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Male omegas were always looked down on since forever. They were considered ‘weak’ ‘feminine’ ‘cant be anything’. Minho thought they were right his whole life. His life was constant reminders that he’ll never be big by his father, brother, and mother. It was imprinted in his head ever since he was born. He was kept away from his family because he was too much of an ‘embarrassment.’ Minho agreed with everything they said. He had a feminine body, couldn’t do things right. He had a passion for sports but all he would see was his father teach his brother sports he admired from watching on the tv, soccer, basketball and such.

He can consider himself lucky. After getting accepted into SM entertainment, almost being rejected because he was an omega but after the CEO saw his singing potential, he got in. Once his family heard story they didn’t talk to him at all, the cold shoulder was intense. He first moved into the dorms with four other people who were alphas. Minho’s worst nightmare. He remembers their faces when he first moved in. The first one who welcomed him was Lee Jinki.

He curled into a ball in the corner in his shared room, he usually does this. Quiet, silent, and shy. Minho didn’t mind the loud noise coming from the other room. ‘Probably Jonghyun Hyung..’ he thought. He closed his eyes and buried his head under his arms.

“Hey…I know Jonghyun is loud sometimes…” Minho jumped a bit and turned around and looked up. Jinki smiled at him.

“Jinki Hyung…” Jinki chuckled and curled up next to him. “I know it’s overwhelming being put in a form with four people you have no idea who they are. Especially when they’re alphas. You don’t to be afraid.”

Minho stayed silent. “Make yourself at home. You’ll get used to all of our bickering. I’ll call you when dinners ready.” With that Jinki got up and left the room. That made Minho less scared.

Meeting the others were a hassle. Key or Kibum. Was weird. Their interactions would be just bickering. They would argue about stuff that was not that necessary at all. But it would always be Key that would be the first to apologize, always coming to Minho’s room and asking him if he wanted to go eat out somewhere with him and they’d be friends again. Minho had a habit of calling Key ‘bummie’ at first Key would correct him, saying ‘my name is Key.’ But after hearing that name a million times he didn’t even care anymore, even paying his attention to Minho whenever he would say ‘bummie.’ They were the ones that got more close then anyone else in the group.

Then there was Jonghyun Hyung. Minho used to avoid him at all costs because he was so intimidating but after him and Jonghyun were ordered to watch the dorms while the other were gone, Jonghyun became attached to the other, always talking about the most random things like ‘wanna play soccer?!’, surprise hugging him, giving him a heart attack. They both almost burned the kitchen because none of them knew how to cook properly. Minho always liked it when Jonghyun would cuddle with him in bed. He gave the best ones beside Taemin. Jonghyun always would be the first one to jump on him to say good morning.

Then there was Taemin, the one that always stared at him and smiled at him. Minho would always feel him staring at him. But after a few days, Taemin started talking to him, having the biggest smile that he’d ever seen. He admitted that he was shy to talk to him at first but he manned up. He would always talk about his cat Kkong and would sometimes bring him over. Taemin would be the first members that Minho trusted the most.

When SM first introduced their new boy group with a omega, Minho already expected to get some backlash. But oh boy he was wrong. He got many girls cooing or fangirling over his cuteness and smiles, even his own group members. He met some SM artists that were also omegas that adored him too. He remembers being shocked when seeing all the members of super junior. His parents did talk to him for a while, checking up on him. The only thing he was worried about was his heat coming but he was reassured by the group that they’ll take good care of him. He wasn’t mated or claimed by the group yet, he wasn’t ready and they respected that.

When it did come to his safety in public like fans and paparazzi, they did put their clothes like jackets over him, proving to them that ‘he’s ours back off.’

He wasn’t this always quiet. After two years of debuting, he became talkative, much to the group’s liking. (Especially Jonghyun and Taemin.) he would be able to hold up a conversation for long periods of time and would be the first to start them. They learned more about him and learned he was funny that they thought he was.

His first heat was in public, they were out when they felt the smell of a strawberry sent coming from him. ‘Shit I didn’t expect your heat to happen right here’ were the last things Key said before lifting Minho up and running to the car, staying in the backseat and comforted him the best way he could.

