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Under Pressure

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David's attention was divided. Eighty-seven percent of his brain was focused on his boyfriend Patrick's soft, talented mouth bobbing happily up and down on his cock. The other 13% was listening for any sounds of Ray coming home early. David leaned back against Patrick's closed bedroom door and held on to the doorknob for stability and extra security (in case Ray was stealthy today).

"Goddammit, Patrick! How many tutorials did you watch between now and the last tiiiiii… " David's question was cut off as Patrick switched his ministrations to David's balls, taking one at a time into his mouth and sucking gently. 

David chanced a look down and caught Patrick meeting his gaze. It was a sight; those innocent eyes blinking up at him from behind pale lashes, pink impertinent mouth stuffed full of David's balls, his cock resting thick and heavy across Patrick's cheek.

"You're always so beautiful like this," David whispered. "It's almost unfair." He ran a hand through Patrick's short hair looking for a solid grip but just settled for holding the back of his head. He gently rolled his hips, his balls falling from Patrick's mouth as he dropped his lips open in anticipation. 

"That's right, baby. Open up." David fed his cock back into Patrick's mouth. The man on his knees reached for David's thighs, pulling himself forward and choking himself on David's thick cock. Over and over, Patrick took David in as far as he could go, his pale face turning pink with effort and arousal. David wiped the mixture of saliva and precome off Patrick's chin, but he remained deliciously messy.

Suddenly, from downstairs, they both heard the click of the front door opening and closing and Ray's voice rang clear. "Hello, Patrick! Are you home? I saw David's car here, are you boys interested in stir-fry for dinner?" Ray continued to ramble as they heard him knock around the first floor.

The two men locked eyes in terror. They'd been lucky so far. Ray hadn't walked in on anything that couldn't be covered by Patrick's comforter. But they now had about ninety seconds before Ray made his way up the stairs and attempted his usual small talk, ignoring Patrick's daily requests to wait for an answer after he knocked.

"Patrick? Look at me?" Patrick looked up, his mouth still suckling the tip of David's cock like a blow pop. "Fuck Patrick!" David hissed out in frustrated pleasure. "Ok… if you can make me come in under thirty seconds and answer the door when Ray knocks I'll…" What could he tempt Patrick with? "I'll blow you on our lunch break every day next week."

Patrick popped off David's cock and grinned, switching to using his hand, giving David's length long, slow strokes. "You could have just told me to make you come, David. But I'll gladly take the lunchtime blow jobs too." And he winked. Patrick fucking winked before sinking back down on David's dick and sucking him like he was getting paid for it. 

"Ohhh, yes. I am definitely going to have to see your search history because I did not teach you thaaaaat."

David vaguely heard footsteps on the stairs but it didn't matter. Patrick earned those backroom blowjobs because David was coming so hard, pulsing come down Patrick's throat, and Patrick swallowed every drop. He continued to suckle on David's softening cock, the overstimulation tingling deliciously down to his toes, but his post-orgasm high came crashing down as a loud knock knock knock reverberated through the door and into the quiet of Patrick's room. 

David felt the doorknob wiggle under his hand and realized he'd never let go. His tight grip was the only thing keeping Ray from barging in and knocking David over.

Patrick had gotten up and was adjusting the bulge in his jeans. He kissed David once and nodded towards the walk-in closet indicating David could take his time tucking himself away behind another closed door. David smiled at the consideration and waddled off, pants still around his knees, as Patrick opened the door to greet his overenthusiastic housemate. 

Patrick was annoyed at the interruption, but his smile was genuine, so pleased with himself and what he had waiting for him tomorrow at lunch that he couldn't even be annoyed at Ray. They chatted for a moment and Patrick agreed to dinner before Ray left him with a "ciao!"

After the door was safely closed, Patrick grabbed his laptop and called out for David. He had some websites he needed to share before they went downstairs to eat.