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Most people would see this kind of behavior as completely inappropriate for a mother to act in such a way.


It’s a good thing, I don’t give a shit about what most people think about my behavior.


I’ll do whatever I have to do for my daughter.


Even if that means, banging on some rando’s shop just so she can pee, and that’s exactly what I did. Oh, also I might have said some impolite words while at it.


No regrets there, the prick was asking for it.


Initially when he first opened the door, he looked as if he was ready to curse up a storm. But now, he’s standing there. Not uttering a single word, just staring.


What a weirdo.


The cold icy eyes I first met, somehow were replaced with something unfamiliar. Warmth, maybe?


Whatever it is, it doesn’t phase me. Due to the fact that, I’m still annoyed as hell.


I tighten my grip around Faith, eyeing him suspiciously. He’s tall and muscular. Suddenly I feel very cautious being around this stranger.


I stand up straight, not allowing the size of him to intimidate me.


Faith uncontrollably swings her legs a bit harder this time, kicking my thighs. Reminding me of our purpose here.


I break the silence between us.


“Look, I’m sorry alright. Everywhere else is closed for the day, and my daughter really needs to use the restroom. Could we please use yours? We’ll be quick.” I spoke with a hint of an attitude and urgency mixed together.


“MAMAAA! I gotta gooooooo!” Faith whines, wiggling mad like a worm.


His eyes widens at that, instantly opening the door wider for us.


“Aye, follow me.” He spoke with a Scottish brogue.


Ahh I was right, I did hear an accent.


He quickly walks away, leaving us at the doorstep. Immediately, I step into the shop and close the door behind us. Striding to catch up with him. The shop was certainly bigger than it looked from the outside.


Walking through the room, we pass by double doors. Which were left slightly open. Something sparkles from the small opening, and it catches my eye for a second. I turn away, to refocus my attention on the current situation at hand.


“This is it.” He says.


I rush past him, opening the restroom and switch on the light. Then I remember Faith’s ice cream cone. I hastily grab it from her hand.


Without meeting his gaze I say, “Hold this, please? Thanks.”


I push the cone into his hands, not waiting for a response I kick the door close with the bottom of my boot. Accidentally, slamming it louder than I anticipated.




Quickly, I set Faith down to the ground. She scrambles her way towards the toilet, struggling to unbutton her jeans. I assist her, and lift her onto the toilet.


The look of satisfaction washes over her face, as she finally relieves herself.


I crouch down before her as she continues to sit there; thanking the man above that we made it. It would have been a nightmare carrying her all the way back to the house in wet clothes. She certainly would have been uncomfortable the whole way, and most likely would’ve caught a cold.


Wrapping my cardigan tightly around my torso, I smile at her knowing what’s soon to come.


Faith starts swaying right to left on the seat humming the musical melody, and so it begins.


“You’re my honey bunch.
Sugar plum.
Pumpy umpy ummpkin.
You’re my sweetie pieeeee.
You’re my cubby cake…”


Gasping, she abruptly stops her performance. Scratching her head, frowning at me.


“Mama what’s after that? I forgot.”


“It’s gumdrop. Will it help, if I sing it with you?”


“Oh yes, pwease mama?”


I nod my head in agreement, and we resume where she left off.


Snookum snookums.
You’re the apple of my eyeeee!
And I love you sooooo.
And I want you to know.
That I will always be right here.
And I love to sing sweet songs to you.
Because you are sooooooo dearrr.”


My heart swells with pride.


That’s my baby, right there.


Routinely, I stand up applauding her, while she takes a bow sitting on the toilet.


“Good job lovey. Mama is so proud of you!” I bend down to her, and instead of presenting a bouquet of flowers. I deliver a rain of kisses to every inch of her adorable plump face.


A flush of red invades her chubby cheeks as she smiles, and I know she is also proud of herself. As she should be.


“Thank you mama.”


“You’re very welcome. Now, are you all done?” Asking with an arched brow, quizzing her.


She pauses to look around. Finding what she's looking for, she grabs the toilet paper to finish the job. I move slightly out of her way, and stay in my spot for moral support. If she requests for help, just like the line from the song.


I will always be right here.


Still not able to touch the ground from the toilet, she raises her hands up towards me. I lift her off, placing her back to the ground in order to pull up her bottoms. After fastening the button on her jeans back up, she presses the lever down to flush the toilet.


Returning her gaze back to me, she confidently states, “Done, now.”


Shaking my head, my lip curls into a tiny smirk.


“Not yet, you forgot something else.”


Her brows furrow, and I can see her little mind at work trying to remember each step of the routine.


Then it clicks.


Her mouth forms a small o, looking down at her hands. She makes her way to the sink. I was just about to help lift her, but she sees a pink child step stool in the corner of the room.


Independently she pushes it on her own in front of the sink. Stepping her way up, I walk my way to stand behind her, as a precaution. Deciding I might as well get rid of the stickiness of the ice cream too. I pump some soap into my hands and we both clean ourselves up.


Taking a look around my surroundings for the first time, I realize the restroom doesn’t look like it’s meant for customers. It looks too personal. A shower stood beside us with a glass door, and I can see men shower products lined up against the tile wall. Now, I definitely feel awkward.


