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Twisted wonderland kinktober 2021

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So here's the list I'm planning, I don't have ideas for some of them yet but I'll figure that out later. There might be some small changes but nothing major.

Day 1: Fingering - Floyd x Riddle
Day 2: Blowjob - Malleus x Leona
Day 3: Heat - Che'nya x Neige
Day 4: Shower - Sebek x Riddle
Day 5: Virginity - Idia x Lilia
Day 6: Overblot - Trey x Riddle
Day 7: Crossdressing - Idia x Ortho
Day 8: Threesome - Malleus x Riddle x Leona
Day 9: Hypnotized - Jamil x Kalim
Day 10: Caught - Lilia x Epel
Day 11: Necrophilia - Idia x Ortho
Day 12: Masturbation - Riddle
Day 13: Toys - Azul x Riddle
Day 14: Public - Malleus x Lilia
Day 15: Facefucking - Lilia x Riddle
Day 16: Bondage - Sebek x Riddle
Day 17: Piss kink - Malleus x Lilia
Day 18: Underaged - Malleus x Lilia
Day 19: Milking - Diasomnia
Day 20: Pet play - Trey x Riddle
Day 21: Somniophilia - Malleus x Lilia
Day 22: Plush - Malleus
Day 23: Glory hole - Che'nya x Riddle
Day 24: Cunnilingus - Rook x Vil
Day 25: Exobitism - Deuce x Riddle
Day 26: Knotting - Jack x Epel
Day 27: In secret - Whole bunch of people
Day 28: Egg laying - Azul x Riddle
Day 29: Cam show - Lilia
Day 30: Breeding - Malleus x Lilia
Day 31: Facesitting - Malleus x Riddle

Most of these involve either Riddle or Malleus but that's what they deserve

Chapter Text

He had to hurry.

There was a sense of tension brushing over him, he needed to finish fast or else people will realize he’s gone. Especially if the twins found out, one of them catching him would be enough to put him 6 feet underground. Even if he knew all these things… Riddle just couldn’t resist.

Floyd was just too much, in every way. His smile, his voice, his scent, the way he would laugh whenever he got angry or just laugh in general. He was a big tease, but Riddle liked that. All these feelings shot straight to his pussy.

It’s his fault for teasing him like that, he’s the one that got me like this. Riddle felt pathetic, spreading his legs on Floyd’s bed, inhaling Floyd’s scent, thinking of how Floyd’s fingers plunging deep in his soaking wet cunt.

He desperately kicked his shoes off, undid his belt, and let his pants fall down. Even if he didn’t like to admit it, he wanted to do this for a long time. He wanted to fuck himself on Floyd’s bed as he buried his face in the eel’s pillow. All while wearing underwear he knew Floyd would like.

Black lace.

The reason why he knew Floyd liked that was because he conveniently watches porn in class. At first, it truly disgusted Riddle, but as time passed he grew jealous of the girls Floyd was watching. They were all beautiful, with long, plump legs and kinky underwear.

Floyd should be watching him instead.

He also saw the way Floyd would look at the Pomefiore dorm leader and praise his way of dressing. How he would look at his behind when he walked away. It angered him, a lot. Lately, they’ve been spending more and more time together, doing things Riddle didn’t quite understand. He did want to know what they were doing, he did want to know why Floyd enjoyed Vil’s company, he wanted to know why Vil was better than him.

The eel’s name kept spilling out of the dorm leader’s mouth as he rubbed his already slick coated fingers against his clit. He thought about Floyd’s long tongue eating him out, how he would ride his face and possibly squirt on it too. Just the thought of having the eel’s tongue in his pussy was enough to make him clench around his fingers.

Wouldn’t it be just perfect if he had Floyd all to himself, he’d do all kinds of unspeakable things to him. Keep him locked up, far far away from anyone else. His pussy spasmed at the image of the eel tied to a chair, forced to look at him and him alone.

The feeling of his fingers own two fingers against his throbbing clit wasn’t nearly as good as he wanted it to be. Riddle’s fingers weren’t that big, they were rather small and thin. Not enough to satisfy him. His cunt was craving something bigger, craving a cock to swallow and to milk dry. He imagined Floyd’s big cock thrusting into him at an inhuman speed, he wanted him to pump his loads of hot, fertile cum into his tiny, desperate pussy.

Floyd was just so perfect.

Drool began piling up on the cushion the prefect was holding with his free hand and his slick began dribbling down his thighs and onto the bed. He was getting Floyd’s bed all dirty. “Floyd…Floyd…” He mumbled, fucking himself on his fingers.


Riddle jolted up to see who was standing at the door frame. Floyd…

He let go of the pillow and closed his legs, smiling awkwardly at the boy that caught him. Now how was he going to talk his way out of this? “You ended your shift…early.” Riddle said, trying to shift the conversation. The other’s shocked face was killing him.

“Oh….” He watched Floyd say as he walked closer. Deep and threatening eyes staring down at the smaller boy, an uncanny smile curling up. “Hmmm…I was actually looking for you, but I think you’re a little busy~”

That tone made Riddle’s cunt spasm a little. He noticed how he was unconsciously rubbing his legs together to create some friction. He didn’t get to finish himself earlier.

“You really are naughty,” Floyd let his finger slide across his bare legs, “Masturbating on my bed like that, and all without saying it” The prefect felt both of the eel’s big and rough hands on his thighs before they were forcefully spread apart. “You’re mean”

“Ah, would you look at that!” He said in his usual happy tone, before shifting to his more uncanny one. “You’re already so wet, goldfishie”

If it was someone else Riddle would get absolutely furious and behead them but, this felt way too good. Floyd’s rough hands on his thighs like that, forcing him to put his dripping cunt on display.

The eel rubbed his index finger across his already wet slit, enjoying how plump his pussy lips were. “You look so good…” The scent of Riddle’s hole to him was like fresh blood to a shark. It smelled amazing, he just wanted to indulge in it so bad. Floyd smirked at the other’s reaction when he put one finger in, rubbing and circling at his clit.

He saw enough guys in porn do things like these to know what to do next, and Riddle’s moans were enough to know he was doing good. “I’ve never expected Goldfishie to be so lewd, doing these naughty things on my bed like that~” The dorm leader’s labia was so soft and squishy, it’d probably feel amazing around his cock.

“It’s your…f-fault for t-teasing me like that…” Riddle moaned out, his clit throbbing at Floyd’s two big fingers teasing his clit. After a while the eel finally pushed his two fingers in, stretching and scissoring the prefect open.

Riddle felt so fucking full by these two fingers alone, it was way better than his own fingers. Floyd was so rough with him, his legs were spasming each time Floyd hit his g-spot. He found himself clinging onto the other for support while he moaned and gasped into his ear, begging for him to do more.

His eyes were rolling at the back of his head and his mouth was left hanging open. “Floyd…I’m so close” He gasped out as the other started to bite him in the shoulder, lapping up the blood he drew off of him. Floyd’s movements became rougher and rougher.

