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I’m not trying to fall in love with you, I just wanna make out in my car

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The Pony was crowded, for a Wednesday night. There were scatterings of regular, solo drinkers sat along the bar and in the corner booths. A couple of couples struggling through the awkward beginning and ends of relationships were watching the ice melt in their drinks. But the crowd of aliens and weirdos playing pool in the corner were making enough noise that the place felt lively.

Alex was three beers deep. Drunk enough that he was enjoying the buzzing in the ends of his fingers, but still sensible enough to know that he probably shouldn’t start making out with Michael in the middle of the bar, in spite of the looks his boyfriend was giving him.

Michael was checking Alex out shamelessly, eyes travelling up and down his body without embarrassment. Alex was concentrating so hard on not guessing what Michael was picturing that he didn’t hear Di Luca say it was his turn in pool until the third time she yelled it.

“Focus Alex! This tournament is life or death!”

Alex shook his head, laughing, and approached the table with his cue. As he leant down against the soft green fuzz of the table to line up his shot, he saw movement in his peripheral vision. Michael had slumped back in the bar stool he was sitting on, hand held up to his face where he was running his knuckles along his lips, hungrily. Alex flubbed the shot.

He downed his beer as an excuse to amble back to the bar, and stood next to Michael, elbows leant on the sticky dark wood and eyes focused firmly on the bartender, busy with other customers at the far end of the bar.

“You distracted me.”

Michael didn’t turn in his chair, gaze still fixed away from the bar on the ongoing game of pool, as Maria took her shot.

“Manes I didn’t say a goddamn thing. Think maybe your pool skills aren’t as strong as you like to brag.”

Alex turned his head to face Michael, unable to keep the smile from his face now.

“You know exactly what you did”

Michael met his gaze, “Yeah, I do.” He leant forward and closed the distance, placing a quick kiss on Alex’s lips, before pulling back. It was a small gesture, but they had kept their relationship a secret for so long even that chaste kiss provoked a swoop of excitement through Alex’s belly.

“But honestly Manes, I can be a lot more distracting than that when I wanna be.” He took a swig from his beer, not breaking eye contact.

“Is that a promise or a threat?”

Just at that moment the harried bartender slid back into Alex’s view, eyebrows raised and waiting for an order. It was while Alex was deciding whether he wanted a single or a double, that he felt it. He knew from experience what it was like when Michael used his powers on him. A strange, weightless warm pressure that had caught him on occasion when his crutch slipped on gravel, or had helped sweep him off the ledge when the Lockhart machine had almost killed him.

This time, it was an insistent welcoming pressure around his soft dick, and it momentarily took his breath away.

“Dude, you know what you want or not?” The bartender was looking at him with a mixture of confusion and annoyance.

“J-jack and coke. Double. Please.” Alex managed to get out. As the bartender turned to throw the drink together, Alex elbowed Michael in the stomach without looking, eliciting an annoyingly charming laugh from him — and the pressure at his crotch dissipated.

Now Michael spun round in his bar stool, so for the first time since Alex had approached the bar they were properly facing each other. “Sorry if you didn’t like that, I only did it because I thought you would.” He brought one hand up to place a reassuring, entirely physical and earth-reality based, pressure on Alex’s lower back. Alex smiled at him, his mind racing with all the possibilities that had just occurred to him. Really, really inappropriate and stupid possibilities that they definitely shouldn’t explore in a crowded bar.

“What if I did like it?”

Alex actually saw Michael’s pupils blow wider at his words, a hungry look coming over his face. The bartender pushed his drink across the bar and Alex paid for it hurriedly. Picking it up he turned and whispered in Michael’s ear “just don’t get me hard…yet”, before returning to the pool table. He didn’t allow himself to turn back and watch Michael’s reaction, but he had fun imagining it. He was willing to play this game, but he did not want all his friends to see him walking around the bar with a hard-on.

Alex played his turn, pocketing three balls and earning a high-five from Di Luca. He had almost forgotten about the other game he had initiated, when he felt it. A small circle of pressure over his hole, like a thumb-pad resting there. He inhaled out through his nose slowly, resisting the urge to rock his hips against the pressure. He risked a glance over his shoulder at Michael.

Still sat on the same bar stool, Michael looked relaxed. He smiled at Alex, lifting up his beer in a friendly cheers gesture. At the exact same moment the pressure at his hole pulsed forward, punching a small exhale out of Alex. What are we doing? He thought distantly to himself. But he had noticed that even though Michael looked relaxed, his body language was slightly hunched over. He was already hard, and trying to hide it, just at the thought of doing this to Alex. It was that knowledge more than anything that made Alex smile and nod at Michael, before turning and carrying on with the game. He needed to see how far they would take this.

