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The Chaos Theory

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The Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory and branch of mathematics focusing on the study of chaos: dynamical systems whose apparently random states of disorder and irregularities are actually governed by underlying patterns and deterministic laws that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.


If you met a person and talked to them, you might have ended up getting robbed and beaten to death. But in another world, you might have picked to ignore them, you got home and started playing Mario kart with your best friend. It was one decision that determined life and death at the moment, and it proves that anything could change depending on who you do things with.


But in this case, Multiple choices means multiple outcomes for Anthony.


Today was a good day, they had an amazing Among Us lobby. There was the Giggle Theory that got Shubble voted out, which ended up being a good thing for the crewmates. Junk is still being the old man he is, still asking about these ‘Pokemans’ which is inevitably hilarious. And then there’s Ze…


How does he explain Mr. ZeRoyalViking?


To Anthony, he was the stars. His bright smile and joyous laughter had always made his day better. He wished for a day when he could stand next to him, hand in hand, at a beach laughing like lovers. He couldn’t do that unfortunately; he can’t be greedy. He can’t be lovers with him, Anthony dearest already has Jess. What more could he ask for in life? He has a stable job as a Twitch streamer, pets that he loves with his very soul, a partner that loves him for who he is, and friends that meant the world to him. Nothing could go wrong, right?


“Hey chilled, who are you voting for?”


He snapped back into reality, he forgot he was playing with his friends for a moment. It’s Ze, Platy, and himself at the meeting table, everyone murdered with the exception of the three at the table. He was the medic, he shielded Ze, but he hasn’t been attacked at all, but Platy looks suspicious as hell. There was only one impostor, the game would’ve ended already if there was two of them. So, he picked the obvious choice.

“Well then, I trust Ze more than you so… I’m voting the Platy out of here!”

“It’s Chilled! Ze don’t trust him, he’s lying!”

Unfortunately, the votes are in with Chilled having 1 vote, Ze has none, and poor Platy has 2 votes.


Platy was ejected.

Impostors win!


“You guys forgot about the Vampire! Garlic club failed you all!”

Ze laughs as his friend were all over the place when they realized that vampires only need to bite someone outside of a garlic, and they can die inside it after they’ve been bitten. Chilled feels like an idiot for shielding the vampire, but the ZeRoyalChaos duo needed to live on! They were about to start a new game, when his phone started ringing. He looked down on the screen to see it was from Jess. She was supposed to be hanging out with her friends right now.

‘What could she want from me? She knows I’m streaming, and she only calls when it’s really important.’

He told everyone in the lobby to wait a minute, and that he needed to take a quick call.


He muted his Discord and answered the phone.

“Hello is this Anthony?” It wasn’t Jess, but he answered yes anyway.

“I unfortunately have some bad news.” Bad news, this can’t be good.

“Jess was walking down the street in the rain ahead of us…” He doesn’t feel so good anymore.

“It was dark out; we never saw it coming from a mile away.” Why does he feel afraid?

“There was a car, the road was wet and it was dark…” No, this shouldn’t be happening.

“I’m sorry Anthony…” Please, not her.



“But Jess is gone, she died the moment the car hit her.” Was this his end?


There is a world in where Jess never went out with her friends and survived.

There is a world in where Jess went out alone to buy some groceries and came home to a kiss on the cheeks.

There is a world in where Jess stayed at home and lived until she grew old.


But this was the world where she hung out with her friends and died a tragic death.


It can’t be true, he wished it wasn’t true. His love just died, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to do anything, but then he remembered the lobby. He told her thank you for telling him about her death and closed the call. He went back to the lobby and unmuted his Discord.


“I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think I can play anymore today.” They asked why, it was always why.

“Jess died in a car accident.” There was silence, and before anyone could say anything.


He left the voice chat.


He told his stream that he would be taking a break and that his girlfriend just died. The chat sends their regards, and proceeds to slowly move to another streamer. He looked at his phone to his friends streaming on Twitch, but upon a closer inspection, there was someone missing.

Why was Ze not streaming? He was just live a few minutes ago. And his answer came in the form of a text message from his best buddy Ze.


Hey chilled, I hope you are ok.

Everyone was worried when you left, they all wanted to call you.

But I stopped them, I told them to give you some space.

I messaging you because I want to tell you that’s it’s ok to cry.

And I will always be there when you need me.

So, when you need me, call me ok?

I will open my arms for you, so don’t hesitate ok bud?


He decides to take the offer.


Calling Ze…


“Hey Ze, you said that I could call you at any time.”