“Hmmm?? You gonna cum goldfishie?” He laughed teasingly, licking the prefect’s neck. “You’re so cute like this~”

He wanted Floyd so bad, and now here he was, breaking him with his fingers.

Riddle’s moan was nearly a scream as he squirted all over Floyd’s fingers, dirtying the bed while he was at it. He buried his face in the crook of Floyd’s neck to catch his breath. “D-dear queen of hearts…” He said in a weak tone, his body giving out completely, now resting limply against Floyd.

“Oh wow~” He heard the eel say, “That’s unexpected” He grinned as he licked his fingers clean, enjoying the other’s taste. “Did that satisfy you, Goldfishie?”

Riddle groaned, being quite embarrassed of what he did. “…yeah.”

“Good, now if you’ll stay here. I can finish my shift” Floyd gave a more rare sincere smile as he gently put the smaller boy on the bed. Fixing his clothes slightly before standing up.

But before he could leave he felt a hand grab his arm, pulling him back on the bed. Riddle pushed him down on his back and sat on top of him, straddling him. “Where do you think you’re going, Floyd?” Luckily because of all the afterschool training he did, he could collect his breath real quick and it paid off.

He smirked at the eel laying beneath him, “Just because I’m satisfied, doesn’t mean I’m done with you. Understood? You’ll play with me until I say you can leave.”

Chapter Text

“Y-you damn…bastard..” Malleus watched in delight as the Savanaclaw dorm leader struggled to keep his stance. His legs wobbling with each step he took in an attempt to get closer to the Diasomnia dorm leader.

He did come pretty far with how he chased him all the way from the P.E field to very deep into the forest. Seems the potion finally kicked in after 2 hours, which was way later than Malleus intended for it to kick in. Seems he underestimated how strong willed the lion really was, it wasn’t enough to fight the potion but it was admirable nonetheless.

Poor thing looked so frustrated and angry, if it wasn’t for the potion he could’ve done some serious damage. Too bad. “Freaky fucking lizard...” Leona groaned in pain and discomfort, trying to get his hands on the prince. “You fucking drugged me…”

“I just wanted to see your reaction to those types of potions, that’s all.” Malleus explained in a calm tone, grinning at the lion’s defeat. It was all just a game for him after all, or was it? Even he himself wasn’t certain of why he exactly thought Leona was a suitable playing partner, it was just a feeling.

It felt hot, so fucking hot. Leona already thought the sandwich he let Ruggie bring him tasted a little funny, but he never expected to get fucking drugged. Especially not by that freaky outcast. His whole body felt hot, weak and aching. It was too late to go and retreat in his dorm, he didn’t even realize they were that deep into the forest until now.

His mind was getting fuzzy, he couldn’t even think straight anymore. “What kind…of fucking drug is this…” The heat he felt slowly moved itself to his lower parts, making it almost unbearable to take another step forward.

“Oh, well it’s an aphrodisiac of course.”

Leona almost coughed at hearing those words, but before he could do that he fell down on his knees, his legs giving out on him. “A-ah…fuck…” He felt so fucking dirty, feeling how hard he was in his pants. And he wasn’t the only one.

Pale slender fingers lifted the lion’s chin up, forcing him to look up. “You know, I’ve been wanting this for a while. You’re always so cocky, Kingscholar. It’s nice seeing you like this.” Malleus shoved the other’s face into his crotch. “Don’t you feel how excited I am?”
There was a clear outline of the dragon’s erection in his pants, it got Leona angry knowing how Malleus was bigger than him and even if he hated it, he found himself getting even harder looking at it. There was sweat collecting at his hairline and he just couldn’t look away.

“You’re staring a lot, Kingscholar. Aren’t you going to say anything?” Malleus leaned against a tree, still holding onto Leona’s hair. His massive erection almost throbbing in his pants.

His cock looked so inviting.

“I’m going to make it easy for you. Either A, you admit defeat and I’ll take you to your dorm, or B, you get to have this” The dragon chuckled as he unzipped his pants to pull out his cock, which sprung out as soon as he pulled his pants down. It was big and everything but human. His balls were big, even in comparison with his dick. There was a full bush of pubic hair which color matched perfectly with the tip of his cock. It almost had scales and every time it throbbed it oozed out precum.

Leona stared at his erection with anticipation, the drug was making it too hard to decide. Not like there was even any doubt in what choice he wanted to make. “Y-you really are a lizard, huh bitch?” His voice trembled as he said it, he didn’t want to admit defeat and his body was craving it.

He ran his tongue across the slit, liking the taste of his precum. It only made him crave for more, it was almost like his head was spinning around.

“That’s a good kitty, I suppose you’re not as stubborn as I assumed you were” Malleus watched as Leona’s cute little tongue slit across his cock from time to time before taking in the tip, bobbing his head lightly and sucking on it. The noises Leona made were almost like purring.

His piercing green eyes looked up, they would be intimidating if it wasn’t for his red face and fat cock in his mouth. “If you want me to do this, please shut up. Your voice irritates me.” Leona managed to say without the drug taking advantage of his throat.

The taste of Malleus’ dick was like an aphrodisiac of its own, it was so big and dominating. He didn’t struggle to take it in deeper, by the time it was halfway in it already hit the back of his throat. Even if he’d rather have the dragon shut up, he mildly enjoyed his moaning and praising as he went deeper.

His pride largened as he went balls deep, bobbing his head aggressively. His throat felt so full, all filled with the dragon’s cock. He got slightly surprised when Malleus grabbed his hair, “Now now, don’t be so rough with me.” Malleus grinned, pulling Leona’s hair to make his head move forward and backwards on his cock.

It’s not like it would make any difference, he was just as rough as Leona was. That cocky lizard just wanted to take control. Leona growled which appeared to be even more enjoyable for the other. His head began to go light as he was getting used as if he were a toy.

“L-Leona…I’m so close…” Malleus whimpered and before Leona could react, he shove his cock down his throat. Pumping his entire load down there. His body felt too limp to protest against it, he was just taking it all in like a good submissive little doll.

When Malleus let his head go he gasped for air only to struggle because of the inhuman amount of semen in his throat, causing him to cough half of it out on the grass.

“Aww…that hurts my feelings, guess we should take more time training, hm kitty?”

“Like hell we will.”

Chapter Text

Neige eyed his friend nervously, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. The way Che’nya had locked himself up in his room for the whole morning really took a toll on his heart, even in class he just couldn’t stop worrying about him. “Hey kitty, I brought you some cupcakes, me and the dwarves made them I’m sure you’ll enjoy them” He spoke in a soft tone, putting his hand on what he thought was his friend’s hip. Che’nya was curled up and wrapped in blankets so it was kind of hard to tell.

He just assumed his feline friend was sick, what else could it be? Was he upset with him? That would explain why there was no reaction whatsoever. But from the way he was curled up, Neige couldn’t help but think there was something else going on. “Do you want to…talk about it?” He asked with some hope in his voice.