He stood with his back to Michael, chalking the tip of his cue and eyeing up the layout of the pool table, before bending over to line up his shot. He had made sure Michael would have an excellent view. Unsurprisingly, the moment after he bent over, he felt the pressure press into him. It felt like taking a finger up to the first knuckle, but the strange thing was, even without lube it felt smooth and easy. He was just wandering whether that was because there wasn’t actually any friction happening when Di Luca heckled him — “take the shot!” And he did, pocketing one ball but missing the other. He stood slowly, this time Michael did not slip out, Alex could still feel him inside.

A flush started to creep up his neck now as he realised that essentially Michael was fingering him in a crowded bar. Fuck, that should not be as hot as it was. Following Alex’s instruction Michael hadn’t touched his dick, but even so he could tell he was already starting to get hard. He leant one hand against the edge of the pool table as he pretended to watch Di Luca take her shot. For once, he hoped people would think he was taking weight off his prosthetic, rather than anything else. Almost as soon as he placed his hand against the table, he felt Michael start to move. It was a slow steady pulse, in and out. Again, Alex was amazed that it could feel so good without the help of lube. He breathed heavily through his nose, feeling his pulse hammering in his throat. This was definitely going to affect Alex’s ability to make the next shot.

He struck the cue, missing his target by a good three inches. His friends made an “Oooh” of sympathy, like a waiter had just dropped a tray of glasses, and Alex did his best to laugh it off. He could feel Michael’s presence growing slowly, pulsing inside him getting steadily longer and thicker, although it still couldn’t have been bigger than two fingers. It felt unbelievably good, knowing that Michael was inside him. He was leaning on his pool cue and he realised his eyes were growing heavy lidded. For once in his life, he hoped he just looked drunk.

It occurred to him, as Michael pulsed inside him, that soon he would hit his — Alex gasped as he felt Michael brush against his prostrate and sparks shot through his body. He was definitely half hard now, and knew this couldn’t carry on much longer. Luckily, Di Luca had just potted the last of her balls and was now lining up to get rid of the black. For the first time in many long minutes, Alex risked a glance over his shoulder at Michael. He was sat at the same stool, eyes still fixed on Alex. He looked dazed, mouth hanging slightly open as he watched Alex rocking gently on his heels, in time with the rhythm of Michael’s touch.

Pock-POCK. Di Luca cheered as she won the game. Alex smiled at her and gave her a quick congratulatory hug. Michael’s presence dissipated and Alex ached at the loss. Someone shouted something about a round of shots and Alex used the chaos to grab Michael’s hand and drag him outside.

They emerged into the front yard, where people stood sporadically smoking, dimly lit by the scattering of fairy lights. Alex turned a hard right, dragging Michael towards where his truck was parked in the darkest corner of the parking lot.

As they approached the truck Michael began under his breath — “Jesus Christ Alex, have I ever told you you’re incredible? Because you’re fucking incredible. Watching you in there, I swear to god I almost came in my pants like a goddamn teenager. Fuck, I —“

They had reached the truck and Alex spun around, pinning Michael to the car door with a ferocious kiss. The truck stood between them and the bar, hiding them from view. Alex pushed his hands up inside Michael’s shirt, trailing his hands over the warm, firm skin. He was kissing Michael open mouthed and filthy, letting the taller man explore his mouth with his tongue. He could taste the beer Michael had been nursing, but more than that he could taste Michael. That familiar sweetness that hadn’t changed since they were seventeen, that still drove him crazy.

Alex dropped to his knees in the dust.

“Alex - !” Michael yelped out, apparently out of concern for his leg, but Alex batted away his offer of a helping hand, shushed him, and started unbuckling his belt all at once. As he felt Alex’s hands fumbling at the bulge in his jeans Michael let his head drop back against the cab of the truck and muttered, much quieter this time, “…fuck”.

Within seconds, Alex had his belt unbuckled, his jeans unzipped and his cock out. Michael was hard and flushed red, a bead of pre cum at the tip of his uncut dick. He didn’t have the thickest cock Alex had ever taken, but he had length, and a curve at the tip that seemed able to find his prostate like nothing else Alex had ever experience.

He leant his face close to Michael’s cock, letting the warm air of his breath ghost past it. Michael didn’t make a noise, but Alex felt him shudder. Luckily for him, Alex didn’t have the patience to tease him today. Burying his face in the dark curls at the base of his cock, he licked a wide stripe from root to tip, enjoying the familiar salty taste. He licked his lips, and thought about how lucky he was. Then he bobbed down, taking the head of Michael’s hard cock between his lips.

