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I, Link Baines Johnson.

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I have lived in this here mansion for who knows how long. Every time I come back here, I see the same people, yet also new ones.

Alas, the days of being able to see new faces has come to an end.

Yesterday, Sora, the final Smasher, arrived to much fanfare from the rest of the Smashers. I wasn’t there to see him enter, instead, I was sitting out on the porch of my mansion’s “room,” which somehow is another dimension, because it’s a whole house with a very-different looking outdoors that I can interact with compared to that of the mansion. 

I love the house. It makes me feel more at home than any place in Hyrule ever did. The house automatically restocked itself every day, and it had all the essentials needed for my life. It even came with a unique cookbook containing recipes made by one “Lady Bird Johnson”.

Huh, so apparently this house of mine is called the “LBJ Ranch,” and was the home of Lyndon Johnson, whose voice sounds exactly like mine. Some days when I’m in other rooms, I hear chatting in the next room of the house. Echos of the house’s past. This house has seen a lot, that is for sure.

No other Smasher has come into this house, not even Zelda. And I think I like it that way. It’s my own haven, my own sanctum, from the hustle and bustle of the mansion. The rolling hills in the background are beautiful, along with the many flowers. I hear cows mooing while they eat grass close to the riverbank.

One day, I should show somebody else this realm of mine.

The Pedernales, the river is apparently called. It’s placid, and the sound of its waters going along help me sleep at night.

I’ve actually sat many a day away rocking back and forth on a porch of this house, listening to the sounds of Texas. It soothes my ancient soul.

I was sitting in the living room when somebody knocked at the door.

I opened it to see that it was Zelda. She couldn’t see behind me and into this dimension, so that’s a good thing.

She told me that the rest of the Smashers were worried about me, and that I was the last one to meet Sora.

Why would they be worried? Nobody has shown interest in the silent swordsman in green (or blue as of late). I have spent weeks on this ranch without anybody coming to check on me.

It’s on my own accord that I go back into the mansion, so I think it’s actually the latter that Zelda came to get me for.

I told her to hold on while I got ready, and then closed the door while I put my shoes on.

I then left the house and went back into the mansion, where Zelda was waiting for me.

All the Zelda’s and Ganondorf’s memories are continuous, so that they remember each incarnation, even when they come before times like mine, like the one at the mansion is different from the one I had saved and had fought. That’s why I have to change my appearance each time the cycle of Demise’s curse resets, so they don’t know that I’m as old as the universe itself. 

Anyways, we went to the main commons of the mansion, where all the other smashers were adoring the new addition. 

They let up when Zelda announced that she had managed to get me to come out from my room.

A boy with a massive key for a weapon. That was my first impression of Sora when I shook his hand. When I didn’t introduce myself verbally, Sora looked confused until Zelda explained that I was mute, and introduced me to him on my behalf.

My muteness is a lie. I speak when I am alone, or with the spirits of the ranch.

One day, though, I need to end this charade and let the other smashers hear my voice. Probably sometime this year. Maybe this month?

Yeah, I’ll reveal the charade sometime this month.

The food that Palutena, Peach, or whoever is cooking that day doesn’t taste as good as food I make by myself. I have to cook some food for them one of these days. I wonder how they will like Lady Bird’s Pedernales Chili?