“Ah…that hurts..” he whimpered. “Baby it’ll be ok, deep breaths…” Key said.

He lost his virginity to the group and they took good care of him for past week.

He was finally mated by Jinki and was in the pack. Of course they were closer then ever. They made him feel like an equal person then just an omega. They didn’t care if he was an omega. Minho felt safe around him.

But things really didn’t come to a happy ending. Today wasn’t really eventful, it was their comeback season and they just got done recording their new song. Minho stayed in his room for the most part not paying attention to anything. He was exhausted. He decided going to sleep would be better. Waking up was a struggle. He had a killer headache. ‘Wake up and get yourself out dammit…’ he grunted, walking slowly to the bathroom and washing some cold water over his face. That didn’t help. He had to go to practice to learn the choreography. He pushed himself and went to the studio.

He wiped the sweat off his face and curled himself to the corner, what he’d do when he’s stressed. “Minho ah, you have to put some effort in. We’re all tired too.” Key said in annoyance, wiping some sweat. Jinki patted Key’s shoulder and smiled. “Don’t get so frustrated yet Key, everyone makes mistakes.” Minho stood up and left the room with everyone else, ashamed of himself to let himself to mess up that bad.

The rest of the few days were hell for him, everyone else was equally tired by the comeback. It was time to eat and Jinki asked Minho to call Taemin to come eat.

Minho opened the door and found Taemin sleeping.

He walked over and tapped his shoulder. “Taemin Hyung…wake up please.” Taemin groaned and quietly pushed Minho’s hand away. Minho sighed. “Leave me alone Min. Give me a another minute.”

“Hyung you have to eat.” “I said later” he replied, in a more forced and irritated voice.

“Hyung…Onew Hyung said he’ll get mad if you miss another meal-“ Next thing Minho saw was a hand coming at him. A punch landed on him, making him fall back on the floor.

“Hey hey hey hey!” Jinki and Jonghyun ran into the room and held back Taemin who was clearly about to lung at Minho. Minho was distraught at Taemin’s sudden outburst that he didn’t even notice the pain on his cheek.

Minho quickly stood up. “I’m fine. It’s my fault he was exhausted and I knew he was sleeping and I bugged him. Sorry Hyungs..” he quietly turned around and walked back to his room. He quietly closed his door and that’s when it hit him. He knew it was happening. At this moment. He already knew the signs that his heat was coming and he completely ignored it. He completely forgot about it. ‘No no no no..’ in a state of panic, he scrambled to his bathroom and opened the drawers for his heat suppressants. The only time he’d use them were for emergencies and emergencies only. ‘This is for emergencies only’ Jinkis words rang into his head but he ignored it and took a handful, not even caring about how much he swallowed. He just wanted it all to stop.

The next day Minho woke up and the pain was gone. He felt normal but the stinging pain on the left side of his cheek was still there. He clearly remembered last night. It was his fault. He felt a wave of overwhelmingly guilt. He changed into better clothes and walked out of his room, it was quiet. He was gonna visit Changmin.

“He what?!” “Please calm down-“ Changmin slammed his hand on a table and stood up. “That doesn’t excuse his damn idiot behavior. He’s the one supposed to listen to you. Look at your cheek! It’s all red. He’s in the wrong not you.”

“I just came here to ask you for a big favor…” Minho said, looking down. “Fine.”

“Can I have some of your heat suppressants you have?”


Once he entered the dorm, he was harshly shoved into a room. He recognized this room. And by the intense air, it was bad. Jinki.

“Jinki-“ “Where the hell were you.” It wasn’t a question. It was a command. His grip on his wrists were impossible to let out.

“I said.” His eyes going darker, putting more force on him. “Where were you.” Scared to the core, Minho responded . “I was out with Changmin H-hyung.” Jinki punched the mattress, which was close to him. Minho flinched. This wasn’t Jinki. Minho tried letting go of his wrist but it just made it worse.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He whispered, going closer to Minho’s neck. “Ok Jinki stop-“

“You’re ours. You’re mine. Seeing you with Changmin pisses me off.” He started biting on Minho’s neck. Minho’s eyes widened as he shook his arms, trying to let loose. “Jinki!” He used his legs and kicked him off of him, tears threatening to fall. Jinki fell off and quickly stood back up.

