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The Queen of South Antar: The Tale of Two Kingdoms

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Mira voice-over "Every small town has a story, but since my birthplace has a legend. I thought I would just share it with you, Roswell was a sleepy cowboy settlement in postwar America, full of farmers and military men, until, one day, something extraordinary happened. Or so the legend goes."

We see a camera panning through the desert of Roswell of when the air force found the crashed ship back in 1947 and it goes back to the present as Roswell's queen continues talking, narrating her story or what could end up a fairytale ending if this goes wrong once more, you will see as our story progresses.

Mira voice-over (CONTD) "Ever since, UFO enthusiasts have flooded in, searching for some cosmic phenomenon to prove we're not all alone in the universe. As a kid, I was searching, too, for my place in this town, until I realized that Roswell is just a small town, full of small tragedies and small people, people I plan to see again. Even... him."

A forty-year-old Mira (mysteriously aged up when she is only thirty-eight actually) would drive up to her way home in Roswell and noticed her dad Yup the one and only Max Evans who married her mother forty years ago hence her being here and her little brother, so she would hurry up getting bottles down to hide them and drove up.

"Seriously dad, you've got to be joking."

A smile showed "hey, baby girl I'm only stopping you because I know you're drinking and driving again."

Groans as she leans her head on the wheel "God dad, seriously with that nickname?!" she asked embarrassed.

Sheriff Valenti heard the commotion and looked as he began to walk over "problem here, Evans?" he asked and then looked "ah, our favorite girl has come home finally." his sarcasm was quite noticeable "you may just join Mr. Guerin in jail again."

She scoffed hearing that as Max felt bad "oh, come on she's had a rough couple of ten years give my girl a break."

After a long while of dealing with her dad and sheriff, she went home her home in his house letting her bag slid off her shoulder as memories of being here without him only brought sadness, sighing she looked at a picture frame of her true love, and Izzy as well as one with just her and him. Staring sadly at the picture looking at his appearance.

Mira would teleport to her family's café after changing out of her party clothing into her normal outing outfit she'd go to the Crashdown and sighed irritated hearing the annoying podcaster once more

"Seriously..." she muttered and walked over just simply unplugging him off the damn radio.

"Hey, you can't do that!" Grant said agitated

"Sorry amigo yes I can, besides do you ever get tired of reporting if you even think this may be fake?" Mira replied being sassy and sarcastic

"What? Do you believe?" he asked intrigued by her response.

"I swear I will throw something right now if you don't get out". Her agitation grew to hold a piece of bread showing she isn't kidding.

He ran after her threat, silence came in the Crashdown as everyone had gone and it was just her and Eliza her mother putting stuff away as she goes to the box for music.

[Mrs. Potters Lullaby plays as the girls clean up the joint dancing right up until Max came scaring the crap out of Mira]

"God dad! Don't do that." Mira held her hand to her heart to see if it's still there.

"Sorry, it was just funny seeing you two." He replied

Couple of hours later:

As her parents were talking and no one to annoy before the reunion Mira was playing her favorite game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in the corner of her eye she thought she saw somebody walk by looking now fully her gaze followed and before it got worse it did, the gunshots set off as she got her mom down but as the person left blood poured on Eliza's uniform.

Memory flashback:

"Come on Eliza wake up, wake up."

"Max, keys now!"

Reverting to the present day:

Shaking her head she'd put her hand on her mom's chest and a red glowing light came from her palm along with Max's as they began to heal her, however, due to no use of one power for very long after defeating the bad guys long ago the lights in the crash down exploded as Eliza woke up shocked and confused.

"It's okay, it's just ketchup, see?" They both showed with their flashlights before leaving he whispered "just play along, you know already". He got up and ran after the shooter.

Sudden sirens came as this gave her another memory where her dad had gone with his friend and she stayed behind secretly having feelings of PTSD as she has not been taking her pills for it for ten years against Kyle's wishes and knowledge of her not taking any of them since he's a doctor going against medical advice.

Same Night – Hospital

Eliza came to the hospital talking to Kyle however none of them realized a shadow lurked behind him as she watched.