Once we finish up, I return the stool to where it belongs. Then I decide it might be best if I carry Faith. I don’t know anything about the man who let us in. Especially after our nice little encounter. Who knows what he could be capable of. I prepare myself for the worse case scenario, and pick up Faith to walk out.


Walking the same way we came from. He was now standing behind the shop counter, rummaging through papers with one hand. Still holding Faith’s cone in the other. He wasn’t aware of our presence, because he was still flicking through the stack of papers.


I clear my throat, and his head snaps towards our direction. He carefully sets the papers back down on the counter.


“Thank you for allowing us to use your restroom, I really appreciate it.”


I feel the slight pressure of guilt build within my chest.


Oh for fuck sake. Be the bigger person here, Beauchamp. After all he did just save your daughter from a wet accident.


“Again, I’m sorry about earlier. I could have handled that very differently.”


He moves away from the counter, and reveals a faint smile.


“Dinna fash, I get it. I also have to apologize to ye as well.”


He gets it? Oh maybe he has a little one as well, which would explain him having a child step stool in the restroom.


He continues, “I was the eejit who raised my voice at ye first.”


I laugh nervously.


“Oh well, I won’t argue with you there.”


“On which part?”


His question catches me off guard. “Huh?”


“Me being the eejit or me being the one to yell first?”


“Both.” I snicker.


He snorts and reveals a real dazzling honest smile.


Faith then taps my shoulder, tilting my head down to her. She shyly looks over to him, and back at me. Leaning into my ear she cups her hands around her mouth.


She quietly whispers, “Mama. He has my ice cream.”


I can’t help but grin at her, trying to hide my amusement. I was the one who shoved it in his hands after all. I copy her actions, and whisper back to her.


“It’s okay, remember I had to give it to him to hold while we were in the restroom?”


Leaning away from each other, she nods her head understandingly.


I look back at him, he was still smiling at us. Normally, when people, especially strangers smile this much. It creeps me out. But seeing him smile, it feels different. I feel comfortable.


“Also sorry about shoving that in your hands, I hope it didn’t make a mess.” I grimace, eyeing the cone in his grasp.


“Tis fine, and it truly didn’t. If we continue to apologize like this to each other, we might be here all evening.” Saying in a joking manner.


He approaches us, stretching his hand out to Faith.


“I think this belongs to ye.” Returning her cone back to her, with a friendly smile.


Faith returns a smile, taking her cone back into her possession. She peers into the cone, and sticks her bottom lip out in a pout.


“Mama, it’s juice.” She shows me what exactly she’s looking at. It’s completely melted.


“Aw it's alright lovey, we're going to have dinner anyway.” Soothing her back in circular motions for reassurance.


She frowns and murmurs. “Mmmkkayyy.”


He bends his knees, in order to get eye level with Faith.


“Do ye ken that I’m verra good friends with the people who make the ice cream, at the ice cream parlor?”


Faith shakes her head.


“Well mebbe I can tell them what happened with this one, and they can give ye another one. Next time when ye and yer mam are around.”


“Reellly?” Her eyes instantly light up.


“Mmmhmmmm it can be the same flavor with sprinkles.”


Wrinkling her nose, with a look of disapproval.


“Can I pwease get rainbow dots instead?”


He laughs with a giant smile plastered across his face, “Oh aye I’ll make sure ye get all the rainbow dots they have.”


Faith extends her empty hand out, lifting her small pinky finger to him.




Shaking my head at her with a warning look. “No lovey.”


She drops her hand, and the frown returns.


Turning my gaze to him, “I truly appreciate the gesture, I really do. But we’ve already been such an inconvenience to you already. There’s no need to do that. ”


“The heat from my hand did cause her ice cream to melt. Ye ken? Tis the least I can do.” He said with a bit of hope in the tone of his voice.


He knows darn well the ice cream would’ve still melted even if he wasn’t holding it. But it wasn’t like he was taking us to get the ice cream. All he was planning to do was just put in a word with his friends. What's the worst that could happen?


Sighing in defeat. “Oh, alright then.” It’s the second time today I caved in to a stranger.


What’s going on with me?


The tension in his shoulders relaxes, and he looks pleased with my answer. He sees Faith raise her pinky finger to him again.


Repeating, “Pwomise?”


He extends his own pinky finger to her, ready to commit the ultimate promise.


Linking their pinkies together he says, “Aye, I promise.”


Bouncing with so much excitement, she always loves making pinky promises. I don’t know which one she was more excited about. The pinky promise or the ice cream.


“Okay well, it’s time for us to get going now. Before it gets any darker. Thank you again, for letting us in, and for that.” Motioning towards Faith.


“Anytime.” He says with complete sincerity.


Patting Faith’s back I ask her, “Lovey, do you want to say something?”


Profusely nodding her head yes. She says. “Thank you.”


“Och, yer welcome lass.”


I open the same door I almost kicked down ten minutes ago, and make our way to exit. Just as we pass the threshold I feel Faith gently shaking, she must be waving goodbye.


Then I hear her say happily. “Bye-bye Mr. Prick.”


I stop dead in my tracks, and my jaw drops to the floor. Quickly covering Faith’s mouth with my hand, she looks at me with complete confusion. Not knowing the meaning of what she had just said.


Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I hope he didn’t hear her.


But hope in this moment is fatal, because I hear him roaring with laughter behind us.