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Rebirth before sunrise

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As soon as they crossed the threshold of her bedroom, she untied her legs from around his waist and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him towards her with force. She slammed her back against the wall, but felt no pain: she didn't care about anything at that moment except the man in front of her. She had wanted it so badly and now she was going to have it. He was there, just for her.
Their tongues intertwined in those warm and passionate kisses as their hands ran over their respective bodies. She began to unbutton his shirt, lifting it up to take it out of his trousers and finally she took it off, letting it fall to the floor. Shuichi slid the straps of the nightie down her shoulders, with the result of gently dropping it whole to her feet. She was wearing only a pair of lace panties and nothing else, which didn’t seem to displease her man. He looked at her smiling and began to kiss her neck, making her tremble with pleasure. Then he moved further down onto her big breasts, gently palpating them with his hands as he licked and sucked them. She released some moans of pleasure, closing her eyes and throwing her head back.
When Shuichi broke away from her, she took the opportunity to lower his pants that she had already unzipped in the living room, impatient to make love with him. Now they both had only one garment left to take off. She could see the bulge in Shuichi's boxer shorts, proof of how much he wanted her. She stroked it with the palm of her hand, getting his hands to rest on her buttocks in return. She gave herself a little push and again tied her legs around his waist as he supported her. They kissed passionately while their basins pressed more and more against each other.

- Do you have it? - she asked panting, as soon as their mouths parted to take air.
- What?-
- The condom-
- Don't worry, I have more than one- he smiled mischievously.
- It was the answer I wanted- she smiled back, kissing him again.

They remained like this for several seconds, then broke away and she finally lowered his boxer shorts, making them fall at his feet and starting to massage his erect member while he kept an eye on every move she made.
She bent down to kiss the upper part of his pubis and then moved up along his perfect abdominals, alternating the touch of the lips with that of the tongue. She nibbled his neck and earlobe as he pulled her panties down her legs. Now they were both completely naked and could enjoy the sight of their bodies. Not that they had never seen each other, they had been together years ago, but right now she had a feeling it was some kind of first time, a rebirth.
Shuichi bent down to pick up his pants and pulled his wallet and cell phone out of his pockets. He walked up to the bedside table and placed the latter on it, then opened his wallet and took out some condoms.
She reached him and hugged him from behind, placing her forehead against his back.

- You've thought of everything, huh? -
- I confess that I didn't really want to sleep in my bed tonight- he smiled mockingly, turning and returning the hug.

As they kissed and devoured each other's lips, Shuichi gently pushed her towards the bed and made her rest on it, positioning himself on top of her and running a hand along her thigh.

- Are you sure you want to do it? - he asked her for confirmation one last time.
- I've been wanting it for six years, Shu- she stroked his face.
- I'm sorry I made you wait so long-
- You better make amends- she smiled.

They resumed kissing and exploring their respective bodies with their hands, caressing and teasing each other in the most sensitive points. Soon their breaths became more and more labored and small moans of pleasure came out of her mouth. Shuichi touched her right where she wanted to be touched, as if he could read her mind and seeing her deepest desires. He kissed her neck, breasts, belly and stroked her legs and hips. She felt his member now ready to press against her opening, so she took it in her hand and rubbed the tip on the labia wet with her humors.

- You're impatient- he said, with his forehead resting on hers.
- You’re not?-

He gave her one last kiss before lifting up from her and reaching over to the nightstand to grab one of the condoms. He wore it, being careful not to break it, while she looked at him entranced by that perfect body. She couldn’t think clearly, happiness and excitement controlled every fiber of her being. She was about to make love with the man she loved, she wanted nothing else.
Shuichi positioned himself on top of her again, brushing her hair away from her forehead and kissing her. She prepared herself to welcome him inside her, tying her legs around his waist and arching her back. He too positioned himself so that he could push inside her and once he found the right combination to fit their bodies in the best way he penetrated her.
At first the sensation was strange, a foreign body entering inside her and moving back and forth making her feel a little pain.

- Shu ... - she whispered as she panted - W-wait ... -

As if it were a password, her man immediately stopped looking into her eyes.

- Are you okay? - he asked.
- Yes, but can you go slow for now? I haven't done these things for a while- she smiled embarrassed.
- How much time passed? - he ventured.
- Still those famous six years - he chuckled.
- Tell me when you want me to be serious- he stroked her.

The care with which he was treating her made her love that man even more. He could have let go of his primal instincts and enjoy her graces, but the gentleman in him required him to worry about how she felt more than to think about how he felt.
They hugged each other tightly as Shuichi moved slowly and gradually inside her, with light and not too deep pushes. Soon the sensation of discomfort in the lower abdomen gave way to a pleasure that grew more and more, intoxicating her. She began to gasp at first, then the wheezing turned into moans and she began to reciprocate the pushes. Shuichi increased the speed and depth of the pushes, until their bodies were perfectly synchronized. With her head thrown back and resting on the pillow, she moaned loudly as she said his name several times while he made her his.
- Be quiet- he whispered in her ear, panting - You have neighbors-

She couldn’t reply, now her mind was at the mercy of what her body was feeling. A few seconds later she had an orgasm, clinging to Shuichi's back. The latter slowed down the pace, returning almost to the initial stage to make her catch her breath and regain lucidity, while kissing her neck and breasts. He waited for her breathing to settle a little, stroking her hair.

- If you continue to make all this noise you will get a complaint from everyone who lives in the building- he teased her.
- If it's the price to pay for being yours then let them go and report me right away- she replied, capturing his lips.

