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Don't you worry about that, baby

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Mik woke up with a jolt as he frantically eyed the dimly lit room. He looked over at the clock that read “1:34 AM”. He sighed softly, running a hand down his face and noticing the light sheen that covered his body. He automatically looks for his boyfriends, glancing to his left and seeing his lovers embracing one another. Denali had his head on Rose’s chest, arm draped around his waist and their legs wrapped together. They’re breathing in sync and he can’t help the small smile that appeared on his lips at the beauty in front of him.

However, it took about two more seconds before he registered the dampness beneath him. He froze, the smell of dead skunk quickly slapping him in the face. His stomach dropped immediately, his body now cold. He felt himself start to shake.

Mik slowly sat up and wrapped his arms around his waist, the familiar ache that started at the small of his back and swallowed through his entire core creeping in.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He hasn’t had a period in over 11 months. He knows that this happens in some people's cases - but not him. It can’t be him. He isn’t that person anymore; not that name anymore.

He ruined the expensive 35 thread pastel blue silk sheets that Denali spent months online looking for, the one that took ages for the three of them to agree on when they first moved in together. He’s ruined the oversized green tank top shirt that he always steals from Rose. And now he’s going to have to explain to them how and why - he can’t hide something like this. And they’ve never seen this before, at least not from him. He’s not a “real man” who doesn’t have to deal with these things like his boyfriends don’t have to. He doesn’t need to tuck for shows or wear extreme pads to get the desired shape that they do. He still does pad, but maybe the comments were right. Maybe he does have it easier as a drag queen because of these things.

His breath hitches and he feels a sob building up in his throat but he can’t bring himself to let it escape. It turns into a few tiny whimpers before he starts to completely crumble. His body wracks as each whimper turns more and more intense until they turn into full-blown sobs. He buries his face in his hair, gripping tightly at his hair and pulling slightly.


Mik jumps at the voice beside him and barely processes the pair of hands gently uncurling his fingers from his hair and taking them into their own. Rosé had turned the lamp on when he got up to the other side of the bed, and now everything was visible. The mess Mik caused because of his stupid body on display.

“Baby boy,” Denali started gently, taking their laced hands and placing a kiss on top of Miks, “It’s okay. You’re okay. Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?”

Rosé nodded and hummed in agreement, sitting up from his kneeling position at his side and wiping Mik’s tears with his thumb. He placed a long kiss on his forehead and reached his hand out for him to take.

But Mik can’t bring himself to get up even after his lover's kindness and reassurance. He can’t bring himself to face his body and the current state of the expensive sheets.

Denali and Rosé realize this though, because of course they do, and gently wrap their arms around his waist and slowly lift him up out of the fetal position he had wrapped himself into. They lead him to the bathroom, not letting up on their almost protective grip on the shaken man.

“I’m going to take your shirt off, okay love?” Rosé releases his hold and steps in front of Mik. All he can do is nod, refusing to make eye contact. He lifts his arms as Rose pulls the oversized top off, careful to not let the damp spot make contact with Miks skin. He hands the top to Denali who gets a bag from under the sink and places it inside.

“We need to get you out of that underwear,” Rosé brings his finger up to Miks chin, pushing softly and meeting those beautiful hazel eyes. “Is that okay?”

Miks breath hitches, but the pure, unadulterated adoration in Rosé’s eyes helps ease the uncomfortable feeling that was currently consuming him.

“Yeah.” He barely manages to let out.

Denali plants a kiss on his bare shoulder and slips his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, pulling them down his legs. Mik steps out of the soiled underwear, feeling even more vulnerable and exposed than before.

“Good job Kade.” The brown-eyed boy said softly as he placed the underwear in the bag.

Rosé reappeared moments later with a new pair of underwear, shirt, and… a pad?

Mik eyed the pad, unable to get the many questions out of his mouth.

“We wanted to make sure we were prepared in case anything happened,” Denali answered and Mik couldn’t help his cheeks warming up that they thought that far and that much about him.

“I-” Mik stopped himself, trying to get his thoughts in order. “Th-thank you.”

“Of course my love,” Rosé placed the items on the counter and planted another kiss on his forehead. “I’m going to change the sheets and Denali here can help you finish getting cleaned up. You must be getting cold, so I’ll be quick.”

Mik found himself starting to shake, not realizing how cold he actually was getting.
“Okay angel, would you rather do this yourself or is it okay if I help?”

Mik turned to meet Denali’s eyes, a small smile on his lips and those ever so beautiful dimples on display.

“I can do it,” He decided and his boyfriend nodded. Denali grabbed the wet wipes from the cupboard out and handed a few to Mik.

“I’m going to get you some Advil, shout if you need anything.” His boyfriend placed a kiss on top of his head and left the bathroom, giving Mik some privacy.

He wordlessly got to work, not wanting to spend any more time looking at himself or feeling like this than he needed to. He finished quickly, throwing the disposable wipes in the toilet and flushing. He washed his hands and moved onto placing a pad on the new underwear and slipping them on. Mik picked up the shirt and barked out a light chuckle at the choice. It was the “worlds most hottest and sexy boyfriend ever” shirt Denali got him from the UK tour he and Utica went on. He brought the shirt over his head and quickly finished changing.

He turned off the bathroom light and left the room, making his way back to the bedroom. To his surprise, a new version of the same sheets were on the bed and a smiling Rosé and Denali on the bed.

“Here you go, baby.” Denali handed Mik a couple of Advil and a glass of water which he took with a thankful smile.

“There we go,” Rosé cooed, patting the spot in the middle of the bed, “Now come on, you get middle rights tonight mister.”

Mik wasted no time in joining the two of them. They both wrapped their arms around the man, placing kisses all over his face which caused an uproar of giggles.

“Stop! Stop-” Mik choked out and the three of them giggled softly amongst themselves.

Mik let himself be held, fully embracing the warmth of the two other men beside him.

“We love you, Kade.” Rosé spoke up, “Every part of you.”

“We really do. You’re the most amazing, wonderful man.” Denali agreed, his finger stroking down Miks forearm.

“I love you both too, so much. Thank you …” Mik trailed off, “not just for tonight, but for everything. And I’m sorry about your shirt Rosie.”

“Don’t you worry about that, baby. It’ll come out.” Rosé kissed his cheek, earning a small hum from Mik.

No more words were needed for Mik to feel the love from his boyfriends. They adored him and he adored them, and that’s all he needs. And he eventually fell asleep to the small sounds of their breathing, feeling completely whole, seen, and adored.