“Go away…” It was one of the first times hearing Che’nya in something other than his mischievous playful tone. It felt more heartbreaking than he expected it to be. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t imagine it before, Che’nya being all sad. It was something he romanticized a lot, not expecting him to actually be in a bad mood.

He wanted to hug him, but the insane amount of blankets and pillows towering over his body made it hard. He did notice how he was shuddering, it was clear to see since the pillows were shaking, ready to collapse at any time. “Did I…do anything wrong?”

Che’nya’s ears twitched as he finally looked Neige in the eyes, “No…ah- o-of course not…It’s not your…hmm- fault…” He struggled to say in one go. Poor thing, his shaking seemed to get worse too and his face was bright red.

“But there’s something wrong, isn’t there? Please tell me so I can help you” The model gave him one of his motherly worried faces. “I want to make you feel better, Che’nya”

After a slight moment of doubt, the catboy pulled his big blanket off him. “Then, make me feel better Neige.”

He turned red at the sight of it, his friend absolutely naked. Even without his iconic rings was a rare sight, and now he wasn’t wearing anything at all. Now he knew why he was shaking so much. His left hand was wrapped around his cock, stroking it aggressively not even stopping when Neige was staring at him.

Heat…? Could Che’nya get that? Well he was part cat after all… so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Alongside the thoughts of him being sad, he also had thoughts of his feline friend being like this. They weren’t innocent thoughts but, he just assumed it was normal to have them. And now that it’s really happening, he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Please…help me.” A hand grabbed Neige by the collar of his uniform to pull him in for a desperate kiss. Even if he kissed back, he quickly broke it off.

“Che’nya…I don’t think we should do this…” He said, playing with the sleeves of his uniform jacket. Usually, he never had any trouble looking people in the eyes, no matter how awkward it got. He was good at putting his feelings aside for the bigger picture. Then why did he feel so nervous to do this? It wasn’t like he didn’t want it, because he did.

“Listen, we should get you some medicine instead.” He knew his body wouldn’t allow him to get up to get those medicine from the nurse’s office.

He cringed at how desperate he was, he was being almost toxic and that was the last thing he wanted. He knew that the thing he wanted was for Che’nya to hold him back and keep him here, didn’t he?

“I don’t want that” To Neige’s delight, his ‘plan’ worked. “Please…I’m begging you…” Che’nya hugged him tightly. His voice shuddered with each word, Neige could feel his cock throbbing against his thigh.

“Well…if you’re sure about it, I could…try my best to help!” He smiled, being satisfied with the affection and touch. After giving his friend a kiss on the cheek he went to undress. The sudden thought of him being possibly touch starved worried him a little, but those worries all melted away when he noticed how Che’nya was staring at him.

His big catlike yellow eyes pierced his bare skin, making him feel even more special than he already knew he was. Praise and affection felt different when it came from Che’nya, which made him even more desperate to get more from him. “You seem excited” He smiled again.

He heard Che’nya moan a little behind his back, back at it again with the fapping, huh? Such an impatient little kitty.

Che’nya’s ears twitched as he watched Neige take off his pants. Now being half-naked the model noticed how warm it was in the room, or was it just his imagination? After dropping his pants to the ground he walked over to his friend who was impatiently waiting for him. The only piece of clothing he had on was his underwear, which was slowly getting damp from how wet he was.

“Would you like to take it off for me?” He said in a nervous tone, now standing in front of the still masturbating cat.

Before he knew it, and he wasn’t quite sure how it exactly happened. He was grabbed and roughly smashed on the bed, with Che’nya on top of him. He could see the amount of sweat dripping off him thanks to the mushroom-themed lights in his room, which gave off a romantic feel.

“I’ve been wanting this…for so long…” A smile crept up on Che’nya’s face as he meowed in delight, shoving his hand down Neige’s pantie. “Oh? What’s this? Wet already? Well, that’s just purr-fect!” Even though his face was bright red and he was struggling to breathe properly, he threw in a cat pun. How cute.

He pulled Neige’s pretty long legs over his shoulder to give it tender kisses, his little fangs felt ticklish against his skin. “You really are the fairest of them all~” His smile never failed to make Neige’s heart (and perhaps more) flutter.

“Oh…well I’m glad that you think that, kitty” Neige smiled, pulling the other in for another tender kiss. Che’nya’s catlike tongue felt rough but in a good way. It was like dulled-out sandpaper, he could only imagine how it would feel on his pussy.

He gasped a little when he felt the other’s hand rub his finger in between his labia, causing his toes to curl. Backing away from the kiss he remembered how the other’s cock was throbbing and even now he felt it against his ass.

Noticing Neige’s reaction Che’nya pushed his fingers in deeper, two fingers pumping in and out of his soaking wet cunt. The sounds his pussy made caused him to flare up, signing Che’nya to stop but not directly saying it. “Hmmm~? My purr-ince doesn’t want any foreplay anymore?? How naughty!” His big fluffy tail wiggled behind him while he raised his hand to lick the slick off his fingers.

It wasn’t like he wanted him to stop, he just had priorities that’s all. His hand reached out to stroke Che’nya’s cock, smiling at him, hoping he’d take the hint. Looking at the feline’s reaction he did.

Neige watched in anticipation as his last piece of clothing was finally removed, he was so wet it was getting unbearable. “Can I keep this?” Che’nya asked, holding his panties in his hands. What a weird question to ask…it flattered him in a way. “Um…yeah sure!” The other giggled as he put it in a drawer on his nightstand.

When Che’nya started rubbing his painfully erect cock against his labia, he realized how big he actually was. Especially for a virgin like himself. He chuckled nervously, “H-hey…how are you this calm…?” Personally, he felt like a hot mess already, his cheeks felt like they were melting his face off and he could feel himself smiling like a maniac. For actor standards, this would be seen as an absolute disgrace.

“I’m not.” The soft giggles kind of intimidated the model, “My madness is just aching to be released~” He slowly put the head of his cock inside.

Neige panicked slightly at the sudden feeling and at the thought of having unsafe sex, that could ruin his whole career. “Don’t you need to use a condom-“


He cried out when the catboy fully shoved his fat cock in his virgin pussy, his nails dug in the other’s back. “K-kitty…slow down…!” The immediate thrusting made it hard to breathe. When he looked down he could see a little blood coming out, which stressed him even more.

Though the other seemed to enjoy the blood, “Ohhhh~!! Am I your first time? So that’s why you’re so tight~!!” He laughed like an absolute maniac over it while he kept jabbing in and out of his friend. “I wonder…”

After trying to focus his breathing it went a lot better, luckily the pain was beginning to feel good. The lewd noises his wet cunt was making with each one of Che’nya’s movements along with the heavy creaking of the bed only added in the pleasure he was feeling. He wondered if the person sleeping next door could hear what they were doing, that would be so hot.

“…Wonder what-?” He was able to say, but gasping right after when Che’nya hit a good spot.