They resumed kissing with impetus and the pushes became fast and deep again. They took their hands and intertwined their fingers, Shuichi brought her arms to the sides of her head holding them down and pressed against the pillow. She knew he liked being in control, so he preferred positions where he was on top of her and not vice versa. However, he always left her a little space for her to feel like the one dominating the situation.

- Do you want to stay on top for a while? - he asked her.
- Y-yes- she replied, stifling a moan.

Shuichi rolled onto his back, dragging her with him without letting her go. She straddled him, who holding her tightly by her hips, gently scratching his abs with her nails. She began to move up and down along the phallus as he accompanied her in the movements. Even though he didn't moan as openly as she did, she could still see the pleasure reflected in her man's green eyes as he watched her move rhythmically over him. She bent her torso and reached down to kiss and nibble his neck, without stopping moving on top of him.

- I love you- she whispered in his ear.
- The thing is mutual - he replied mockingly.

That fool just didn't want to openly say "I love you", proud and straight-up as it was. She smiled at him and shook her head as he lifted his torso to sit up. They stayed like that for a while, hugging and caressing each other, kissing and looking each other in the eyes, until Shuichi laid her back on the mattress and went back on top of her. He wanted control again.
Running her feet along her man's outstretched legs from calf to thighs, she brought her knees as close as she could to her torso, almost in the direction of her shoulders, to allow a penetration as deep as possible. Shuichi started moving back and forth, pushing harder and harder, sinking into her. Their sweat-beaded bodies were like two magnets that had been separated for too long. By now she was at the mercy of that indescribable pleasure, unable to control herself, so much so that Shuichi had to kiss her and place a hand on her mouth several times to muffle her moans and prevent anyone in that building from hearing what they were doing. She was on the verge of climaxing for the second time, but she didn't want it to happen just for her: they had to get there together. She clung more to his back, eager to hold him close.

- S-Shu... - she could barely say-

She was unable to speak or think clearly, so she hoped with all her heart that Shuichi understood what she had wanted to say by saying his name with shining eyes. Her wish was fulfilled when she saw him smiling as he pushed away the clump that had clung to her forehead due to the sweat, and then hugged her more, kissing her temple and increasing the speed of the pushes one last time. A few seconds later they reached orgasm in each other's arms, she with one last, intense moan and he breathing heavily with his forehead resting on hers and his eyes half closed. They remained like that for a few moments, then she relaxed her legs stretching them out and Shuichi came out of her, turning and lying down beside her to catch his breath. She was exhausted but happy as she hadn't felt in a long time and she hoped it was the same for him.
She turned on her side and rested her head on his chest, enjoying the silence of that moment while outside the window the sun had woken up, ready to mark the beginning of a new day.




He took off the condom and wrapped it in one of the tissues from the box Jodie kept on the bedside table. He smiled when he saw that next to the box there was the photo frame he had given her the night he had confessed that he wanted to stay with her. At that moment she had cried and screamed at him, but in the end she liked that gift.
When he left her apartment he wasn't sure she would have stopped him, she really seemed to want to keep her position. To be honest he had hoped so, he certainly hadn't gone to her at four in the morning to go home with a defeat. His plan had worked and now that everything was solved, he was enjoying that well-deserved reward. Close to her he had tried again after a long time the pleasant sensation of joining a woman, a woman he loved.
He had let himself go as he hadn't done for a while, also incited by Jodie's moans that made him realize how much she liked that union. Her velvety skin, her big breasts, her long legs and that lower back that had nothing to envy to others...Yuriy was right: he must consider himself a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman by his side. He would never openly admit that the leather outfit she wore to impress Viktor seemed tailor-made for her body. It was still vulgar clothing that didn’t suit an elegant woman like her. Jodie had always favored lace underwear, sensual but not excessive, like the panties he had taken her off just before.
The very thought of Viktor daring to lay his hands on her and think he could possess her as he had just done made his blood boil. Only he could touch her like that and make love with her, because she only wanted him and had made it clear. Seeing her like this, abandoned to pleasure and eager for him, had been like going back to the past for a moment, before everything changed and became complicated. For too long he had lived with the conviction that he no longer deserved that happiness, but now he no longer wanted to miss any opportunity to be happy and that was a big step towards his goal.
He stood there, still sweating and breathing faster, with his woman close to him in search of some cuddle. He wasn’t a romantic and sweet type and she was aware of this too, but it was right to show a little cuteness towards her after she had granted him her graces. He wondered if she was finally happy, if she had put aside her doubts and fears and was ready to live that experience to the fullest with him.
He began stroking her head first and then her arm as he watched the sun rise. If before he had some unfinished business with James, now he would have had even more, but he didn't care: in that room there was everything he wanted, his future, his reward. He had lost two women, first Jodie and then Akemi; now he had a chance to get at least one back and he had no intention of wasting it.
"I love you" he thought in his head as he watched the index finger of her hand draw invisible lines on his chest, among which he recognized the design of a heart. His mouth, however, like all other times, refused to speak those words. So he did one of the stupidest things he could do: he too drew a heart with the tip of his finger on Jodie's smooth back. He heard her giggle and rub her head against his chest at shoulder level. Vermouth had nicknamed her "kitten" and it was probably the only right thing she had done towards her since their paths had crossed.
He smiled too, aware that he had made her happy. Knowing she was calm and serene made him feel at peace and proud of himself. He, who in human relationships was sometimes detached and cold like his mother, had managed to convey his feelings to someone.
Relaxing in the silence that hovered in the room, before New York woke up and returned to be the chaotic metropolis of all time, he watched the sun rise and finally felt free from his ghosts.