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Jaune Arc, Breeding Stud 5: A Hero’s After Party

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Jaune Arc has arrived back to Vale, there every woman he’d had relations with in the past month was there, to celebrate Salem being redeemed, they were all wearing outfits akin to what members of the previous Arc harem would wear, very skimpy lingerie, with cosplay schoolgirl outfits. Jaune’s ecstatic for this, since he could get closer than he could with just sex, due to Ozpin’s lifting of the rules surrounding the Breeding Stud title the week Jaune had become the breeding stud, and hoped for a great future. Suddenly as he was doing a head count he had gotten 7 additional women, one walks forward, a girl he vaguely recognized, she was a friendly rival of Pyrrha during Pyrrha’s time at Sanctum, and was very interested in trying to one up Pyrrha, by fucking Jaune better than Pyrrha could ever imagine.

Arslan walks up to Jaune, her outfit looking extremely good on her body, Jaune then takes out his dong, 1 yard of cock is now between Jaune’s legs, Arc men are famous for being better endowed than other families, Pyrrha thinks to herself “How much has he grown, I mean I want to know in the event where I’d want his child to have biological siblings, and not half siblings.” Arslan then says “I bet Pyrrha couldn’t withstand a dick this big without struggling.” Arslan thinks to herself “Shit, I’m a virgin, he might actually split me in half with this fucking cannon between his legs.” Arslan, already sensing her lie has been figured out by Pyrrha, due to Pyrrha being fucked silly by Jaune’s monster 3 days ago, she says “I’ll let you know, Arslan Altan, that I had this bitch breaker inside me earlier this week, and I handled it like the champion I am, I hope you good luck Arslan.” Arslan says “No need to be a dick about it, no pun intended.”

Arslan lowers herself onto Jaune’s cock, she actively needs to stifle her desire to moan out, just from Jaune’s cock going inside her, Pyrrha says “Arslan, you seem to not be handling it well, if you want to tap out, now’s your chance.” Arslan is turned on even more from the challenge of one upping Pyrrha, but she could feel Jaune all the way to her breasts, whilst he’s fucking her pussy. She thinks to herself “Jaune’s tearing me apart from the inside with this cock, if I survive this, I’d probably just be another girl in this harem, but ultimately being below Pyrrha again.” Arslan has came 50 times already, and that’s just from the 3rd thrust, Jaune is thinking “Arslan is definitely inexperienced, but so was everyone at some point, but I don’t see her surpassing the sheer pleasure I’d experienced with Pyrrha, and all the women I’ve slept with prior to this.”

Arslan has came 1000 times, and Jaune’s still half an hour from being ready to cum inside Arslan, further cementing Jaune as Remnant’s future patriarch. Arslan says “Gods, he’s using me like a common whore, at this point I’ll take what I can get.” Jaune and Arslan start making out as Jaune cums inside Arslan’s cunt, Jaune’s swimmers painting the inside of her pussy a nice shade of white, definitely knocking Arslan up. Jaune takes his cock out, Pyrrha says “Arslan, you had came 1000 times, you must have not even masturbated to have even came that many times within the span of 3 hours. Jaune, so who’d you find more pleasurable as a sexual partner.” Jaune says “Pyrrha, I declare you as the winner against Arslan Altan for most pleasurable this week, I mean with you being my first, and I hope that you’d also be my wife, I wish the same general role for the rest of this harem, to be my wives.” The rest of the women blush, Arslan says “I guess a big dicked stud like you deserves an amount of wives in the double digits.” Jaune says “Next up for this is Reese Chloris.”

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