The other leaned down to hug him and whisper in his ear, “ To make you have my kittens of course~” The giggling almost sounded haunting.

“Kittens…? Ah-“ He was cut off when he felt the cat’s cock kissing the ring of his womb, the position they were in right now allowed him to go even deeper. The painful feeling felt weirdly good. “I-I can’t get pregnant-“ It’s a joke right? It had to be a joke. “I just signed a contract yesterday I can’t just give that up..”

“To hell with your contract nya~” He could swear if Che’nya went any deeper he’d be fucking his womb. “You’re always so busy, you should pay more attention to me instead.” For some reason his pussy spasmed when he heard him say that. “Can’t you just imagine it Nyeige~? You swelling up with my kittens, you won’t have to worry about your job because you’ll be too busy caring for them! We’ll be together forever, now one can take you away from me~!!”

“I-it’s just your heat getting the better of you, please! You don’t want this!” He begged, tears forming because of the stimulation his cervix was getting with each thrust.

The grin Che’nya had was almost starting to look scary, “Do you love me purr-incess?”

“Yes…of course I love you. Why are you-“ The model shrieked before he could even finish the sentence.

“Gonna breed you, gonna breed you~” Che’nya taunted him like a kid on the playground would. He was getting sloppy too, his moving losing its rhythm and now it was rather slow and hard instead of fast and hard. “You’ll thank me later~”

And with a final thrust, he emptied his fat balls deep inside of his womb. Neige could feel his belly stretch because of the amount of cum he was pumping out inside of him. All in his womb too, there was no way he wouldn’t get knocked up after this.

“Phew!” The feline said, letting himself fall on top of Neige, hugging him tightly. He rolled on his back so now Neige was on top of him instead, even with his cock still buried deep inside. “I feel so much better already!” He hummed in delight. “Thank you so much for helping me purr-incess!” He cuddled his now self-proclaimed boyfriend, seemingly not even a hint of tiredness.

Just the same old Che’nya.

“Y-yeah…I’m glad I could help…”

Chapter Text

When Riddle felt the hot water gently falling down on his body, he wondered how he exactly ended up like this.


“….Say that again?” There was a strange silence between them, a natural response to Sebek’s rather weird question. Riddle backed away a little, raising an eyebrow. He was already aware that Sebek was more….special than others. Especially with his weird customs and beliefs. Of course, he wouldn’t judge him for it, that would be rather rude, wouldn’t it?

But then again, that isn’t something you could just ask someone.

“We should take a shower together! Just to save water.” The Diasomnia student explained in his usual upbeat tone.

Riddle glanced over at Silver who had already dozed off along with his horse in the stalls, he isn’t of any good use either. It was such a weird request, it made him wonder how Sebek had even thought of that. “Well um…I’m sorry but I don’t usually take showers.” That came out extremely wrong, “N-not that I don’t wash myself…!! I just usually take baths, that’s all” He smiled nervously, trying to find a good excuse to leave the conversation. It couldn’t be any more awkward than this.

“Oh! Well me too!” ‘Me too’ on what exactly? “In the valley of thorns, we don’t even have showers! Everything is done good old-fashioned!” That came as quite a surprise, the inhabitants of the valley of thorns didn’t seem that old-fashioned and unfamiliar with technology. “But isn’t that why we should try new things? Let’s take a nice hot shower together!”


And that’s how he ended up here. He could’ve just said no, then why didn’t he? He never had any trouble declining requests, maybe it was just Sebek’s loud personality and insistence that got him to agree.

It wasn’t all bad though, it’s been a while since he took a shower. The warm water rolling off his sore body felt refreshing. It almost made him forget that Sebek was here too, but he seemed to be minding his own business as well, so that was good. It was the first time he saw him without all those layers of clothing. He knew he was kind of muscular but the size of his pecs was a lot bigger than anticipated.

He watched with a lot of interest when the other started to touch them, especially with the soap on them they looked amazing. They were almost like breasts, big, with nice pink nipples and probably very soft. He bet that they were big enough to hold a water bottle in between them, they were definitely big enough to hold-

No. What was he even thinking? That’s vulgar and highly inappropriate. He shook the thought out of his head. How brutish…being so fixated on underclassman’s chest.

“Do I have your attention, human?” Sebek grinned slightly, holding up his pecs for Riddle to see. “You’re staring.” Not to mention how nice his hair looked when it was wet, it almost made him go insane.

Riddle gulped, wishing his curiosity didn’t get the better of him. He tried thinking of an excuse before getting shoved face-first into Sebek’s chest. “It’s only natural for a lowly human like you to get charmed by the assets of a Fae~”

The half-fae was so incredibly warm and soft, his pecs were nothing like he’d ever felt before. Along with the hot steamy water still raining down on them, it made it hard to think. He didn’t even protest when Sebek put his tits in his face, he was all out of energy and found it rather soothing.

He almost shrieked went he felt the other’s cock in between his legs, feeling himself getting painfully hard over it too. “Hey…Sebek...?”

Sebek enjoyed Riddle’s reaction, rubbing his cock between the other’s plump thighs to get some friction. “Yes~?”

Riddle pushed him against the cold wall before kissing him hungrily, wrapping his arms around the other’s neck to pull him in even deeper. To his delight, Sebek was into it too. His strong hands moving down to grab his ass, causing Riddle to moan in the kiss. Normally he’d hate being as messy as this, getting his saliva everywhere, but the warm water would wash his sins away before he could even think of regretting them.

When he pulled back there was a string of their mixed saliva connecting their lips. He smiled softly, hugging the other while staring into his eyes. “You have beautiful eyes, Sebek.”

“Ah-? You…think so…? Well of course you think so-!”

Riddle chuckled at Sebek’s humble response, it was rather cute how he always tried to act so confident. “Yes, even if you’re a complete idiot.” He grinned as he watched the other’s expression go from bashful to slightly embarrassed.

“And you’re also so strong, and helpful, and loyal” He praised him, they were things he’s been wanting to say for a long time. Especially when he saw Sebek carrying 6 chairs at once, though at that one time he couldn’t find himself to actually say his admiration.

“Ah- well thank you…” He didn’t expect Riddle to say all these things, and so sudden too. Apart from Malleus he admired Riddle a lot, he was always so cute but also strong and elegant. He was always bad with receiving praise, so now he definitely didn’t know what to do.

The Heartslabyul prefect was so small compared to him, the way he was looking up at him was intimidating. “Where did your confidence go to?”

“It’s still here of course!” Sebek pushed the bashfulness off himself, “Now…where were we?”

Riddle grabbed a handful of the other’s chest, squeezing it and watching how it jiggled. “You were smothering me with these wonderful breasts of yours” He gave one of the pink nipples a small lick before wrapping his lips around it, sucking on it. He would also lick the shower water off them, looking up at Sebek to see his reaction.

His embarrassed face was so cute.

