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Trick or treat

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As the whip falls on her back, burning a neat red stripe into her skin, she has to remind herself to scream instead of purr. She’s stretched taut – wrists bound and tied to the ceiling to display her naked body. In front of her there’s a full-length mirror so she can watch his eyes as he beats her. He looks hungry: just as she likes him. It’s a sex game they play around Halloween: trick or treat. She writes the words on cards, slips each into an envelope, then hands both to him. He selects one and gives her the verdict: trick or treat. The fact that she writes them is key - he wouldn’t dispense the kind of vicious punishment she wants if she weren’t in control of the cards.

As he draws his arm back for the next stroke, she reminds herself again: it’s meant to be a trick. A punishment. His sleeves are rolled up, his tie askew, his big hands gripping the whip, and she savours each detail of this as she draws a deep, hard breath, ready to release in a piercing shriek when he brings the whip down on her flesh.

Positioned in front of the mirror she can see everything, from the twist of his lips as he exerts himself to the jiggle of her breasts as each stroke falls. She pays close attention to the tension in his arm as he beats her, and the sight of the thick outline of his cock, pressing taut against too-tight fabric. Growing harder as she squeals, twitching with each new lash of the whip.
She wants him to really let go – wield the whip without fear that he’ll go too far. She wants the very effort of beating her to be something that turns him on. Wants – no, needs - to feel like she’s in trouble.

When her skin is aflame and her clit is throbbing, he decides he is ready. “It’s time,” chris tells her. “Spread your legs. I’m going to take what I want.”

She tries not to grin and spoil the moment, but inside she feels that pit-of-the-stomach kick of lust. All the pieces she set in motion are in place: her body, presented for him like a sacrifice, the atmosphere of punishment and brutality that she so desperately wanted, the red stripes on her back to remind her tomorrow of what happened... And of course, his rock-solid erection, summoned by her and the sight of her cheeks spread in front of him. When he unzips to release it, she pushes her bottom out, involuntarily begging for what he’s all-too-eager to give her.
He holds the head of his thick cock at the entrance to her pussy and orders “arch your back” as she trembles on tiptoes before the mirror. He grips her hips with big hands, anchoring her at the perfect distance so she can’t quite stretch to envelop him.
She moans. Tries to push back. But he holds her firmly, slightly beyond his cock, withholding what she is so desperate to feel.

She whimpers again. Pleading, via the mirror, with wet eyes and trembling lips. Hungry for the moment when he’ll fill her up - satisfying the lust that’s devoured her since that first whip-stroke fell.

He smiles. Slides into her, pushing himself deep inside as she clenches herself around him. Savouring every inch of him stretching her out and filling her up.

Suddenly, without warning, he slides out. Stepping back swiftly and leaving her clenching, gasping, unsated. As she gasps with the shock of it, a twisted smile creeps across his face.
“Please...” Mariska begs, arching her back further. To her consternation, he shakes his head. Steps over to the table where he discarded both envelopes earlier. He flicks the open one towards her, the word ‘trick’ flashing over and over as the card flutters towards the ground at her feet.
When he picks up the unopened envelope, her eyes grow wide. She knows what’s coming next, doesn’t need to wait for him to open it. But as he slides his finger under the sealed flap, she prays somehow – impossibly - for it to have changed.

It has not.

When he holds the second card up to the mirror, she reads the word ‘trick’ again, in her own handwriting.

“Why are you looking so sad?” he asks her, mockingly, stepping quietly towards the door. “You didn’t want a treat in the first place.”

Chris smiles at her. Than walks out of the room.

She knows he will be back she just smiles and waits.
Than his back.