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“M, K and L have entered the bank.” Matt’s voice rings out clear over the crew’s comms. “We’re clear of alarms for only 5 minutes before it automatically resets. Make it fast.”

    Jack kicks up her feet in her car and fiddles on her phone. She wouldn’t be needed until the pigs fly so she can afford to relax a little. She glances up at a very tamely dressed Rimmy Tim leaning up against a pole outside the bank. It was no Maze Bank like they’d done before, but this was one of the more frequented Fleeca branches. No graffiti, ridiculously light security, and a very gentrified strip mall with shops that wouldn’t be opening for another two hours all mean this should be the easiest hit they’ve pulled off in months. Hell there was only one camera according to Matt. It’s like it was begging to be robbed. 

    Jeremy glances up at the sky, seeing a black helicopter poorly tucked behind a billboard. They shake their head slightly, and use the text-to-speech tool on their phone to send a message over comms. 

    “You coulda hid that a little better, Gav.” The disjointed robotic voice sounds over the comms and on the rooftop, Gavin nearly drops his sandwich.  

    “You try hiding a helicopter in the middle of the day” Gavin takes a bite of his sandwich, his feet dangling off the edge of the roof. Across from him on two different rooftops are Trevor and Alfredo are preparing their sniper rifles and settling down for the longest haul out of all of them. They would be the last to leave the scene should everything go according to plan. 


    Inside the bank Michael cleanly executes the only security guard, and Lindsay and Ky pull their guns on the customers and teller. 

    “EVERYBODY PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!” Ky screams out. “You. Keys. Now” She gestures her gun at the teller. 

    “H-he-here.” He whimpers out. He hands the keys over to Michael. 

Michael slips off behind the desk and heads to the vault. Lindsay follows him. He takes out a tube of thermite from his bag and begins setting it on the vault door, focusing around the main supports of the door. He takes a step back from the door. 

“Opening the vault now.” He speaks over comms. He grins at Lindsay and sets off the thermite. The molten goop cuts through the metal of the door.The room fills with smoke until the sizzling stops and the room cools. Michael kicks the door back flat-footed and nearly falls with the door. 

“Don’t fall.” Lindsay laughs as they run through the door past Michael. They start picking locks on the smaller cases in the vault. 

Michael follows but heads straight for the cash. He scoops up as much as he can and fills his bag. He leaves Lindsay to it and heads back to the lobby. 

“Go.” He nods at Ky, pulling his gun on the hostages. 

She nods back and jogs off to the vault. 


“We’ve got a beat cop on patrol. I think they’ve noticed something.” Matt warns. “We may not be clear on the alarm much longer. I’ll let you know when he’s made a report.”

“What if I kill him?” Alfredo puts the cop in his sights. 

“They get here faster. He radios in, they think it’s just some beat cop trying to do something above his pay grade. You kill him and a civilian reports it? The cops are here in seconds.” Matt carefully tracks the beat cop. “Let him report it. It gives us the best chance.” 

Inside the bank Lindsay gives up on picking the locks on the rest of the cases and instead fills their bag with the remaining cash and everything they got from the cases they managed to get unlocked. Ky and Lindsay head back to the lobby. 

“We’re ready for exit.” Ky says over the comms. 

“Roger that. Getting in the sky.” Gavin stands up from the rooftop. 

“Cops took the call. The car that picked up the call will be here in less than 2 minutes.” Matt watches Gavin enter the helicopter at a leisurely pace. “C’mon man. The cops are on their way.” 

“One car. We can more than handle one car.” Gavin squawks.

“I can handle one car.” Jeremy grins as they head to the closest alley. 

“Cops are here.” Matt relays.

“Excellent timing.” Jeremy steps out of the alley in heavy armor and with a mini gun. They start the barrel spinning and point it at the approaching cop car. 

The look of fear on the cops faces as they stare down their approaching death widens Jeremy’s grin. One of them scrambles for the radio as the bullets start tearing out of their gun. They rip up one side of the car, cutting clean through much of the metal and the flesh of the driver. The passenger is yelling into the radio as they are torn to shreds by the sheer force of the gun. 

Seconds later a few more cop cars swing around the corner and charge at them. Alfredo and Trevor start picking off drivers, letting the cars spin out as Jeremy sends sweeping sprays at all the cars. Soon a large flood of cops keeps coming and coming. 

