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David was sweating. It was the middle of winter in Canada and he was sweating more than when he danced for Patrick in his leather sweater. He tried to focus on the individual beads of sweat trickling from his hairline to his eyebrows and down the sides of his face, anything to keep him grounded in the moment while Patrick and his favorite clamps absolutely destroyed David's nipples in a delicious way even his filthiest brain cells couldn't comprehend. 

Patrick had a finger and thumb slowly pinching and releasing one nipple then the other, the clamps tight enough to temper the blood flow and send sparks to David's toes every time Patrick touched him. David bucked his hips uselessly, looking for some kind of relief for his throbbing cock. Even the small bounce it made off his belly was better than nothing. He did it twice more, cock making a satisfying thump on his belly, again and again, sending droplets of precome flying, adding to the sweaty sticky mess David had made of himself. 

Patrick saw what David was doing and laughed. His delighted chuckle sounded more like an evil cackle as Patrick threw an arm over David's hips pinning him to the bed. Patrick cocked his head and raised a nonexistent eyebrow, challenging David, before yanking on the chain connecting the nipple clamps sending twin blooms of beautiful sharp sensation spreading across his chest and down his limbs. His cock jumped and David could almost come from this, he thought.

Patrick gave the chain another sharp tug and David howled as his back arched up off the bed and his hands struggled to hold on to the railings of the headboard above him. Patrick dropped the chain and straddled the tops of  David's thighs, their cocks lined up side by side. David let go of a huge breath as Patrick slowly ground his hips into David's, the feather-light brush of their cocks together shooting pleasure straight to David's throbbing chest. His whole world had narrowed to cock, nipples, Patrick. Nothing else mattered. He could stay in this beautiful oasis of pleasure and pain for the rest of his life. That would be ok, if Patrick was there to take care of him, everything would always be okay. 

Patrick leaned over and whispered in David's ear, " ready to come baby ?" And David nodded, words had left him. " Taking them off… slowly. " David heard the words but didn't register the meaning until he felt heat and blood and sensation rush back to his left nipple then right, Patrick's skillful tongue following right behind to soothe the throbbing nubs. David let out a silent scream, overwhelmed by too much at once then he felt guitar-calloused fingers take both their cocks in hand and stroke up and down, around the tip and back, quickly bringing them both to orgasm within moments of each other. 

Even after they came, Patrick continued to swirl his tongue over David's chest, licking each nipple like a treat. It was way too much, but still, David arched his chest into Patrick's mouth, holding his boyfriend's head in place as he wrung out the last bits of pleasure from David's body. 

They lay quietly after. Patrick had tucked himself into David's side and was gently massaging his chest, rubbing in the last of the lanolin cream to soothe the still-sensitive skin. Soon they'd get up and cook dinner, but now they'd happily rest in the safe space Patrick had created for them both.