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Working late

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It's late on a Friday afternoon. I don't think anyone's left in the building. Everyone took off early to enjoy the nice spring weather. Me, however? I have work to catch up on, which explains what I'm doing at work at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. I finally decide to call it quits for the day. I'm not caught up, far from it actually, but I've had enough. I lock up my desk, and prepare to do a walk through of the building to make sure no one is left.

I walk down towards the back of the building, and see that elliots still working. As I pass by, he looks up, and our eyes meet. I've always found him attractive, and now is no different. I walk over to you in the interrogation room say hi. He says hi back, and I perch on his desk, one foot still on the floor, angled so I'm facing him. Sitting like this causes my skirt to ride up a bit. Not enough to show anything totally inappropriate, but enough to show more thigh don't usually wear skirts but I had court today.

We start chatting about the week, and how crazy it's been. "I just want to get home and take a nice hot bath" I say when we point out how stressful the week was.

"A bath, huh?" He asks.

"Yup. It's the second best way to relax after a week like this." I reply.

"So if taking a bath is second best, what's the best way to relax?" Now, we've flirted before, and I know him well enough to know that his probably picturing me in that hot bath I mentioned. I shift a little on your desk, causing my skirt to ride up just about an inch more, an idea forming in my head.

"Sex," I reply. "A nice hard fuck session followed by a nap, and then slow, leisurely sex when both parties wake up."

"I see" elliot says as he moves the desk chair a little closer to me. "And why are you settling for second best?"

"Simple. No one to help me with my first choice." I smile at him, and wonder if he will take the hint we have been playing this game since he separated from his wife six months ago.

"Oh you poor girl," he says, placing his hands on my knee. "I'm sure there's someone would help you out with that; isn't there?"

"The ones I know of that are willing aren't worth my time, and the one who's help I'd like is to busy working. Or at least supposed to be working," I say with a laugh.

"Oh really? And who might that be?" Elliot asks. I just smile at him, refusing to answer. He place his hand on my knee, as he says "Come on. You can tell me. I won't tell anyone."

I cover his hand with mine, wrapping my fingers around his hand slightly, and move his hand up a little further on my leg. "Guess," I tell him

"I don't want to guess liv. Why can't you just tell me?" He asks, as he begins to massage my thigh.

"Because that would take all the fun out of it," I reply.

I release his hand, and he slides it up a bit further on my thigh. The tips of his fingers are now just under the hem of my skirt. "But if you tell me who it is, maybe I can help." He says to me.

I shift again on the desk, this time making it so his hand slides even farther under my skirt. I smile at him and reply "I'm sure if you put some thought into it, you'd be able to guess who it is." I feel his hands moving even farther up. I can feel myself getting wet, just with the anticipation of where his hands will end up. Suddenly, I feel his fingers brush my lips through my panties."Tell me who" he says.

"Nope." I respond, my words a little shaky. Elliot applys a little more pressure on my slit, right above my clit.

"Tell me." He say as he begin to trace the edges of my panties with his fingers. All I can think of is sliding his fingers between my panties and my skin, and feeling how wet I am. Just as I'm thinking it, he does it. Elliot chuckle to himself, and again demand to know who. I just shake my head, as I don't trust myself to speak.

"Alright then. Don't tell me." He say as he pulls his hand back, and break off all physical contact from me.

"That's not fair!" I say, pouting.

"Neither is the fact that you won't tell me," he replies.

"Fine, you win," I say. "It's you." Elliit smiles and reach a hand out. I place my hand in his, and he pull me towards him. He keeps pulling until I'm straddling his lap. I can feel his erection pressing into my pussy. I take a deep, shaky breath, and say "Now what? I told you, so what do I get out of it?"

"Hmmm..." he says. "What do you get out of it?" Elliot makes a show of thinking about what my reward should be. Meanwhile though, his hands have slipped under my skirt, and are massaging my ass. "What would you like?" He ask, as he slids his hands under my panties so he can massage my ass skin to skin.

"You know what I want" I reply, trying to inch closer to press myself harder against his erection.

"Tell me anyways. I want to hear you say it."

"You. I want you. I want to feel your hands all over my body. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy. You fingers inside me. I want you to tease me until I can't take any more. Then I want your dick inside me, filling me, making me moan and scream and beg to cum."

Elliot smiles. "Oh, is that all?" He asks, as he grab the waistband of my panties. "Stand up." I do as I'm told, and he slides my panties, which by now are soaking wet, down my legs, and help me to step out of them. He stands up, and grab my hand. Without a word, he leads me away from the desk, and to the cribs. He opens the door, and lead me inside. Once we're both in, he shuts the door, and put a chair in front of it. While his doing that, I walk around the room.

