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Touch Me

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 Touch me, just like that


 “Chief, I have two tickets to Spring Awakening on Wednesday, do you want to go?”    Sharon stood just in her door, waiting for a response. Brenda didn’t quite know what Sharon was referring to but the thought of spending more time with the tall woman, intrigued her.


“Sure if a case doesn’t get in our way I’d love to.”


“Ok, we can leave from here and get dinner after? “  Sharon gave a little wave and left.


 Brenda wondered if this was a date.  Dinner and a movie sounded like a date. She’d have to ask Tao about this Spring Awakening. “Oh my gosh, I don’t have anything to wear”, she gripped to an empty room. Sharon was always put together. She didn’t want to disappoint her. Not too long after Sharon left, Fritz called to see what her schedule was like that week. They’d only been dating for a few weeks. While she liked spending time with him, she didn’t know if her work ethic would work for him. She loved her job and found little time for extracurricular activities.   He seemed disappointed that she was busy. She didn’t mention Wednesday to him. It would only upset him and it wasn’t like they were married.


Sharon didn’t know what made her ask the Chief to attend the show. She figured it would give them time to know each other as the drive to and from the theater could take 90 minutes easy, add dinner to that and it was truly a date. “Oh my God!” I hope she doesn’t see it as a date. She didn’t want to think of the ramifications of a superior officer thinking that she was hitting on them because she was not. Chief Johnson had seemed surprised but accepted without hesitation. No it’s not a date, just a night out between friends.


 We need to leave at 4:00pm, hope that’s ok. Brenda looked at the text message in her phone and sighed. She’d forgotten to ask Tao about the Spring Awakening and knew that you could be comfortable going to the movies, but she didn’t know where they were going to dinner and she didn’t want to be rude and ask. Her mama always said, “Don’t block your blessings, Brenda Leigh. You should always say thank you to someone that gets you a gift, whether you like it or not.”  She checked her selections again and decided between a black dress, demure but sexy or a work standard in peach and pink.


She decided to wear the peach and pink to work and gauge Sharon’s response. She never really said much about Brenda’s wardrobe but she could tell that she didn’t particularly care for the floral prints.  She didn’t have to wait long as Sharon entered the kitchen as she was pouring her second cup of coffee.  When she looked up, she just saw a smiling Captain.   She took   the time to check out Sharon’s outfit. She was wearing a tailored blue blazer with a skirt and button down silk top. Nope, the black it is, she thought to herself.   


“Does the time work for you Chief?”   Sharon took in the peach and pink outfit. Huge peonies covered the chief’s skirt.   The colors complemented her skin. Sharon felt herself blushing. When did she begin caring about colors on Brenda Leigh Johnson?  “Yes, Sharon, I’ll be ready. I told Provenza that he was in charge.”   Sharon laughed. “I’m sure he was okay with that.”   


“He was and so was Flynn. Pray that no bodies goes missing or.”    Sharon cut Brenda off, “Bodies?”  “Oh forget I said anything Captain.”   The two stood there laughing and each wondering when things changed. When Brenda   had first met Sharon it was not under pleasant circumstances. The woman got under her skin plain and simple.    She couldn’t help but remember the way Sharon had wrinkled her nose at her when she’d admonished her and informed her that she needed to address her as Chief.     It was cute.


“Chief, did you hear me?” Brenda started. “I’m sorry Captain. I was in my own little world.” Sharon quirked her head and one of her eyes raised.   “I said you may want to bring a jacket or sweater. It gets cold in the hall.  Brenda tilted her head then. “Hall, that’s a funny thing to call a movie theater “, Sharon laughed, high and perfect. “No Chief, we’re going to the Sagerstrom and it’s a Broadway play.”


Brenda smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed. She’d asked Tao quicker in the future.  “Ok Captain, I have a blazer I can wear.”  Sharon smiled back at her and turned to leave. “Captain, thank you again for inviting me.”


“Not a problem at all Chief.”