The dorm-head was losing himself, he started biting Sebek’s pale skin, just to leave marks on it. He got even more excited knowing that they would probably stay for a few days, so now everyone would know who owned these beautiful tits. He’d make sure to paint a little heart with his eyeliner on them as extra.

“I’ve read somewhere, you can cum just by having your nipples toyed with. Would you like to try that, love?”

“I do…”

Before they both could continue in what they were doing, they heard knocking on the door. “Sebek? Are you in here?” From the calm tone Riddle could assume that it was Silver, he woke up earlier than expected.

“Maybe we should continue this…some other time.”

Chapter Text

He was just a little virgin, ripe to be taken. Lilia thought immediately after hearing what Idia said. “I didn’t expect that of you,” He said, munching on a pocky stick.

They were playing a game Lilia enjoyed a lot, ‘truth or dare’. It started out as innocent fun, just asking small questions and requests. One thing led to the other and now the truths and dares were more…sexually oriented. Personally, Lilia thought it was loads of fun, but the Ignihyde dorm leader looked like he was going to explode.

Idia was a mysterious person, so closed off, never talked. There was just so much about him to know. They’ve known each other for 3 years now, even longer if you counted their online days and yet there was so much he didn’t know about him.

He was the type of person Lilia liked the most, young, ignorant. Like freshly fallen snow just waiting to get walked on. A virgin too, that was the cherry on top. Being an ancient being, Lilia always found young people so interesting. Babies, children, but especially teens. They had desires, desires they didn’t quite understand, and were longing to take action.

“You didn’t?” Idia eyed him nervously, fidgeting with his hands.

Lilia saw this as a perfect opportunity to play in with Idia’s god complex. Even if Idia was a smart young boy, he was easy to set off. “How could I know someone as…amazing as you still be a virgin, hm?” He watched as the other’s tips of flamey hair turned bright pink. How delicious it was when he started backing away slowly when Lilia leaned towards him.

Poor little thing was scared, well…humans fear what they don’t understand after all.

Since they were on his bed, there already wasn’t anywhere he could go. He was trapped like a little pathetic rat, but leave the pathetic part out. “L-Lilia…what are you saying…” His back was against the wall as the tips of his hair were starting to get pinker and pinker. “Are you suggesting that…? With you…?”

“Why not? We’ve known each other for a very long time, after all, ~ It will be fun.” The older one of the two placed his hand on the other’s inner thigh. Rubbing the fabric of his sweatpants.

Idia had long buried his face in the closest pillow he could find, his eyes peeking out to watch what Lilia was doing. Curiosity kills the cat and it seemed even Idia was aware of that. His expression suggested that he knew there was no way out of this, and knowing Lilia for quite some time he knew that he always got what he wanted.

“Now now Gloomy, don’t you remember? I can give you everything you want and so much more.” Lilia called him by his online name, his face now being only mere millimeters apart from the other’s. “You’re so mean like this, pretending like I’m the only one who wants this. I’m not a monster, so I won’t touch you unless you allow me to~”

One of Lilia’s greatest techniques, casual manipulation.

Extra damage points.

No way out.

It was clear Idia didn’t know what to do. Even for someone as bright as him, it would be hard to think with all the blood rushing to your cock. “I…” His bright yellow eyes took a quick glance at his crotch and almost jumped up from what he saw.

‘Am I really that weak?’ was what he probably was thinking, that’s what Lilia thought at least. “You?? Come on dear, I don’t have all day”

That made Idia panic, even more, his hands shaking, trying to make up his mind. Humans get pressured real easy, it was almost sad. “Fine…L-Lilia I want you to…”

“Want me to~?”

Their eyes locked for a second. Lilia won, and Idia admitted defeat. “Please…take my virginity.”

A wide grin appeared on Lilia’s face and he grabbed the other’s shoulders to position him just the way he wanted him to be in. On his back, comfortable enough, with his head on the pillow. “Are you feeling nice, dear?” He asked, positioning himself between the other’s legs. Small slender fingers were already beneath the elastic of Idia’s sweatpants.

“Y-yeah…I’m fine…thanks…” Idia said, too nervous to even look at him. Now that isn’t the right way to make love now is it?

“Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you, hasn’t your mother told you that? Dear?” Lilia chuckled, pulling down Idia’s sweatpants and boxers. They were quite simple, he’ll change that very soon.

“Ah…I’m sorry…”

“No need to apologize dear, never apologize” The older one of the two ran his finger from the bottom to the tip of Idia’s cock, looking very closely and how the other would respond. It wasn’t as sensitive as he had before, the reaction Idia had was rather…underwhelming. Though that could only mean even greater things… “Say…and promise me you’ll be honest, or else I’ll be very sad”

Idia was trying so hard not to make any movements, which made his face look even more horrid. “I’ll be honest..!” There was a sign of desperateness in his voice, it was like music to Lilia’s ears.

“That’s my good boy~” He gave him a kiss on the cheek, slowly beginning to pump his cock. “How much do you touch yourself? Give me all the details~”

Idia’s hair flared up again, he groaned because of the sudden friction. “Ah…maybe…once a day…two times sometimes…” He whimpered.

The fae noticed how he was twitching in his hand as he started to stroke him faster, “And what do you do to get off?”

“I usually put on a video… and touch myself…”
The grip on Idia’s dick tightened, “Touch yourself where?”

“Usually just my- a-ah…fuck Lilia I’m close-!”

After hearing that, Lilia let go of the other’s dick with a smile. “I know enough now” He stood up from the bed, hearing a frustrated and tired growl from behind him. Poor baby was so frustrated he couldn’t cum…well, get used to that.

His clothes dropped to the ground revealing his rather lewd lingerie, floral lace garter belts, and a corset, topped off with long gloves and a choker. It was classy and gave off a gothy aesthetic which Lilia loved.

Idia’s cock twitched at the sight of it, even if he wondered if Lilia always wore such underwear beneath his school uniform. He wondered how soft those bright pink nipples were or how soft his thighs would be around his neck.

“Are you frustrated? Angry?” Lilia asked while crawling back onto the bed, sitting on Idia’s abdomen.

The question left Idia visibly confused, “No..? Why would I be…?”

Not exactly the answer Lilia wanted, it came off as a big surprise. Why wasn’t he pissed? He knew how hot headed Idia could be from all the online games they played, but now he was so calm. Maybe he should make a change of plans.

“Never mind, dear”

Idia gulped as Lilia positioned his length underneath his hole, giving the other a quick smirk. Lilia sighed as he went down, feeling his cock sink into his tight asshole, stretching it. “It’s been so long…” He whimpered. It was a wonder he still was tight after taking Malleus last night, not that Idia needed to know that.

The dorm leader hissed softly at the twinges of pain from the entry not being so smooth as he expected it to go, it wasn’t like anything he’d expected.

The fae soon started to bounce on the other’s dick, without letting the other get used to the new feeling. He didn’t care, this already felt way too good.

