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No Better Place

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"I do belieeeve the fireworks are about to start." Cabanela nodded toward the cluster of people swarming toward the edge of the venue. The stalls were looking more and more deserted by the minute as the festival goers broke away to join the crowd. "Better get ourselves a good spot before it's too late."

"Hmm, but it's fireworks, you know," Jowd pointed out. "We'd be able to see them no matter where we stood."

"Oh, come ooon, baby." Cabanela's voice carried a mild hint of exasperation. "Finally getting to go to a festival for the first time in so long, shouldn't we make the most of it?" He started off in a brisk strut. 

Jowd let out a long exhale. It had been a long evening, going from stall to stall, and getting to see the joy on his little girl's face made it even better. In another timeline, they hadn't gone. Not that he had a clue what they had done on this night. Stayed in and had chicken for dinner? Gone to work?

With their second chance, he was determined to find new ways for them to enjoy their lives, knowing all too well how lucky they were to have this.

Before following Cabanela, Jowd glanced over at Alma, who was holding tightly onto Kamila's hand. His gaze shifted to their daughter and he noticed her let out a big yawn. 

"Oh dear. I think she's getting tired. Looks like we'll have to get home soon."

"No wonder she's tired, after all that running around." Alma smiled. "We're going to see the fireworks, Kamila. You'd like to see them, wouldn't you?"

"Fireworks," Kamila repeated in a mumble. She nodded her head, blinking heavily. "Wanna see."

"Well, off we go then." Jowd took her other hand in his, and walked alongside Alma with Kamila toddling between them as she held tightly onto her parents' hands. They soon found Cabanela standing in a quiet spot just beyond the crowd of viewers. The excited hubbub of voices quieted as the first firework sailed up and exploded, creating a dazzling display against the star studded tapestry that was the night sky.

"Made it just in tiiime," Cabanela commented. 

It was a breathtaking sight, one firework after another sailing into the sky and bursting into an array of beautiful sparks. Even if he had seen fireworks before, Jowd couldn't help but find it a breathtaking spectacle. Just how long had it been since they had last seen fireworks?

Alma moved in closer, leaning against Jowd and grasping his arm, flashing him a smile as he glanced at her. Jowd gave her a kiss on the forehead and held her gaze, thinking about how beautiful she looked in the glow of the fireworks' light. He was jolted out of his thoughts by a tug on his pants leg. Shifting his eyes downward, he saw Kamila reaching up toward him.

"Up." Kamila spoke in an insistent tone, standing on her toes.

"Alright, up you go." Jowd lifted her up and placed her on his shoulders, holding her legs. Kamila clutched onto his coat, letting out an excited cry as another firework soared high above them, sending out a shower of glowing sparks. Jowd exhaled in contentment. Looking aside, he met Cabanela's eyes.

"She looks happy, doesn't she?" Jowd asked.

"Of cooourse. Why wouldn't she, being able to watch the fireworks from where she is?" Cabanela turned his gaze back to the fireworks. Another firework exploded, its glow briefly making his white coat shine in other colours. "I couldn't think of anything better, baby."

"No." Jowd turned his gaze to the sky, his lips curved in a soft smile as he watched the fireworks. "I suppose you're right."