“Oh god yeah, yeah, just like that, so good baby, so good…”

Alex glowed to hear those words, and continued bobbing his head, taking Michael a little deeper every time. Because his cock was so long, Alex always felt a little bad he couldn’t take more of it. He lifted off for a moment, lapping at the head and catching his breath, before he swallowed Michael down as far as he could. He could feel his eyes watering as Michael hit the back of his throat, but he hollowed out his cheeks and kept on bobbing his head. Michael had made him feel so good in the bar and he wanted to do the same.

Breathing through his nose when he could, Alex tried to lose himself in the sensation of sucking Michael’s cock. It was overwhelming, and there were moments when he struggled against the urge to choke and cough. With his eyes firmly shut, he focused on the image of Michael sat on the bar stool, hunched over and already hard just at the thought of opening Alex up. He started bobbing his head up and down faster, finding his rhythm and enjoying the feel of Michael’s hot, hard cock sliding up and down on his tongue.

He was concentrating so hard he had stopped listening to Michael’s muttered words, but he felt an urgent tap tap on his shoulder, and lifted off Michael’s cock, spluttering in a slightly undignified manner and trying to catch his breath.

“fuck Alex, you were about to make me come,” Michael caught one of Alex’s hands in his own and helped him get back to standing, favouring his weight on his good leg. Michael pulled him close, kissing him hungrily again, kissing his cheeks were the tears had run down from his eyes. Alex brought his hand to jack slowly at Michael’s wet cock, but without urgency. Michael smiled into the kiss.

“That was so good baby”

Alex smiled back.

“But I wanna come inside you tonight”

Alex’s cock was already hard, had been hard for a while, and he felt it give a twitch of interest just to hear those words. He managed to breathe out “please” before Michael had deftly opened the car door he was leant against and managed to pull the two of them inside, without interrupting their embrace.

“That what you were thinking about in the bar Manes? Thinking about having my cock inside you?”

As turned on as Alex was he wanted to roll his eyes at how pleased with himself Michael sounded. He scooted back across the seats, propped up on his elbows on the driver sear, legs stretched out towards Michael. He was concentrating on not kicking the hand break as Michael slowly worked his way up Alex’s body, rucking up his shirt to press desperate kisses, scratchy with stubble, onto his belly. Alex tipped his head back and breathed out “fuck”.

Michael started pulling off Alex’s shirt, and Alex sat up to help speed up the process. As he did so he felt again that warm insistent presence circling his hole, still somewhat loose from their game in the bar. Almost without realising it he let out a soft, low moan of wanting. Michael tossed Alex’s shirt over his shoulder then quickly discarded his own as well. For a moment he was knelt on the passenger seat of the car, his chest heaving, gazing down at Alex with pupils blown wide.

Alex reached up and grabbed Michael, pulling him down into a bruising open mouth kiss, all teeth and tongue and desperation. He felt the warm not-there presence of Michael slide inside him and pulse larger, and larger, opening him up but making the insistent need to have Michael inside him right fucking now even more urgent.

He broke away from the kiss, throwing his head back to try and catch his breath. Michael pulsed inside him and he groaned, feeling his legs beginning to tremble. He wanted to beg Michael to fuck him, but he seemed to have forgotten how to speak. He glanced down and realised that Michael had somehow shimmied out of his worn jeans, and was now unzipping Alex.

As Alex sat up to urgently rid himself of his jeans (and his prosthetic, it would only get in the way), Michael had begun rooting around in the glove compartment. He found what he was looking for — a travel sized bottle of lube. This time, even though he was spread out naked in his car, Alex did roll his eyes.

“Seriously Guerin?”

Michael squeezed some lube out onto his fingers, smirking down at Alex — “What? I was a Boy Scout once! Always prepared…”

He leant down to kiss Alex again reaching his hand down to circle his hole, where the warm not-there presence was still pleasantly pulsing. Lips pressed together, Alex mumbled “You were never a Boy Scout…” and they laughed together, breathing the same air, pressed close and shot through with wanting.

In a second the warm, glowing not-there presence of Michael inside him dissipated, and was immediately replaced by two of Michael’s fingers, chilly with lube and rough and real in a way that was shocking and incredible. Alex gasped, the air punched out of his lungs. He shifted his hips to meet the angle of Michael’s hand and immediately started rocking up and down, relishing the smooth slide of the fingers inside him.

He was so turned on now his cock was aching hard and dripping pre cum on his stomach. He gritted his teeth and drove his hips down all the way onto Michael’s fingers. They were pressed close, Michael’s head bent into the crook of Alex’s neck as he pumped his fingers in a relentless rhythm. Alex felt like his body was dissolving, he let his head fall back onto the seat and groaned.