“L-Lilia…please slow down…” Idia groaned in discomfort. Though the other didn’t seem to have heard him. His dick felt like it was going to snap in half or suffocated by Lilia’s tightness. He wanted to grab Lilia’s waist and stop him himself but didn’t find the confidence to do it.

The room filled with their lovemaking, skin slapping from how rough Lilia was. His little ah ah ah made Idia almost forget what kind of bloodthirsty monster the fae could be. He was so happy he sent Ortho away today.

Even if it took a while, it finally started to feel good. Lilia’s hole was so tight, it was almost like he was milking him for all that he’s worth. Though now that he was used to it… he wanted it rougher, this pace was too slow, way too soft.

“Hmm…ah- faster please…” And again, Lilia didn’t react to it at all. Idia could’ve swore he went even slower now. It was starting to get on his nerves, really on his nerves. He didn’t want to get blue balls again.

Finally having enough, Idia grabbed the other’s small waist and started pumping him up and down on his cock. Shoving the fae as if he was one of his onahole toys. “Y-yes…!! Idia…!!!” He moaned out. Idia groaned at the realization this was what Lilia wanted all along.

“Damn horny bitch!!” He tried insulting him, even if it was a very weak one. He didn’t care, he was too caught up in the immense pleasure. There was no way he could ever go back to his ‘husbandos’ now.

With every thrust Lilia moaned out his name, Idia Idia Idia. It was almost like having your own personal cheerleader. He felt the fae’s walls closing in on him, making him even tighter than he was before.

“Gods you’re so amazing, darling” Lilia said, moving his hips around in a circle. Idia’s cock wiggling around inside him, eliciting another grunt from the other. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” Idia mumbled a “yes” in response before Lilia started to bounce again.

Idia came with a cry, shooting his big load deep inside him. Lilia took it all, like the slut he was. He grinded his cock as he came down from his climax, enjoying the feeling of being full. Smiling, Lilia collapsed onto the other, who pulled his cock out of him. He whimpered at the loss of contact, “Thank you…Lilia…”

Lilia was so small compared to him, he watched as he snuggled up to him like a little kitten. “Not bad for your first time, you knew what you wanted”

“Oh…well thank you…”

“We’ll spend a lot more time together from now on, you know…offline.”

Chapter Text

“I knew you would come back” Riddle smiled upon seeing his old friend walk through the big entrance door. The two card guards threatening him with their big spears, hinting him what would happen if he didn’t walk fast enough.

Trey’s heart sank when he saw what happened to the dorm leader, his overblot got even worse. Ink was smeared everywhere, on the throne that he was sitting on, on the carpet and even some of the guards had ink on them. The intoxicating scent of ink hung heavy in the air, making it hard to breathe. His hands were tied tightly behind his back, the rough rope feeling uncomfortable around his wrist.

In the long throne-looking room there were two rows of card guards, one on each side. He remembered them from the tales about the Queen of Hearts, ‘The loyal servants as well as guards for the Queen’. They were so silly looking it only made them even iffier, standing lifeless as human decoration. Their spears at the ready, he knew that with one wrong move he’d be toast.

The long painful feeling of the extreme guild he had returned to him yet again, he had been thinking about it a lot. How easily he could’ve saved Riddle if he’d just told him how he felt, instead of thinking everything was going to be fine in the end. It’s all his fault if he just-

His thoughts got cut off as he was pushed to the ground, sitting on his knees. “You are now standing before his majesty the Crimson tyrant, the Queen of Hearts” One of the club cards announced. From the looks of it, the club cards all seemed to be standing closer to Riddle than any of the other cards. While the hearts were standing the furthest away.

It was getting even hard to breathe, he was shaking. He knew that if he would look up into his eyes to see what has become of his dear friend, he could never forgive himself. “I didn’t really have a choice, now did I…?”

The guards pointed their spears at him, ready to attack. Only to be stopped by Riddle’s faint laughter. It sounded dark and eerie, almost ringing in his ears. His voice was a lot deeper, it sounded like he was in pain. Almost as if he was on the verge of crying.

“Have you taken my offer into consideration? I am quite persistent, but you already know that. Don’t you Trey?” The third-year felt the other’s boot under his chin, forcing him to look up at him.
The light in Riddle’s eyes was just…gone, this wasn’t Riddle anymore. Thick blot that was piling up on the other’s boots smeared onto his chin, making him feel even more disgusting. “Riddle, you don’t have to do this. We can help you-“

“SILENCE” Riddle yelled out in anger, “WHAT DO THEY KNOW?” The guards standing around them started to all point their spears and crossbows at him. “They don’t get it… they’re rule breakers, all of them!! But you… you’re different Trey…” His mood quickly changed from angry to sad, “become my king…and we’ll be together forever. Like we were supposed to be!”

The extreme guilt he already felt hit him like a truck, “I….didn’t know you felt that way…”

“Can’t you see what you did to me, Trey?” Riddle slowly opened his legs to reveal a big hole in his pants, putting his cunt on display. By the looks of it, the hole was made in a rush by how unusually messy it was. It wasn’t like Riddle at all.

“No matter how much I touch myself, no matter how many of my guards fuck me. I never feel satisfied, I need your thick cock inside of me. I need your cum inside of me,” He sucked at his gloved fingers before rubbing his clit with it. The movements he made were almost mesmerizing, he ran his fingers over his puffy labia, smearing his slick all over. “You’re the only one that can help me, the only one that matters…”

“You’ll be my king, won’t you? My precious king of hearts…”

Trey was surprised but mostly overwhelmed, he never knew Riddle even cared about him that much and now he was pleasuring himself in front of him. The room was so silent he could hear the other’s breathing and slight moans, his pussy making lewd noises as he fingered himself.

He looked around him at the cards who were just quietly staring in front of them, lowering their weapons. Not a single reaction from what was happening. “What are you waiting for? Take me, claim me, love me”

Trey knew that if he didn’t react quickly to the situation he could lose his head. With a sigh he placed a soft kiss on Riddle’s labia, earning an excited smile from the monster. He licked some of the slick off his lips, slightly enjoying Riddle’s taste.
His hands were still tied behind his back, so he assumed this was what Riddle wanted. He didn’t have much experience with it, but it seemed that even just a light kiss satisfied the queen slightly. Trey started to lap at his pussy, long teasing licks, not touching his clit even once. He enjoyed the way his friend tasted a little too much, Riddle tasted slightly salty and rich.

Soon he gave Riddle’s clit a kiss before kitten licking it, making his thighs spasm. The little ‘yes yes yes’ he let out made him almost forget Riddle had overblotted. He sucked at his clit while also making sure the rest of his pussy got attention.

Even from just licking and plunging his tongue in his cunt, Trey could tell how tight Riddle was and how he would clench around his tongue. “My love…you are doing so good…” Riddle moaned out, grabbing a handful of the other’s hair to shove him even deeper in his pussy.

Trey could feel himself getting hard over this, even if he knew it was extremely wrong. He was getting forced to do this after all, then why did he feel that way? His eyes locked with Riddle’s dark black ones’ and for a second he actually looked human.