"Thanks for seeing me, Kyle," Eliza said.

"No problem, that's what friends are for, my dad texted me and told me what happened. So, what are you doing here?"

"I think I—I may have hit my head I think maybe I have a concussion." Eliza explained what may be going on. "Is it safe to have a CT scan on someone who has a bullet in their body... again." She referred to the last time this happened.

Abit shocked "you have shot again? You're reacting to trauma, I'll order the CT scans."

Eliza nodded and her gaze went behind him noticing somebody smiling and turned to him "you uhh, you have a visitor."

Confused he turned and knows she's hiding "come on out, you're caught."

She came out slowly and silently cause usually she's very talkative but now she has gone completely silent

"I just came to see, I was on my way out anyway," Mira spoke up finally but indirectly showing she was there to see Kyle.


Max was talking to Sheriff Jim Valenti outside making sure she was safe after last night's murder attempt.

"Eliza seems, okay?" he asked concerned.

"She was fine a bit shaken up, maybe. Mouthy as ever leave a report on my desk." He replied, "get some sleep before your patrol, and for god's sakes Evans, shave."

"I heard you talking about that Sheriff just trying to align myself with your new agenda Sheriff." Max walked past him.

"Oh, there's a present for you and Mira in the drunk tank, but knowing her I bet she beat you to it." Jim told him on his way out.

Sheriff's Department:

As many or most of the jail cells were empty, one of them held a very familiar prisoner one can only remember as he used his telekinesis on the keys to getting out of here, already shut off the cameras the keys floated in the air just closer was all he needed to do until Mira grabbed the keys shaking her head at him.

"There are cameras in here, Michael, nice try though." She grinned walking over to the desk.

"Ahh come on Evans, really? Thought we were a team you little cheat." He grinned.

Ignoring him she spoke "what the hell did you do now?" standing straight she crossed her arms "and don't tell me it was a drunken fight at the wild pony again."

"Heard of him yet? I know you two haven't spoken since his departure." Michael asked cockily.

Sighing trying to ignore that part "no, I haven't and you know very well not to mention it."

"Enough, god you two are like children seriously," Max said coming in finally.

"Now come on Maxwell, we all know I am just playin'" his attention turned to Max.

"This isn't funny Michael, lay off it's bad enough he's not here and she really misses him, if you care about my daughter, you'd know not to make her angry or upset... remember we just found out she can do weather manipulation." Max continued to calm things down.

"Yeah, and use it as a mood ring for every mood she has," Michael said sarcastically.

"That's enough, Michael". He banged the table angry now.

He stopped and waved his hand as in whatever.

Foster Ranch – Hours after Michael's bail –

Max had decided that for them to stop arguing that she'd go with him to his ranch and keep an eye on him, no argument needed she just sat in the passenger seat quiet heading to his trailer in the ranch, however, upon arrival she noticed immediately airforce vehicles teleporting out of the truck this helped her mood now.

Getting out of the truck Michael walked up beside her "ah, sure you give us an attitude but now seeing this I bet you're damn happy now."

Giving him the death glare, she rolled her eyes and looked around as she now followed him.

"Michael. Came knocking and you were gone". One of the men said.

"So, you call in the Cavalry." He asked surprised yet being sarcastic.

"The Airforce is acquiring the land." The man replied. "you gotta move your rig."

"Seriously? When he was finally calm... thanks." Mira said knowing how he changes attitude especially if pissed.

Seeing him walk over she shook her head with a grin as he is so dumb to not notice who it is.

"Hey! That's private prop—" he noticed how it was Alex who finally returned.

Coming whilst laughing a little at Michael she crossed her arms "wow, how does a friend not remember their own friends hmm?"

"Ah, shut up Evans," Michael replied irritated.

"About time you're back." She tackled him with a hug almost making him fall.

"Whoa, easy there my beautiful goddess." He hugged her back whilst Michael gave the eye roll. "what's with the look? I love them both equally."