Michael was looking up at him, and he was already wrecked. One of his curls had fallen down over his eye, his chest was heaving, and his fingers were roughly pumping into Alex. Rocking his hips to meet Michael’s touch, Alex had forgotten everything beyond what he was feeling in that moment. He forgot about their past, he forgot about their friends, he forgot about his worries about the future. All he knew was how badly he needed Michael.

“Please baby, please, I’m ready, please fuck me - “

Almost as soon as he spoke, Michael slowed his hand, then gently slid out his fingers. Even with the lube, the strange tug of it made Alex grit his teeth. He rolled his shoulders back to rid himself of the sensation and watching desperately as Michael jacked a little more lube onto his cock. He wasn’t begging anymore, because he could see the same desperation in Michael’s eyes. He leant forward, placing one hand flat beside Alex’s head to hold up his weight, and using the other to line up his cock. Alex feels the blunt head pressing against him, trailing through the slick lube. As he waits for Michael to fuck him, he turns his head to the side and places a soft, sweet kiss to the pale skin on the inside of Michael’s wrist.

Michael looks down at him with an adoration that seems to take even him by surprise. Then Alex feels the thick head of his cock press into his loose hole, and the rough heavy slide of as he presses deeper, and he groans - rough, and low, and desperate.

With the way they’re sprawled out across the seats of the truck, Alex doesn’t have much leverage to meet Michael’s strokes, but already he feels so boneless, he lies back and takes it. Guerrin may have been Alex’s first, but he was still the first of many. And yet, all those other men, none of them had ever been able to fuck him the way Michael did.

Breathing heavy, sweat beading down his chest, Michael snapped and rolled his hips relentlessly - driving into Alex and hitting his prostate with precision. Distantly, Alex could hear Michael breathing - “quiet baby, they’ll hear us…” Was Alex being loud? He hadn’t realised.

He bit his lip, tried to swallow the groans that Michael was punching out of him with every thrust. He had been turned on ever since Michael first felt him up at the bar, and he knew that with Michael fucking him like this, he wouldn’t last. He could feel the warm glow of his orgasm bearing down on him, curling through his toes and his fingertips in preparation.

“Michael, Michael, I’m going to -“

“Yeah baby, yeah, me too, you feel so good-“

Michael’s thrusts had grown sharper, more erratic. He was using one hand to prop up Alex’s good knee, to give himself leverage and make it easier to hit his prostate, which he was doing on almost every stroke.
“Come on Alex, come for me, come on baby - “

The warm not-there presence of Michael’s was back, but this time it was jacking Alex’s cock, flushed deep red and continuously leaking pre cum between them. It was somehow feather light and overwhelmingly firm at the same time and as he felt that rolling presence jacking up and down on his cock, his orgasm began to crest over him at last.

This time, he knew he was being loud. But he couldn’t help it. His orgasm seemed to roll through him in waves, lasting longer than he thought possible. He felt Michael slump down over him, gasping and shuddering as he came, his cock buried deep inside Alex. He could feel the twitching of Michael’s cock, and the exhilarating hot rush inside him.

They lay like that for several minutes, breathing heavily. Slowly, reality ebbed back into the truck. They heard a glass smash somewhere in the bar, the low distant murmur of voices. Michael kissed lazy, sweaty kisses into the crook of Alex’s neck, before he sat up and started rooting around in the glove box for something they could use to clean themselves up.

Alex stayed where he was, legs still faintly trembling. He could see a faint smile on Michael’s face that he didn’t seem able to shake. Alex breathed out sharply through his nose, then smiled, then laughed, then couldn’t stop laughing.

Michael had found a rag now, and he tossed it over to hit Alex square in the face.

“Manes! Do I have to tell you to keep it down again? What’s so funny anyway?”

Alex took the rag and wiped the sweat from his face, still laughing, before trying to clean up the mess between his legs with some level of dignity - and failing.

Through breathy laughter, he replied “It’s just… no way in hell that they don’t all know exactly what we’ve been doing out here when we go back inside”

Michael groaned in faux dismay, burying his face in his t shirt, which he had just picked up with the intention of putting it back on.

“I don’t think I can face them…”

Finally Alex sat up, and pressed a kiss to Michael’s shoulder.

“We’ll manage it together.”

Michael peeked up from the t shirt, smiling across at Alex.

When they kissed now it was a soft and dozy kiss, all urgency and heat gone. They held each other close for a few more minutes, enjoying the feeling of being alone and together in the night.