“M-more… pleasure me more…” He begged, pulling on Trey’s hair. It was a sign for him to stop spacing out and start eating him out. The third-year licked at the others folds, lapping up his rich pussy juices. The slight praise mixed with the strange feeling he had were almost addicting. It made him want to continue even more.

Riddle lifted his legs while the other sucked at his clit, putting them behind his back to pull him in even deeper. With his now free hands he began playing with his nipples, which were just as bright pink as his pussy was.

Riddle cums with a gasp, the unexpected flood spurts all over Trey’s mouth and chin. Some of it he was able to catch in his mouth. The taste was absolutely addictive, it made his head spin. The monster’s legs finally relaxed as he hung lazily on his throne.

The cards now seem to do have a reaction, they were surprised to say the least. “Trey…” Riddle spoke softly, smiling down at him, “I knew I was right, you really are the perfect king for me… You will be my king, right?”

His head was still spinning thanks to what just happened and the heavy scent of ink in the air, “Y-yes…”

Chapter Text

He almost felt bad for it, almost. Using his little brother to fulfill his own desires like that. Ortho will enjoy it too right? If he does… then there shouldn’t be any reason to feel bad about it.

Idia looked over at his brother who was still under anesthesia. It was strange how he only felt glimpses of regret now, even if he has been working on Ortho’s new body and lewd lines to program into him. He promised Ortho they would spend more time together after he finished working on it and Ortho always remembers promises.

It didn’t take long for him to come up with the design of Ortho’s new body, it was perhaps the easiest one he’s done so far. A cute slutty frilly dress that looked like the ones in his favorite lewd idol game. Just short enough to see everything underneath it. And to top it all off, a boob window to reveal his cute perky nipples.

His face reddened slightly, already thinking about how lewd his adorable Ortho will look. All his…

The sounds of metal and other gears turning were loud when he pressed on the ‘finish’ button. He turned his chair around to see his beloved come out of his ‘prison’. His cock twitched at the wonderful sight.

“Nii-san. You did it” Ortho smiled with his eyes, admiring his new body. His little robot fingers running through the frills of his skirt. If only he could actually feel how soft it was.

Idia pat his lap for Ortho to sit on, “Of course I did, I can’t say no to you, can I?”

The robot boy giggled, it almost sounded hauntingly beautiful. “You’re the best, nii-san” He sat down on Idia’s lap, which was a first for both of them. Idia made adjustments in the materials of his legs, lighter and softer. To recreate the feeling of plump thighs.

Ortho’s metal arms wrapped around his brother’s neck, pulling him in for a soft kiss. There was no taste to him, sadly. Idia would need to remember that for later, in case there needed to be any more adjustments.

The kiss was long, as Idia’s saliva flooded his little brother’s mouth. His synthetic tongue felt rubbery but that turned Idia on even more. Ortho whimpered in the kiss as he started rocking his hips back and forth on Idia’s thigh.

“Nii-san… what am I feeling…?” He asked confused, staring innocently at Idia. His hips still going.

Idia smiled as he lifted up the other’s skirt, revealing a small blue dildo-like dick. “It’s cute, isn’t it? I got it custom made, just for you” He ran his fingers across Ortho’s new dick. When programming it into him, Idia made sure to add some nerves. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes…it feels good… but more importantly.” In a blink of an eye, Ortho’s cold hands reached in his pants. Pulling out his hard dick immediately, causing Idia to gasp in surprise. “I want to make you feel good, Nii-san.” Even if his hands weren’t exactly made for stroking cock, his touch felt good. A little painful, but he liked that.

Idia watched as Ortho hovered himself over his cock, teasing him by only pushing the head against his entrance. “So you installed both after all?” Ortho referred to his new pussy as his big brother seemed to have trouble deciding whether not to add it in. Though Ortho was quite delighted to see both on his new body.

“Y-yeah…I couldn’t decide…” The dorm head explained shyly, “I thought you having a built-in onahole would make it more fun for the both of us…”

He watched as the other’s face almost lid up, causing his cock to twitch. “I can feel you’re excited… do you want to fuck me nii-san?”

“I do…”

“Then fuck me, fuck me so hard, I’ll never be able to think of something other than your fat cock ever again.” The robotic boy grabbed his big brother’s hands and put them on his waist.

The lines Idia programmed into him were even hotter than he expected them to be, such a sadistic and dominant tone. Along with the cold look in his eyes, it was absolutely perfect. He held onto the other’s waist as he sank him down onto his cock, enjoying how tight this previously unused pussy was.
God, he was waiting months for this very moment, and it was finally happening. Not wasting any time, he quickly began pounding into the boy. Earning whimpers and moans from him. The repeated “nii-san, nii-san” along with cute “ah”s filled the room.

“Nii-san… you’re so big…. But you’re going much too slow, I can handle it, you know?” His innocent tone almost made Idia’s head spin. It was embarrassing how much of a loser he was, even in front of his own little brother. He was nearly drowning in self pity until Ortho began to rock his hips up and down, much harder than he ever imagined.

A hand reached behind Idia’s head, pulling him to Ortho’s chest. Now he regretted not installing the syntenic breast milk too. Ortho’s smiled in delight when his brother started sucking on one of his new nipples and played with the other, tugging it roughly.

Ortho’s walls clenched down on his cock as he let out a surprised gasp when Idia’s other hand went down to play with his little dick, just like how a real pussy would. His cock was way smaller than his brother’s, it was cute and could fit in Idia’s hand. “Touch me more…” He whined when he finally found his good spot, making sure to hit in when he moved down.

Idia began stroking Ortho harder as he felt he was getting closer to his own release, “Nii-san… your big cock feels so good. I’m going insane” He had a very lewd expression as he said that, eyes rolling at the back of his head and tongue out. A synthetic blush forming on his face. “I’m gonna cum nii-san, let’s come together”


“I love you Nii-san, I love you-“ He gasped when he felt Idia emptying his balls inside of him, filling him up with warm thick cum. His little robot dick twitched as he came as well, dirtying his frilly dress with the fluid.

It was a lovely sight, seeing Ortho defeated, covered in his own fluids while Idia’s seed was dripping out of his pussy. “You came… inside…” His little brother smiled happily.

Chapter Text

“Ngh…L-Leona- hah!” Riddle gasps as Leona slams into his abused asshole again. He tried to suppress his noises but found it hard to do so because of how rough the other was with him. The pleasure was already driving him insane, his whole body spasming with each thrust. All while Leona was lifting him up in the air.

Every time the beastman pulled thrusted into him, gobs of thick cum from their previous rounds oozed out of his asshole. How many times did Leona fuck him? Cum into him? How many times did he squirt just from getting his ass abused? At this point, he couldn’t care less.

Though he’d wish Leona would fuck his poor pussy as well. Riddle looked down at his poor neglected pussy, all drooling and red, his clit throbbing between his puffy labia. Empty and untouched. His slick dripping down, staining Leona’s pants. He feels bad that Ruggie would probably be the one washing all that off.

