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February 11, 2007 Sunday

“There you are. I thought you had stood me up.” A silver-haired woman said as a the man with the same shade of hair approached her.


“I was thinking of not coming because really of all places McDonalds? I never thought you loved carbs.” He said teasingly as he took his seat.


“Yes well” she sniffed elegantly and sipped daintily on her scalding hot coffee.


“And the clothes?” He laughed loudly enough to gather attention. She scowled and threw a glare in his direction but it didn’t stop him from laughing more.


“Do shut up, will you? These are the cheapest clothes I acquired that I can use, as to how do you put it, “to blend in.” She rolled her eyes.


Taking a few breathes to calm himself down, he said “Alright, alright. I’ll stop.”


“Good. Now go order your food and we’ll discuss what I called you for later.” She said waving her hand dismissively on at him. He followed and waited in the line.


Unbeknownst to them, a couple of people were taking photos of them.




“Bloody hell, Nigel!” Emily huffed, eyes widening upon seeing the image printed on the paper.


Nigel sighed.


“Well who would have thought that our Fashion Queen could be a fashion disaster?” He joked and wiggled his brow.


“If it weren’t for the hair, I would have doubted that.”  Serena said as she pointed on the newspaper.


“Yes, I agree. Miranda is the only one I know who can pull of that kind of hair. But the question is, who is this mysterious guy? The divorce is not even finalized.”


“Maybe that’s the reason why she is wearing pink! And eating at McDonalds! A lot of carbs” Emily said scandalized about what she has discovered. She shuddered upon the thought. “And an enormous pink hat! For Christ’s sake! It must be the end of the fucking world!” She added as she exhaled sharply


“Do you have any idea who this guy is, Querida?” Serena asked as she stepped behind Emily and opened one of her drawers, pulling out a bag of cheese cube.


Emily checked Miranda’s schedule. She popped in the offered cheese cube in her mouth while double checking and triple checking Miranda’s schedule yesterday.  Their boss insisted on working on a Sunday alone because the twins were at their father’s and were not due until seven in the evening that day.


“Nothing.” She huffed.


“Well maybe she scheduled it personally. Why would Miranda ask you or Six to schedule something like that?” Nigel asked as he run his hands over his head.


“Well” Emily stated. “I recalled her ordering Andrea to have her time slot between 3 to 4 in the afternoon vacant.”


“Hi guys! What’s up?” They turned to see said brunette wearing her megawatt smile and coffee in hand. “Miranda will be here in five minutes” She said as she placed the scalding hot coffee on Miranda’s desk and hurried to hang her coat together with her purse on in the closet. Getting a chilled Pellegrino from the fridge and a clean glass she went back inside their boss’ office and poured the Pellegrino in the glass and placed it on the table. Scurrying back to the outer office to throw the bottle, she halted in her step as she realized that three pairs of eyes were looking at her.




“Haven’t you read today’s Page Six?” Nigel asked. As the brunette shook her head as an answer, Serena gestured for her to come closer and pointed to the paper resting on Emily’s desk. Following Serena, Andrea took the paper and scanned Page Six. As she scanned the image her eyes went wide and shocked took over. But then in a flash a creased appeared on her forehead as if realizing that something was not right.


“That is not Miranda” She said as she put the paper down. Emily scoffed while Nigel and Serena looked at her with confusion. She sighed. “Look at her” Andy trailed off as a soft voice carried through the air.


“Why is everyone here? Is there a scheduled meeting that I am not aware of?” She asked while she shrugged her coat off. “Must I really start my day with incompetence?” She said throwing her coat and purse on Andy’s desk. “Is it too much to ask for my employees to do the job they are paid for instead of wasting their time gossiping over irrelevant issues?” She turned to face her employees and rested a hand on her waist, cocking her hips to one side. Andy thought she could die upon the sight in front of her. “Am I reaching for the stars here? No, not really.” Changing her stance, she crossed her arms over her chest and tapped a foot impatiently. “Well?”


The group of four let out a breathe they didn’t think they were holding. Gathering her courage, Andy spoke


“Have you read today’s Page Six?” Andy mentally slapped herself as soon as the words slipped out from her mouth. ‘You never asked Miranda anything.’ She chided herself mentally. Emily rolled her eyes while Nigel and Serena gulped and prepared themselves for some verbal lashing. Miranda, on the other hand, pursed her lips. Andy hurriedly handed Miranda the paper.


Taking the paper from her brunette assistant, Miranda huffed her irritation regally. As she turned the paper to Page Six, her eyes bugged out as she scanned the content and as her eyes finally landed on the image, she murmured under her breathe


“Bloody hell”