"Nothin' Whitman,"

Turning back to Mira Alex asked, "how's Izzy and the girls are they okay?"

Nodding a smile showed "yes, they are."

Michael spoke up again "your father must be proud, finally a real Whitman man now."

"I was hurt but speaking of Goddesses your mother helped me back in Baghdad". Alex said mentioning somebody who had been gone for a few years since her departure ten years ago.

Michael was abit saddened he hadn't seen her since then but showed nothing to let others see his weaker side still struggling with his emotions.

"Thanks... Whitman, thanks a lot." He said and just walked inside the trailer.

Inside he would just go into his mind his thoughts and touch a piece of glass purple with symbols on it thinking about his mom and dad he has always seen a loner, a mommas boy, but loved his parents equally as a former general for Max... he still had that somebody looking out the window seeing Mira talking to Alex remembering they're partnership when she was in high school as he pushed stuff off the counter in rage seeing she had forgotten that they were betrothed for Antar, not her and Alex.

Couple Hours Later – Wild Pony – Night

Mira was on her phone trying to beat a level on a game and saw Kyle walk to her as she put it in her pocket now giving her attention to him

"I always knew I'd find you here, again... how's your mom?" he asked walking up to her.

"Fine, and before you even think it, no I wasn't drinking I was dealing with asshole Hank over there, Aunt Maria could use my help when kicking his ass to the curb." Her tone was feisty.

"Oooh, Fiery I like it." His tone was sarcastic and playful. "you know, there's a DJ out tonight if you want to dance it out like old times."

"Oh, no, sorry this girl hasn't danced since 2008, so thanks for the invite but I think I should be going." She began to walk away as he grabbed her arm gently.

"Now, really Mira, are you really going to play me like this? Come on... we all know how you really feel." He grinned using the Valenti charm on her.

"Kyle so help me, if you don't remove your arm I will seriously hurt you right now." She grinned playing his little game.

"Yikes, I should be scared, last time when I bullied Alex you tattletaled looks like somebody lost her touch, and also, I am surprised you didn't use my full name cause my dad and step-mom told you it." He got overconfident back at her.

Next-Day -Mira went with her father to the desert – Day time –

Walking through even she would have learned to wear better shoes for this that her feet were killing her Max wanted to show her something that she may not have seen.

"Since you are old enough I saved one thing I mentioned to you in the music room in your high school year when I was a T.A." he kept walking with her sort of falling behind.

Running to catch up she went barefoot instead of holding her shoelaces so they wouldn't fall "oh? What's that?"

He went silent as she followed him into a cave as she had to get her flashlight out.

"Agh, dad seriously a cave..." caves for Mira is one thing she hated due to possible bugs there especially her biggest fear being spiders.

As the two walked a light shined through and she saw them, all three of them.

"These are our pods, Michael, mine, and Isobel's, this is how we... well, hatched you might say," Max explained letting her see.

Walking closer very intrigued they were very interesting even for a scientist like her. "holy... these are the pods from seventy years ago the '47 crash."

He nodded in response "I thought now with much knowledge you'd be interested, just uhh don't make me an experiment please... your mom does it enough as it is sometimes." Max begged hoping she is not entirely Eliza.

"No, never you should know that." She said kneeling down, gently putting her hand on one.

A smile showed on Max "I can see you sensed my pod right away without noticing, your... alien part of you can do that, you sense right away who's is who." He explained.

As he spoke she went deeper into the cave and saw a light shining again odd because she saw three here, curious enough she walked the other side and noticed another... her confusion grew as she looked at it and back at the first three.

Mira in the mind "Wait... why are there four... huh?"

Shaking her head she walked back to the other three.

"You okay?" he asked seeing her confused.

Shaking her head more she looked to him and nodded walking out of the cave now turning off the flashlight.


The high school reunion started as Mira was seated talking to some people in a couch as Alex had come around closely watching her thinking if he should bother, so he did anyways and walked up.

"Cooking meth... now?" he asked seriously.

"Yeah, dad I am." Her sarcasm showed. "What does it look like?" she showed nothing was on her.

