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Jaune Arc, Breeding Stud 5: A Hero’s After Party

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Gwen walks up to Jaune, Gwen says “Well, I guess we should do this.” Jaune says “That’s the idea.” Gwen says “Okay, I guess I should start stripping for you.” Gwen takes her top off her natural C cup breasts. Jaune then starts making out with Gwen, her very skimpy panties being the only thing between her pussy and Jaune’s monster of a cock.

Jaune and Gwen start making out, Jaune then starts having puts his fingers on the edge of Gwen’s labia which is just visible surrounding the thin fabric of her panties, he can actively feel her getting damp in the vaginal area from the making out. Gwen then takes her panties off, as Gwen says “Let’s get started.” Jaune replies “I couldn’t agree more.”

Gwen lowers her pussy onto Jaune’s monster cock, she says “Gods, you’re quite the hung breeding stud.” Jaune then says “Gwen, please be a good little girl for daddy.” Gwen says “Sure, Daddy, please fuck your little princess like the little whore I am for your cock.” Out of pure lust, Jaune then spanks Gwen, she says “Yes, Daddy, punish your little whorish princess.”

Jaune says “Gods, you’re a good little girl for daddy.” Gwen says “Please fill me with your cum, make me your little breeding sow.” Jaune is deep inside Gwen’s tight pussy, Gwen is biting her lip from her feeling Jaune’s monster cock deep in her pussy. Jaune says “Gwen, daddy is going to cum, I hope you’re prepared to be a mommy.” Jaune cums inside Gwen as a result of 3 hours of dicking Gwen down, Gwen says “Thank you daddy.” Jaune is ready for the next of the girls in the harem.

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