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"Fine, I give up."

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“Fine, I give up.”

“So you agree that my proposed percentage breakdown of time spent on work matters versus personal matters is the most reasonable?”

Kevin scrubs his hands over his face. “No. I give up.”

“You give up,” Raymond repeats, not understanding. “What do you mean by that? What do you mean? If you could clearly explain and ground your objections in facts rather than emotions, I’m sure we can resolve this impasse. Wouldn’t you agree, Dr. Ramanujan?”

Dr. Ramanujan has long since given up trying to interject in their arguing.

“Let me be perfectly candid, then,” Kevin says, looking up at Raymond. “If, as you suggest, you are incapable of prioritizing our relationship over your work, then –

He looks away, the words sticking in his throat. Suddenly he finds his eyes burning. But he takes a deep breath and looks back up at his husband.

“Then that is not a relationship that I wish to be a part of.”

Raymond’s face falls.

“I do not wish to continue to invest time and energy in maintaining this relationship when I know you will not do the same,” Kevin continues, and stands up. “Goodbye, Raymond.”

He leaves before he can succumb to the urge to look back.