Rolling his eyes "I see Michael has definitely turned you into him, I'm serious, my chemical engineering found high levels of phenyl-2-propanone around your airstream."

Getting up it's like he doesn't know her anymore, Mira has changed personality now about to walk away except he stopped her using his hand getting Infront of her.

"It's not P2P they're detecting." Stepping back a bit she continued "similar, you should find yourself some better engineers." She told him straight.

Michael walked by seeing the talk "man, what got into you Evans, this isn't you." He said abit surprised but liked her attitude.

"Don't encourage it, Michael, did you do something to her?" Alex turned to him now.

"Whoa, I have no idea what you mean? I swear if this was me I'd know." He said being honest.

"Yeah right, maybe you changed her because I was gone." Alex accused him of turning back to face her having enough.

As she was about to leave he kept his arm to keep her from moving as she bumped into it, staying there. "you're wasting your life, Mira." He said in her ear.

A smirk showed turning a bit "trying to hold my hand, private?" her tone being cocky.

Shaking his head not phased he asked "does the crazy cowgirl swagger thing ever get old with you?"

Testing him she responded, "did it get old for you?" Mira pushed her way and walked off somewhere else.

This left Alex wondering what happened to the girl he used to know, was he gone that long? He asked himself cause that is not her that is not his Mira he knew and still did because unlike the rest he was always the one that knew her best.

As Max and Eliza came to the reunion and everyone looking up at Eliza as her family owned the popular small-town business, Maria saw and knew how to make things better so she went to the band and begged them to play a song.

[Mrs. Potters Lullaby plays as Maria is getting Eliza to join her bring her mood back up.]

With the rest of them dancing Max had a flashback seeing he wasn't invited to a small party that his daughter planned but watched her dance with Kyle while the rest all had fun leaving him to watch by the window.

[When the truth hunts you down plays]

Alex was alone in the back looking at his leg where it almost got amputated seeing his old self in the projector wondering what has he become now, from a nerd to a solider that got wounded

"Nostalgia's a bitch, huh?" a sudden familiar voice heard as he turned seeing it was Mira back to normal leaning on the door frame but she had good eyes she saw the tears and bit her lip a little.

Back at the reunion, we see everyone else having fun dancing and partying while the other two were here, did they really fell apart for that long... or was there still hope he had to try.

"I was hoping when I got back from Iraq you'd be long gone." He told her.

"Is that what you want?" she asked walking up to him

"I want you, my beautiful Goddess, but the thing is... I also want to remember the old Mira, where is she?" he asked walking up to her as well.

"Still here." She replied back.

"Good, let's keep it that way because what I want doesn't matter."

After a hell of a long wait, she pulled him into a kiss and started making out with him while the others kept on dancing at the other side the twins were watching the party go on

"So, you told Mira about the family history?" Isobel asked.

"I did, she wasn't scared, she wasn't angry she was curious," Max told his sister.

"Wow, that girl has more guts than we ever have..." Isobel said surprised.

"No kidding, she didn't even run away, we can trust her." He continued.

Flint is with Kyle at the bunker where project Shepard headquarters is held at.

Flint Voice over while it shows Mira and Alex at the party "They are a violent race, they despise compassion." He then continued "they despise freedom, love" as he talks, she is caressing Alex lovingly feeling home and at her safe place with him. "and they thrive on our tragedy."

Back at the party where Max and Isobel are talking

"So, I am guessing you didn't tell her the truth about..."

Max cutting her off "Mira can never know about that, no... she finally has Alex back and is happy, the last thing she needs is that Isobel please..." being a father... he thought about his daughters' happiness with her human soulmate and knew that if she knew of her other aunt it will probably ruin everything. "just..." he sighed "for gods sakes, let her be... happy, Alex is here and is the only one that built her heart a harbor she's safe with him he's her true home inside." And even though he knew Isobel likes to play this time... he wasn't.

If anyone tried to destroy her happiness with Alex, a Tsunami would break and kill them all if she wanted to.

Max continued "the girls can never know about Rosa."

To be continued...