“Stop! You’re not Jinki!” He knew it would be a bad idea but he went over and hugged him. “I….Minnie…..”

“I’m so sorry Minnie…I’m disgusted in myself.” He let go and looked away. “Minho leave. We can’t be alone with what I just did. Go.”

Another person he let down. Minho left.


The dorms were extra silent after that incident. They both haven’t told the other members. Taemin, Jinki, and Kibum haven’t talked to Minho at all. Jonghyun still hanged out with Minho whenever he had the time to. The rest were out, leaving him and Jonghyun alone. They both were sitting on the living room. Jonghyun slid next to Minho and smiled at him. Minho smiled back at him. “I can never get mad at you.”

Minho looked at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“You’re so quiet my sweetheart. Did I, the bling bling Jonghyun do something wrong?” Minho laughed quietly and shook his head. “No idiot, it’s nothing.” Jonghyun grinned at him. “I know you can never get mad at me. I’m the best.” “I know.”


It was 11:21 and it was close to midnight and they still weren’t home. He promised himself he’d stay up until they came back but he broke that promise. He went to sleep.

“Hey. Minnie.” He squinted his eyes. It was Key. “Key…”

He then was lifted up. “Woah woah woah.” Key sighed. “I know we were shit to you. I’m sorry.” Key put him down and grabbed his hand, leading him downstairs and to another room.

“I absolutely love you.” Key pushed Minho’s body closer to him. Minho pushed him back. Key pulled him closer. “Stop.”

Key suddenly stopped. He looked at him with a mixture of shocked and confused. “Minho..” Minho shook his head as he backed away. “What’s wrong..?”

“You ignored me for weeks and now this is your way of apologizing?” “I-“ “you’re really ignorant. If you actually wanted to apologize you would’ve just…” Minho harshly let go of his Key’s hands and glared at him.

“I cant forgive you. Neither Jinki or Taemin. You guys aren’t worth my time at all.” Instead of going any further that wouldve made Key’s heart break into pieces, he left him alone. But Key’s heart was already broken.


The group’s dynamics were not so good. They rarely talked to each other. The only time they’d communicate would be when they’d had to do promotions for their song. After another week of promotion, they were even more distant. Minho was worse. He continued to use his heart suppressants to ignore the fact that he was in pain.

Minho woke up to another headache and rushed over to the bathroom for his suppressants. But they were gone. He was gonna visit Changmin again.

“Please Changmin-“ “No. I cant do it. You can’t keep putting medications on yourself.” Minho ran his hand over his hair. “This isn’t about me. It’s for them.” “Well it shouldn’t be about them.” Changmin looked at him in pity. “Fine. But you’re responsible.” Minho sighed. “Thank you.”


He quickly walked back to the dorms and mentally prepared himself. He entered the room and the rest were sitting on the living room. Jonghyun walked over to him, smiling at him. “Hello! How’s your day?”

“Hey.” Jonghyun was skeptical. He was skipping his questions. “You bought something, what’d you get?” Minho shrugged. “Stuff.” Jonghyun frowned. “We can talk later I have some stuff to….” The bottle of pills fell out his pocket.

As just as he was about to pick it up, someone else picked it up for him. Jonghyun looked at them. “Oh you got some medication….” His smiled faded completely. Minho started to panic. ‘Shit’

Minho stared at the ground in guilt. Jonghyun looked at him, tears threatening to fall off his face. “Minho what is this.” No response. Jonghyun felt anger in his veins, he gripped the bottle. “WHAT IS THIS?!” Jonghyun, already full of tears grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him lightly. “What is this?! Minho!” Soon after the other were there. Jinki snatched it out of his hands. Taemin started crying.

Jonghyun shakily reached over and grabbed him. He hugged him. Minho buried his head under his chest and started uncontrollably sobbing. Key sniffed in the back before slowly getting over to the two and hugging them. It was all five of them hugging each other. Jinki kissed Minho’s forehead. “I love you so much.”

They reconnected and healed together. If it were something that Minho wouldn’t regret would be being with them.