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Ectober Day 4 - Glitter

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Wes was looking at fall decorations when he devised his latest plan. He had mistakenly grabbed a glitter-covered floral arrangement as he was moving out of the way for another customer, and the glitter decided to make his hand its new home.

It didn’t bother him in the moment, but hours later, when tiny bright specks littered his hand, he spent a good twenty minutes washing them off. Somewhere in the middle of his grumbling, he had an idea. A new plan; and this one had to work.

He already knew Danny Fenton was Phantom. It was obvious if anyone had bothered paying attention. They even looked similar! It was impossible to stare at Phantom for too long without starting to freeze, and any ghost fight was extremely dangerous to get close to, but even a glance would be enough if you were looking for similarities.

And this new plan? It would barely be a glance. All he had to do was get to work.



Sure, he could have broken the lock, but Wes had no need to. Danny had never bothered to remove the tape on the back that had the combination marked on it. All he had to do was turn the dial, shove the glitter bomb in Danny’s locker, close it, and run around the corner before anyone noticed.

Having memorized their schedules, he knew that Sam and Tucker were at the opposite end of the school for their history class. Danny would come out of biology and end up right by his locker.

Now, Wes was certain that he’d seen Danny just pop his hand through his locker in the middle of the day. And he wouldn’t let that ruin his one and only chance at this little experiment.

So when he saw Danny approach the locker, he took a breath, prepared himself, and started to walk right up. He could’ve sworn he saw Danny raise his hand up to the metal before glancing at him and lowering it to the lock.

“What do you want, Wes?” Danny said, flipping the lock over.

“You know what I want,” Wes answered, and he made a show of pacing around, but really, he was keeping his distance.

“Listen dude, I’m running on three hours of sleep.” Click. “The least you could do is wait until-”

Danny opened the locker, and a loud pop echoed across the hall. A mound of glitter and glue exploded from the bag in his locker, in a giant puff of pink and purple sparkles. Danny’s inhuman reaction time meant he had managed to put up his arms in defense immediately, but it didn’t stop the stray swirls of glitter from hitting him in the face.

Wes couldn’t help it. He snorted, head hitting back against the lockers as he started laughing.

“Is this… glitter?” Danny looked at his arms, and the tension in his shoulders dropped. He let out a noise somewhere in between a sigh and a laugh.

“You know, with that-” Wes cackled in between words. “Anyone will see you a mile away!”

Danny flicked his arms towards Wes, who didn’t bother dodging the inevitable glitter, and then leaned forward with a grin.

“You know, if I were a ghost, the glitter would go right through me,” Danny whispered back. “Intangibility and all that.”

Danny held up a hand, and his palm and fingers vanished into thin air. Flecks of glitter fell to the ground. Just as Wes was about to shout, they were interrupted by the bell.

“Oh, gotta go!” Danny exclaimed, giving a wave with his perfectly clean hand.

Wes had to stop himself from slamming his books against the nearest wall. Still, maybe someone would notice! He practically growled as he gripped his bag and went to the next class, already preparing his next plan.

It had only taken about an hour until the temperature in Casper High had dropped. Soon enough, a voice over the speakers warned everyone of ghost activity in the building.

Wes ignored the protests from his teachers and instead grabbed his camera as he sprinted the opposite direction of everyone else. He had to see Phantom immediately, before the glitter…

“You should probably head the other way.” A voice echoed unnaturally in the hallway, and Wes could feel his hair stand on edge. He glanced back, not quite sure where it came from, and saw nothing but an empty hallway.

When he turned back around, Phantom was inches from his face, smiling a bit too sharp. Wes yelped and instinctively took a step back. The room felt as if it were smaller, the colors less saturated, the lights flickering. He felt like- No. He shook his head.

Snap out of it, Wes, he thought, and he steeled himself. Looking at the ghost that wavered in the air, he scanned for a sparkle. It hurt his eyes, like he was staring at an old static TV screen for a bit too long. But even as he stared, he realized. There was not a single speck of glitter anywhere on him.

“Very funny, Danny.” Wes hissed out the name, knowing it wouldn’t get a reaction.

“Just some friendly advice!” Phantom gave him a mock salute and flew straight through the wall.

Wes stared for a moment, watching condensation form on the wall, before he tore himself away from the hallway.

He could feel his heart racing, and he wanted to scoff at it. Fuck ghosts and their stupid fucking scary auras. Of course Danny was messing with him! When did he not?

He heard rushed chatter coming his way and immediately dipped into the nearest bathroom. Wes certainly wasn't in the mood to be lectured by his teacher just yet.

As the lights flicked on, he stopped in his tracks.

The bathroom floor was littered with glitter. But it didn’t look like the same kind Wes had bought, no. Instead of the pink sparkles that were recently coating Danny Fenton, these were a dark green. Completely inverted.

Wes barked out a laugh, stepping forward to drag his fingers through the pile. He felt like he had just stepped into a cave full of gold. After all this time, he finally had proof . Solid, literal, proof .

Now, all he had to do was convince everyone to listen to him long enough to show the proof.

Which… wasn't going to be easy. Shit.