 They arrived thirty minutes before the show started. Sharon had seemed surprised to see Brenda wearing the black dress with a deep blue blazer on top. One would say they almost matched.   They ordered a glass of wine, M&Ms and a bottle of water.   “Don’t spoil your appetite Chief.”  Sharon said when she saw Brenda put the candy into her purse.  It seemed smaller than the one she carried during the day. “I won’t Sharon.” Brenda looked at Sharon nervously. “I figured we can call each other by our names instead of our rank tonight.” Sharon smiled and nodded. “I’d like that Brenda Leigh.”  If Brenda wasn’t holding the bottle of wine she would have fainted.


A fissure of heat shot through her body and she felt herself swoon a little. “Chief are you okay.” Sharon was watching the Chief when she thought she saw her tilt just a little. She caught her elbow and put one of her hands on Brenda’s waist just in case. “I’m ok Cap, I mean Sharon.”   Ok let’s go to our seats.” Sharon guided Brenda to the door.


“Brenda.”  They both turned towards the voice.  Brenda bristled a bit and Sharon moved closer to her side. “Fritz.” Brenda was surprised to see him. A part of her had wanted to keep moving toward the door when she heard his voice, of all places and days to see him. “Hi Brenda, I can’t believe you’re here.” He said, looking at the women. “Yes, imagine that.”     She watched a tall woman with a short pixie cut come up alongside Fritz. He woman placed her hand on Fritz’s forearm.  “Well, this is Captain Sharon Raydor. Sharon, this is Special Agent Fritz Howard of the FBI.” Sharon and Fritz shook hands. He turned to the woman that was still touching his arm and introduced her as Ann.  There was an awkward silence after all of the introductions when the woman said, “Fritz we have to go.” 


“Yes, that’s a good idea Ann. It was nice meeting you, have fun you too.” Brenda grabbed Sharon’s hand and headed for the door.  “What was that about?” Sharon asked. “Oh, it seems Agent Howard had another iron in the fire that was hotter than me.” Sharon seems surprised by that.  She didn’t think Ann was hotter.   Brenda was by far the better of the two. “Get it together Sharon”, she admonished herself silently.  Before Sharon could tell Brenda she did not agree, the woman began singing the praises of the Hall’s designers. It was an absolutely beautiful space, created to give the full theater experience to all of its visitors. They were in the Orchestra section row D, not too close the stage but also not so far away they couldn’t see anything.


“Oh Sharon, this is amazing.” Sharon smiled at Brenda’s excitement. She was like a kid in an ice cream shop, because nothing could compare to candy. “Now Brenda Leigh, you might see some activity that will upset the copy in you so be warned.”   Brenda seemed surprised by Sharon’s word but simply nodded her head. Soon the lights were dimming and they were transported back to high school. Based on the scenes and explanation Sharon whispered to her after the third song, this was a play about sexual awakening. Brenda didn’t think too much about high school and hormones anymore but being here, next to Sharon made her wonder what it would have been like to attend high school with the Captain. Brenda was a cheerleader that dated the football captain. That was just the way it went in Georgia.  She never told anyone she’d had a crush on one of her fellow cheerleaders, or that they’d been each other’s first French kiss.  


Brenda had never told anyone that music was also a passion of hers. She enjoyed some rock and roll but also musicals and operas. Madame Butterfly was one of her favorites.  Songs affected her in ways she couldn’t share with anyone. When Touch Me, started, she was drawn in. The acoustic guitar was soft but the actor’s voice was warm. She closed her eyes to listen to the words.    Touch me, just like that. And that o,yeah now, that’ s heaven.  She didn’t know why but her mind went to Sharon. She wondered what her skin felt like. It looked soft and she knew from the scent left on her hand after shaking Sharon’s that she used one of the more expensive hand creams. By the time, the choir started singing, Oh my God, oh oh yea yea, Brenda’s panties were wet.


Sharon felt Brenda’s shoulder brush up against hers and she turned to glance at her. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be sleeping. Sharon touched her hand gently. She knew that Brenda had been working many late hours and she’d just asked Sharon a question not even two songs ago. She gasped when Brenda’s fingers clamped down on hers and curled under. They sat there with Sharon’s hand on top of Brenda’s, their fingers intertwined. Brenda‘s thumb started rubbing the outside of Sharon’s hand, stroking from her wrist down to the tip of her pinkie. Sharon did not want to move it. She was stunned, shocked and turned on. The choir was repeating Touch me and Sharon wanted nothing more than to touch Brenda. She relaxed her body and squeezed her legs tightly.