He brushes my hair back, and off one of my shoulders. He bends down and place a feather-light kiss on my neck. I lean back into him, giving easier access. He continues to place light kisses on my neck, traveling from just below my ear to my collarbone. I sigh, which turns into a moan as his hands slides up under my shirt and bra, and caress my nipple. Just as I get used to the feeling of his hand on my breast, he move his hands away. I whimper quietly, but he still hears me, and laughs. "Relax," he tells me, and he moves both hands to the hem of my shirt. pulls my shirt up and over my head and toss it on to the bed next to us. Next, he unfasten my bra, and toss that with the shirt.

He turns me around, so I'm facing him, and bend down to suck one of my nipples into his mouth. He alternates between nipping, and soothing it with his tongue, and then switch to the other one. Back and forth he goes, until I'm moaning with pleasure. Just when I'm about to beg for release, he stands up, and kiss me passionately. I take the second it takes he to moves from my nipples to my mouth to pull his shirt off. After a minute of his passionate kisses, I can't help myself. I want him inside of me. Without braking off the kiss, I reach down, and unfasten his belt. Next is the button and zipper of his pants. I push his pants down, so they bunch around his ankles. I rub him through his boxers, feeling how hard he is . I'm desperate to have him in my hand, but I want to tease him as much as he teased me, so I keep my hand outside of his boxers. Elliot moans against my lips, and tangle his fingers in my hair. A few seconds pass, and then I feel him tugging on my hair.

I make him tug at my hair a few times, as if I don't know what he want, but I can't resist him. I want him in my mouth. I slowly kneel down, taking his boxers down with me. I wrap my hand around his dick, just enjoying the feel of him in my hand. Slowly, I start stroking him, making him moan. I lick the drop of precum off the tip of him, and, as much as I want to keep teasing him,I can't. I need to have him in my mouth. I slowly take his member into my mouth, starting with just the tip, tasting his precum, running my tongue around the rim; being especially careful that my tongue ring hits that very sensitive spot each time. Every time it hits, I can feel his dick twitch a little, telling me exactly how much elliot likes it. His fingers tighten in my hair, and I can feel him pushing my head forward. I move with his hand, enveloping his cock with my mouth, taking him as deep as he can go. I swallow, knowing he can feel the muscles of my throat working his dick, just as my tongue is. I pull back, very slowly, and then take him in again just as slow.

I can feel him hand in my hair, urging me to go faster, which I am happy to oblige. I slowly speed up the pace at which his moving in and out of my mouth, until he can't help but move his hips in time with my mouth, making him slam into the back of my throat. Soon, I can feel him swell, and I know his about to cum. Just as that thought registers, he uses my hair to pull me off of him. He keeps a tight grip on my hair, not allowing me to suck him back into my mouth. "I'm not done with you yet," elliot says, breathing heavily.

He releases my hair, and help me to stand. Before I'm even fully standing, his lips are on mine, my tongue meeting his. As passionately as he kissed me before, this kiss surpasses that one, and has a tinge of desperation in it. He picks me up, and place me on the bed .Before I'm even fully settled on the bed, his pushing my skirt up around my waist, and I feel his dick at my entrance. I inch forward, trying to get closer to him, and give him easier access. By now, we're both so desperate for each other that I'm dripping all over the bed, and his harder than his ever been. He slams into me, without any warning, as deep as he can go. Over and over he slam into me, as if he can't get enough, or can't go deep enough. I can't help myself. The feeling of him inside me, finally, pushes me over the edge, and I cum hard. I coat his dick with my juices, allowing him to slide in and out even easier. I can tell his close to losing control and know that how tight I am when I'm cumming will usually push over the edge.

Just when I think his losing control, he pull out of me completely. He pull me off the bed and roughly turn me around. He pushes me on my upper back, to close to losing control to speak. I bend down, and support my upper body on the bed top. I feel you behind me, but I whimper. I want him inside of me, and I want it now. "Please..." I beg. Elliot happily gives in, and pound into me from behind. I feel his hands on my ass, kneading it, spreading it, and kneading it some more. I feel him lean forward, and he bites my back, again and again, but never does it interrupt the rhythm of his pounding in and out of me. He stands back up, and slap my ass. I cry out, telling him I'm about to cum again, begging him to cum with me. He slap my ass one last time, and then gently rub my hand over the quickly developing red marks. That gentle touch pushes me over the edge, and I cum even harder than before. The feeling of me squeezing his enough to push him over the edge, and he cums with me. I feel his cum hitting my inside walls, which prolongs my orgasm. I feel like I've been cumming forever.

Finally, we're both spent, and he lays down on top of me, without pulling out. Finally, he stands up, and I straighten out. I turn around to look at him, and kiss him hard without saying anything Words can't describe how I feel, so why even try? He pull out his cell phone, and realize that you've been off the clock for a good half an hour. We laugh, and get dressed. I follow him back to our desks, where you lock everything up, and then we walk to the door.