Leona grips his hair from behind as he cums inside him yet again, his cock throbbing violently but not slowing down for a second. His brutal pace continued even after cumming so much it was making Riddle’s belly bulge.

His pussy clenched as he squirted again, staining the open books and notepads sitting on the table in front of them. The ink of some of the books had started to fade already, true embarrassment. Though there was nothing Riddle could do about it, he now was in the hands of the strong Leona Kingscholar pounding into his ass at full force.

“Be a little louder, you don’t have to suppress yourself.” Leona said in an irritated tone, “Besides, no one comes into the library this late.”

This late? Riddle looked at one of the ceiling windows just to see it was already dark outside, full moon. They started fucking after school when the sun was still out, have they been wasting all their precious study time- “Ah!!” Riddle almost yelled when Leona jabbed his good spot again.

“I said be louder, didn’t I?”

The Heartslabyul prefect gulped, his throat felt so full and dirty from all the hot kisses they had. “I love your cock Leona, it’s so big! I love you, I love you!”
“Good boy” Leona went for another kiss as his hand moved down to finally touch his clit a little, as a treat. A single finger brushing over his little knob, finally. His pussy throbbed against Leona’s finger from how neglected and wet it was, aching to be filled with a fat manly cock as well.

The lion’s catlike tongue felt rough on his own, their saliva mixing together, dripping down both of their chins. Sloppy kisses were Riddle’s favorite, they felt primal, filled with naughty desires he had suppressed for so long.

“Oh apologies, am I interrupting something?” Riddle choked before slowly turning his head to who was standing in front of them, Malleus. Leona’s cock still buried balls deep inside his ass, at least now he stopped moving. He absolutely froze, they have been caught. It was absolutely over for them. What if Malleus was going to tell the headmaster? Would they get kicked out of the school? Not that Leona cared, the bastard.

“Well yeah, what are you? Braindead? Piss off.” Leona growled, the grip he had on Riddle’s body almost seemed to tighten. Though he didn’t bother to let him go or even hide what they were doing.

Malleus frowned as he got closer to them, giving Leona a death glare. Riddle wondered whether or not he was ignoring him or just didn’t seem to care about the lewd situation they were in. “As if you are one to talk, Kingscholar.” He finally turned his attention to the Heartslabyul prefect, his deep green eyes almost staring judgmentally. The tension made his poor pussy throb violently.

The lion grinned at Malleus’ sudden interest in his boyfriend, “Want a hole?”

Riddle jolted up when he heard Leona say that, “…Leona? what are you-“

“Alright.” A gloved finger reached out, tracing around his wet cunt, avoiding his swollen clit. A faint smile appeared on his face, “Riddle, you’re beautiful.” Two long fingers dipped into him, he felt his pussy clench tightly around him immediately.

“G-gah…yes…M-Malleus...feels good….” He whimpered, small tears forming in his eyes from all the overstimulation. “More…give me more- Your cock! Please! I need it!”
The dragon looked dumbfounded at the naughty words coming out of the seemingly innocent prefect’s mouth, pulling his fingers back.

Leona snickered at his expression, “Great, isn’t it? I trained him to say that, like the good little cumslut he is. Isn’t that right baby? How about you show the lizard your cute little pussy?” He moved his arms, freeing Riddle’s legs who were sore from being pulled up all this time. Holding onto his little waist now.

Riddle was free to move his arms and legs now, he was finally free to touch his neglected cunt… Although he couldn’t, he knew he couldn’t. There would be punishment if he did… “Y-Yes…Leona…” He curled his fingers into his folds to hold them open, putting his pussy on display. The cold air hitting his fat cunt made him sob in desperation. “Malleus…please… fuck me…”

He stared in anticipation as the dragon undid his belt, sliding his pants down just enough for his massive cock to jump out. It was just now Riddle realized he definitely had a thing for monster cocks. Leona’s cock was already very… cat-like, with barbs that looked like little spikes on the head and a big knot ready to burst at any moment.

Malleus’ fully erected cock throbbed when he rubbed it against the Heartslabyul prefect’s pussy, coating it with slick. It felt massive and heavy against his cunt. The dragon’s face looked rather emotionless, even when he pushed that fat veiny cock of his in.

Riddle felt his pussy stretch immensely, letting out a sharp moan when he squirted for the god knows how manyth time. His legs spasmed and his back arched, it reminded him of why Leona was holding him in the first place. Malleus wasn’t even halfway in and he felt so full already. Having a fat cock in both of his slutty holes. The bumps of Malleus’ cock brushed over his clit perfectly, finally giving it the attention it longed for.

“See baby? Doesn’t that feel good?” Leona nibbed on his ear as he slowly started to thrust into him again.

Riddle felt hot, so fucking hot. As the dragon cock went deeper and deeper inside him, he could swear he felt it nearly kissing his cervix. When they were both balls deep inside of him, they grinned at each other before the rough thrusting started.

Whenever one would pull out, the other would slam inside him again. The sensation of being so full never left him. Both of his holes and good spots were getting stimulated non-stop. He could see the shape of Malleus’ cock bulging in his belly.

Riddle groans head rolling back as his tongue stuck out, he bet he looked absolutely vulgar right now. His folds tremble and clench around the cock buried deep inside his pussy. Their balls heavy, full with sperm slapping against his skin. He felt like nothing more than their breeding toy. Something to relieve their primal urges with.

It felt so fucking good, almost humiliating how helpless he was against these two. Against Leona who he could easily defeat in battle, or towards Malleus who he looked up to. He was now getting wrecked by them. Making his folds gush out slick with each thrust.

His moans were audible, he found it hard to suppress them. He could bet anyone who was still in the library could hear them right now. The tears in his eyes began piling up, now streaming down his cheeks.

His boyfriend started kissing him behind his neck, sucking and biting eat the skin, making sure to leave marks for everyone to see. Malleus soon caught that on too and leaned in to kiss him, his way was much gentler and softer than Leona’s. It felt innocent and sweet. It was strange but, Riddle loved it just as much.

“I’m going to come,” He sobbed, spreading his legs even wider. “I’m going to- oh, oh-“

Leona growls, “Good, cum for us baby. Cuties like you were meant to get bred by us.” The dirty talk made his walls clench around Malleus’ cock. “It’s almost funny seeing the terrifying crimson tyrant beg for some cock”

“N-no that’s not- ah!” Riddle gasped as he felt both of the knots push into him at once, filling him up with delicious seed. His belly bulged, almost making him look pregnant. Malleus’ was shooting his sperm directly into his womb, he felt full, so fucking full.

When Malleus’ pulled his cock out of him there was a ‘pop’ sound, as directly seemingly loads of cum started to spill out of his cunt. Causing him to shudder at the sudden empty feeling.

“Damn, you seriously broke him. Not bad for a first-timer, I’ll make sure you’ll come for next time too, you lizard.”

“I’ll be delighted to.”