole place down.”

“Shush.” Alex grins back, though she still flushes a little from proactive embarrassment. With grunt, and maybe more effort than it should take, she levers herself off of the couch and pushes herself into a standing position, tottering a little on slightly unsteady legs. Once standing, she gives herself a sniff.

“I think I need a shower.” Alex states. “Wasn’t exactly expecting any vigorous activity the second I got back from work.”

“Fair.” Steph agrees with her. 

“You wanna join me?” Alex asks, walking towards the bathroom. The rest of her clothes swiftly join her leggings and underwear on the floor, leaving her entirely nude. As she reaches the bathroom door, she throws a wink back at Steph, indicating that continued ‘vigorous activities’ are very much still on the cards.

Steph has to bite her lip, hard, to stop herself from jumping at the request. She has a plan, and she’s going to stick to it.

“Nah, I’m good. I’m just gonna hang out in the bedroom.” Waiting for you, she declines to add. 

“Suit yourself.” Alex shrugs, and disappears into the bathroom. 

Steph waits until she hears the water running, then unplugs the purple lamp, grabs the hastily written shop sign, and makes for the bedroom.

Thankfully, she’s able to finish setting everything up before the sounds of the shower cease. 

A minute or two later, Alex steps into the bedroom, wearing a towel and brushing her hair into its patented swoop. However, the second she sees the bedroom, she stops.

“Oh no.” She says with a now-knowing smile.

The bedroom is awash with the same purple light, and on the bed, Steph is laid sideways, with one arm supporting her head and the other lying draped across her hip. The shop sign rests in front of her.

“Welcome, valued and beautiful customer, to The Magpie Emporium: After Dark, where all of your … unusual desires can and will be satisfied.”

“Really?” Says Alex, drily. 

Steph shrugs. “I’ve got a gimmick and I’m sticking with it.”

“Alright, well, what kind of unusual-” She mimics Steph’s emphasis “- desires are we talking about? And how precisely are you gonna satisfy them?”

At the word ‘satisfy’, Alex drops her towel.

Steph swallows, but otherwise doesn't allow herself to react. 

"I believe I have just the thing." She croons. "A legendary artifact, its power spoken of in hushed tones by many a mighty heroine."

"Ooh, pray tell." Alex cocks a hip to one side. 

"It has gone by many names: The Lady Pleaser, Cliteroticus the Insatiable, the 'By the Gods, Don't Stop'."  When she’s finished, Steph can't help but grin at her own ridiculous names. 

"But I know it by its true name: the Wand of Justice." And with that, Steph produces a Hitachi 'massage' wand from behind her back. 

Alex can't help it, she immediately dissolves into laughter. 

It's only a couple of seconds before Steph joins her, their giggles blending into one, as they so often do when they're together - whether it's emotionally, or physically. 

Always, together.