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Jaune Arc, Breeding Stud 5: A Hero’s After Party

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Gwen goes back to her team, as Octavia is called up to Jaune Arc’s side, Octavia is wearing a somewhat modest attire, but she starts taking these modest clothes off, she says “Okay, Jaune, since you bred the rest of my team, I just find it fair that you finish with me.” Jaune says “Okay, honey, so take your panties off for me, my little princess.” Octavia complied, her panties then falling to the ground. Jaune says “Gods, you’re one sexy woman, I have a plan for you.” Octavia says “What is it, Daddy?” Jaune says “Be a good little slut for Daddy, and I’ll put a fresh little Arc bun into your oven.” Octavia says “Daddy, you own me like the little slut I am, so please fuck a baby into me, make me a pregnant slut for that big cock.” Jaune then says “Oh yes, princess, surround me with your pussy, I want to feel you being used as a fleshlight for this monster.” Octavia says “Anything for you, Daddy.”

Jaune Arc was quick to put his dick into Octavia, the Vacuan woman enjoying Arc dick inside her. Jaune says “Octavia, I must say, your ass is thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal.” Octavia says “Thanks, I work on making my ass thicc for blonde studs like you.” Jaune puts his hands on Octavia’s ass whilst he’s fucking a baby into her. Octavia says “Gods yes daddy, use my ass as your fucktoy, I love every second of that big cock inside me, so be a good king and put a healthy heir inside this slutty little princess.” Octavia can feel Jaune’s cock deep inside her, the blonde stud saying “Well, I’m gonna give this to you, for being such a good slut for your daddy.” Jaune starts making out with Octavia, the Arc’s tongue battling for dominance with Octavia’s. The 2 are matching each other’s movements. Jaune then puts his hands on Octavia’s tits, she then says “Yes daddy, start playing with these milkers. In the future they’ll be filled with a warm milk for our children.” Jaune says "These'll do perfectly for our future children, they'd be well fed with this great quantity of milk that'll form in those breasts of yours." Octavia says "Thanks, and while the children inevitably develop, I'd let you drink from me in the meantime." The young Vacuan huntress can feel her blonde stud's dick in her she says "Oum yes, fill me so that I'd constantly be an incubator for your babies."

Jaune says “Gods Octavia, I can tell how much you love the idea of being your daddy’s incubator, and I’d be happy to make you a mommy.” Jaune and Octavia are making out, as he has Octavia’s nipples between his fingers, she says “Daddy, yes, play with my nipples, it’s any girls duty to pleasure their daddy.” Jaune then says “Octavia, you’re doing great at taking me inside you.” Octavia’s face has an expression of pure sexual bliss, she then says “Gods, I can tell you’re close to bursting, so please, fill my slut pussy with your baby batter.” Jaune says “Ask and you shall receive, honey.” Jaune Arc cums inside Octavia, the Vacuan huntress says “Thanks.” The Arc man says “Welcome, so I assume that this has been finished.” Jaune then recognizes the lamp.

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