“Yeah, what do you need?” He didn’t ask if there was something he needed, he knows that he needed something.

“I want to ask first, why did you end your stream? You could’ve continued on like the others.”

“Chilled, we may stream on Twitch to entertain our fans. But that doesn’t mean I would prioritize them over my best friend.” His best friend, he never deserved a friend like him after everything he put him through.

“Thanks buddy, I just don’t want to be alone right now. The house feels empty without her.”

“Hey Chilled, how about I come stay with you for a while. Only if you want to that is.” He was offering him comfort; he was too kind and he was too selfish for his own good.

“I would love that Steven.”

“Hold tight Anthony, I will be there as soon as I can.”


There is a world in where he refused his offer and went into depression.

There is a world in where his family stayed with him to keep him company, only to ignore them until it was too late.

There is a world in where he refused and ignored his best friend with a rope and a chair.


But this was the world where he accepted the offer so he could heal his heart from his inner demons.


The next Month went by in a flash.

Ze caught a plane and joined Chilled in his own home.

Jess Got a funeral that will forever be remembered in his heart.

Her stuff got moved, shipped to her parents as they mourn the loss of their daughter.

Ze eventually moved in with him, to keep him company like the friend he is.


Life was almost normal, only this time there was no Jess.


It was only him, his best friend, and an Among Us lobby chuck full of chaotic people.

Kara, Shubble, Platy, Junk, Cheesy, Tay and was here. It was a small lobby with the eight of them, but it still feels right.


Everyone in this lobby, they feel like home to him. They were supportive through his struggles, they didn’t ignore him and still invited him to their lobbies to cheer him up.


“So, is everyone ready?” Everyone replied with a ‘Yes’ and they were excited to play a game.


Starting game in…




[Error, game not found]


Huh, something wasn’t right.

The screen was dark, and everyone was confused. But there was something on the screen.


Would you like to play a game?

[Yes] [No]


“Is anyone getting a weird prompt asking you if you want to play a game?” Tay was confused, same like everyone here. Everyone discussed what to do, and eventually decided to say yes and continue on with the game.


But it never asked if they wanted to play a game of Among Us.


Welcome to our game! The rules are very simple so don’t worry!

Rule 1. Death is not permanent, just like your friendship.

Rule 2. Anything can happen, our influence is like poison to your minds.

Rule 3. Rules will be changed depending on what game you play.

Rule 4. Don’t forget, the game would not let you.

Rule 5. Win the games and you’ll be free.

Rule 6. Break the rules and suffer the consequences.

Rule 7. Have fun.

Goodluck and may blood be spilled amongst you all.



There is a world where they clicked yes and continued playing Among us like a family.

There is a world where they clicked no and had to restart the whole lobby again.

There is a world where the question never popped up in the first place, never questioned, never remembered.


But this was the world where they said yes to a game about death, only to try and find a way out of this death game.


The world around them went dark, and when they opened their eyes again, they only see each other. The room was dark, it was like it had no walls. It felt like it too, so spacious yet it felt so small. Everyone eventually woke up with confusion and fear in their eyes. He looked around to find Ze standing alone, he looked scared. Chilled walk up to him, he wanted to give him the same comfort he gave him the past month.


“Ze what ever happens, let us stick together.” He just nods, accepting him with open arms.

He knew Ze didn’t want to be alone, so sticking together did them both some good.    

Everyone gathered around a door, it was closed and everyone was wondering if they should open it and go through. Tay argued that they should stay and observe the door for a while, Junk says that they should go through the door.

“There is nothing else here, if we stay here, we risk dying from hunger or even getting attacked. We are defenseless and who ever trapped us here could probably hurt us if they wanted to. Our only option is to go through this door.” Nobody could argue with Junk’s logic. And so one by one they went through the door, leaving only Ze and Chilled alone before the door.

“So it’s just you and me buddy.”

“Hey Chilled, promise me something.”

“What is it?”

“What ever happens during this, let’s not hold it against each other. I’m scared, the rules mentioned that our friendship isn’t permanent like death here. I just want you to know, if there ever come to a point where I’m forced to hurt you… I’ll save you for last if I can.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do the same for you Ze.”

“We should get going, they might scold us for keeping them waiting for too long.”

“Yeah man, let us go through Chilly Willy.”

“Okay Mr. Viking, let’s get this over with.”

They both looked at each other and nod.

With a deep breath they both went through.


As they went through the door, it shut behind them. They never got to notice the sign above them as it lit up when the door shut. It says…




And so it begins…

But death is not permanent here.


So what is their goal?



And what will he do?