Ky, and Michael step out of the bank and begin taking shots at the cops as they approach. Lindsay stays inside to make sure no hostages try to be heroes. 

“G where’s our fucking bird?” Michael yells out.

“Nearly started up. Her blades are spinning.” Gavin watches the blades spin up to speed excruciatingly slow. 

    The speedy whomping of blades approaches as the cops bring in a helicopter. As Gavin starts to rise up from the building the helicopter charges straight for him. The two choppers’ blades scrape against each other, causing Gavin’s bird to wobble in the sky. 

    “I need someone to take out this heli. He’s up my asshole.” Gavin screams. 

    “On it.” Jack pulls the rocket launcher out of the back of her car, loads a rocket into it, and steps out of her car. She directs it at the hostile heli and waits for it to confirm a full lock. She squeezes the trigger and the rocket hits its target. 

    The helicopter fills with fire and explodes. Flaming, shattered metal bits fall from the sky, impeding the cop cars. She sets down the launcher to load another rocket when it happens. 

    Across the battlefield a S.W.A.T sniper settles down and looks down her sights. She spots an easy opportunity. Jack Patillo, Queen of the Fakes, standing out in the open, no armor, no dodging. No hiding. Just standing out in the open. She takes a deep breath and steadies her aim. She slowly tracks Jack’s breathing and the way she loads the rocket. She finds a solid target she knows she won’t miss. She squeezes the trigger and fires one shot before slightly lowering her aim and firing a rapid succession of 2 more shots. 

    Jack feels burning pain in her body as she falls to the hot unforgiving pavement. Her throat fills with blood and darkness creeps at the edge of her vision. Her body goes numb and her fingers tingle. Her breathing slows and she hears in a weird echoey tone Jeremy screaming out. 

    “JACK! JACK IS DOWN. GAVIN GET YOUR FUCKING BIRD DOWN HERE NOW!” They charge towards Jack’s body, still firing at the oncoming cops. 

    Alfredo spots the sniper posted on top of a nearby swat van. He sends a warning shot to get her to look at him, then sends a bullet clean through her eye socket. “That’s for Jack you son of bitch.” 

    “I’m coming down now. Get in now.” Gavin calls out. Jeremy jumps into the heli and pulls Jack in with them. Michael and Ky keep firing while Lindsay runs from the bank to the heli. They all jump in and Gavin takes off. They fly off towards Mt. Chilliad to lose the cops before returning to the penthouse. 

    Lindsay check’s Jack’s pulse. Their face goes stony and tears begin to fall from their face. “She’s gone.” 

    Trevor and Alfredo hear this as they’re driving away from the bank, having managed to evade the cops’ attention. 

    “Shit man.” Alfredo mutters. 


    The return to the penthouse is solemn. They all stand in the elevator as the cheery music Geoff had it play instead of regular elevator music rings in their ears. A ding. The door opens. Geoff looks up from his dinner preparations. 

    “How did it g- Jack?” Geoff drops his whisk. He rushes forwards to the slumped figure in Jeremy’s arms. “What happened?” 

    “Sniper. I took care of it.” Alfredo’s voice is flat. 

    “Set her down over there.” Geoff gestures at the table he’d just cleaned for the post heist dinner. 

    Jeremy gently lowers her body onto the table. Geoff checks her pulse, just in case. When he confirms what he’d been told he collapses in sobs over Jack’s body. Michael puts his hand on Geoff’s shoulder and cries quietly with him. The rest of the crew bursts into the tears they couldn’t have while fleeing from the cops. Gavin sits in a chair, a vacant expression on his face, seemingly disconnected from life. His eyes are wide and he sits, unmoving. 

    An hour passes and slowly the crew disconnects from the rest to get food, shower, clean up, or for some of them just go to sleep. All that remains at the table is Geoff, sobs gone but quiet tears still streaming down his face, and Gavin still motionless in pretty much the same position he was in, dead eyed staring at the table. 

    Geoff feels something, like a jolt or a shiver go through Jack. 


    Jack feels something cold on her back. Her entire body is cold, except for her left hand. Her heart feels like she’s just done a line of coke. It pounds against her chest and she takes in a deep breath. Her lungs ache as they expand, her chest stretches and her ribs creak. She opens her eyes to Geoff and Gavin wide eyed staring at her. 

    “Jack?” Geoff whispers. 

    “That’s my name.” She chokes out as cheerily as possible. Her throat is painfully dry.